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Breathe Free Press publishes the essay in every inventive form, in particular, the lyric essay. We welcome, generous, graceful conscious writing. In our first issue, find work by Diane Payne, Samuel Cole, Tamlin Thomas, Anna Keeler, and more.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Issue 18, Summer 2017 online

Cleaver's Issue No. 18 is LIVE! Poetry by Gary Lundy, Walter Bargen, Simon Perchik, Max Sheppard, Sean Flood, Valerie Fox, J.C. Todd, E Kristin Anderson, Martha Mccollough, mud howard, Merridawn Duckler, Dylan Krieger, Shinjini Bhattacharjee, and Tina Barr. Fiction by Claire Foster, Julia Gourary, R.M. Fradkin, and Emily Livingstone. Flash by Joshua Jones, Kristin Bonilla, Anna Keeler, Hillary Leftwich, Alex Eaker, Christopher David Rosales, Drew Knapp, Tara Isabel Zambrano, Krys Malcolm Belc, and Sara K. Bennett. Creative Nonfiction by Sara Schuster, Scott Hanna, Allegra Armstrong, and Victoria-Lynn Bell. Art by Hannah Thompsett. Thwacks to all the Cleaver team who made this issue possible!

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Annual 2017

Lalitamba 2017 features the Rainbow Warrior Prophecy, a Palestinian Manifesto, contemporary memories of Auschwitz, and encounters with "untouchables" in India. Lalitamba is a journal of international writings for liberation. The journal was inspired by a pilgrimage through India. The name means Divine Mother.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date June 2017 online

We are pleased to announce that the June 2017 edition is here! Thank you to Talal Alyan, Leland James, Robert Garner McBrearty, Kenneth P. Gurney, Anita Roberts Soupir, and Rose Knapp for their awesome contributions! You can also check out our latest Q & A on our blog with poet Jack e Lorts.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 22 Issue 1, Spring/Summer 2017

The Spring/Summer 2017 issue of the Aurorean celebrates the seasons, and features the work of William Hunt and Samantha Lê. Other selected contributors include Guy R. Beining, Lana Bella, Michael Getty, Jane Ellen Glasser, Steve Meador, Ron Riekki, Dennis Ross, Elizabeth Conrad VanBuskirk, and Michael Dylan Welch, and includes work from all over the globe—Canada, Germany, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Switzerland, as well as from all corners of the United States.

Featuring fiction by Ben Eisman, Michael Parker, and Lee Upton; literary nonfiction by B. J. Hollars, Shara Lessley, and Lee Martin; poetry by George David Clark, Sharon Dolin, Alan Feldman, Jennifer Givhan, Rebecca Hazelton, and Maura Stanton; and much more, including our Schiff Award winners.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Issue 11, Spring 2017 online

We're pleased to announce the launch of MAYDAY#11, a special issue in tribute to cofounder Okla Elliott that includes selections of his work alongside memorials and a variety of other excellent poetry, fiction, interviews, translations, and book reviews by Drew Buxton, Michael Don, Ron Rindo, Michael Chin, Krist Foss, Roy Bentley, Michelle Brooks, Lara Egger, Stephen Gibson, Sophia Valesca Görgens, Ian Haight, Andrea Janov, Peter Marcus, Nick Rossi, Brian Satrom, Emily Schulten, Peter Bruzynski, and Brian Satrom. Plus, Bibhu Padhi and Minakshi Padhi translate Bijayalakshmi Parida, Mary Jane white translates Tarina Tsvetaeva, Rimas Uzgiris translates Judita Vaičiūnaitė, and David R. Slavitt translates Jean de Vitel.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Issue 71, June 2017 online

In this month’s Featured Selection, find work by Romanian poets, the section edited by Tara Skurtu and MARGENTO. Adam Tavel reviews Robert Gibb’s After, and Joshua Corey writes on “The Golden Age of Poetry Blogging.” This month’s poet selections include work by Abraham Sutzkever, Scott Withiam, Grace Cavalieri, Steven Bradbury, Pui Ying Wong, Dzvinia Orlowsky, David Thacker, David Huddle, Arthur Sze, Annie Finch, Andrea Cohen, and Abriana Jetté.

This issue offers a sample from the rich silvery vein of Russian-to-English translations available in our age. Find an excerpt from Igor Kholin’s, Kholin 66: Selected Diaries and Poems translated by Ainsley Morse and Bela Shayevich, three Poems by Lev Ozerov translated by Robert Chandler and Boris Dralyuk, Adrian Wanner on Vladislav Khodasevich, Katherine E. Young on Vladimir Kornilov, and more.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 31 Number 2, Spring 2017

In this issue, find poetry by Albert Abonado, Jessica Guzman Alderman, Lisa Charnock, Jennifer Givhan, Julie Swarstad Johnson, Brandon Thurman, and more; fiction by Joe Baumann, Brian J. Fendrick, Yuly Restrepo, Richard Spilman, and A.A. Weiss; and nonfiction by Karen Babine, Dan Beachy-Quick, Charlotte Pence, Mark Irwin, and more. Plus, art by Hollie Chastain.

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