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Blogs by Poets and Writers

Blogs and websites of poets and writers. Please help us keep this list up-to-date and let us know about any bad links.


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Tony Abbott

Seth Abramson The Suburban Ecstasies

Katie Acheson something katy

Beth Adams the cassandra pages

Nasra al Adawi A Window Within Myself

Floyce Alexander

Mary Alexander Agner

Kelli Russell Agodon Book of Kells

Adam Aitken Adam in Cambodia

Shirley Allard Whispers in the Wind

William Allegrezza p-ramblings

M. C. Allan Ecstatic Doggerel

Maureen Alsop

Steven Paul Alvarez Journeys in McTlán

Indran Amirthanayagam

Pete Anderson Pete Lit

Stephanie Anderson october in april

Nin Andrews

Jesse Anger A Loom in the Dark

Cecilia Ann

Lori Ann On Writing and (sometimes) Publishing

Tiel Aisha Ansari Knocking From Inside

Francisco Aragón Letras Latinas Blog

Jose Angel Araguz The Friday Influence

Michelle Arch Archetype

Diana Arco

John Armstrong Bebrowed's Blog

Marshall Armstrong The Window

Claire Askew One Night Stanzas

Christine Aziz words from a revolution

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M. Molly Backes

Elizabeth Baines Fictionbitch

Jenine Baines Michael, Who Knew?

John Baker

Anny Ballardini narcissusworks

Susan Banghart a writer's blog

Jefferson Banks Monsterbook

Brian Michael Barbeito

Justin Barisich Little Writing Man

Michael Barmish The Nomadic Writer

Bartholomew Barker Poetry, Presidents and Progenitors

Rusty Barnes Live Nude Poems

Gary Barwin Serif of Nottingblog

Christopher Barzak Meditations in an Emergency

Thomas Basböll The Pangrammaticon

Margaret Bashaar

Lisa Marie Basile

Mary Bast Winding Sheets

Kyle Beachy Childish Gall

Melissa Fry Beasley

Sandra Beasley Chicks Dig Poetry

Steven W. Beattie That Shakespearean Rag

Derek Beaulieu

Lauren Becker Gray Sheep

Tom Beckett L'amour Fou: Impulsivity Rubrics

Mike Begnal B'Fhiu an Braon Fola

Lynn Behrendt Annandale Dream Gazette

TJ Beitleman

Jessica Bell The Alliterative Allomorph

Matt Bell *

Aaron Belz

Shannon Benjamin The Saturday Evening Poet

Rachel Bennett alas jamboree

Jeremy Benson Back of the Box

Kristin Berkey-Abbott

Jefferey Berg jdbrecords

B. E. Berger Narrative by B. E. Berger

Charles Bernstein *

Mark Bernstein

Mattilda Bernstein Nobody Passes, Darling

Jedediah Berry

Mary Biddinger The Word Cage /

Stephanie Bird Stephanie's Studio

Jeff Blackman

Vanessa Blakeslee On Writing

Clay Blancett Fig.1-Worm Drive

Jackson Bliss

John Bloomberg-Rissman Zeitgeist Spam

Rachel Blum

Mitchell Bogatz

Ann Bogle Ana Verse

Lindsay Boldt Ridiculous Human Things

Richard Bon Liminal Fiction

Gwenda Bond Shaken & Stirred

Sean Bonney Abandoned Buildings

Joe Bonomo No Such Thing As Was

Dave Bonta via negativa

Karina Borowicz

E. B. Bortz ebbortz

Mel Bosworth No More Hot Lunches for Eddie Socko

Alan Botsford freedom in harmony

Stephen Bottum Band of Thebes

Jenny Boully

James Bow Bow. James Bow.

