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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Number 39, Winter 2013
With each copy featuring an individually illustrated cover, this issue includes contributors Aitana Alberti, Charles Battle, Craig Challender, Grant Clauser, Peter Cooley, Daniel Corrie, Hannah Craig, Stephen Cushman, Moira Egan, Claudia Emerson, Sylva Fischerov
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Issue 18, Fall 2013
The Fall 2013 issue features fiction from Robert Stubblefield, Wiley Jones, and Maxim Loskutoff; nonfiction from Aimee Lyn Eaton, Shawna Bethell, Melissa Mylchreest, Ellen Waterson, Keri Rosenstein, Kim Cooper Findling, and Amy A. Whitcomb; poetry by Shaun T. Griffin and Mary Jane Nealon; art by Roger Walker, Apolonia Susana Santos, and Clare Carpenter; and a review by Jamie Houghton of Russell Rowland’s High and Inside.
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 35 Number 2, Winter 2013
The Winter 2013 issue features work by Britt Ashley, Michael Mlekoday, Kate Jarvik Birch, Catherine Nelson, Daniel Hornsby, Tori Tefler, Mabel Yu, Dorianne Laux, dawn lonsinger, D.J. Thielke, Ryan Werner, Caroina Ebeid, Annie Hartnett, Bora Lee Reed, Jennifer Givhan, Nancy Reddy, Amy Newman, Jericho Brown, Claire Sylvester Smith, Lisa Congdon, Doug Paul Case, Eric Weinstein, and more.
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 43 Number 3, Winter 2013/14
In this issue: How Where Why the Shed Lady died, perfect wax hands, a translucent honeymoon, fifty things about my mother, a mother becoming a bird, a bird renting a womb, a father-built playhouse, a father-gifted gun, dangling bulbs in stopgap towns, the body making room for our favorite ways, Kuwaiti latrines, and Who shoved Greg into the pool?
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date December 2013/January 2014 online
Now, we are excited to announce that the new edition of LITERARY JUICE is now live. Congratulations to our poetry contest winners, Philip LaMaster (1st place) and Wes Sexton (2nd place), as well as our runners-up, whose poems have all been selected for nomination for the Pushcart Prize. Also in this issue are works by Roger D. Colby, Nicholas A. White, Larry Avallone, Michael Olfert, and Shellie Richards.
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 10 Number 2, Fall/Winter 2013-14
The Fall/Winter 2013-2014 issue features work by Mattias Adolfsson, Robyn Carter, Zoey Farber, Stephen Frech, Eleanor Goodman, Amelia Gray, Nalini Jones, Christopher Kempf, Robyn Joy Leff, Michael Leone, Ariel Lewiton, Caitlin O’Neil, Olga Nikolova, Adam Peterson, Ben Pond, Jessamyn Schnackenberg, Nathan Slinker, Brian Sneeden, Nance Van Winckel, R. A. Villanueva, Mark Wagenaar, Shen Wei, David Welch, Patrick Whitfill, Jessica Wilbanks, Colin Winnette, Angela Woodward, and Krasimira Zafirova.
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Issue 30, Winter 2013-14
The Winter 2013-14 issue features poetry by Kit Soleil, Marci Rae Johnson, Rob Cook, Rachel Heimowitz, Julia Carin?o, Brad Davis, David Faldet, Kevin McLellan, Abigail Carroll, Joseph Fasano, John Blair, and Timothy Kercher; fiction by Eric Sheridan Wyatt and Michelle Webster-Hein; a review by Rita Jones; and visual art by Alla Bartoshchuk, Steve A. Prince, and Ashley Norwood Cooper.
