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Di Brandt is finding you on Instagram. Julie Mannell reviews the 2017 bpNichol Chapbook Award shortlist. New poetry from Priscila Uppal, Adam Sol, Rasiqra Revulva, and more.

  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Number 143, Spring 2018
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 8 Number 1, Spring/Summer 2018

This issue about fautlines, baptisms, and more. It features Katha Sikka, Alice Shabazian, Jodie Kahan, Elyanna E. Choi, Bonnie Gloris, Jenna Murray, Jessica Xu, Christian Sammartino, Tara Jaigopal, Ella Schmidt, Anne Adragna, Eduardo Escalante, John Grey, Brandon Hansen, Ye Eun Cho, Mia Martins, Umang Kalra, Laura Ingram, and Carol Smallwood.

This issue features work from 14 writers, and some of it is a little different from our normal setup! Order or download your copy now to find out what's new, and please let us know what you think. What would you like to continue to see in Peeking Cat?

  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 6 Issue 1, Spring 2018 online

Welcome to Volume 6 Issue 1, 2018, featuring: Cecile Barlier, Richard Bentley, Abby Caplin, Allen Forrest, Matthew Bruce Harrison, James Hanna, Katrina Hays, D. Nolan Jefferson, Dean Jollay, Gayle Kaune, Suzanne O’Connell, Luke Roe, Stan Sanvel Rubin, Angie Walls, and Chila Woychik.

In this special issue find 25 very short poems, with 25 more dropping on April 15th. In Part 1: Joel Best, Niamh Boyce, Michael J. Galko, Jeanie Greensfelder, Alex Hoffman-Ellis, Quinn Carver Johnson, Fae Kayarian, Michael Kriesel, Bill McCloud, Elizabeth McMunn-Tetangco, Jacob Moran, Victoria Nordlund, Chad Norman, Lynn Otto, Penelope Scambly Schott, and more.

Science and Society

  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 55/56, 2018
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 31 Number 1, Spring 2018

In the "Abandon" issue of Witness, poets, fiction writers, essayists, and one comedian, write about losing inhibition, feeling isolated, and navigating desolate terrains. It also includes a photo essay that captures the forsaken beauty of abandoned schools, hospitals, homes, and churches.

  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 6 Number 3, Winter 2018

Nicknamed “Increment and Save,” this issue features secrets, subtext, fortitude, folly, and transmogrification. With a new translation of Anna Akhmatova and contributions by Jenny Torres Sanchez, Meher Ali, Jennifer Hu, Claire Castaneda, Jessica Carson Davis, Anne Riesenberg, Yanuary Navarro, Diane Din Ebongue, and more.

In the March 2018 issue, find flash by Christopher Gonzalez, fiction by Marie Baleo, poetry by M’Bilia Meekers, and memoir by Erin Calabria.

  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Issue 2, February 2018

On our website, read a sample story by Soramimi Hanarejima. Then, order your own print or Kindle edition. The complete edition features Hanarejima, Addy Evenson, Thomas Kearnes, James Rowland, Jay Caselberg, Jennifer Benningfield, Tom Weller, Chris Kuriata, Michelle Willms, and Matthew Lyons.

  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Number 113, Spring 2018
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date March 2018 online

This month we've got phenomenal new work from five writers: Anna Cabe, Frankie Soto, and David Salner in Social Justice Poetry, and Chibuihe Obi and Tam Blaxter in the Queer/Trans Dept.

  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Issue 38, Fall 2017

We love the sardonic tones of Claire Scott’s and Holly Karapetkova’s poems, the tour de force rhymes of James Joyce’s “Th’ Legendary” and the laugh out loud vignettes in Salvatore Difalco’s “Twilight of the Idols.” Scott T. Hutchison’s “Mischief Rising” examines the aftermath of adolescent cruelty.

Lou Lit Review 1 (2018) contains work from Croatia, Benin, Berlin, the UK, the Bahamas and many other locales including our own home in rural Northeastern North Carolina. Lou Lit plans to continue publishing work that represents the complexity of the human condition and makes us want to read on.

  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Issue 100, Spring 2018

For our 100th Issue, we’re putting together a momentous and extra-large edition of the Oxford American, featuring Wendell Berry, Kevin Brockmeier, James Dickey, John T. Edge, Clyde Edgerton, Lolis Eric Elie, Nikki Giovanni, Lauren Groff, Tania James, Tayari Jones, Randall Kenan, Tift Merritt, Mary Miller, Thomas Pierce, and many others.

Our third issue includes the prompt by Poet Laureate Paulann Petersen and offers a wealth of visual art. Work by Gail Peck, Jude Brigley, Sherri Levine, Megan Munson, Elizabeth Cohen, Laura DiNovis, Lauren Scharhag, Karen Jones, and more.

  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Number 17, March 2018 online

New poetry and prose by Paul Hoover, Norma Cole, Andrew Levy, Asiya Wadud, MC Hyland, Douglas Piccinnini, Patricia Hartnett, Brad Rose, Steve Barbaro, Denise Leto, Laura McCullough, and Jessica Wickens—visual poetry by David Felix—and painting, sculpture, and photography by Raven Halfmoon, William Eckhardt Kohler, Sarah Lutz, Jennie Ottinger, P. Elaine Sharpe, and cover artist Jerry Siegel.


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