Rus Bowden Poetry & Poets in Rags

Kristy Bowen dulcetly

Kent Bowker Poetry and Images

GF Boyer

Allen Bramhall tributary

KM Brenton Wisdom of One

Robert Lee Brewer My Name is Not Bob

Matt Briggs a blog from the Oregon Territory

Susie Bright Susie Bright's Journal

Brian Brodeur How a Poem Happens *

Sharon Brogan Watermark

Dustin Brookshire I Was Born Doing Reference Work in Sin

Ken Brosky The Death of a Dream

Amena Brown

Pam Brown the deletion

Alec Bryan Bury Me With It

Bo Bryan Southern Writer Bo Bryan

Rae Bryant

Fred Bubbers

Mark Budman Writing and the Rest of My Life

Catherine Bull Poetry Dork

Simmons B. Buntin

Nathan Burgoine the word Smith

Andrew Burke Hi Spirits

Eric Burke Anomalocrinus Incurvus

Ted Burke Like It or Not

Neil Burkey Knits a StinK

Miriam Burstein The Little Professor

Rebecca Bush Just A Thought

Blake Butler G D C S + S W D P

Rachael Shay Button writing and wandering

Bobby Byrd

Edward Byrne One Poet's Notes

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Trevor Calvert
 The Casual Tee

Brian Campbell Out of the Woodwork

Pris Campbell Songs To A Midnight Sky

Gerry Canavan

Mike Cannell Visoundtextpoem

Jeremy Cantor From First Poem to First Book

Reyes Cardenas Chicano Poet

Claudia Carlson Elephant House

Angela Doll Carlson Mrs Metaphor

C.S. Carrier

Rudolfo Carrillo infinity report

Ivan Carswell Poetry from the Orchard

Lee Cart Musings on Maine, Mexico, and whatever comes along

Jessie Carty

Beth Cassini In My Monet

Jeremiah Castelo Psalms and Psychoses

Albert B. Casuga Ambit's Gambit

Michael Caylo-Baradi persuasionaswords

Gretchen Cello Follow Me to NYC

Natalia Cecire Works Cited

Edward Champion Reluctant Habits

Sherry Chandler *

Victoria Chang Thoughts About Poetry...

Mike Chasar Poetry & Popular Culture

Alexander Chee Koreanish /

Jimmy Chen

Matthew Cheney The Mumpsimus

James M. Chesbro Fatherhood in First Person

Tom Chivers this is yogic

Andrew Christ Birthdays of Poets /

Melba Christie poemattic

Jodi Chromey I Will Dare

Peter Ciccariello Hope Street

Christopher Citro

James Claffey the wrong corner of the sky

Anna Clark Isak

Jillian Clark It Is Ambient Time

Tom Clark Beyond the Pale /

Rebecca Mary Clarkson The Adventures of a Suburban Psychonaut

Adam Clay

Thomas Courtney Click

Madalynn Cody Satellite Skin

Julia Cohen $650 Apartment for $650

Leah Hager Cohen Love As A Found Object

Sage Cohen The Path of Possibility *

Todd Colby Todd Colby's Glee Farm

Jedd Cole Electric Didact

James Collins Love During Wartime

Shanna Compton

Amanda Cook ironstone whirlygig

Jeanette Cook ceci n'est pas une cuisine

Juliet Cook Doppelgangrene

Rebecca Cook what she says

Dennis Cooper DC's

Jo Cooper The Birth of the Silicone Baby

Jim Coppoc

Joshua Corey Cahiers de Corey

Alfred Corn Topics and Events

Eduardo C. Corral Lorcaloca

Chris Corrigan

Ashley Cowger Being and Writingness /

Beth Coyote

Matt Cozart

Caleb Crain Steamboats are Ruining Everything

Amber Cross Beautiful Poetry and Life's Other Wonders

Del Ray Cross anachronizms

John Crowley

Cynthia Cruz

Peter Culley mosses from an old manse

Laine Cunningham Writer's Resource

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Rachel Dacus Rocket Kids

Lyle Daggett A Burning Patience

Catherine Daly my version

Jenny Davidson Light Reading

David Alexander Davies Openned

Kelly Davio

Jeff Davis Natures

John Davis

Jordan Davis Equanimity

Laura Davis Dear Outer Space

T. Gene Davis

Tara Deal snyppet

Alex Deason RAD is RADically Primetime!

