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Magazines Received December 14, 2020

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georgia review winter 2020The Georgia Review

Winter 2020
The latest issue of The Georgia Review, Winter 2020, is now available for purchase, with new work from Terrance Hayes, Arthur Sze, Jenny Boully, Samuel R. Delany, Maud Casey, and many other voices. The issue features the 2020 winner of the Review’s Loraine Williams Poetry Prize, selected by Ilya Kaminsky, as well as three finalists. It also showcases a selection of translated poems by Taiwanese author Sun Tzu-ping, and a long poem by the late Molly Brodak, annotated by her widower, Blake Butler. Moreover, there is an art portfolio of UGA Alumna Meghann Riepenhoff’s work, the artist interviewed by Georgia Review editor Douglas Carlson. Learn more...


greensboro review fall 2020The Greensboro Review

Number 108, Fall 2020
Featuring the Amon Liner Poetry Prize winner, “An Imperfect Figure” by Tegan Daly, plus the first selection in our new flash fiction category, Stephen Hundley’s “Tiger Drill in Butterfly Class.” Issue 108 includes an Editor’s Note from Terry L. Kennedy as well as new fiction and poetry from Bridget Apfeld, Kathleen Balma, Andrew Bode-Lang, Rick Bursky, Christopher Citro, Judith Harris, Katie Hartsock, Hyan Hyun-Ock Im, Andrew Joseph Kane, Robert Lynn, Kevin McLellan, Owen McLeod, John A. Nieves, Heidi Seaborn, David Starkey, Sierra Emily Stonebraker, Michelle Turner, Sarah Viren, Tyler Wagner, and G.C. Waldrep. Learn more...


months to years fall 2020Months To Years

Fall 2020 online
The latest issue of Months To Years is now available. It includes yet another fantastic roster of talented writers reflecting on grief and loss from diverse perspectives. Work by Zan Bockes, John Q. McDonald, Nancy Morgan, Rosa Angelica Garcia, Co Bauman, Susan Rothstein, Megeen R. Mulholland, Paul Sohar, Stewart Lindh, Bruce Gorden, Michal Mahgerefteh, Karen Storm, Linda Ankrah-Dove, Charlene Stegman Moskal, Marjorie Stamm Rosenfeld, Elizabeth Haukaas, C.T. Holte, Beth Hope-Cushey, Kim Malinowski, Liza Bernstein, Lucy Meynell, and Charlie Morris. Learn more...


shenandoah fall 2020Shenandoah

Volume 70 Number 1, Fall 2020
The Fall 2020 issue features fiction by Rachel Heng, Nathan Poole, Xhenet Aliu, and more; poetry by Samyak Shertok, Stephanie Rogers, Diane Seuss, Ashley M. Jones, John Kinsella, Jen Schalliol Huang, and others; nonfiction by Leslie Jernegan, J.D. Ho, Lynette Benton, Mason Andrew Hamberlin, and Sarah Beth Childers; a selection of translated works; two novel excerpts by Selumi Lee and Laura Price Steele; and comics by Angus Woodward, Jenny Lesser, Amy Collier, and more. Learn more...


still point arts quarterly winter 2020Still Point Arts Quarterly

Issue 40, Winter 2020
This issue’s theme is “Food and Memory.” Featured writers include Anne Payne Barker, Jessica Chu-A-Kong, Susan Knox, Angela Borda, Harvey Silverman, Wally Swist, Heather M. Surls, Evelyn Louise May, Tina Blade, Madelaine Zadik, Z. G. Tomaszewski, Karin Hedetniemi, Naomi Beth Wakan, Barbara Cole, Nancy Gerber, Diane Kendig, Nicole Zimmerman, Susan Blevins, Antonia Kearton, and Annette Januzzi Wick. Learn more...


superstition review fall 2020Superstition Review

Issue 26, Fall 2020 online
The Fall 2020 issue features art by Mary Hope Whitehead Lee, fiction by Khanh Ha, nonfiction by Eric Tran, and poetry by Quintin Collins. Plus, Interview Editor Kendall Dawson speaks to Danielle Evans about the meaningfulness of writing, the process of self-questioning, and Zora Neale Hurston. Learn more...


walloon writers review 2020Walloon Writers Review

Issue 6, 2020
Walloon Writers Review edition 6 is a collection of poetry, short stories and nature photography inspired by Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. This independent regionally focused literary magazine publishes annually. "edition 6" edited by Associate Editor Glen Young, is so titled as this is our first digital edition. Walloon Writers Review edition 6 is available on issuu and the link can be found on our website. No charge for the digital edition this year. Cover photography by Elizabeth J. Bates. Learn more...


Arc Poetry Magazine

Fall 2020

The Midwest Quarterly

Volume 62 Number 1, Fall 2020

The Twin Bill

Issue 2, December 2020 online



Magazines Received December 07, 2020

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hamilton arts letters volume 13 number 2 Hamilton Arts & Letters

Volume 13 Number 2, 2020
Welcome to the 12th Anniversary issue of Hamilton Arts & Letters – “No Longer Still in the Land.” Contributors include Karen Thiessen, Conie T. Braun, Jonathan Dyck, Di Brandt, Casey Plett, Shane Neilson, Peter Johann, Paul Tiessen, Maxwell Kennel, Dusty Micale, and more. Learn more...


the lake december 2020 The Lake

December 2020 online
The December issue is now online featuring Ankur, Mark Connors, David J. Costello, Janet Hatherley, David Hay, Rebecca O’Bern, Fiona Sinclair, William R. Stoddart, Angela Topping, Rodney Wood. Reviews of Russell Jones’ Cocoon, Nick Allen’s the riding, and Donald Platt’s One Illuminated Letter of BeingLearn more...


malahat review autumn 2020 The Malahat Review

Number 212, Autumn 2020
The Autumn 2020 issue features the winner of the 2020 Far Horizons Award for Poetry: A.R. Kung with “Flight.” Also in the issue, find poetry by Karen Lee, Shane Rhodes, Patrick Phoebe Wang, and more; fiction by Shoilee Khan, Francine Cunningham, and John Elizabeth Stintzi; and creative nonfiction by Michelle Poirier Brown, Kathy Mak, and Erin Soros. Plus, a hearty selection of book reviews. Learn more...


-plume december 2020 Plume

Number 112, December 2020 online
This month’s featured selection is titled “Dear Stuart,” and is a celebration of the work and life of Stuart Friebert. Contributors to this section include Wayne Miller, Marilyn Johnson, Martha Moody, and more. Our nonfiction section features Bill Tremblay’s thoughts in “THE LAND OF ULRO: Czeslaw Milosz on William Blake.” Chelsea Wagenaar reviews Allison Adair’s The Clearing. This issue’s poetry section features Susan Aizenberg, Brian Swann, Ron Smith, Patricia Clark, Jeff Friedman, Fiona Sze-Lorrain, and more. Learn more...


poetry december 2020 Poetry

Volume 217 Number 3, December 2020
This issue features poetry by Jane Wong, Noor Hindi, Pippa Little, Marcus Wicker, Talvikki Ansel, Darius Simpson, Lance Larsen, Maggie Millner, William Fuller, Alec Finlay, Jon Davis, Jordan Keller-Martinez, Ashley M. Jones, Anna Leahy, Jayy Dodd, A.D. Lauren-Abunassar, Austin Smith, Brayan Salinas, John Lennox, Kemi Alabi, Isabella Borgeson, Philip Gross, Ange Mlinko, Cyrée Jarelle Johnson, Imani Cezanne, Leila Chatti, Luther Hughes, and T.J. Clark. Also in this issue, find a selection of visual work by Meredith Stern, Damon Locks, Tara Betts, Juan Luna, and more. Plus commentary by John Wilkinson, Alan Gilbert, and André Naffis-Sahely. Learn more...


rattle winter 2020 Rattle

Number 70, Winter 2020
The Winter 2020 issue of Rattle has arrived with vibrant and beautiful poems like “Psalm of the Heights” by Dana Gioia, “Deitic” by A.E. Stallings, “Graffiti” by Josh Lefkowitz, “A Litany of Lukewarm Sentiments” by Supriya Kaur Dhaliwal, and “Modesty” by Richard Luftig. Additionally, we’re proud to present the finalists of the 2020 Rattle Poetry Prize including “I Admit Myself to the Psych Ward in a Pandemic” by Beck Anson, “Mega-” by Shelly Stewart Cato, and “Farm Sonnet” by Kitty Carpenter. Not to mention, of course, the winning poem, Alison Townsend’s “Pantoum From the Window of the Room Where I write.” Learn more...



