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Loose Change 5.1 is live! Featuring work by Laura Carter, Bruce Covey, Rob Halpern, Timothy Liu, Miranda Mellis, Matthew Nye, Coco Owen, D. A. Powell, Molly Rice, Joanna Ruocco, Donna Stonecipher, Megan Volpert, Keith Waldrop, Mark Young, and others.
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 4 Number 1, Spring 2015 online
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 9 Issue 2, Winter & Spring 2015
A Year of Poetry: Special All-Poetry Issue #4: Work and Play
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date February 16, 2015 online
“Goodbye, Piano” by Megan Giddings
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 42 Number 2, Winter 2014
Arist as Watcher / Writer as Witness
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Issue 6, February 2015 online
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Number 5, 2015
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 38 Number 2, Fall/Winter 2014
cream city review 38.2 is now available and features poetry by Tony Trigilio, Joshua Marie Wilkinson, Jenny Johnson, Hugh Behm-Steinberg, Nandini Dhar, Alysse Knorr, Ross White and others. The issue also features fiction by Tom Williams, Ihab Hassan, and Kim Chinquee.
Featuring art by Vanessa Woods, fiction by Hadley Boyd; non-fiction by Ann Harleman; an interview with internationally renowned tubist Velvet Brown; and poetry by Maria Luisa Arroyo, Elisabeth Murawski, Staci R. Schoenfeld, Andrea Potos, Ann Herlong-Bodman, and Sarah M. Brownsberger.
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 44 Number 1, Fall 2014
This issue includes a poetry special feature on the topic of "Dis-", general poetry, and both fiction and nonfiction by contributors such as Matt Bell, Martha Collins, Dorothea Lasky, Karen An-hwei Lee, Amy Minton, Catherine Pierce, Thaddeus Rutkowski, and more.
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 35 Number 2, Winter 2015
Volume 35.2 of Jabberwock Review features poetry by Jen Edwards, Bryn Homuth, Meghan McEnery, and Derek Palacio; fiction by Karen Kao, Fred Melton, Linda Michel-Cassidy, Sonia Scherr and Jerry Whitus; and nonfiction by Gladys Haunton and Kendell Newman Sadiik.
Just in time for Valentine's Day, Issue 17.1 is IHLR's Bedroom Issue. It features fiction by Polly Rosenwaike, Melissa Gutierrez, and Éireann Lorsung, poetry by Kathleen Winter, Allie Marini Batts, and Michael Schmeltzer, a powerful essay by Kathryn Neurnberger.
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 3 Issue 2, Summer 2015
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Issue 19, Fall/Winter 2014 online
Celebrating its 7th year, this issue of Up the Staircase Quarterly features interviews with Kristina Marie Darling, Zarina Zabrisky, and Simon Rogghe. Poetry by June Sylvester Saraceno, Ruth Foley, Joseph Somoza, John Francis Istel, and more! Artwork by AlphieAlfa, Jessica Ward, Janne Karlsson, and Caryn Drexl. Reviews of Sarah Lefsyk, Kimberly Cloutier Green, and Emily Lake Hansen.

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