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Art by Leah Oates, fiction by Sarah Freligh, nonfiction by Shaun Anderson, poetry by E. Kristin Anderson, and additional imagery by Seyo Cizmic, Beth Starger, and Susan Solomon

NER continues its 40th anniversary year. A feature on Terrence Malick offers takes on films with contributions from Maud Casey, Jennifer Chang, Skip Horack, A. Van Jordan, and more. Nonfiction includes scenes from the early life of François Scarborough Clemmons; Maureen Stanton's essay on the history and culture of public baths; and a meditation on surrealism and travel by India Hixon Radfar. New work from fifteen poets, including Dilruba Ahmed, Heather Christle, and Garrett Hongo, and fiction from Castle Freeman Jr., debut author Chandra Graham Garcia, and more. Three translated short fictions by contemporary Russian author Alla Gorbunova, a poem from the French by Sylvie Durbec, and a little-known essay by Thomas Mann.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 61 Number 2, Spring/Summer 2018

In this issue, "Let Us Gather: Diversity and the Arts," we present work from over 50 poets and fiction writers exploring the ways the arts encourage and embrace diversity in all its forms. Fiction by C. C. Lewis, Elmaz Abinader, Aimee Pogson, and more; poetry by Laura Glenn, Louisa Howerow, Sophia Stid, Scott Chalupa, Leslie Miller, Reilly Cundiff, Karina Borowicz, Tanzila Ahmed, Julia Lisella, Kaveh Bassiri, Claudia M. Reder, Susan Rich, and more.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Number 47, Summer 2018

Issue No. 47 is inspired by the winning creative nonfiction from our VanderMey Nonfiction Prize, and it features stories and poems and art on the pain, suffering, and violence that haunts us all as well as the ways we unwind and hold and heal what haunts us. Plus, you all, our lovely readers, sent us so many great notes and stories on what haunts and heals you. As Richard Rohr writes, "If we do not transform pain, we will most assuredly transmit it."

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Number 46, Spring/Summer 2018

Poetry by Angie Estes, Faiz Ahmad, Brionne Janae, Danielle Legros Georges, Natalie Shapero, Gerry LaFemina, Emily Tuszynska, Shavahn Dorris-Jefferson, Mike Good, Leah Umansky, Brandon Krieg, Pam Bernard, and many more. Fiction by Frances Badgett, Ramiro Hinojosa, Barbara Leckie, Evan Grillon, and Melanie Ritzenthaler. Paintings by Colette Brésilla, and six book reviews.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Spring/Summer 2018 online

Featuring fiction by Lawrence Cady, Matthew Fairchild, Sara Grace Salley, and John Vanderslice. Creative non-fiction by Brandon Daily, Mariam S. Pal, Christine Taylor, and Mary Jane White. Poetry by Nina Bennett, Micki Blenkush, Katarina Boudreaux, MéShelle Fae, Erin Jamieson, Sean McQuinney, Jessica (Tyner) Mehta, John Nizalowski, and Charles Rafferty. Artwork by Roger Camp, Richard Corso, William C. Crawford, Ann Schlotzhauer, Louis Staeble, Mauricio Paz Viola, and Bill Wolak. Plus, three book reviews.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Issue 18, 2018

"Search Party" by Stewart Lawrence Sinclair. One sunny July morning, a grandmother steps off her front stoop and vanishes into Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. A young transplant to the neighborhood joins the search for the disoriented octogenarian—past pizzerias and halal butchers, Chinese pastry shops and churches—and considers the meaning of community.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 22 Number 4, Summer 2018 online

New poems by Scott Coykendall, Wendy Taylor Carlisle, Donald Illich, Laine Elizabeth Kuehn, Elizabeth Landrum, Michael Lauchlan, James Miller, Kare June Olson, Matthew S. Parsons, John Sweet, and William Walsh.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Issue 2 Number 2, 2018

Fiction by John Thomson; nonfiction by Joanna Manning, Terrell Fox, and Rena Priest; and poetry by Carla Sameth, .chisaraokwu., Toan Nguyen, John Jeffire, Kathleen Hellen, Shane Griffin, Dylan D. Debelis, and Deborah H. Doolittle. Find an interview with featured artist Jeffrey Stembom whose work looks at the intersection of art, war, PTSD, and memory.

Poetry by Connie Jordan Green, Jim Richards, Brian Swann, Marjorie Stelmach, Bill Brown, Bethany Reid, Susan Terris, Andrew Miller, Robert Fillman, and Ira Hatfield. Nonfiction by Jeffrey Ihlenfeldt and art by Maggie Taylor.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 8 Number 2, May 2018 online

Our new issue is live! Featuring fiction from Krys Malcolm Belc, Shome Dasgupta, Dana Diehl, Cat Ingrid Leeches and Danilo John Thomas; poems from Steven Alvarez, Hajjar Baban, Emily Corwin, Clare Louise Harmon, Wheeler Light, Ben Miller & Dale Williams, and Sarah Thompson; nonfiction from Elizabeth Miki Brina, Joy Clark, and Joshua Gottlieb-Miller; interviews with Douglas Kearney, R.O. Kwon, and Dana Diehl; and artwork from Richard Carson and Jayne Marek!

