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Ms. Magazine cover

Ms. Magazine

The Definitive News Source on Women

1600 Wilson Blvd., Ste. 801

Arlington, VA  22209

Phone: (703) 522-4201



Founded: 1972 Issues per year: 4 Distributors: Kable, One Source Copy Price: $5.95 Subscription (Individuals): $25 Subscription (Libraries): $45

Publisher’s Description: Ms., the oldest and preeminent feminist magazine, is the unfettered voice of the movement for women’s rights, nationally and globally. By promoting feminist viewpoints and fearlessly investigating and reporting on critical issues in the struggle for equal rights, Ms. aims to link information to action by informing, inspiring and empowering a world community of feminists to work toward global justice and equality.

Ms. recently joined forces with the Feminist Majority Foundation and, through this combination, is a stronger voice for the feminist movement. Ms. accepts nonprofit, mission-related, and socially responsible business advertising to support our sister organizations by offering outreach opportunities at a reasonable rate. One of the only non-academic journals being used in college courses from Political Science to Women’s Studies to International Relations, Ms. helps educate and inform the next generation of feminist activists. Ms. also reaches out to women who normally might not receive our message of hope and inspiration by distributing free copies to women in prisons and domestic violence shelters. As part of its mission, Ms. is proud to be the first women’s magazine printed on New Leaf recycled paper.