Issue 42, 2020
The latest issue of Blink-Ink is themed "Mercy" with micro-fiction by Jeff Taylor, Liz DeGregorio, Jayne Martin, Alisa Golden, Karen Schauber, Shoshauna Shy, David Galef, and more. Plus an insert: Jane Doe.

Inverted Syntax

Issue 3, November 2020
Inverted Syntax Print Issue 3 features work by new, emerging, and award-winning writers and artists, including winners of the 2020 Sublingua Prize for Poetry judged by literary luminary, Khadijah Queen.



Magazines Received November 30, 2020

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agni number 92AGNI

Number 92, 2020
In Number 92 of AGNI, find an art feature by Sandra Brewster. Essays by Patrick Clement James, Bailey Gaylin Moore & Donald Quist, Nafis Shafizadeh, and My Tran; fiction by Kirstin Allio, Vanessa Cuti, and more; and hybrid work by Nin Andrews, Matt Donovan, Roger Greenwald, and Nina MacLaughlin. Poetry by Bruce Bond, Abby Caplin, Tarik Dobbs, Ulrike Draesner, Hailey Leithauser, Shara McCallum, Matt Morton, José Emilio Pacheco, Catherine Pond, Tue Sy, and more. Learn more...


auroras blossoms issue 5 Auroras & Blossoms

Issue 5, October-December 2020
In issue 5: Poems by Margarita Serafimova, Joanna Rawnsley, B B Randhawa, David Somerset, Heather Joy, Emily Craig, Holly Goslin, Alex Andy Phuong, John Grey, Gregory E. Lucas, and Parthvi Singh. Plus: our new Children’s Poetry Section, social media tips, useful writing tools, and Haiku-Interview with Luisa Key Reyes. Readers are also challenged to write some kindku and sixku, the poetry forms editors Cendrine Marrouat and David Ellis invented. Learn more...


fourth river fall 2020The Fourth River

Issue 9, Fall 2020 online
The Fall 2020 issue of The Fourth River explores the future with fiction by Soramimi Hanarejima and A. Molotkov; nonfiction by Rachel Busse and Pamela Herron; and poetry by Stacey Balkun, John Belk, Reilly D. Cox, Caleb Coy, Tricia Knoll, Holly Painter, Josephine Pino, Shannon Quinn, Joyce Schmid, Laura-Gray Street, and Ami Whittemore. Learn more...


sheila-na-gig online winter 2020Sheila-Na-Gig Online

Volume 5 Number 2, Winter 2020 online
Visit the Winter 2020 issue of Sheila-Na-Gig Online for the winner of the Winter 2020 Poetry Prize: Jeff Burt with “Purity.” Also in this issue: KB Ballentine, Ace Boggess, Carl Boon, Constance Brewer, Joanne M. Clarkson, Cortney Collins, Ken Craft, George Franklin, Karen George, Susan Gillis, Carol Lynn Stevenson Grellas, Richard Hague, Pauletta Hansel, Kristen Holt-Browning, Paul Ilechko, Babo Kamel, Christopher Keaveney, Sandi Leibowitz, John T. Leonard, Tamara Madison, Betsy Mars, Wendy McVicker, Michael Minassian, Penelope Moffett, L. Renée, Stan Sanvel Rubin, Marc Swan, Alan Walowitz, and Julie Weiss. Learn more...


variety pack november 2020Variety Pack

Issue 3, November 2020 online
Issue 3, our final issue for 2020, is packed full of a variety of writing from poetry, to prose, to essays, and reviews. Short Fiction by Jerica Taylor, Elle Bader-Gregory, and Jeremy Perry; flash prose by Mileva Anastasiadou, Zanaya Hussein, and Megha Nayar; nonfiction by Rhienna Renee Guedry, B.D. Shaw, and Elliott Bradley; and poetry by Thersa Wyatt, Sabrina Blandon, Aadesh, Priyanka Sacheti, Mike Chin, Lilia Marie Ellis, Mike Basinski, and more. Plus three reviews, and art by four artists. Learn more...


Aji Magazine

Issue 13, Fall 2020
Burning and Building Bridges. Find work by 40 contributors in the Fall 20202 issue of Aji Magazine. Featuring Jerome O’Connor, Mitchell Grabois, Serafina Bersonage, Gordon Skalleberg, and Mark Terrill.



Magazines Received November 23, 2020

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carve fall 2020 Carve Magazine

Fall 2020
The Fall 2020 issue features the winners of the 2020 Raymond Carver Short Story Contest: Lindsay Kennedy, C. Adán Cabrera, Ella Martinsen Gorham, Anna Prawdzik Hull, and L. Vocem. New poetry by Beth Spencer, Cho A., Anthony Aguero, Andrew Navarro, and Esther Sun. New nonfiction by Sarah Yeazel and Clinton Crockett Peters. Additional features include Christine Heuner in Decline/Accept, Grace Talusan interviewed by Sejal H. Patel in One to Watch, and illustrations by Justin Burks. Learn more...


common october 2020 The Common

Issue 20, October 2020
A special portfolio of writing from the Lusosphere: Portugal and its colonial and linguistic diaspora, with works in English and in translation exploring Lisbon, Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, and Mozambique. A debut short story by Silvia Spring, essays on home and complicity, and the DISQUIET Prize-winning poem. Learn more...


from the depths 2019From the Depths

Issue 17, 2019
The 2019 issue of From the Depths features fiction and poetry by Chad W. Lutz, Emily Fox, Lauran DeRigne, Alejandra Serrano, Mary Hills Kuck, Eddie Fogler, Pat Phillips West, Riley Lynne Fields, Sian.E.Martin, Emily May Portillo, Travis Stephens, Claire Scott, Allen Guest, Stephen Nathan, Gwen Hart, Angela Just, and others. Penny Fiction by Itote Jegede, Erica Soon Olsen, Kimm Brockett Stammen, L.C. Ricardo, Jacek Wilkos, Keith T. Hoerner, Gerardo Lara, Hannah Whiteoak, John Grobmyer, Kendra Cardin, Sharon Kretschmer, and more. Cover art inspired by the 2019 Haunted Waters Press Fiction Open winning entry “Through the Fog“ by Chad W. Lutz. Learn more...


kenyon review november december 2020 Kenyon Review

November/December 2020
The latest issue of the Kenyon Review—the final issue compiled by editor emeritus, David H. Lynn—features work by writers whom Lynn came to know and admire during his transformative twenty-six-year tenure. Regular Kenyon Review readers will recognize many of the names in the Nov/Dec 2020 issue, among them fiction writers Nancy Zafris and T.C. Boyle; poets David Baker, Natalie Shapero, G.C. Waldrep, Carl Phillips, and Mary Szybist; and nonfiction writers Roger Rosenblatt and Geeta Kothari. Don’t miss this memorable issue, curated by our longest-serving editor. Learn more...


Magazines Received November 16, 2020

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baltimore review fall 2020The Baltimore Review

Fall 2020 online
Welcome to the fall issue! This issue features poems, fiction, and creative nonfiction by: Emily Rose Cole, Rebecca Cross, Monica Joy Fara, Elliott Gish, Vernita Hall, Joshua Jones, Meg Kearney, Cindy King, Adrian S. Potter, Amy Small-McKinney, J. C. Todd, Travis Truax, Jeanette Tryon, Nicholas A. White, Susan Wyssen, and Maria Zoccola. Ghosts. A head on a stretcher. The virus. A flood. Voices of dead people in a wardrobe. But—we're live! Learn more...


gold man review 2021Gold Man Review

Issue 10, 2021
Issue 10 of Gold Man Review is the cumulation of a decade of publishing West Coast writers. From tragic first encounters to family trauma, this celebratory issue has ten poems, ten short stories, and ten nonfiction essays that continues Gold Man’s mission to represent the West Coast literary vibe. Learn more...


hippocampus november 2020Hippocampus Magazine

November 2020 online
We're thrilled to announce the winner of our 2020 contest (Claire O’Brien’s essay “Dead Weight”), as well as to share all six finalist stories—and more great CNF content—with you in our November issue. Our runner-up and finalists: Nicole Graev Lipson (runner-up), Shea Williams, Laura Joyce-Hubbard, DW McKinney, and Lori Jakiela. Also in this issue: Jonathan Winston Jones, Zachary Ostraff, Jessica Ripka, and Catherine Young. Plus, three interviews. Learn more...


the meadow 2020The Meadow

This year’s issue of The Meadow is here with nonfiction by Brandon Hansen, Kayla Maxwell, and Jessica Murrillo; fiction by Soramimi Hanarejima, James Hartman, Jemiscoe Chambers-Black, Jeff Gard, and more; and poetry by Ron Reikki, Ace Boggess, Adam Tavel, Emily Light, Sarah Alcaide-Escue, David Axelrod, Kiana Bohm, Anna Leah, Lauren McKenzie Reed, Jake Goldwasser, Al Maginnes, James Stokely, Erin Hull, John Sibley Williams, Allison Hummel, Kimberly Ann Priest, Rhiannon Conley, Michelle Aucoin Wait, and many more. Cover art by Jaxon Northon. Learn more...