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 14 Number 4, May-June 2018 online

In this issue, find poetry by Emily Stephenson, Michael Dougherty, Reme Terrelonge, and more; Leah Oates featured in our photographer spotlight; and Courtney Kenny Porto in an artist spotlight. Interviewed this issue: Bill Luvaas, Medni & Keith Obadike, Guinotte Wise, and Leland Sklar. Also in this issue: Mark Levy, Kristin Hallows, Galanty Miller, Steve Poleskie, Candice Watkins, Lilvia Soto, and more.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Issue 22, Summer 2018 online

It's ALIVE! Issue #22 Cleaver Magazine! Graphic narrative by Emily Steinberg; intermedia by Francesco Levato; and poetry by Elaine Cannell, Natalie Kawam, Jonathan Louis Duckworth, Hussain Ahmed, Cait Weiss Orcutt, William Wells, Levi Andalou, Simon Perchik, Jake Montgomery, and Mary Lou Buschi. Flash by Heidia Anvar, Christina Sun, Jacqueline Gabbitas, Joshua Wetjen, Erin Blue Burke, David Nolan, Ron Riekki, Mariah Gese, Erin Pienaar, Jennifer Solheim, Cathy Ulrich, and Lynn Oseguera. Short stories by Nick Kolakowski, Laura Knight Moretz, Sarah Bradley, T.C. Jones, Matt Whelihan, Jennifer Turnquist, and Gloria Yuen. Creative nonfiction by Sahalie Angell Martin, Emily Wick, Z. Schuff, and William Hengst.

This issue includes a special feature on 16 Poets/Editors, 19 poets NEW to Sheila-Na-Gig online, and 15 returning contributors, including Ace Boggess, Devon Balwit, Steve Klepetar, Susan Richardson, Marc Swan, and others.

Sky Island Journal’s stunning fifth issue features poetry, flash fiction, and creative nonfiction from every region of the United States and countries all around the globe. Accomplished, well-established authors are published—side by side—with fresh, emerging voices. Readers are provided with a powerful, focused, advertising-free literary experience that transports them: one that challenges them intellectually and moves them emotionally. Always free-access, and always advertising-free, discover what 20,000 readers in 113 countries already know. The finest new writing from around the world is now at your fingertips.

In the latest issue, find poetry by Caylin Capra-Thomas, Kim Hyesoon translated by Lauren Albin, Nathan McClain, Amy Meng; fiction by Aria Curtis and Brendan Stephens; and creative nonfiction by Pamela Baker and William Torrey. The 2017 Southeast Review Narrative Nonfiction Contest finalists and winner, Erica Berry, are also in this issue, as well as the 2017 World's Best Short-Short Story Contest with finalists and winner Greta Schuler, and the 2017 Gearhart Poetry Contest with finalist Christopher Childers and winner Jed Myers.

The Summer 2018 issue of Still Point Arts Quarterly features art and photography by Lynn Chen (Oriental Beauty), Hugh Moss (Master of the Water, Pine and Stone Retreat), Patricia Steele Raible (Shades of Gray); and fiction and non-fiction by Peter Azrak (God as Feminine), Gary Beck (An Assertion of Poetry), James G. Brueggemann (Chartres Blue), Vincent Louis Carrella (Blackberry Pie), Barbara Haas (Wrestling with Russia), Michael Paul Hogan (From a Distance: The Photography of Paul Polydorou), Jane Anne Staw (What My Father Taught Me), and Janet Sunderland (The Solitary Watcher). This issue also features images from Still Point Art Gallery's exhibition: Still Point X.

The June 2018 edition of Allegro is now online. The theme is 'cats' with work by John Mole, Seth Crook, Samuel W. James, Judith Skillman, Penny Tuttey, Joan McNerney, Tim O’Leary, Ezra Miles, Roger Bloor, Yvonne Baker, Rushika Wick, Leland James, Jo Angela Edwins, Jane Simpson, Claire Sexton, Dan MacIsaac, Alarie Tennille, Anne Graue, Goran Gatalica, Karen Shepherd, Colleen Lynch, and Michael Caines.

Issue 76 of the Bellingham Review includes two international sections of particular relevance. One, titled “Who Are These Assembled Nations?,” features new poems from Palestinian writers, such as Najwan Darwish, while the other, “Unbidden Stories,” contains fiction and poems from Israeli writers Etgar Keret, Shimon Adaf, and more. It also includes the winners of our 2017 annual literary contests, John Blair, Susan M. Stabile, and Janis Hubschman, as well as a remarkable collection of stories, poems, essays, and hybrid work from other US writers. The cover art for the issue features the painting “Fort Mason” by artist Susan Bennerstrom.

Featuring an art portfolio by Dewey Blocksma; fiction by Steve Almond, Jameelah Lang, and George Singleton; literary nonfiction by Daisy Hernández, Shena McAuliffe, and Kathryn Nuernberger; poetry by Jennifer Atkinson, Mark Wagenaar, and Daneen Wardrop; our Schiff contest award winners (Samantha Grenrock and Sean Gill), and more, including our first play-in-progress, Association of Controlled Dreamers, by MJ Kaufman, and Emilia Phillips reviewing Frank Bidart’s collected poems.


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