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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Number 65, Fall 2019

The Fall 2019 issue features a tribute to African Poets. The most vibrant poetry in English today might be coming out of Africa—Kwame Dawes, founder of the African Poetry Book Fund, certainly thinks so, and after reading over 1,000 submissions for this issue, we have to agree. The 17 poems in our feature section are representative of the urgency and excitement that makes the poetry coming out of the continent feel so vital. The open section features 21 eclectic poems, including new work by Ted Kooser, Laura Kasischke, William Logan, Wendy Videlock, and more.

In Creative Nonfiction #71: "Let's Talk about Sex," writers invite us to share some of their most intimate moments—first times, last times, and everything in between. By turns joyous, hopeful, playful, wistful, and sometimes even uncomfortable, the stories in this issue expand our understanding of how—and why—people (and houseflies and sea urchins) “do it.” Plus: five tips for great sex (writing); the eroticism of essaying; the art of the long sentence; tiny truths; and more.

The September 2019 issue is now online. Find work by Fred Johnston, Grant Watson, Clive Donovan, Jonel Abellanosa, Federico Federici, Hélène Demetriades, Mantz Yorke, Clara B. Jones, Simone Tropea, Rodney Wood, Tim Kiely, Ian C. Smith, George Beddow, Michael Gessner, Louis Gallo, Claire Sexton, Joe Cottonwood, Chris Pellizzari, Ruth Valentine, Judith Russell, Jane R. Rogers, Alexandra Melville, Tim Suermondt, Eira Needham, Adam Chiles, and Diana Cant.

The Summer issue features poems, fiction, and creative nonfiction by: Cezarija Abartis, Maggie Andersen, Melissa Crowe, Morrow Dowdle, Deac Etherington, Tim Griffith, Elizabeth Word Gutting, Amorak Huey, Brock Jones, Jennifer Lang, Sandy Longhorn, Prisha Mehta, Jason Myers, Brandi Jo Nyberg, and Christopher Santantasio. This issue includes the summer contest ("On the Road" theme) winners.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date September 2019 online

The September issue of The Lake is now online featuring Kitty Coles, Mike Dillon, Robert Ford, Mori Glaser, Michael A. Griffith, Jack Houston, Hilary Mellon, Yvonne Morris, Chris Pellizzari, Roddy Williams. Reviews of Sarah L. Dixon’s Adding Wax Patterns to Wednesday and Rosie Johnstone’s Six-Count Jive.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Issue 97, September 2019 online

This month’s Featured Selection includes work by Hailey Leithauser who is also interviewed by Amy Bender. In Essays & Comments, Chard DeNiord writes about the “Suspense, Suspension, and the Sublime in the Poetry of Robert Frost.” Lea Graham reviews Michael Anania’s Nightsongs & Clamors. Poetry by J.T. Barbarese, Matthew Zapruder, Jan Freeman, Elizabeth Metzger, Elizabeth A. I. Powell, Christopher Buckley, Alan Shapiro, and more.

We are pleased to announce publication of Wordrunner eChapbooks' 37th issue, our summer 2019 fiction echapbook: Female Education: Flash Fiction by Rita Ciresi. Ciresi's 14 thought-provoking flash fictions deal with love, loss, and the hard choices women make. Her characters experience great joy and passion; they endure failed marriages, displacement, rejection, and grief. Their narratives are influenced by contemporary ideals of female empowerment, as well as former "female education" practices that attempted to control women. In spare prose, these stories are hilarious, poignant, and sad, and sometimes all at once.

New on the Fiction Southeast website this summer: work by Robin Littell, Marlin Barton, Elizabeth Erbeznik, Daryl Scroggins, Rita Ciresi, Caleb Tankersley, William Walker, Michael Cox, Matt Liebowitz, Laura Goodman, Kika Dorsey, Mike Wilson, Amy Stuber, Carlie Hoffman, TJ Rivard, Donald Ryan, AJ Atwater, Dakota Canon, and Jeffrey Gibbs.

This issue features poetry by Laurinda Lind, Steve Klepetar, Glen Armstrong, Daniel Senser, and Kenneth Pobo; fiction by Bruce Meyer; and “Amor” by Pablo Neruda translated by Chris Jansen.

Work by Tim Conrad, Leigh Gallagher, Thomas Legendre, Nahal Suzanne Jamir, Maegan Poland, Phillip Sterling, Brandon Haffner, Madeline Kearin, Joe De Quattro, Martin Penman, Roberta Hartling Gates, and Jeff Frawley.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 21 Issue 2, Summer 2019

Continuing to celebrate 20 years of publication, The First Line revisits first lines from issues throughout the years with work by Alexis Misko, Matthew J. Spireng, Sela Ellen Underwood, Dionne Richardson, Amanda Hoffman, Adam Lloyd, Joe Hoyle, Jim Freeh, Ron Stafford, Joanna Mechaley, Christina Kapp, Atreyee Gupta, Jane Chirgwin, J.D. Kotzman, Matthew John Fletcher, and Jenny Leonard.