Off the Coast

Winter 2020 online
The issue features work from many talented writers and artists, including poetry by Doris Ferleger, Erica Anderson-Senter, Richard Widerkehr, and a translation of M.J. Cagumbay Tumamac’s work by Kristine Ong Muslim.



Magazines Received November 09, 2020

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anomaly number 31 Anomaly

Number 31, November 2020 online
In the new issue: comics by Tamara Jong, Jennifer Murvin, Chloe Martinez, Andie Frein, Amelia L. Williams, and Alina Viknyanskiy; poetry by Tian-Ai, Stephanie Jean, Shay Alexi, Saddiq Dzukogi, Noor Ibn Najam, Noʻu Revilla, Michal Jones, KL Lyons, Irteqa Khan, Ima Odong, Heather Simon, Eunice Kim, Chavonn Williams Shen, Bailey Cohen-Vera, Asmaa Jama, and Amanda Holiday, fiction by Laurence Klavan, LaToya Jordan, K-Ming Chang / 張欣明, and Carson Faust; and nonfiction by Tasha Raella, Jody Chan, and Anjoli Roy. Also in this issue: a selection of translations, “To Speak as a Flower: A Folio of Performance Writing,” and a “Citizenship and Its Discontents” feature. Learn more...


gettysburg review volume 33 number 1 The Gettysburg Review

Number 31, November 2020 online
The first edition of Volume 33 is out and features paintings by Tollef Runquist, fiction by Julialicia Case, Martha Shaffer, Kirsten Vail Aguilar, and Andrea Marcusa; essays by Elizabeth Kaye Cook, Kathy Flann, Don Lago, Christine Schott, Rebecca McClanahan, and Melissa Haley; poetry by Christopher (c3) Crew, Peter Grandbois, Despy Boutris, Douglas Smith & George Looney, John Hazard, Brian Swann, Maura Stanton, Cindy King, John Brehm, Michael Waters, Richard Lyons, Steve Kistulentz, Shane Seely, Charles Rafferty, Chanda Feldman, Christopher Buckley, Ed Skoog, Brendan Galvin, Matthew Minicucci, Allison Hutchcraft, Fleda Brown, Gary Fincke, and Samyak Shertok. Learn more...


main street rag fall 2020 The Main Street Rag

Volume 25 Number 4, Fall 2020
This issue’s featured interview is with Doralee Brooks, whose poetry is also included. Also in this issue: creative nonfiction by Frederick W. Bassett; fiction by Nathan V. Baker, Mari Carlson, Linda Griffin, Alan Nelson, and Eudora Watson; and poetry by Joan Barasovska, Rachel Barton, Ranney Campbell, Maria Ceferatti, Sally Dunn, Caroline Goodwin, Cleo Griffith, Dorinda Hale, Dennis Herrell, Zebulon Huset, Craig Kittner, Mike Jurkovic, George Longenecker, Robert Garner McBrearty, Terri McCord, Bruce Morton, Frederick Pollack, Brian Rihlmann, Timothy Robbins, Bruce Robinson, Gerard Sarnat, J.D. Schraffenberger, Scott Waters, James Bradley Wells, Milly Brown White, and more. Learn more...


plume november 2020 Plume

Number 111, November 2020 online
Visit Plume for this month’s Featured Selection: On Queer Poetics, Writing Courageously, and Becoming Otherwise: An Interview with Nomi Stone by Amanda Newell. In nonfiction, Peter Johnson provides “The Edson Letters.” Mark Wagenaar reviews Eric Pankey’s Alias. This month’s poets include Rainer Maria Rilke, Martha Collins, Jessica Greenbaum, Lee Sharkey, Muyaka bin Haji, Tara Skurtu, Jesse Lee Kercheval, Christina Pugh, and more. Learn more...


radar poetry october 2020 Radar Poetry

Issue 28, October 2020 online
Welcome to the contest issue. Read Laura Villareal's winning suite of poems, as well as work from finalists Hilary Berg, Mary Craig, Shannon Elizabeth Hardwick, Jessica Hincapie, Amy Miller, Meredith Stricker, and Sarah Wolfson. Cover art by Erin Case.  Learn more...


south dakota review volume 55 numbers 1 2 South Dakota Review

Volume 55 Numbers 1 & 2, 2020
South Dakota Review is delighted to announce the release of Volume 55 Numbers 1&2. Featuring Marcia Arrieta, Carol Berg, and Anne Barngrover. Plus work by Annie Christain, Lisa Fay Coutley, Aisha Down, Kimberly Glanzman, Jeannine Hall Gailey, Matt Greene, Madeline Hanley, Lillian Howan, Bethany Schultz Hurst, Tyler Truman Julian, D. E. Lee, Angie Macri, Michael McLane, Jeff Moreland, A. Molotkov, Aza Pace, Casey Pycior, Eric Roller, Linda Russo, Jennifer Sweeney, Emily Townsend, Anthony Huerta Velasquez, Michael Walsh, Ellen Welcker, and John Yohe. Learn more...


Magazines Received November 02, 2020

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hanging loose issue 111Hanging Loose

Issue 111, 2020
Our 54th year of continuous publication! Cover art and portfolio by William Linmark. Poems by Sherman Alexie, Indran Amirthanayagam, Jack Anderson, Martine Bellen, Polly Buckingham, Liuyu Ivy Chen, Jiwon Choi, Robert Clinton, John Corley, Sam Cornish, Harley Elliott, Gerald Fleming, Justin Jamail, Daniel Johnson, Faye Kicknosway, David Lehman, Michael Miller, Frank Murphy, Heather Newman, Charles North, Maureen Owen,Simon Perchik, Haya Pomrenze, Tim Robbins, Thom Schram, Hal Sirowitz, Robert Terashima, Ben Terry, Anne Pierson Wiese, Terence Winch, Jeffrey Cyphers Wright, Jianquing Zheng, Louis Aragon poems in translations by Peter Brown, and eleven outstanding high school-age writers. Learn more...


hole in the had review November 2020Hole in the Head Review

Volume 1 Number 4, November 2020 online
Issue 4 celebrates our first year with works by K. Johnson Bowles, Anna Birch, Bob Herz, Christopher Volpe, Ann Pedone, Richard Foerster, Hannah Tarkinson, James Crenner, Zoo Cain, Brendan Constantine, Norma Greenwood, Douglas Cole, and Stuart Kestenbaum. Special Prose Poem Mini Chapbook edited by Peter Johnson, including annotated correspondence of Russell Edson and works by Cassandra Atherton, Nin Andrews, Denise Duhamel, Gerald Fleming, Jeff Friedman, Holly Iglesias, and Anna McDonald. Learn more...


into the void issue 17Into the Void Magazine

Issue 17, Qtr 4 2020 online
Welcome to a great issue full of vivid, haunting, charming and thought-provoking pieces with a stunning cover image by Jeff Corwin. Fiction by George Choundas, Kathie Giorgio, Rosalind Goldsmith, Alice Ting Liu, Chris Neilan, and Alexander Woods; nonfiction by Audrey Burges, Marie Kilroy, and Ellis Scott; and poetry by Dianna Vagianos Armentrout, Swapnil Dhruv Bose, James Butler, Andreea Ceplinschim Hannah Copley, John Dorsey, Marc Frazier, David Groulx, J.A. Handville, Cordelia Hanemann, Justin Lacour, Brad Rose, Rachel Stempel, and Kristy Webster-Gonzalez. Plus, art by Sabrina Jovic, Nasos Karabelas, Lou Kiewicz, Dawei Wang, Baili Wise, and Ally Zlatar. Learn more...


the lake november 2020The Lake

November 2020 online
The November issue is now online featuring Jean Atkin, Joe Balaz, Carol Casey, Robert G. Cowser, Sarah L. Dixon, Edilson A. Ferreira, Nels Hanson, Dierdre Hines, Beth McDonough, Roger Mitchell, Ronald Moran, Angela Readman, Maggie Reed, David Spicer. Reviews of Natalie Scott’s Rare Birds: Voices of Holloway Prison, Ric Cheyney’s In Praise of Nahum Tate, Terry Tierney’s The Poet’s GarageLearn more...


raleigh review fall 2020Raleigh Review

Volume 10 Number 2, Fall 2020
This issue’s featured artist is Janice Joy Little. Fiction by Peter D. Gorman, Trina Askin, James Hartman, Melissa Reddish, and Katherine Conner. Poetry by Melissa Kwasny, Nan Becker, Dionissios Kollias, Colin Bailes, Rob Shapiro, Kabel Mishka Ligot, Hussain Ahmed, Johnny Lorenz, Darius Simpson, Camerin McGill, Jai Hamid Bashir, Melanie Tafejian, Maxine Patroni, Alaina Bainbridge, and Gabriella R. Tallmadge. Learn more...


southern humanities review fall 2020Southern Humanities Review

Volume 53 Number 3, Fall 2020
Nonfiction by Allison LaSorda and Alexandria Peary; fiction by Marlene Lee, Dennis McFadden, Sean Rose, and Gregory Wolos; and poetry by Ashia Ajani, Jubi Arriola-Headley, Ariana Benson, Nate Duke, Matt Donovan, Bethany Schultz Hurst, Rasaq Malik, Leslie Mcintosh, Mary Morris, Julia Thacker, Marisa Tirado, and Annie Woodford. Learn more...


