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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 44 Number 2, Summer 2017

The Summer 2017 issue features nonfiction by Jill Talbot; poetry by Kaveh Akbar, Peter Cooley, and Lauren Haldeman; and fiction by Samantha Storey and Emilie Beck. Plus work by Andrew Porter, Joan Silber, J. F. Dakin, Kathleen Blackburn, Lauren A. Alleyne, Becca Barniskis, Sarah Bates, Traci Brimhall, Sarah Carson, Sean Hill, Vandana Khanna, Kamilah Aisha Moon, Jan-Henry Gray, Kelly Jean Egan, and more.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date June 2017 online

In literature, find work by Linda M. Crate, Bruce Crossey, Lana Bella, Ann Schlotzhauer, Josh Penzone, Mick Hugh, Cheryl Wollner, Brandon Madden, Ron Brown. Art by Jason Kerzinski and Martha Clarkson. Interview with screenwriter Allison Burnett. Instagram Contest Feature including Rachel Goehring, Will Sanders, Nicole Long, Kuhanraj, and Jennifer Wilkin.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Issue 75, Summer/Fall 2017 online

In this issue of Kaleidoscope, we bring you an eclectic mix of essays, nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and art. Find our featured essay “Nothin’ But Net” by Allan B. Goldstein; two personal essays by Shirley Adelman and by Carolyn B. Fraiser; four strong creative nonfiction pieces including work by Ruth Z. Deming, Kirie Pedersen, and Kelley A Pasmanick; and three short stories by Gwenellen Tarbet, Justin Glanville, and Benjamin Toche. Our featured artist is Jim Stevens “who defies logic by creating images in empty space” with his paintings. The approximately 20 poems in this issue cover a wide variety of subjects.

Begin your beach reading with Long Poem Prize winners: John Wall Barger travels to Bangkok in "Smog Mother", and Délani Valin evokes Métis experience in "No Buffalos." After applying sunblock, lounge on Mark Jacquemain's "Island"; find shade under Robert Finley's "The Beech Tree" or in Sadiqa de Meijer's "City, Lake"; fish for memories in Gena Ellett's "Heaven"; peel potatoes in Adrick Brock's "The Bull Cook"; feed on poems in Shashi Bhat's "Food for Nought." Cool down with poems by J. Mark Smith and Susan Olding and reviews of books by M. Travis Lane, Jen Sookfong Lee, and Simon Roy.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Number 13, 2017

In this issue, Vivian Dorsel interviews Andre Dubus III. Find fiction by Brandon Haffner, Kelly Morris, Aaron Tillman, Xu Xi, and more; nonfiction by Darius Atefat-Peckham, Shelly R. Fredman, and Inara Verzemnieks; and poetry by Susan Abraham, Rafael Campo, Renny Christopher, Meghan Dunn, Stephen Gibson, Tony Hoagland, Judy Katz, Frances Richey, Jason Koo, and more.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Issue 87, 2017

Issue 87 features fiction by Jillian Merrifield, Emily Jace McLaughlin, and Steve Lang; nonfiction by Bryce Emley, Jalina Mhyana, and Brooke Wonders; and poetry by Notes for the Next God, Charlie D’Eve, and Abby Minor. In this issue, also find the winner of the Montana Prize in Nonfiction: Ruby Hansen Murray; the winner of the Patricia Goedicke Prize in Poetry: Zackary Medlin; and the winner of the Montana Prize in Fiction: Stefanie Nellen.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 19 Issue 2, Summer 2017

Time to dive into the heat of summer, readers, with the Summer 2017 issue of The First Line. "The plan suddenly made sense." All stories start with this line, but finish in completely different places. In this issue, find work by S. J. Byrd, E. C., Erika Franz, Grey Harlowe, Bruce Harris, Neil James Hudson, Marina Rancourt, Nancy Thorne, and Todd Young.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 71 Number 2, Summer 2017

Announcing Summer 2017! The second edition of our 70th anniversary volume year features new poems by Leila Chatti, Aimee Nezhukumatathil, Chase Twichell, and many others; essays on a variety of topics including the reconstruction of the story of Calamity Jane and life with a partner in gender transition; a gaudy new tale from Julia Liz Elliott alongside fiction from four other award-winning authors; reviews by Mary-Kim Arnold, Lindsey Drager, Jeff Gundy, and Heidi Lynn Staples of new titles by Dana Fitz Gale, Jennifer Givhan, Vi Khi Nao, Max Porter, Stacy Szymaszek, and Sarah Vap; and an art portfolio by Eamon Ore-Giron.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 29 Issue 2, Summer/Fall 2017

This issue includes the 2016 Barthleme Prize winner: Andrew Mitchell with “Going North,” and honorable mentions: Marya Hornbacher with “A Peck of Beets” and Molly Redi with “Fall From Grace.” Find fiction by Michael Holladay, Carmen Maria Machado, Mary McMyne, and more; nonfiction by Frances Park, Philip Metres, and Corey Van Landingham; and poetry by Hieu Minh Nguyen, Reyes Ramirez, Sam Sax, and more; Plus art by Garry Reece, Lauren O’Connell, Andrew Finegold (and an interview with the artist), Steve Jansen, and A. Will Brown.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 80, Fall 2017

Willow Springs is celebrating its 40th anniversary with this issue which features poetry by Erin Belieu, Paisley Rekdal, and Laura Read as well as interviews with Paul Harding and Paisley Rekdal.