Marni De Ambershay Blackbird Archives

Oliver de la Paz Pugnacious Pinoy

Alan DeNiro Goblin Mercantila Exchange

Charles Deemer The Writing Life II

Andrew Demcak Big 23 Blog

Barbara DeMarco-Barrett Pen on Fire /

Jake Dennis Poet of Jazz

Jerry Dennis Bountiful World

Susan Denning

Katrina Denza *

Thomas Devaney

Monica Devine Between Two Rivers

Nancy Devine

Jennifer K. Dick

Andi Diehn

Alex Dimitrov

Mark Dingemanse The Ideophone

Linh Dinh Detainees

Susan DiPlacido Neon Fiction

Kristin Dodge Books for Breakfast

Laurel Dodge Possum

Thom Donovan Wild Horse on Fire

Mark Doty

Mary Douglas To the Russian Poets

Erika Dreifus My Machberet

Jehanne Dubrow 

Jim Duchene The Aw, Nuts! Humor Blog

Laurie Duggan Graveney Marsh

Jay Duret

Art Durkee Dragoncave

KC Dyer

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Amanda Earl
 vispo etc

Ryan Eckes Old News

Cynthia Schwartzberg Edlow

A.E. Edwards cut-outs

Barry Eisler The Heart of the Matter

Camelia Elias Frag/ments

Nicolle Elizabeth

Anne Elliott 

David Ellis toofulltowrite

Elizabeth Enslin Yips and Howls

Dan Erickson writing for the sake of my humanity

Andrew Ervin Ace Publications

Scott Esposito Conversational Reading

Carrie Etter

Shelley Ettinger Read Red

CM Evans Gigantic Jet

Kate Evans Being and Writing

Steve Evans Third Factory

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Roberta Fallon & Libby Rosof
 the artblog

Steven Fama the glade of theoric ornithic hermetica

Robert Fanning postscript

Kirk Farber

Guy Farmer Poems and Poetry

Jürgen Fauth jürgen fauth’s muckworld

Curtis Faville The Compass Rose

Steve Fellner Pansy Poetics

Anne Fernald Fernham

Cherilyn Ferroggiaro

Al Filreis

Annie Finch Poetry Witch

James Finnegan ursprache

Jon Paul Fiorentino Asthmatronic

Jim Fisher Science News for Writers

Jack Fitzgerald

Ryan Fitzpatrick 95 Books

Stacia M. Fleegal

Donna Fleischer word pond

Mark Folse Odd Bits of Life in New Orleans

Adam Ford

Erik Donald France Erik's Choice

Gina Franco reli[e]able signs

Joachim Frank Franx Fiction

Jon Frankel Last Bender`

Sanford Fraser The Poet Laureate of Jones Street

Jane Friedman *

Nancy Friedman Fritinancy

Suzanne Frischkorn Litwindowpane /

Henry Fry Pop Philosophy

Naoko Fujimoto White Words

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Elisa Gabbert
 The French Exit

Jeannine Hall Gailey Jeannine Blogs

Neil Gaiman

Kate Gale A Mind Never Dormant

Catherine Gallagher Breathing Silver Linings

Brenda Gallaher

John Gallaher Nothing to Say & Saying It /

Kyle Gann PostClassic

Susana Gardner Poetry as Sustenance Sir

Denis M. Garrison

Scott Garson Patterns of Silver Light and So Forth

Jeanne Lyet Gassman Jeanne's Writing Desk

Jamie Gaughran-Perez Very Most Good

Michael Gause The Day on Fire

Marie Gauthier A View from the Potholes /

Roxane Gay 

Jamey Genna

Gina Genovese

Jacqueline Gens Poetrymind

Greg Gerke

Gin Getz

Bernadette Geyer

Damyanti Ghosh Daily (w)rite

Alex Gildzen Arroyo Chamisa

Susan Gillis Concrete & River

Dennis Y. Ginoza Literature, Culture, and Technology /

Marco Giovenale differx

Rachel B. Glaser

Jenna Glatzer Hot Diggity!

