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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Number 102, Winter 2014
Fiction from Octavio Solis, Kathleen Alcott, Josh Emmons, Melissa Yancy, Michael Jaime-Becerra, A. Nicole Kelly, Kate Petersen, Jeffrey Moskowitz. Poetry from Rae Gouirand, Andrew David King, Lucille Lang Day, Andrew Gavin Murphy. Nonfiction from Laura Esther Wolfson, and featuring the art work of Julio Cesar Morales.
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 99 Number 4, 2014
Volume 99, No. 4, 2014, includes an array of award winning essays, fiction, and poetry; publication of the 2014 David Nathan Meyerson Prize for Fiction winning story by Terrance Manning, Jr.; and the annual SWR index. Visit us online for information about guidelines, submissions, and to enter our contests.
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Number 83, Fall 2014
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 31 Number 1, Fall/Winter 2014
Carbon Culture Review is at the intersection of technology + literature + art. We feature monthly literature, art, articles and reviews on exciting new tech. This issue features work by world-renowned Australian artist Patricia Piccinini as well as work by Nels Hanson, Fred Pollack, Tim Kahl, John Gosslee, Jeffrey Alfier, Krista Lucas and many other fine writers.
Bridge Eight 01 is a collection of fresh fiction and poetry from new and established writers based in Northeast Florida and beyond. Included in the issue is a piece by one hailed as “a true original” by Kirkus Reviews, Mark Ari, author of the critically acclaimed novel, The Shoemaker’s Tale.
The Arc-Cordite Poetry Special Issue
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 35 Numbers 1&2, Spring/Summer 2014
For God and Country
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 51, Autumn/Winter 2014
Phobia/Philia explores the attempt to like or even love while being indentured to the institutional loathing that we are compelled to feel even as our beleaguered globe is spasming in its death throes. Featured authors include Kate Nancy, D. Harlan Wilson, E. Kelly, KM Seehaus, Julie Harris, and Hal Jaffe.
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 37 Number 3, 2014
This is the "Swoon" issue, featuring a video by Marc Neys ("Swoon"), based on three poems in the issue. My special thanks to Marc for contributing the video.
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Number 111, 2014
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Issue Number 198
"An Inventory" by Joan Wickersham
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Number 184, Fall 2014
Not precisely our usual suspects, Ronald Reagan and Pope Francis are the subjects of two in-depth essays in the new issue, one on The Gipper's demagoguery and the other on whether the pontiff is in fact truly changing the Catholic Church. Plus new fiction by Joyce Carol Oates and Ann Beattie, an interview with Garrison Keillor, along with columns and fresh poems.
The Bumper Winter Edition of Lowestoft Chronicle features fiction by Raymond Abbott, William Quincy Belle, Geoffrey B. Cain, Mary Donaldson-Evans, Michael C. Keith, and Lilian D. Vercauteren, poetry by Kenneth P. Gurney, David Havird, and Joe Mills, nonfiction by C.B. Heinemann and Paul McGranaghan, plus new work by Scott Dominic Carpenter, and an interview about his debut novel and story collection.
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date November 2014 online
The November issue of Literary Mama is filled with writing that reminds us to take stock of all that we have and value, while acknowledging the many challenges we encounter as mothers.

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