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Issue 6, 2013
Contributors to issue 6 include Shamshad Abdullaev, Tatyana Apraksina, Mona Awad, Jacqueline Berger, Justin Boening, Marius Burokas, Esthela Calder
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 5 Number 2.5, 2014 Winter Supplement online
SLEET EATS!, our special winter supplement has arrived. This mini-edition of Sleet Magazine features restaurant reviews, as writers from across the globe provide us their special takes on food reporting. Travel the globe from Mexico to Norway to NY to exotic cafes and diners in small town Minnesota. Read beautiful new work from poet Jim Moore and get lost in Spoleto, Italy.
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 38 Number 2, Winter 2013
SRPR’s Winter 2013 issue features the winners of this year’s Editors’ Prize, selected by Juliana Spahr, as well as new work by Monica Hand, James Engelhardt, Fiona Sze-Lorrain, Melissa Cundieff-Pexa, Douglas Kearney, Stephen Massimilla, Pablo Neruda (translated by Dennis Maloney and Mary Berg), Lisa Ampleman, and many more. Jason Bredel is our Featured Illinois poet, and you’ll find a pithy interview with Joanne Diaz following Bredel’s poems. The issue concludes with a meaty review essay by Katy Didden on ekphrasis and new books by David Wojahn, Forrest Gander, and Sarah Fox.
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Issue 12, Winter 2014 online
The Habit of Freedom: on being adequate to the problem. Seeing Surveillance: in conversation with Kazys Varnelis and Trevor Paglen. The Drone Problem: in conversation with Micah Zenko of the Council on Foreign Relations. Bergman in ‘68: Alison Kozberg on the disaster narrative suited to our time. Marches of Nations: As the centenary of the WWI Christmas Truces approaches, G.K. Peatling and Elizabeth Murphy look at how “the limits of mainstream historiography appear to have assisted a renewal of militarism in British society.” War Veterans Telling Stories about War: in conversation with J.A. Moad, II. “Unfinished Revolutions”: Revising Paul Goodman’s Growing up Absurd: In conversation with Taylor Stoehr.
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Issue 185, Fall 2013
Enjoy fiction by Alyson Hagy and Richard M. Lange, poetry by William Olsen, Christine Stewart-Nunez, Lisa Furmanski, Rebecca Lehmann, and many others, all surrounded by Randi Ward‘s gorgeous photography.
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Number 84, Fall 2013
Fiction by Kelly Magee, Jill Rosenberg, Dana Fitz Gale, John Matthew Fox, and Heidi Diehl; Essays by Jesse Donaldson, Samantha Simpson, and Richard Terrill; and Poetry by Hadara Bar-Nadav, Amy Woolard, Robert Huotari, Michael Metivier, Jillian Weise, Cate Lycurgus, Shara Lessley, Jon Davis, Bruce Beasley, Susan Laughter Meyers, L.S. Klatt, Lindsey D. Alexander, Matthew Hittinger, Gabriella R. Tallmadge, Marc McKee, Raza Ali Hasan, L.S. Klatt, Matthew Gwathmey, Catherine Pierce, Frannie Lindsay, Melina Draper, CJ Evans, Danielle Cadena Deulen, and Mark Svenvold.
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Number 37, Fall/Winter 2013-14
Poetry by Anthony Caleshu, Sharon Dolin, Jill McDonough, Annik Adey-Babinsky, Liliana Ursu, Julian Stannard, Lindsay Illich, Anzhelina Polonskaya, Octavio Quintanilla, Shane McCrae, Aviya Kushner, others; fiction includes “Iphigenia in Baltimore” by Jen Fawkes, “O Thou, Whom My Soul Doth Love,” by Rochelle Distelheim, “Tiny Rhode Islands” by Eugenio Volpe, “Do You Know What a Leader Is?” by Luke Fiske, “The Dome” by Gary Scott; Reviews by Heather Madden, Valerie Duff-Strautmann, and Jacqueline Kolosov of new books of poetry by Nicole Terez-Dutton; Ben Berman; Averill Curdy.
