Author-Published Books Received

Books on this page are self-published titles received from the author or publisher.


Posted on May 7, 2014



Curiosisosity, Greg Bachar (Rowhouse Press)



Comedy of Terror, John Fremont (Lost Coast Press)

The Delphi Deception, Chris Everheart (Yellow Rocket Media)

Double Rainbow at Full Moon, B.A.K. Sim (Agio Publishing House)

Farthest House, Margie Lukas (WriteLife)

Gathering Chrysanthemums, Peter Maguire (Black Rose Writing)

Gifts Not Yet Given, Kergan Edwards-Stout (Circumspect Press)

The Granddaddy Syndicate, Richard D. Lennox (Bedside Books)

The Hope We Seek, Rich Shapero (Outside Reading Books)

The Long Journey, Cara J. Swanson (Nighthawk/Raven Publishing)

Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of Einstein's Daughter, Tim Symonds (MX Publishing)

Sydney Murders—Solved!, Stuart Gustafson (AITE Publishing)

Sympathetic People, Donna Baier Stein (Serving House Books)

Tales from a Closet, Julie Thomas (Xlibris)

Tranquility, Peter Jakobsen (Bedside Books)

The Tunnel, S. D. Tooley (Full Moon Publishing)

Visibly Struck, Steve Kubicek (Summit Partners)

A Voyage to Panjikant, Marguerite Dabaie (self-published)

What Jennifer Saw, Hal Schweig (Black Rose Writing)

The Whiskey Creek Water Company, Jan Walker (Plicata Press)

Why People Do What They Do, Emilio Iasiello (Deerhawk Publications)

Wild Grapes, Will Zink (Sugar Loaf Press)



3 Off the Tee: No Excuses, Lorii Myers (Leda Publishing Corp.)

The Continuing Presence: New Essays on Psychological Themes, Philip Roth (NorthEast Books & Publishing)

Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Practices, Ferid Azemi (American Book Publishing)

From Collar to Cleavage, Judith Thomas (Troubador Publishing)

Given Time: Living Our Last Months Together, Helen Park Bigelow (Fithian Press)

Love Made in Heaven: Secrets to an Amazing Life, Relationship, & Marriage, Marielle & Del McCormick (Revelation Press)

Questioning Protocol, Randi Redmond Oster (Well Path Press)

Sets, Lights, & Lunacy, Lloyd Burlingame (CreateSpace)

United Credit: Prosperity without Money, Jonathon Ray Spinney (Red Bear Press)



Bitter Melon, Elivs Alves (Mahaicony Books)

Controlled Hallucinations, John Sibley Williams (Futurecycle Press)

The Domain of Silence, Louis Phillips (Prologue Press)

Intimates and Fools, Laura Madeline Wiseman (Les Femmes Folles)

What’s Left Behind, Michal Mahgerefteh (Poetica Publishing)