Magazines Received October 26, 2020

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adroit journal october 2020The Adroit Journal

Issue 35, October 2020 online
Welcome to Adroit 34. Featuring Diane Seuss, Aimee Nezhukumatathil, Jos Charles, David Naimon, Dorianne Laux, Yalie Kamara, Alicia Ostriker, Mary Biddinger, Kevin Prufer, the winners of our 2020 Adroit Prizes, Jennifer Tseng, Elle Nash, Hazem Fahmy, Jenny Molberg, Darius Simpson, Zain Murdock, and many more. Learn more...


bitter oleander autumn 2020The Bitter Oleander

Volume 26 Number 2, Autumn 2020
The Autumn 2020 issue features an interview with the Danish poet Carsten René Nielsen, including a selection of his prose poetry translated by David Keplinger. Also in this issue: fiction by Michael Pearce, Kelly Talbot, Franca Mancinelli, Jason Dillard; essays by Will Stone; and poetry by Dolores Etchecopar, Stephen Tuttle, Madronna Holden, David Cholrton, Matei Vişniec, Silvia Scheibli, Patty Dickson Pieczka, Alan Britt, Lawrence William Berggoetz, Salgado Maranhão, Stephanie Dickinson, George Kalamaras, Alberto Blanco, Rob Cook, Homero Pomeral, Jaewon Chang, and more. Learn more...


chestnut review autumn 2020Chestnut Review

Volume 2 Number 2, Autumn 2020 online
Work by Erik Wilbur, winner of the Chestnut Review 2020 Poetry Chapbook Contest, opens the Autumn 2020 issue, followed by an interview with the poet. Also in this issue, work by Kate Bucca, Marie Metaphor Specht, Halle Gulbrandsen, Mike Bove, Kathleen Latham, Ankur Razdan, Cathy Ulrich, and more. Learn more...


terrain org october

October 2020 online
New on this month: poetry by Jane Lovell, Zach Eddy, Ted Kooser, Mary Fitzpatrick, Emily Tuszynska, and Jocelyn Casey-Whiteman; nonfiction and photos by Tyra A. Olstad; fiction by Jessica Bryant Klagmann; and an interview with Aimee Nezhukumatathil by Melissa L. Sevigny. Learn more...


American Book Review

Volume 41 Number 5, July/August 2020

Southwest Review

Volume 105 Number 3, Autumn 2020



Magazines Received October 19, 2020

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apple valley review fall 2020Apple Valley Review

Volume 15 Number 2, Fall 2020 online
Featuring short fiction by Kevin Bray, Morgan Cross, Adam Luebke, Tove Ditlevsen (translated from the Danish by Michael Goldman), and Epiphany Ferrell; an essay by Samantha Steiner; and poetry by Liana Sakelliou (translated from the Greek by Don Schofield), DS Maolalai, Emily Hyland, Antonio Machado (translated from the Spanish by Thomas Feeny), Tiffany Hsieh, and Joseph Zaccardi. Cover artwork by Konstantin Somov. Learn more...


aurorean 2020The Aurorean

Volume 25, 2020
The final issue of The Aurorean is here. Featured in this issue are David Jordan and Connie Jordan Green. Also included: Barbara Saunier, Joe Fitschen, Lee Rossi, Patrick Harkins, Thomas E. Schmidt, Dennis Ross, Sam Robertson, Jan Shoemaker, Joanne Stokkink, Holly Day, Anne Meis Knupfer, Robin Smith-Johnson, Thomas Griffin, Andrea Potos, Russell Rowland, Max Roland Ekstrom, James Croal Jackson, James B. Nicola, Mark C. Jensen, Ed Meek, Cynthia Brackett-Vincent, and more. Plus, a selection of haiku. Learn more...


parhelion halloween 2020Parhelion Literary Magazine

Halloween Issue, 2020 online
The stories in this issue scream “Halloween.” There are quite a few ghosts for you, from quite funny to disturbingly dark, as well as monsters, myths, and unreliable narrators. Work by N. T. Brown, Jeff Burd, Upasana Datta, Max Dorfman, Kelly Gray, Emily Miller, Michelle Morouse, Shilo Niziolek, Janet Parlato, Ruth Rouff, and Hayden Smith. Learn more...


poetry october 2020Poetry

Volume 217 Number 1, October 2020
The October 2020 issue of Poetry includes poetry by Maya C. Popa, Ed Roberson, Dorothy Chan, Arvind Krishna Mehrotra, Chester Wilson III, Oli Rodriguez, Tianru Wang, Nathan Sppon, heidi andrea restrepo Rhodes, Cathy Song, Orlando Ricardo Menes, Martin Dyar, Ingrid Wendt, John Lee Clark, Jennifer Jean, Adrienne Su, Tom Pickard, Katie Hartsock, and more. Learn more...


ruminate fall 2020Ruminate

Number 56, Fall 2020
Issue 56 celebrates Expression. Featuring the William Van Dyke Short Story prizewinning stories “Little to Do with Rain” by Leigh Claire Schmidli and “Occupation Rock and Roll” by Etan Nechin as well as Alberto Daniels’s short story “La Bruja.” Learn more...


sky island journal fall 2020Sky Island Journal

Issue 14, Fall 2020 online
Sky Island Journal’s stunning 14th issue features poetry, flash fiction, and creative nonfiction from contributors around the globe. Accomplished, well-established authors are published—side by side—with fresh, emerging voices. Readers are provided with a powerful, focused literary experience that transports them: one that challenges them intellectually and moves them emotionally. Always free to access, and always free from advertising, discover what over 75,000 readers in 145 countries already know; the finest new writing is here, at your fingertips. Learn more...


split rock review fall 2020Split Rock Review

Issue 15, Fall 2020 online
The new issue features work by Ted Kooser, David Axelrod, Lauren Camp, William Woolfitt, Celia Bland, and many more writers and artists, including fiction by Adrian Markle; nonfiction by Anna Oberg and Wendy Weiger; a comic by Don Swartzentruber; art & photography by Aaron Burden, Leah Dockrill, Natalie Gillis, and more; and poetry by Ellen Rogers, Connie Post, Jenny Wong, Rebecca Yates, Emry Trantham, and more. Learn more...


Magazines Received October 12, 2020

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about place october 2020 About Place Journal

Volume 6 Issue 2, October 2020 online
"Works of Resistance, Resilience" is comprised of poetry, fiction, nonfiction and visual art by 83 writers and artists. The issue has five themed sections that explore what it means to live in America at this time of profound reckoning. What does resistance look like? Can resistance contain love, power and empathy? In this age of collective anxiety, the writers and artists from around the world attempt to answer what it means to live and survive during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond. The Works of Resistance, Resilience will rekindle our desire to learn and thrive and to discover what is needed to change our relationship to the earth and to each other. Learn more...


boulevard fall 2020Boulevard

Number 106, Fall 2020
Boulevard No. 106 contain a fantastic and diverse slate of great writing, including the winning story from the 2019 Short Fiction Contest by Sena Moon; a Boulevard Craft Interview featuring a conversation between J. Ryan Stradal and Beth Dooley; new poetry from Shara McCallum, Eloisa Amezcua, Molly Brodak, Doug Ramspeck, Katherine Smith, Lisa Gluskin Stonestreet, Dara Elerath, and Jeannine Hall Gailey; new fiction from Ron Austin, Matthew Di Paoli, Christine Sneed, and Adam Roux; essays by Christine Spillson, Jodie Varon, Matt Jones, Brandon Parker, and Min Han; and a new symposium about re-examining history. Plus, fantastic and striking cover art by Xizi Liu! Learn more...


