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About Digital Americana: We publish Americana—stories, poetry, & prose that possess a modern American quality. Our acclaimed interactive-magazine is made for the iPad, iPhone, and in print.

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Formats: e-pub, print

Simultaneous submissions: yes Email submissions: no Online submissions: yes (see website) Reading period: year-round Response time: Up to 4 Months Payment: no Contests: yes (see website) ISSN: 2324-7495 Founded: 2010 Issues per year: 3 Copy price: .$0.99 Average pages: 80 Subscription (ind/inst) 1 year: $1.99

Publisher’s description: We publish modern Americana in the form of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, interview, art, & criticism. Digital Americana was the first literary magazine made for the iPad and is now also available on the iPhone and in print.

Our acclaimed iPad app features a custom redaction tool that enables readers to generate their own erasure poetry instantly. We seek to continually mix the literary arts and American culture with a state-of-the-art publishing mindset.

We encourage contributions from emerging and practiced writers, but mostly we are looking for material that will continue an ongoing dialogue—one that discusses & defines a modern American perspective, theme, or experience. We define what digital Americana is, seasonally.

Digital Americana is living up to its name; it is redefining literary magazines in the digital world and ever enhancing the reading experience . . . With so many online magazines cropping up daily, it is hard to see which ones will survive. But with the places Digital Americana is headed, I think it’ll be around for a while, paving new ways for us to experience literature, new ways to carry it with us wherever we go, new ways to react to it and redact to it.” -Newpages

Recent Issues

The Winter 2014 Shapes Issue: “The shapes that winter leaves behind are not so defined by what was, but all the things you did not see.” This inspired collection features original fiction from Jessica Handler, the 501-Word Contest winners, new spoken word Americana, and much, much more . . .

Winter Ends—2013, the latest from Digital Americana, features original cover designs by contemporary artist Robert Farkas, our first inclusion of a spoken word piece (“A Long Walk Through Belmont” by Lisa Mecham), a self-interview by Lauren Groff, a selection of outstanding fiction & poetry, and more . . .


last updated 3/24/2014