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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Issue 20, Spring 2015
Featuring, among other things, poems by Billy Collins, Sally Van Doren, Kathryn Simmonds and Lisa Bickmore, stories by Hilary Fannin and Nigel Jarrett, the Ballymaloe Poetry Prize shortlist and interviews with Colin Barrett and Roddy Doyle.
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Number 101, Spring 2015
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Issue 11, Spring 2015 online
Guest edited by Kate Sheeran Swed, The Speculative Issue features words & art by Aleph Altman-Mills, José Angel Araguz, Lewis J. Beilman III, Diana Smith Bolton, Alexa Doran, Jessica Drake-Thomas, Alejandro Escudé, Bill Freedman, Joyce Goldenstern, Ben Gunsberg, Johnathan Harper, Ivy Kleinbart, Brooke Larson, Richard LeBlond, Katharyn Howd Machan, Michal Mitak Mahgerefteh, J.G. McClure, Debra McKellan, and others.
Contributors include Colleen Abel, Nicole Callihan, E.A. Durden, Kathleen Kirk, Rachael Lyon, Lori A. May, Lisa Pacenza, and M.E. Silverman. This issue also includes a Michigan and Ontario feature with writers and poets Phil Dansdill, Joseph D. Haske, Janeen Pergrin Rastall,  Ron Riekki, and Keith Taylor.
Featuring fiction from Lawrence Lenhart, Harrison Candelaria Fletcher, and Maya Sonenberg, poetry from Ed Skoog, Sierra Golden, Benjamin Goodney, Johnny Horton, Sarah Barber, Michael Metivier, and Jeff Whitney, and the winners of our 2015 Poetry Contest selected by Linda Bierds.
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Issue 4, March 2015 online
The fourth issue of Opon is live with amazing work by Aditya Bahl, Christina Davis, Jean Donnelly, Karen Sandhu and Jessica Smith.
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date March 2015 online
The March issue of Gemini (our 32nd!) is now online featuring a vivid short story by John Brantingham and an intriguing essay, "Emily Dickinson's Wild Nights," by Fred White, plus captivating poetry and memorable fiction.
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Number 7, Winter/Spring 2015
Issue 7 features novellas by Panio Gianopoulos, Neina Gordon, and Earle McCartney. Cover art: original linoleum cut by Dan’l Linehan; letterpress printing by Bremelo Press. Guest Editors: Sharon Reitman and Adrienne Athanas. “Fault Lines” explores relationships as they’re transformed by friction and pressure, with a crash course in theoretical mathematics thrown in the mix.
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Issue 30 Volume 2, Spring 2015
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 95, Winter 2015
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Issue 3, Winter 2015
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Fall/Winter 2014
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 21 Number 1, Winter 2015
Witness the advent of texting in paradise, figure out what really hatched from the meteorite that landed in your neighborhood, hunt for food (and survival), listen to the wolves on the stairs, experience trans-dimensional heartache, and squeeze a movie star's foam trouser hams. And don't miss the great mood lighting in this month's cover art.
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 52 Number 1, February 2015
The Dogs of Literature - Seymour Krim: Bottom Dog Part II
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 13 Number 1, 2015
Authors and artists appearing in Vol. 13, No. 1 include: Purshia Adams, April Michelle Bratten, Trent Busch, Leonard Cirino, Peter Cline, Jennifer Lauren Collins, William G. Davies, Jr., Darrell Dela Cruz, Lara Dolphin, Angele Ellis, Dorothy Gambrell, Carolyn Gelland, Emma Alvarez Gibson, Kitty Jospé, George Looney, Kurt Newton, NotKeith, Anthony J. Otten, Simon Perchik, C.C. Russell, Beate Sigriddaughter, Knute Skinner, Noel Sloboda, and J. J. Steinfeld.
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 34 Issues 1&2, Fall 2014
Malaika Favorite - Poems and interview by Philip C. Kolin
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Issue 3, Winter 2015 online
Whirlwind Magazine's Winter Issue focuses on Latina issues through poems, art, and creative nonfiction. Features work from Kerry Shawn Keys, Justin Vitiello, and Karina Puente.

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