event volume 49 number 2EVENT

Volume 49 Number 2, 2020
EVENT’s latest offering is jam-packed with a tantalizing assortment of literary goodies. Poetry by Bára Hladík, Alpay Ulku, Alan Hill, Patricia Young, A. Molotkov, Dominik Parisien,and more; fiction by Jason Jobin, Kari Teicher, Fraser Calderwood, and Wayne Yetman; and nonfiction by Scott Randall. Plus, four reviews of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction titles. Learn more...


massachusetts review fall 2020 The Massachusetts Review

Volume 49 Number 2, 2020
In the Fall 2020 issue of The Massachusetts Review: fiction by Gwen Thompkins, Alanna Schubach, Andrea Maturana, Kathleen Hawes, Aeriel Merillat, Annie Lampman, Selina Hossain, Lu Min, and Sonya Chyu; poetry by Marcela Sulak, Emily Schulten, Lance Larsen, Esther Lin, Brooke Sahni, C. P. Cavafy, Steven Duong, Ryler Dustin, Pablo Neruda, Julia Thacker, and Emily Van Kley; and nonfiction by Karen S. Henry, Ammiel Alcalay, Margaret Lloyd, Philip Metres, and Cody Kommers. Plus, photography by Paul Should and a novel excerpt by Giacomo Sartori. Learn more...


Molecule - A Tiny Lit Mag

Issue 3, Fall 2020 online

San Pedro River Review

Volume 12 Number 2, Fall 2020


Magazines Received October 05, 2020

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baltimore review 2020 The Baltimore Review

This year’s print collection includes poems, stories, and creative nonfiction published in The Baltimore Review's Summer 2019 Maryland Writers Special Issue, Fall 2019, Winter 2020, and Spring 2020 online issues. Work by Sandy Longhorn, Tim Griffith, Maggie Andersen, Jennifer Lang, Kathleen Hellen, Kris Faatz, Michael Downs, Grace Cavalieri, Stephen Tuttle, Libby Heily, Emily Stoddard, Diana Xin, Omer Friedlander, Jeannine Hall Gailey, Avra Margariti, Naomi Cohn, and many more. Learn more...


brilliant flash fiction Brilliant Flash Fiction

Issue 27, September 2020 online
In the September 2020 issue of Brilliant Flash Fiction, find new flash by Madalyn Aslan, Bernard Arogyaswamy, Lisa Fox, Alan Ford, Sudha Balagopal, Laurie Ann Doyle, Diane D. Gillette, Sara L. Godwin, Jerri Jerreat, sid sibo, and W. T. Paterson. Learn more...


cimarron review spring 202Cimarron Review

Issue 211, Spring 2020
Issue 211 of Cimarron Review features poetry by Bonnie Auslander, Clemonce Heard, Leslie McGrath, Emily Franklin, Chris Haven, Matt Morgan, Laura McKee, Bryce Berkowitz, Elisabeth Murawski, Jan Beatty, Kayla Sargeson, and others; fiction by Andrew Geyer, Molly Anders, and Steven Wingate; and nonfiction by Ephraim Scott Sommers and Caroline Sutton. This issue’s cover art is “River Fog” by Richard Speedy. Learn more...


cleaverCleaver Magazine

Issue 31, Fall 2020 online
In this issue, find three collaborations: “Reparations Wine Label” with text and concept by J’nai Gaither and art by Phoebe Funderburg-Moore; “The Esperanza Project” with music by Richard Casimir, video editing by Michael Casimir, and a poem by Herman Beavers; and “Terra in Flux” with poetry by Mark Danowsky and photography by John Singletary. Also in the issue: nonfiction by Greg Emilio, Freesia McKee, and Roberta Beary; stories and flash by Christopher David Rosales, Kim Magowan, Steve Chang, Susan Frith, and more; a visual narrative by Steph Jones; and poetry by Evan Anders, Lis Chi Siegel, Brian Ellis, and more. Learn more...


georgia review fall 2020 The Georgia Review

Volume 74 Number 3, Fall 2020
The Georgia Review’s Fall 2020 issue is now available, with new work from Kaitlyn Greenidge, Wayne Koestenbaum, Sally Wen Mao, Charles Baxter, Marianne Boruch, Yona Harvey, and many other compelling voices, both emerging and long-established. Special features include a portfolio of artwork from the High Museum of Art’s exhibition Picture the Dream: The Story of the Civil Rights Movement Through Children’s Books and a translation of Vinod Kumar Shukla’s masterful short story “College.” Learn more...


plume october 2020 Plume

Issue 110, October 2020 online
This month’s featured selection includes an interview with francine j harris by Amy Beeder, as well as works by the poet. Charles Coe writes “A Hard Road” in the essays and comment section, and Chelsea Wagenaar reviews Brett Foster’s Extravagant Rescues. This month’s poetry selections includes work by Elena Karina, Molly Peacock, Nin Andrews, Nancy Mitchell, Stewart Moss, John Skoyles, Elaine Sexton, and more. Learn more...


thema autumn 2020 THEMA

Volume 32 Number 3, Autumn 2020
The writers in the Autumn 2020 issue of THEMA all explore the theme: What a Strange Question! Stories, short-shorts, poems, and photographs by Andrew M. Seddon, Virginia McGee Butler, Linda Berry, Beverly Boyd, Lynda Fox, J. Jackson, John Hill, Dick Moody, Jonny Hawkins, Madonna Dries Christensen, H. E. Casson, Peter Trivelas, Steven Walker, Sue Mayfield Geiger, Max Gutmann, Lisa Timpf, Peter Venable, James K. Zimmerman, Annie Percik, and DJ Tyrer. Learn more...


understorey issue 18Understorey Magazine

Issue 18, 2020 online
Read Understorey Magazine Issue 18 for examinations on the many ways science and technology affect our everyday lives. Poetry by Moni Brar, Daze Jefferies, Kimberley Orton, Dawn Macdonald, Kayleigh Cline, and I. Sabrina Samreen; fiction by Gail Willis; and nonfiction by Jeanne Kwong, Sima Chowdhury, Stacey McLeod, and Rita Kindl Myers. Plus interviews with Maryam Heba and Chelsey Purdy. Learn more...


world literature today autumn 2020World Literature Today

Autumn 2020
San Juan, Puerto Rico, takes the spotlight in World Literature Today’s annual city issue with a powerful selection of poetry, stories, and essays by 17 writers. Other highlights in the autumn issue include Fabienne Kanor’s essay on uprooting the fetishes of white supremacy; interviews with Natalie Diaz and Margaret Jull Costa; a stunning poem by Achy Obejas on “the universe at absolute zero”; fiction by Vi Khi Nao and Lidija Dimkovska; and much more. Reviews of new books by Elena Ferrante, Mia Couto, Kapka Kassabova, and dozens more make WLT your go-to guide for the best in international literature. Learn more...


Magazines Received September 28, 2020

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leaping clear fall 2020 Leaping Clear

Fall 2020 online
Take the time to enjoy and be nourished by the art and writing in this new issue of Leaping Clear. There is humor, poignancy, power, ecstasy, calm, and beauty to be found in essays by Elizabeth Fletcher, Liz Woz, Ranjani Rao, and more; fiction by Taffeta Chime; and poetry by Alan Cohen, Carla Sarett, Fran Markover, J. P. White, Linda Parsons, Sandra Fees, Wayne Lee, and more. Plus photography/video by Patricia Joynes and Taehyun Bang, as well as visual arts by Laura Seligman, Lyndia Radice, Tatiana Castellanos, and more. Learn more...


missouri review volume 43 number 2 Missouri Review

Volume 43 Number 2, 2020
“Facing It.” In this issue: first fiction from Tim Erwin and Tim Loc. Featuring Kay Cosgrove, Allison Pitinii Davis, Bruce McKay, Sahar Mustafa, Katey Schultz, Daniel Stolar, and Nicholas Yingling. Plus: J.D. Ho and Richard Terrill on the nature of sound. Learn more...


shore poetry issue 7 The Shore Poetry

Issue 7, Autumn 2020 online
The autumn issue of The Shore features gorgeous and dynamic poetry by Melissa Crowe, Lisa Ampleman, Susan Rich, Taylor Byas, Joely Byron Fitch, Emma Aylor, Jill Mceldowney, Samuel Adeyemi, Taylor Fedorchak, Susan Moon, Owne McLeod, Oluwadare Popoola, Isaac George Lauristen, Duncan Mwangi, Adam Day, Natalie Young, Dan Wiencek, Andy Keys, Vincent Poturica, Katherine Fallon, Sarah Lilius, Troy Varvel, Katherine Eulensen, Mayowa Oyewale, James Grinwis, Barbara Daniels, David Spicer, Christen Noel Kauffman, Jeffrey Hermann, Juse Marr, Emily Lake Hansen, Ashley Hajimirsadeghi, Gray Fox & Jack B. Bedell. The issue also features digital art by Joe Lugara. Learn more...


valley voices fall 2020 Valley Voices

Volume 20 Number 2, Fall 2020
The Fall 2020 issue of Valley Voices features poetry by Paul Mariani, Gary Fincke, Janet McCann, Luci Shaw, Marge Piercy, Ted Kooser, D. S. Martin, Walter Bargen, Virginia Sullivan, Ed Madden, Le Hinton, Joseph Pearce, Jean-Mark Sens, John J. Han, and more; memoirs by Billy Middleton, Frederick W. Bassett, and Carol Coffee Reposa; and articles & interviews by Bruce Boyd Raeburn, Adam Gussow, Joseph Millichap, Janet Greenlees, Dominic Reisig, John J. Han, Gab D. Smith and Thomas H. Sayre, and David Tisdale. Learn more...