Elizabeth Glixman A Writer in the Moment

Jim Goar can of corn

Adam Golaski flim forum press

Kim Goldberg Pig Squash Press

Dixie Guill Golden golden times…

Guy LeCharles Gonzalez Loud Poet

Howie Good Apocalypse Mambo

Jessica Goodfellow Axis of Abraxas

Charlotte Gordon

Emily Gordon Emdashes

Nada Gordon ululations

Julia Gordon-Bramer Character Sketch

Henry Gould HG Poetics

K. Lorraine Graham Spooks By Me

Irene Graham Irene Graham Writing News

Mark Granier Lightbox

Katie Gray Craven Tennessee Pearls & Portuguese Filigree: Musings on the global nest

Rob Greene Twenty-First Century Blues

Jacky Green Jacky Green's 15k

Scott E. Green Greengenrepoetry

Timothy Green

Tony Green Accumulations

Heidi Greco out on the big limb

Peli Grietzer Second Balcony

Jessica Groenendijk Words from the Wild

Tara Lynne Groth Write Naked: A writing life cut open

Bob Grumman POETICKS

Gabriel Gudding Earth & Pragmatism

Christopher Guerin Zealotry of Guerin

Carol Guess Syntax is a Second Skin

Paul Guest Almost I rushed from home to tell you this

Nicole Gulotta Eat This Poem

Jamie Gusman Poetic Vetanda

Dan Gutstein Blood and Gutstein

John Guzlowski Writing the Polish Diaspora

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Dust Congress Hackmuth
 The Dust Congress

David Hadbawnik Primitive Information

Anne Haines

Matthew J. Hall Screaming with Brevity

Rhiannon Hall Poetry and Beyond

Shafer Hall I'll Show You Mine

Steve Halle Seven Corners

Mindy Halleck Literary Liaisons

Nathan Hamilton Curiosa Hamiltona

Justin Hamm Noise For Its Own Sake

Jefferson Hansen The Altered Scale

John Hanson A Bewildering Search

Joseph Harrington

Jim Harris As God Looked On

Lisa Ohlen Harris

Reggie Harris Noctuary

Sharon Harris The I Love You Blog

Cynthia Harrison A Writer's Diary

Matt Hart Bewilderment Inc.

Melissa Hart 

Pam Hart A Walk Around the Lake

Sarah Harste Textual Pleasure

F. James Hartnell Out of Orbit

Finn Havor Conversations in the Book Trade /

Gena Haskett Out On The Stoop

Woody Haut Woody Haut's Blog

Robin Hawdon Writers Amongst Readers

Bob Hazelton Average Poet

Rebecca Hazelton Hinx Minx

Dot Hearn The Writing Vein

Lawrence Heibel As I Write

Laura Heidy Terminal Chaosity

Esther Altshul Helfgott Esther's Writing Works

Kris Hemensley poetry & ideas

Susan Henderson Lit Park

April Henry So many books, so little time

Liz Henry Composite: Thoughts on Poetics and Tech

Colin Herd

Kev Heritage

Aimee Herman

Scott David Herman

Leigh Herrick

Tania Hershman TaniaWrites

Chris Higgs bright stupid confetti

Crag Hill poetry scorecard

Sean Patrick Hill The Imagined Field

Deborah Hirsch Seed for Song

Matthew Hittinger News & Readings

Jnana Hodson Jnana's Red Barn

Julian Hoffman Notes from Near and Far

Karen Hogan Writing Shed

Doug Holder Boston Area Small Press Scene

Jane Holland Poets on Fire

Erin Coughlin Hollowell Being Poetry

Katherine L. Holmes Writing Amid Used Books

Julia Hones My writing life.

Paul Hoover Poetry Blog

Tom Hopkins Thomas Israel Hopkins's Persuasion Machine

David Harrison Horton Union Herald

Joan Houlihan Joan Houlihan's Blog

John Houser Book II

Dave Housley

Jennifer Howard

Daedalus Howell

Rachel Hruza Sometimes we all need a bit of fiction.

Kath Hubbard This Thing Needs a Title

Wynne Huddleston From the Depths of Red Bluff

Vicki Hudson Home and Hearth

Mark Hummel Confluence Journal

Carrie Hunter Oracular Ocularities

Joseph Hutchison The Perpetual Bird

Geof Huth dbqp: visualizing poetics

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Luisa Igloria /

Glenn Ingersoll Love Settlement

Robin Ingle Subsequent Chapters

David Raphael Israel Bhairo in the Morning

Jamie Iredell Picnic Cannibal

Jason Irwin

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J.E. Jacobson A Poetic Matter