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Issue 12, Winter 2013
The Winter 2013 issue of Still Point Arts Quarterly features work from Still Point Art Gallery’s current exhibition—Winter Splendor. Also included are portfolios by photographers Sara Slee Brown (Discoveries) and Ekaterina Bykhovskaya (Jerusalem, Old City); painter Helen Shulman (Starting, Stopping, and What Happens in Between); and mixed media artist Julie A. Struck (Enduring Work). Literary work is by Dorothy Rice (The Paintings in the Rafters); Joan Thornton (Traces of Longing); and Gail Tyson (How to See Clearly). Poetry is by Luisa Villani (The Great, Meditative Self) and Dana Yost (The Art of Field Rock).
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Issue 10, Winter 2013
The Winter 2013 issue of Stone Voices features art by photographers Andy Ilachinski (Synesthetic Landscapes) and Ralph Hassenpflug (Dance . . . Like a Flame); painter Lorna Filippini-Mulliken (Water); and mixed media artist Ann J. Calandro (City of Dreams). Literary contributions are by Sandell Morse (Hidden Messages); Megan Steusloff (The Masterpiece); Rob Ziegler (Krantzie Paints the Wrong World Right); and Carla Woody (Acts of Creation). Poetry is by Neil Carpathios (Theophany) and James B. Nicola (Jackson Pollock and the Atom Bomb). Regular columnists provide their views on art and spirituality: Peter Azrak (The Shadow); Vincent Louis Carrella (Tree People); Teresa Piccari (Smoke and Mirrors: The Camden International Film Festival); and Theresa Sweeney (The Goldfinch and the Teddy Bear).
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 13 Number 2, Fall 2013
The fall 2013 issue of Valley Voices publishes the fine work of seven story writers and seven poets (Mark E. Tabakman, Reine Dugas Bouton, James Sherwin, Frank Scozzari, Michael M. Pacheco, Matthew Harder, Dixon, Hearne, Richard Jones, George Drew, Mack Hassler, Ted Haddin, Edward Bruce Bynum, Kendall Dunkelberg, William Miller), most of whom are new voices to us. It also publishes two essays on African American culture (Neal Lester, et al) and the New South (Kevin Brown) and five reviews on Japanese poetry and poetry books by Sterling Plumpp, Elaine Terranova, Susan H. Case, and James E. Cherry.
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Number 10, Winter 2013 online
The tenth issue of The Boiler is out featuring new poets as well as new work from Jan Bottiglieri, Brian Clifton, Gregory Crosby, Travis Wayne Denton, Seth Graves and others. New fiction from Michael Gutierrez, flash stories from Amie Heasley and stories from John Leslie and Simeon Mills. And nonfiction shorts from Elizabeth Arnold and Dennis Hinrichsen.
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Number 92, Winter 2013
In this issue Ali Smith celebrates Harriet Martineau; Geoff Dyer explores Arctic photography; Juan Gabriel Vásquez in conversation with Javier Cercas; Richard Sennett talks to Eleanor Wachtel; Mark Fried translates Severo Sarduy; Donald Richie revisits his journals; Forrest Gander interviews Eikoh Hosoe; Yasuko Thanh raises the dead; Simon Loftus takes his changes; Claire Cameron gathers tidings from the New World; Baziju’s grandmother in Shanhai; John Melillo’s paradise; a quest story by Jim Harrison; Love letters between London and ?ód?; poems by Michael Dickman and Karen Solie; Fiction by Severo Sarduy; Reviews by Alissa Valles, Craig Proctor, Birna Bjarnadóttir, and more.
Former schoolteacher Excell Hunter has won the $1,000 Gemini Magazine Flash Fiction Prize for his powerful short-short, “Home Be More Somethin’.” Also in our December issue: second-place winner “Stretched,” a breathless, one-sentence flash from sax player Michael Pearce, honorable mention stories from Cynthia Bombach, Chip Houser, S. Brady Tucker and Scott Russell Duncan as well as lively poetry from newcomer Laura Zabolotsky and others.

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