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Colorado Review

About Colorado Review: Colorado Review publishes contemporary short fiction, poetry, and nonfiction (memoir, personal essays) by both new and established writers.

Contact Information:

9105 Campus Delivery

Department of English

Colorado State University

Fort Collins, CO  80523-9105

Phone: (970) 491-5449

Email: creview[at]colostate[dot]edu


Submission/Subscription Information:

Simultaneous submissions: yes Email submissions: no Online submissions: yes (see website) Reading period: 8/1-4/30, year-round (nonfiction only) Response time: varies Payment: yes (see website) Contests: yes (see website) ISSN: 1046-3348 Founded: 1956 Average pages: 200 Distributors: Kent News Agency Issues per year: 3 Sample price (postpaid): $10 Copy Price: $9.50 Subscription (Ind): $24 Subscription (Inst): $34

Publisher’s Description: Founded in 1956, Colorado Review features short fiction, poetry, and nonfiction (memoir, personal essays) by both emerging and established writers, including numerous Pulitzer Prize, Best American, Pushcart, O. Henry, and Rona Jaffe Award winners. Recent issues include work by Robin Black, Charles Baxter, Floyd Skloot, Leslie Johnson, Bill Capossere, Robert Root, Margaret MacInnis, Lyn Hejinian, Martha Ronk, Rusty Morrison, and Lon Otto. Past special issues have focused on travel, experimental fiction, and writing of the New West. The fall issue features the winner of the annual Nelligan Prize for Short Fiction.

Published three times a year by the Center for Literary Publishing at Colorado State University, Colorado Review is edited by Stephanie G’Schwind (editor in chief & nonfiction poetry editor); Steven Schwartz (fiction editor); and Donald Revell, Sasha Steensen, & Matthew Cooperman (poetry editors). Book reviews are edited by Dan Beachy-Quick (poetry) and Jennifer Wisner Kelly (fiction & nonfiction).

Recent issues:

Spring 2014: Janis Hubschman’s “Fearless” takes us to Italy, where three women traveling together find themselves negotiating the ever-shifting dynamics of their friendship. In Kent Nelson’s “Turquoise Water, Terns Hovering,” a man’s ex-wife suddenly—after years of chilly silence—wants to change the terms of their relationship. The budding friendship between two young men in Joseph O’Malley’s “Land of Motionless Childhood” is threatened when one begins to undermine the other’s romantic relationship. And in Jordan Rossen’s “Age of Adjustments,” a couple must return their newly adopted infant when the adoption is revoked, shattering their fledgling parenthood and altering the trajectory of their marriage.

The Fall/Winter 2013 issue features Edward Hamlin’s “Night in Erg Chebbi, Winner of the 2013 Nelligan Prize for Short Fiction” (fiction), Jen Hirt’s “Hour Thirteen” (nonfiction), Karen Leona Anderson’s “Starlings” (poetry), Christopher Kondrich’s “Backward-Spreading Brightness” (poetry), Michael Heller’s “There” (poetry), Emily Wilson’s “Lichen Association” (poetry), and more.

Summer 2013: Stories by Lauren Watel, Chaitali Sen, Robert Yune, and Erika Seay. Essays by Kelley Clink, Jessamyn Hope, and Karen Maner (AWP Intro to Journals Project Nonfiction winner). Poems by Brent Armendinger, Heather Christle, Sarah Vap, Erin Rodoni (AWP Intro to Journals Project Poetry winner), Michael Martin Shea, and many others.


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