Michael Jacobson the new post-literate

Richard Jespers

Maggie Jochild Meta Watershed

Christine Dano Johnson silverfinofhope

Halvard Johnson Entropy and me

Maisha Z. Johnson Inkblot

Paula Johnson The Rose City Sisters

Stephen Mark Johnson minus1 plus6

Steven Berlin Johnson

Dick Jones Patteran Pages

Holly Goddard Jones Girl Trouble

Jill Jones Ruby Street

Jonathan Jones Belgianwaffle

Miriam Jones Scrbblingwoman2

Pierre Joris Nomadics

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Pirooz M. Kalayeh Shikow

Robin Kalinich

Megan Kaminski

Bhanu Kapil Was Jack Kerouac a Punjabi?

S. Karlan The Mystery of Things

Kirsten Kaschock Kirsten Kaschock's Sleight Book

Chess Katier M3ØW

Kate Kearns Black Squirrel Workshop

William Keckler Joe Brainard's Pyjamas

Catherine Keefe backyard sisters

Ian Keenan Piri' Miri Muli'

John Keene J's Theater

Katherine Keenum Picturing a World

Collin Kelley Modern Confessional

Kevin Kelly KK Lifestream /

Tim Kenyon Impromptu

William Kenyon Little Corner of the Universe // Feh

Robert Ketchell

Janelle Elyse Kihlstrom blue trajectory

Jennifer Kilgore-Caradec No Time for Poetry?

Chris Killen day of moustaches

Jack Kimball pantaloons

Michael Kimball Writes Your Life Story (on a postcard)

A.S. King Here's me using the word blog in a sentence.

Amy King amy king's alias /

Dylan Kinnett No Categories

Kathleen Kirk Wait! I have a Blog?!

Gail Kirkpatrick

Rauan Klassnik Holy Land

Becca Klaver El Pomo Expo

Austin Kleon Newspaper Blackout

Christine Klocek-Lim

Rob Knetsch Of turmoil and quest

Jim Knowles Thinkgs From Jim K.

Rodney Koeneke Modern Americans

Molly Koeneman Good Golly Miss Molly Blogs!

Drew Koenig Geek to Author

Jee Leong Koh song of a reformed headhunter

Nancy Julien Kopp Writer Granny's World

Pamela Gwyn Kripke Like a Single Mom

Haidee Kruger Messy Things with Words

Donna Kuhn digital aardvarks

Patrick Kurp Anecdotal Evidence *

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Jen Ladoucuer
 Keys to Unlock Life

Margaret Lafleur

Laila Lalami *

Michael Lally Lally's Alley

Page Lambert All Things Literary/All Things Natural

Sandra Gail Lambert

Lori Lamothe Diary in Irregular Ink

Matthew Landis Days Between Stations

Marissa Landrigan

Jim Landwehr So it goes...