In this issue: Terrance Hayes with “American Sonnet for My Past and Future Assassin,” Ada Limon with “Almost Forty” and other poems, and interview with Bruce Smith by Eric Berlin. Plus, poems by Kaveh Akbar, and Piotr Florczyk on Susan Stewart. New poems by Bob Hicok, Ginger Ko, Alicia Jo Rabins, and Dean Young.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 4 Number 3, Summer 2017 online

Our Summer 2017 issue features work from the talented Reggie Mills, Stephen Hundley, Mark Heydon, Kyle Ross, Betsy Johnson-Miller, Jacob Fidoten, Michael Foran, Danelle Lejeune, Stephanie Porven, Daniela Matei, Dakota Galvin, Rachel J. Bennett, Elisabeth Sharber, Bort, Thomas Teceira, Jason Kerzinski, and Nicholas J.J. Smith. Cover by Bort.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 41 Number 1, Spring 2017

In the Spring 2017 issue of The Florida Review, read our Editors' Awards winners from 2016 —Derek Palacio, Rebekah Taussig, and Paige Lewis—plus more on what it means to be mother, father, child, sibling, niece, aunt caretaker, dog lover, art lover, betrayed lover, guardian angel, and more.

The July issue of Gemini Magazine, featuring the winners of our eighth annual Short Story Prize, can now be read online. In first place: “Epiphany on the E Train” by Alyssa Metcalfe. In second place: “Bones, Burns & Bedpans” by Saffron Marchant. Honorable mentions: “The Red Apron in Heaven” by Tammy Lee, “Love Rhyme Number 51” by Edward Alban, and “Matriarch” by Fern Lee. Plus poetry by Eva-Maria Sher and Ann Minoff, and flash fiction by John Brantingham.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 39 Number 4, July/August 2017

This issue features fiction by Charles Johnson, Alix Ohlin, Elizabeth Wetmore, and Kevin Wilson; poetry by Rae Armantrout, Christopher Childers, Marilyn Hacker, Albert Goldbarth, Lawrence Joseph, Derek Mong, Eric Pankey, Meghan O'Rourke, Sam Sax, Grace Schulman, and Shuzo Takiguchi (translated by Mary Jo Bang and Yuki Tanaka); nonfiction by Robert Hahn, Wyatt Prunty, and Jeffrey Meyers, and more.

In the Summer 2017 issue, find a novel excerpt from Sergio Chejfec translated by Margaret Carson, Sashi Tharoor with “Nehru’s Relevance in India Today,” and “The Litte White Notice,” a story by Alexandra Berková translated by Corine Tachtiris. Also in this issue: poetry by Dean Young and Laura Paul Watson, fiction by Margaret Wilkerson Sexton and A. Medvedenko, and nonfiction by Tabish Khair.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 210 Number 4, July/August 2017

This special issue of Poetry is the product of a new partnership between the magazine and the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center. Find work by Ocean Vuong, Chen Chen, Rajiv Mohabir, Hoa Nguyen, Kazim Ali, Khaty Xiong, Aimee Nezhukumatathil, Zubair Ahmed, Cathy Linh Che, Kimiko Hahn, John Yau, Sarah Gambito, Li-Young Lee, and many more.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 29 Number 2, Summer 2017

THEMA's Summer 2017 issue is themed "Second Thoughts" and features photography by Eleanore Leonne Bennett, Eric Rawson, and Kathleen Gunton. Also in this issue is writing by Cherie Bowers, Norbert Petsch. Rodney Torreson. Ted Duke, Susannah M. Wilson, Sky Andrews Gerspacher, Denise Dalfino, Dick Slater, Helmi Ben Meriem, Robert Wooten, Marshall Riggan, Susie Berg, Linda Tyler, Margo Peterson, Judith Overmier, Mariyln E. Johnston, Kitty-Lydia Dye; Matthew J. Spireng, Jim Hart, and a cartoon by Devyani Borade. 

In the June 2017 issue, find flash by Linda Ferguson, C.D. White, Cath Barton, Doug Hoekstra, John B. Mahaffie, Geraldine McCarthy, Teddy Kimathi, Sam Smith, A. Rooney, Lynne M. Hinkey, Paul Beckman, Pamela Scott, Regina Cash-Clark, Adam Kluger, Richard Baldasty, and Catulle Mendes translated by Patricia Worth.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date July 2017 online

The July issue of The Lake is now online featuring Siegfried Baber, Nels Hanson, William Ogden Haynes, Alison Jones, Julia knobloch, Gary Leising, Beth McDonough, Maren O. Mitchell, Ronald Moran, John L. Stanizzi, Grant Tarbard, Judith Taylor, Laynie Tzena. Reviews of Rosemary Badcoe’s Drawing a Diagram and Gram Joel Davies’ Bolt Down This Earth.


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