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About TriQuarterly: TriQuarterly is the literary magazine of Northwestern University and the MA/MFA in Creative Writing program, and is an international journal of writing, art, and cultural inquiry.

Contact Information:

School of Continuing Studies

Northwestern University

339 E. Chicago Avenue

Chicago, IL  60611-3008



Submission Information:

Simultaneous submissions: yes Postal submissions: no Email submissions: no Online submissions: yes (see website) Payment: yes (see website) Founded: Print version founded in1958, online version founded in 2010 Issues per year: 2

Publisher’s description: Edited by students in the Northwestern University MA/MFA in Creative Writing program, supervised by faculty, and available around the world, TriQuarterly will remain "an international journal of writing, art, and cultural inquiry." Soon TQ will create an online archive of its own history by publishing individual works from its past, often with new accompanying comments by the writers. The Northwestern University Library is embarking on the project of digitizing the entire history of the journal. As a web journal, TQ also has the capacity of adding audio, video, and a variety of new and frequently uploaded content, including reviews, blog posts and excerpts from longer works, to supplement its schedule of publishing issues twice a year. And for the first time, new writing published in this journal can be read everywhere there is web access.

Recent Issues:

Summer/Fall 2013: Featuring work by Jim Haverkamp, Martha McCollough, John D. Scott, Alan Spearman, John Bresland, Kyle McCord, Caleb Curtiss, Marianne Boruch, Juan Martinez, Annick Smith, Ron Carlson, Stephen Dunn, Carolyne Wright, Ben Ehrenreich, Nicole Walker, Brian Oliu, Kate Braverman, Alejandro Murguía, Susan Daitch, Rowan Hisayo Buchanan, Jewell Washington, Mark Wagenaar, Ephraim Scott Sommers, Alex Lemon, Chinelo Okparanta, Teresa Milbrodt, Lee Martin, Courtney Kampa, Paisley Rekdal, Nishant Batsha, Angelo Nikolopoulos, Lucas Mann, Mecca Jamilah Sullivan, Katharine Beutner, Diane Glancy, Lisa Russ Spaar, Harrison Candelaria Fletcher, Dian Duchin Reed, V. C. Shapira, Sarah Crossland, Kimberly Meyer, and Marian Palaia.


last updated 07/29/2013