Robert Langdon

Leigh Langston Dangerous Lee Network

Language Hat

Nicholas Large

Maryrose Larkin The Reader is the Poem

Richard Larson the Richard Larson blog

C.A. LaRue Bonespark

Dorothea Lasky

Irene Latham Live Love Explore

John Latta Isola di Rifiuti

Amy Lawless (F)lawless

Ashley Le Sage 26 Letter Journey

David Dodd Lee Seventeenfingeredpoetrybird

Jim Leftwich Textimagepoem

William Leigh A Fictional Dog

Amy Lemmon Saint Nobody

Mark Lewandowski Halibutrodeo's Blog

Mark L. Lilleleht african poetry review

Ada Limon

Joe Linker The Coming of the Toads

Ilana Lipowicz Mostly a Poet

Paul Lisicky Mystery Beast

John Litzenberg radical druid

Reb Livingston Next Phase

Emily Lloyd poesy galore

Grace Lo Porto Breathe Read Live

Diane Lockward Blogalicious

Richard Long Muddy Bank

Manuel Paul Lopez Cooling Gel with a Soothing Anesthetic Power

Richard Lopez Really Bad Movies

Helen Losse Windows Toward the World

Page Loudon Henry is a Savage

Ava Love Hanna

Sean Lovelace Sean Blog /

Denise Low Kansas Poet Laureate

Gregory Luce Enchilada's Blog

Kelly Luce 

Sheryl Luna Chicana Poetics

François Luong Voices in Utter Dark

Karina Lutz Poetry for the Great Turning

Kelly Lydick Everything is Connected

Matt Lykins 50percentfinished

Sean Lynch Understanding Weakness

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Don MacIver A Poet's View

Rob Mackenzie Surroundings

John Madera hitherandthithering waters

Brice Mairruo Flashlight City Blues

Taylor Mali Journal Blog

Rupert Mallin

Kendra Malone

Nicholas Manning The Newer Metaphysicals

Sharanya Manivannan

Douglas Manson Nondisenchanted

Djelloul Marbrook

Bob Marcacci

Joe Marchia

Stan Marcus

Lisa Marie A Birth Project

Timothy L. Marsh
Anthony Martin

Camille Martin Rogue Embryo

Colin Martin Lumpy Onion Monophony

Cynthia Newberry Martin Catching Days

J H Martin A Coat for a Monkey

Mira Martin-Parker Getting Rid of the Dogs

Tim Martin and to think i saw it on floyd terrace

Kaz Maslanka Mathematical Poetry

John Matthew Poetecstasy

Cindy A. Matthews Confessions of a Blonde Writer

Clay Matthews & etc.

Lori A. May

Steven May ChapBooks

Jonathan Mayhew Stupid Motivational Tricks / Bemsha Swing

Tom McAllister

Marilyn McCabe

MaryAnn McCarra-Fitzpatrick McCarra / Poetry

Toni McCloe psychobabblings of a middle child

Nichole McGill

Patricia A. McGoldrick PM_Poet Writer

Michelle McGrane peony moon

Kristen McHenry The Good Typist

Rob McLennan /

Lisa McMann

Kelly McMullen

Sheila McMullin A Poetic Feminist Moon Spit Blog

Erin McNellis uncomplicatedly

Martha McPhee Notes from Martha

Maia McPherson Aknathomies

Mlle Megan

Mike Meginnis

Didi Menendez didi's art place

Judith Mercado Pilgrim Soul

Court Merrigan

Matt Merritt Polyolbion

Stephanie Mesler A Poet's Progress

Douglas Messerli Green Integer Blog

David Metcalfe The Eyeless Owl

Philip Metres Behind the Lines

William Michaelian Recently Banned Literature /

Lincoln Michel Lincoln Michel's Tools for Teething *

Jory Mickelson Literary Magpie

Tiffany Midge UGH

Joseph Victor Milford

Breana Milldrum Breedom

Callie Miller Counter Balance

Cathleen Miller delicious ginger

Chloe Yelena Miller *

E. Ethelbert Miller Ethelbert E-notes

Nancy Beth Miller Elation

Stephen Mills Joe's Jacket

Cristina Miranda Life's Features in Small Frames

C.D. Mitchell

Stephen Mitchelmore This Space

Monica Mody An Imperfect Blog

Kelly Moffett Poetry & Contemplative Creativity

K. Silem Mohammad Lime Tree

Colleen Mondor Chasing Ray

Vince Montague biblioteke

Veronica Montes Nesting Ground

Amy Monticello ten square miles

Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore Poetry

Steven Moore taichiheartwork

Piers Moore-Ede

Jack Morgan The Trainwreck

Tim Morgan

Michael Neal Morris Monk Notes

Stephen Morrissey

Ted Morrissey 12 Winters Blog

Jonathan Morse The Art Part

David M. Morton Banty Cock

Joseph Mosconi Harlequin Knights

John Most

Irv Muchnick Freelance Rights

Matt Mullins unstable euphony

Ian Mulville


Brother Tom Murphy plainer

Miguel Murphy Boca

Chris Murray Texfiles

D. G. Myers A Commonplace Blog *

John Myers Ineffectual Effigy

Gina Myers A Sad Day for Sad Birds

Alicia Rebecca Myers From Soho to Silo

Drew Myron Off the Page

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Vihang Naik all for poetry

Namaya The Jazz Poet's Blog

Meryl Natchez Dactyls & Drakes

Travis Laurence Naught

Amy Neftzger

Christopher Nelson Under a Warm Green Linden 

Stephen Nelson afterlights

Daniel Nester How to be Inappropriate

Richard Newman

Danielle Newton The Bennington Years

Maud Newton

Greg Nicholl

Martha Nichols Athena's Head

Alec Niedenthal The Book to Come

Aldon Lynn Nielsen Heat String Theory

Ruth Nolan Phantom Seedlings

Chris Norbury A Neo-Renaissance Writer

Eirikur Örn Norðdahl The New Illiterati

Gary Norris dagwolf

Marco North impressions of an expat

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Wanda O'Connor 
Backyard Disciples and One Mean Deus Ex Machina