Issue 43, Summer 2020

Willawaw Journal

Issue 10, Fall 2020 online
In this issue: Hugh Anderson, Frank Babcock, Louise Cary Barden, Despy Boutris, Dale Champlin, Jeff Burt, Ryan Clark, Suzy Harris, Maude Lustig, Eleni Mays, Cameron Morse, Doug Stone, Carla Sarett, Nicole Taylor, and more.



Magazines Received September 21, 2020

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brevity september 2020 Brevity: A Journal of Concise Literary Nonfiction

Issue 65, September 2020 online
The essays in this guest-edited special issue consider all aspects of illness and disability: what it is, what it means, how our understanding of disability is changing. Our anchor author is novelist and essayist Esmé Weijun Wang, author of The Collected Schizophrenias. Other authors featured include Barbara Lanciers, Meg Le Duc, William Fargason, Ona Gritz, Kelly Weber, Maya Osman-Krinsky, Tiffany Promise, Ellen Samuels, Laura Brady, Jeanene Harlick, Amie McGraham, Katie Schwarz, Caroline Bock, and Erin Vachon. The "Experiences of Disability" issue is guest edited by Keah Brown, Sonya Huber, and Sarah Fawn Montgomery. Artwork by Jill Khoury. Learn more...


jewish fiction .net issue 25 Jewish Fiction .net

Issue 25, September 2020 online
This Rosh Hashana marks exactly ten years since the founding of Jewish Fiction .net! Since our first issue came out on Rosh Hashana 2010, we have published over 430 works of fiction never before published in English, which were originally written in sixteen languages. We are a truly international journal with readers in 140 countries. Our new, 10th-anniversary issue of Jewish Fiction .net is now out and features 18 first-rate works of fiction originally written in Spanish, Yiddish, Hebrew, and English. We hope this special issue brings you pleasure, intellectual delight, entertainment, and comfort during this challenging time. Learn more...


kaleidoscope issue 81 Kaleidoscope

Issue 81, Summer/Fall 2020
During periods of unrest and uncertainty, when ominous dark clouds roll in and the sky becomes black, it can be easy to give in to feelings of despair. This issue contains stories of adversity but it also offers hope. Featuring the essay “Between Rooms” by N. T. McQueen, the story “Mother Bear” by Melissa Murakami, and the essay “Nacre Upon Nacre” by Jenna Pashley Smith. In addition to these three, this issue contains an array of thought-provoking poetry and other wonderful stories of fiction and nonfiction. Issue 81 brings the promise that storm clouds will dissipate and the sun will shine again. Learn more...


new england review v41 n3New England Review

Volume 41 Number 3, 2020
Featured work by May-lee Chai; Jeneva Stone; Laurence de Looze; Alyssa Pelish; John Kinsella; Clifford Howard; and translations of Scholastique Mukasonga, Karla Marrufo, and Nelly Sachs. Fiction by Kenneth Calhoun, Meron Hadero, Kate Petersen, and Kirk Wilson; poetry by Anders Carlson-Wee, Victoria Chang, Justin Danzy, Elisa Gabbert, torrin a. greathouse, Christina Pugh, and more; plus cover art by Heidi P. Learn more...


spoon river poetry review v45 n1Spoon River Poetry Review

Volume 45 Number 1, Summer 2020
The Summer 2020 Issue of SRPR is now available. In this issue, you’ll find cover art by Brittany Schloderback; the SRPR Illinois Poet Feature with new poetry by Simone Muench and Jackie K. White, with an interview of the poets by Carlo Matos and Amy Sayre Batista; and new poetry by Jose-Luis Moctezuma, Paul Martinez-Pompa, Julia Wong Kcomt translated by Jennifer Shyue, Michael Leong, Emily Carr, and more. Learn more...


still point arts quarterlyStill Point Arts Quarterly

Issue 39, Fall 2020
The Fall 2020 issue homes in on “The Secret Life of Objects.” Featured artists include Cary Loving, Birgit Gutsche, Aaron M. Brown, Jeffrey Stoner, Patty Joslyn, Katherine Miller, MJ Edwards, and Lauren Rader. Featured writers include Dawn Raffel, Judith Sornberger, Emily Uduwana, Kathleen Aponick, William Doreski, Keltie Zubko, Adrienne Stevenson, Susan Currie, Mary Lane Potter, Andrea Hansell, Laurie McConnachie, W. C. Bamberger, and John Kaprielian. Learn more...



805 Lit + Art

September 2020 online
Our latest issue of 805 Lit + Art honors the 19th Amendment Centennial by celebrating Black women creators. In literature, Black women have been historically underrepresented, but are charging forward to shape the future of publishing in the US and across the globe. Our issue features 40 Black women writers and artists, one quarter of them previously unpublished.

New Letters

Volume 86 Number 4, Summer 2020


Issue 25, September 2020 online

Storm Cellar

Volume 8 Number 3, Summer 2020
The new issue of Storm Cellar is here. Fiction by Angie St. John, A.J. Atwater, Yasumi Tsuhara, Corina Bardoff, and Colby Vargas; flash by Michelle Spokes; nonfiction by Jay Hansford C. Vest; poetry by Stephanie Chang, Asad Emaan Ali, Meghan Purvis, Michael Chang, Emily Kerlin, Darius Atefat-Peckham, and Simon Perchik.


Magazines Received September 14, 2020

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creative nonfiction fall 2020 Creative Nonfiction

Issue 73, Fall 2020
This issue celebrates stories of the self in the world. Writers find (or, at least, try to find) meaning in familiar as well as unimaginable moments—the loves, losses, and joys that define our lives. Also in this issue: the seductive dangers of self-mythologizing, the memoir-in-pieces, tiny truths, and more. Will Storr, Jerald Walker, Abby Mims, Mary Beth Ellis, Will Bridges, Jill Deasy, Rachel Beanland, Megan Doney, Anna Monardo, Beth Kephart, and Gabe Montesanti. Learn more...


paterson literary review issue 48Paterson Literary Review

Issue 48, 2020
The 2020 Issue #48 of the Paterson Literary Review features poetry, fiction, essays, memoir and reviews, and includes all the winning and honorable mention poems for the Allen Ginsberg Poetry Awards. Poetry by Gary Fincke, Leah Umansky, M. L. Liebler, Vida Chu, Matthew J. Spireng, Lyn Lifshin, Kate Flaherty, Amy Barone, Jan Beatty, Penny Perry, Alice Morris, and many more; prose by Dennis Barone, Frances Park, and others; creative nonfiction by Mark Fabiano; memoirs by Flora T. Higgins, Mary D. Edwards, and Marcy Levy. Learn more...


tint journal issue 4Tint Journal

Issue 4, Fall 2020 online
Tint Journal is the literary magazine for English as a Second Language creative writers, established in 2018 and based in Graz, Austria. We publish the finest of non-native English writing, including short stories, essays and poems. Issue Fall’20 has been released: read 25 new literary creations by ESL writers from all around the world, now online and for free at our website! Issue Fall '20 also includes visual art creations by artists from all over the globe, combining the artistic realms of literature and art, as well as audio recordings of the writers reading their work. Learn more...


triquarterly issue 158TriQuarterly

Issue 158, Summer/Fall 2020 online
Featured in the Summer/Fall 2020 issue is work by Aram Mrjoian, Will Brewbaker, Shangyang Fang, Joe Meno, Nick Malone, Maggie Su, Sebastián Hasani Páramo, torrin a. greathouse, and Anita Olivia Koester. Plus work by additional writers, including a selection of video essays by Emma Piper-Burket, Nick Malone, and Sophie Paquette. Learn more...




