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4 Bad Things Walker Did in Wisconsin
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 18 Number 3, August 2015
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 18 Number 4, Summer 2015
Cover: “Four bad things Scott Walker did in Wisconsin,” by Roger Bybee. Among others, “Venality of 2016 presidential election,” by Jim Hightower; “GOP overreacts to Obama’s Iran deal,” by Bob Cesca; “Will GOP settle for bland Donald Trump?” by Joan Walsh; “Fox News wore down Jon Stewart,” by Sophia McCllennen
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 39 Number 8, August 2015
The Real War on Families by Sharon Lerner. Plus John Washington reports on immigrant kids behind bars.
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 45 Number 2, Summer 2015
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 34 Number 2, Summer 2015
Working while Black in Nova Scotia
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Issue 80 Volume 20, Summer 2015
The Divinity of Dirt
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 35 Number 5, August/September 2015
The August/September 2016 Free Inquiry features two lengthy articles from the new book The Myth of an Afterlife, edited by Michael Martin and Keith Augustine (Rowman & Littlefield), including an article on problems with the concept of heaven by the late Michael Martin, perhaps the world’s foremost atheist philosopher.
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 22 Number 5, 2015
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date June 2015
Cruel and Unusual? The botched execution of Clayton Lockettand how capital punishment became so surreal by Jeffrey E. Stern
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 28 Numbers 7/8, July/August 2015
Soft Power Dictatorships, Water Politics, From Watergate to Deflategate
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Issue 17, Summer/Fall 2015
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 36 Number 1, 2015
The Youth Today
“Our New York”
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Issue 35, Summer 2015
Guest Editor & Designer: Trevor Karma Gendron
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 39 Number 7, July 2015
"Enter Bernie, Stage Left" by Theo Anderson. Plus Saqib Bhatti on the Chicago bankruptcy scam.
In Focus: Prison Writing with contributions by Frankie Y. Bailey, Dennis Dworkin, H. Bruce Franklin, Justin Gifford, Davu Seru, and Matthew Teutstch. Scenes: Arte Publico Press.
  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 35 Numbers 3-4, Summer-Fall 2014

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