Ann W. Olson Sideway Views

Christopher Olson i just happened to be there

Iamnasra Oman A Window Within Myself

David Rory O'Neill

Heather O'Neill The Bougainvillea Hideaway

January O'Neill Poet Mom

Michelle Ong Departures and Arrivals

David Oppegaard

C.J. Opperthauser

Kevin Opstedal Ukulele Feedback

Ashraf Osman arch.memory

Martin Ott Writeliving

Todd Outcalt Between Pages

Joseph M. Owens Category Thirteen

Richard Owens Damn the Caesars

Jane Ozkowski

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Maria Padhila
 Capitol Cougar

Shin Yu Pai makura no soshi

Lars Palm mischievoice

G.M. Palmer Strong Verse

Shann Palmer Shann Palmer says

Salvatore Pane /

Nanci Panuccio Emerging Writers Studio

Adriana Paramo

Chad Parenteau Poet for Hire

Pamela Johnson Parker Pamela's Musings

Larry Paros In So Many Words

Guillermo Parra Venepoetics

Robert Peake Code Poet

Alexandria Peary Your Ability to Write is Always Present

Lynn Pedersen

Peter Pereira The Virtual World

Craig Santos Perez the absolutely true blog of craig santos perez

John Perrault Artopia

Greg Perry

Kendall F. Person

Joyce Peseroff

Bill Peschel

Adam Peterson Stock Photography Museum

Mary Pettigrew Reflections & Renewal

Edward Pettit The Bibliothecary

Michael Peverett

Nicole Peyrafitte Collectages

Andrew Philip Tonguefire

Rachel Phillips Outlasting Months

Carla Pierce

Leslie Pietrzyk Work-in-Progress

Bill Piety Peter, In Search of Pan

Gregory Pincus GottaBook

Nick Piombino fait accompli

Pearl Pirie Humanyms

Niina Pollari hideously, she said

Dawn Potter /

Becky Povich
Francis H Powell

Michael Power Words & Music

J.L. Powers

David Prater davey dreamnation inc.

Vivian Faith Prescott Planet Alaska

Ross Priddle bentspoon

Daniel Pritchard The Wooden Spoon /

Jayne Pupek Notes on (the Writing) Life

Nicole Pyles The World of My Imagination

Q - R
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Lanny Quarles
 Jelly Bean Weirdo

Russell Ragsdale yuckelbel's canon

Kari Rains Kari Rains's Blog

Chamko Rani

Patrick Rapa I Read A Short Story Today

Clancy Ratliff CultureCat

Tom Raworth Notes

Robin Ray The Writings of an American Author

Midge Raymond Remembering English

Robin Reagler the OTHER mother

Jendi Reiter Reiter's Block

Yelizaveta Renfro Chasing Samaras

Barbara Jane Reyes Poeta y Diwata

Chad Reynolds Auto-Collaborations with Myself

Susan Rich The Alchemist's Kitchen

Rodney Richards Write with Authority

Tad Richards Tad's Opus 40 Blog

Brett Riley

C.C. Riley

Cinthia Ritchie

Dean Robbins The Last Dinosaur

Joshua Robbins 

Laura Roberts Button Tapper

Luke Roberts writtendown

Brent Robison Ultimate Indivisibility

Adam Robinson Publishing Genius Press

Jen Robinson Jen Robinson's Book Page

Judith R. Robinson GoodPoems

Katrina Rodabaugh Made by Katrina

Rolli Rolliwrites

Lois Roma-Deeley Ciao Poetry

Lisa Romeo Lisa Romeo Writes

Rik Roots The Rik Files

Ginny Rorby Ginny's Friends

Leela Rose zen flowers

Raymond Roske Indelible Pencil

Jack Ross The Imaginary Museum

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