Issue 41, 2020
The “Home Cooking” issue features micro-fiction by Abhinita Mohanty, April Bradley, Mir Yashar Seyedbagheri, Graham Robert Scott, Karin Osterberg, Beth McMurray, Lisa Marie Lopez, Andre DeCuir, Alex Reece Abbott, Don Noel, Andrea Isiminger, Francine Witte, Cathy Bryant, Electra Rhodes, Lynn Mundell, Winter Justice, Gary Degani, Amy Barnes, and more.



Magazines Received September 08, 2020

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allegro poetry magazine september 2020 Allegro Poetry Magazine

Issue 25, September 2020 online
September is here with a new issue of Allegro Poetry Magazine. Find work by Ruth Aylett, Alwyn Marriage, Susan Castillo Street, Anna Saunders, Kathy Gee, Finola Scott, Carolyn Oulton, Stephen Kingsnorth, Clair Chilvers, Clive Donovan, Jane Blanchard, Marion Baraitser, Dan MacIsaac, Steven Jackson, Alan Kissane, Tim Love, Robert Dunsdon, Louise Wilford, Kim Whysall-Hammond, Francesca Weekes, Eric Chiles, Stuart Flynn, Phil Huffy, Jeremy Gadd, Norton Hodges, Tony Beyer, Gill Lambert, Sheila Jacob, Warrick Wynne, Edwin Stockdale, Carla Scarano D’Antonio, and Oli Gledhill. Learn more...


festival review summer 2020 The Festival Review

Volume 4, Summer 2020 online
The Festival Review is pleased to announce the release of Volume 4 for Summer 2020. Explore modern voices in poetry, read exciting new fiction, discover the joy of work in translation, and more. All the new pieces are currently available to read for free on our website. A beautifully designed ebook version of Volume 4 is also available in our online store. Your support helps us to expand independent publishing and create more opportunities for writers around the world. Subscribe today at to help us amplify new voices in modern literature. Learn more...


kenyon review september october 2020 Kenyon Review

Volume 42 Number 5, September/October 2020
This issue features a special poetry section, “All of This Is True,” guest-edited by Reginald Dwayne Betts, whose own poetry, a memoir, and essays explore the world of prison and the effects of violence and incarceration on American society. Betts has selected powerful work by fifteen poets including Sean Thomas Dougherty, April Gibson, Randall Horton, Roger Reeves, and others. The new issue also includes the winning poem and two runners-up in the 2020 Patricia Grodd Poetry Prize for Young Writers as well as four new works of fiction by Samuel Jensen, Dina Nayeri, Matthue Roth, and Marianne Shaneen. Learn more...


louisville review spring 2020 The Louisville Review

Number 87, Spring 2020
The latest print issue of The Louisville Review features fiction by Holly Tabor, Pamela Gullard, Bridget Mabunga, and Rebecca Thomas; nonfiction by Joseph Myers, Patricia Foster, Jessica Crowley, and Katherine Mitchell; and drama by Allie Fireel, Allen M. Price, Haydee Canovas, John Shafer, and Addae Moon. Poetry by Laura Judge, Joseph G. Anthony, James B. Goode, Shauna M. Morgan, Frank X Walker, Anastasia Stelse, Kate Niles, B.J. Wilson, Richard Jones, Candice Shy Hooper, Laurie Sewall, and more. Plus work by K-12 writers in the “Cornerstone” section. Learn more...


plume september 2020 Plume

Issue 109, September 2020 online
This month’s featured selection: “The Chronicler of a Blue Planet: An audio interview with Ranjit Hoskote by Leeya Mehta” with work by the poet. Christopher Buckley pens the essay, “Out of Fresno—Poetry & ‘Career,’” and Susan Blackwell Ramsey reviews Hailey Leithauser’s Saint Worm. This month’s poetry selections include James Noël, Amit Majmudar, David Blair, Fred Marchant, J.P. Dancing Bear, Angela Ball, Ron Slate, Ashley Mabbitt, and more. Learn more...


rattle fall 2020 Rattle

Number 69, Fall 2020
The Fall 2020 issue features a timely tribute to service workers—those working in the lodging, food service, tourism, customer service and other industries in direct service to customers. Though planned long before the pandemic, service workers have been hit particularly hard this year, and we’re happy to be honoring poets who work in those fields. The conversation features Jan Beatty, covering her decades of experience working as a waitress, as well as the topics of adoption and the writing process. Another eclectic open section features 22 poems in a range of styles that are sure to make you laugh or cry. Learn more...



Arc Poetry Magazine

Issue 92, Summer 2020


Magazines Received August 31, 2020

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2river view fall 2020 The 2River View

Volume 25 Number 1, Fall 2020 online
2River begins its twenty-fifth year with the Fall 2020 issue of The 2River View. New poems by Deborah Bacharach, Andrew Cox, Mario Duarte, Paul Jones, Richard Jones, Susan Landgraf, Bern Mulvey, Cecil Morris, Salawu Olajide, Ben Sloan, and Liane Tyrrel. Learn more...


black warrior review boyfriend village august 2020 Black Warrior Review

Boyfriend Village, August 2020 online
Choose your boyfriend in the “Secret Boyfriend” edition of Boyfriend Village. Work by JinJin Xu, Charles Theonia, Jai Hamid Bashir, Rone Shavers, Landa wo, EA Kane, Jennifer Sperry Steinorth, Yi Sang, Rebekkah Leigh LaBlue, Monchoachi, and Ross Showalter. Plus “20 Atomic Sonnets,” a chapbook by Rosebud Ben-Oni and work by featured artist Nicole Won Hee Maloof. Learn more...


fiction southeast august 2020Fiction Southeast

August 2020 online
New on the Fiction Southeast website this past month, work by Christopher Murphy, Gauraa Shekhar, Ashley Havrid, Ben Sandman, Nicholas Dighiera, Michael Vojtech, and Nathaniel Edwards. Learn more...


terrain org august

August 2020 online
Visit for the new work on the site this month. Arne Weingart reviews The Tilt Torn Away from the Seasons by Elizabeth Lindsey Rogers and Melissa L. Sevigny interviews Pam Houston. Fiction by Beth Alvarado; nonfiction by Tamie Parker Song, Scott Russell Sanders, and Paul Riley; and poetry by Seth García, Garrett Hongo, Collier Brown, Jennifer Bullis, Noah Davis, and Rae Paris. In currents: Charles Revello, Patricia Schwartz, Lyn Baldwin, Rob Carney, and Sarah Ruth Bates. Learn more...



Bellingham Review

Volume 43 Issue 80, Spring 2020


Magazines Received August 24, 2020

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adroit journal august 2020 The Adroit Journal

Issue 34, August 2020 online
We're beyond excited to bring you new work from Alicia Ostriker, Diane Seuss, Aimee Nezhukumatathil, Jos Charles, Yalie Kamara, David Naimon, and Jordan Jace. We're also extremely excited to feature poetry by Asa Drake, Thomas Dooley, Mary Biddinger, Kevin Prufer, Maya C. Popa, Jordan Keller-Martinez, Megan Denton Ray, Jen Levitt, Éireann Lorsung, and Dorianne Laux, prose by Emily Yang and Andreas Trolf, and art by Caroline Zhang, Taylor Wang, Ariel Kim, Angela Gui, Clara Choi, and Jocelyn Cooley! Learn more...


main street rag summer 2020 The Main Street Rag

Volume 25 Number 3, Summer 2020
This issue’s featured interview: “Digging for Gold,” an Interview with Don Kesterson by Terresa Cooper Haskew. Fiction by Ethan Forrest Ross, Michael L. Woodruff, NV Baker, and Rita Ariyoshi. Poetry by Steven Ablon, Mark Burke, Chris Capitanio, Llyn Clague, Shutta Crum, Darren C. Demaree, Craig Evenson, Barbara Greenbaum, Angela Gregory-Dribben, Katrina Hays, Scott T. Hutchison, Kirsten Kaschock, Danyal Kim, Paul Lamar, David Lewitzky, Marjorie Power, Xiaoly Li, Gail Peck, Susan Sailor, Dana Stamps, II, Linda Stryker, Laura Sweeney, Janet Tracy-Landman, Robert Wooten, and more. Also in this issue: a selection of book reviews by Tim Bascom, Luanne Castle, Mike James, Jeanne Julian, and others. Learn more...


willow springs fall 2020 Willow Springs

Number 86, Fall 2020
Featuring Joseph Millar, Ramona Ausubel, Jessica Lee Richardson, Andrew Furman, Lawrence Lenhart. Plus Sarah Bates, Dmitry Blizniuk, Bruce Bond, Maggie Graber, Matthew Lippman, J. Estanislao Lopez, Owen McLeod, John A. Nieves, John Sibley Williams, and more. Learn more...


wordrunner echapbooks summer 2020 Wordrunner eChapbooks

Issue 40, Summer 2020 online
We are pleased to announce publication of Wordrunner eChapbooks' 40th issue, our summer 2020 fiction echapbook: The Estrangement Effect: Stories by Rebecca Andem. The five stories in Andem's collection explore the startling, disconcerting, unsatisfying, and liberating moments in which we understand that the most central relationships in our lives are inhabited by strangers, strangers we are deeply connected to, be they lovers, spouses, parents, siblings or children. Learn more...