The Fall 2019 issue of Split Rock Review features poetry by Sarah Carey, Joanne M. Clarkson, Maison Horton, Kathleen Janeschek, Hope Jordan, Jolie Kaytes, Nathan Manley, Cate McGowan, Megan Neville, James Owens, Alison Palmer, Connie Post, Erin Redfern, Caitlin Scarano, Dante Di Stefano, and more; nonfiction by Jim Johnson, Kristen Lindquist, Anne-Marie Oomen, Thom Tammaro, Richard Terrill, and Natalie Tomlin; and comics and graphic narratives by  Amy E. Casey, Efi Theodoropoulou & Ivan Veljković, and Angus Woodward. Plus art and photography by Kelly O. Beaster, Brian Coates, Jada Fabrizio, Jeremiah Gilbert, Michelle Wittensoldner, and more.

Chinese Literature Today is proud to feature Hong Kong writer Xi Xi, winner of the 2019 Newman Prize for Chinese Literature, in volume 8, number 1, which provides a panoramic view of Xi Xi’s playful and artistic mind: in addition to her poetry and fiction, readers can also enjoy pictures of her handmade teddy bears and her unique drawings. This issue also features seven contemporary Chinese-language poets, and our featured scholar, Maghiel van Crevel, explores the distinct poetics of Chinese migrant workers. 

The Spring 2019 issue includes essays by Kim Adrian, Mark Sullivan, Alain Borer, and Floyd Collins; fiction by Jessica Hollander, Michael Pearce, and David Crouse; and poetry by Jess Williard, Cindy King, Margaret Gibson, David Baker, Rachel Hadas, Emily Van Kley, Katherine Maurer, Shara Lessley, Sophie Klahr, Charles Rafferty, Arthur Rimbaud, and Brian Swann. Plus, paintings by Catherine Mackey.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 21 Issue 1, Spring 2019

Celebrating 20 years of publication, The First Line revisits first lines from throughout the years with work by Derek M. Hoven, Paul Schiess, John Mueter, Kim Perrone, David LaBounty, Thomas Mullen, K. A. Boyd, Joe Horne, Kelsey Williams, Lisa Firke, Joseph Redding, Kristine Richardson, Deborah Mercer, Melissa Mead, Linda Tyler, Simon Wood, Jeff Adams, Angela Hawn, Laila Strickland, Stephanie Freele, and Michael Ferrari. Jim Curtis and Meg Basom discuss their favorite first lines from famous works.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 14, 2019

The writers in the “The Generation X” issue reimagine the mid-life crisis and reconstruct ideas about love and romantic narrative arcs. Find work by Sandra Kolankiewicz, Frank Montesonti, Naomi Bess Leimsider, W.T. Paterson, Gwen Hart, Noelle Catharine Allen, Will Stenberg, Allison M. Palmer, Ted Jonathan, John Rickmon, Sara Fall, Gwen Lack, Erin Redfern, Elizabeth Ferry, Marc Janssen, Sarah Nichols, Richard Cronshey, Michael McLane, Milla van der Have, and Kevin Minh Allen.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date August 2019 online

Published this month at poetry by Garrett Hongo, Kyce Bello, and Samuel Green, as well as nonfiction by Paul Lindholdt. Joe Hall reviews Ghost Fishing: An Eco-Justice Poetry Anthology edited by Melissa Tuckey.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Issue 29, 2019

"Stumbling into Joy" by Kate Hopper. Taking stock after a midlife medical crisis inspires a woman to fulfill her lifelong dream of learning to play the electric bass. Her quest to understand the instrument’s appeal leads her to the pioneering women of Fanny, and to some realizations about herself.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Summer 2019

Short stories by and interviews with Stephen Hundley, Jordan Rossen, Yuvi Zalkow, and Jamie Feldman. New poetry by Chrissy Martin, Kathleen Radigan, Jessica Lynn Suchon, Alice Pettway, and Betsy Johnson. New nonfiction by Hege A. Jakobsen Lepri and Shoshana Surek. Additional features include Decline/Accept: Silhouettes by Ari Koontz, One to Watch: Interview with Chip Cheek by Sejal H. Patel, and illustrations by Justin Burks.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date July 2019 online

The August issue of The Lake is now online featuring Cecile Bol, Robert Cooperman, George Franklin, Nels Hanson, Mary Beth Hines, Glenn Hubbard, Carolyn Martin, Ronald Moran, Terry Savoie, J R Solonche, Jamie Sullivan, Bruce Taylor. Reviews of Fiona Sinclair’s The Time Traveller’s Picnic and Robert Cooperman’s That Summer.


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