 The Midwest Quarterly

Volume 61 Number 4, Summer 2020
This poetry edition is guest-edited by Lori Martin. Poems by Ted Kooser, Patricia Hooper, Karly Vance, Laura Lee Washburn, Claire Scott, Dan Campion, Amy Baskin, Paul Watksy, A. Molotkov, G. C. Waldrep, Noel Conneely, Jason Tandon, Maia Carlson, Laurinda Lind, John Morrison, Madelon Y. Bolling, and more.


Issue 23, August 2020 online
Featuring some wonderful poetry, fiction, and narrative non-fiction from: Tolu Agbelusi, Sarah Ghazal Ali, Jabari Jawan Allen, Sudha Balagopal, K-Ming Chang, Cathy Linh Che, Patrick James Errington, Krysta Lee Frost, Mina Hamedi, Jeremy Allan Hawkins, Jennifer Huang, E. Hughes, Bhanu Kapil, Devin Kelly, Hannah Lowe, and more.


Magazines Received August 17, 2020

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carve summer 2020 Carve Magazine

Summer 2020
In the newest issue of Carve, find short stories by Caleb Tankersley, Danielle Batalion Ola, Ronald Kovach, and Kirsten Clodfelter, as well as interviews with the authors. New poetry by Jane Zwart, Abbie Kiefer, Collin Callahan, and James Ducat, and new nonfiction by Feroz Rather and Kabi Hartman. In “Decline/Accept,” is “Clean Kills” by Greg November. This issue’s “One to Watch” is Becky Mandelbaum interviewed by Sejal H. Patel. Plus Illustrations by Justin Burks. Learn more...


hippocampus july august 2020 Hippocampus Magazine

July/August 2020 online
The July/August edition is still live! Featuring creative nonfiction by Lisa K. Buchanan, Max King Cap, Amy Cowger, Erica Plouffe Lazure, Ruth Q. Leibowitz, Jenna McGuiggan, Zsofia McMullin, Smitha Murthy, Frenci Nguyen, Theresa Okokon, AM Roselli, Nicola Sebastian, and Michael Todd. Learn more...


malahat review summer 2020 The Malahat Review

Issue 211, Summer 2020
This issue features the 2020 Novella-Prize-winning “Yentas” by Rebecca Păpucaru, Daniel Allen Cox’s “The Glow of Electrum,” Mike Alexander’s “An Afternoon Gentleman,” Matthew Hollett’s “I’m Sorry, I Have to Ask You to Leave,” Ronna Bloom’s “Legend of Saint Ursula,” Alamgir Hashmi’s “Anywhere, 2019,” and Kate Felix’s “Beneath the Pond.” Also in this issue: Sarah Tolmie, Xaiver Campbell, Sarah Venart, Theressa Slind, Chris Banks, Daniel Sarah Karasik, Sarah Lord, Ron Riekki, Paul Vermeersch, and Alisha Dukelow. Plus, a selection of book reviews, and cover art by Sharona Franklin: “Mycoplasma.” Learn more...


Burnside Review



Magazines Received August 10, 2020

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cimarron review winter 2020 Cimarron Review

Issue 210, Winter 2020
In the Winter 2020 issue: poetry by Allison Hutchcraft, Jennifer Funk, Toshiaki Komura, Amy Bilodeau, Monica Joy Fara, Darren C. Demaree, Laura Read, Isabelle Barricklow, Amber Arnold, Meriwether Clarke, Amie Irwin, Ben Swimm, Sophia Parnok, Brooke Sahni, Will Cordeiro, and Patrick Yoergler; fiction by Nancy Welch, Dan Pope, and Michael Deagler; and nonfiction by R Dean Johnson and Jon Volkmer. Learn more...


crazyhorse spring 2020 Crazyhorse

Number 97, Spring 2020
The Spring 2020 issue is here and it features the winner of the Crazyshorts! Short-Short Fiction Competition (“Spinning Stories” by Bailey Cunningham) alongside outstanding stories, essays, and poems by Rebecca Morgan Frank, Afabwaje Kurian, Iheoma Nwachukwu, W. Scott Olsen, Ira Sukrungruang, Amy M. Alvarez, Ansley Clark, Charlie Clark, Ryan Collins, Luciana Jazmín Coronado, Josh English, Alice Friman, Matthias Göritz, Joseph Harms, Kasey Jueds, Leslie Adrienne Miller, Doug Ramspeck, Jane Springer, Zach Savich, M. A. Vizsolyi, Ross White, and more. Learn more...


crazyhorse spring 2020 Hole in the Head Review

Issue 3, August 2020 online
In issue 3: new work from Betsy Sholl, Charles Simic, Наталья Ершова, Alison Harville, Amalia Galdona Broche, Patrick Cole, Dawn Potter, Linda Aldrich, Janet Powers, Peter Bruno, Jaina Cipriano, Alice B. Fogel, Greg Clary, Richard Heckler, and many others. Michael Hettich interviews Denise Duhamel. In commentary: Baron Wormser. Learn more...


upstreet 2020 upstreet

Number 16, 2020
In this issue of upstreet, Vivian Dorsel interviews David Jauss. Fiction by Joseph Bathanti, Lee Martin, Midge Raymond, and more; nonfiction by Mason Cashman, Barbara Haas, Jericho Parms, and others; and poetry by Jennifer Barber, Vincent Bell, Patricia Clark, Cynthia Cruz, Rachel Hadas, Pamela Hart, Richard Jones, Daniel Lawless, Yehoshua November, D. Nurkse, Elaine Sexton, Alan Shapiro, Donna Baier Stein, Kirmen Uribe, Anton Yakovlev, Bill Zavatsky, and many more. Learn more...


Barrow Street

Spring 2020



Magazines Received July 27, 2020

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bellevue literary review spring summer 2020 Bellevue Literary Review

Issue 38, Spring/Summer 2020
Issue 38 of the Bellevue Literary Review (BLR) came together just as NYC and Bellevue Hospital were in the throes of the Covid-19 pandemic. Some of the BLR staff were alternating N95 masks with red pens, balancing patient-care with literary work. But the issue made it to the presses and is packed with good reads. It features the winners of the 2020 BLR Literary Prizes. The poems, essays, and stories in this issue travel from China to Texas to Tehran, from small town to big city, from World War I-era to the present. Stay tuned for Issue 39, coming in the fall, whose theme is “Reading the Body.” Learn more...


radar poetry july 2020 Radar Poetry

Issue 26, July 2020 online
Patrick Deeley, Dante DiStefano, Sarah Dravec, Maggie Graber, Strummer Hoffston, Jen Jabaily-Blackburn, Virginia Konchan, Peter Leight, Martha McCollough, Caely McHale, and Jessica Morey-Collins. Artwork by Michael Boehnker, Danielle Kerese, Honour Mack, Karyna McGlynn, Rebecca McHale, Gail Spaien, Don Stahl, and Isaac Fletcher Weiss. Learn more...


southern humanities review summer 2020 Southern Humanities Review

Volume 53 Number 2, Summer 2020
In this issue, find nonfiction by Charlotte Taylor Fryar and A. Molotkov; fiction by Kim Bradley, Judith Dancoff, Janis Hubschman, Jeff McLaughlin, and Ann Russell; and poetry by Joseph Bathanti, James Ciano, Bryce Lillmars, Esther Lin, Derek Mong, Christina Olson, Lee Peterson, L. Renée, Kristin Robertson, Mara Adamitz Scrupe, Wesley Sexton, and Annie Wodford. Learn more...


terrain july 2020

July 2020 online
New in July on, find poety by Kim Parko, Anna B. Sutton, Dean Rader, and Andrea Cohen; nonfiction by Meg Mills-Novoa, Jason BreMiller, Samantha Scibelli, and Lucy Bryan; and fiction by Susan M. Gaines. Plus, Matthew Cooperman reviews Joshua McKinney’s Small SillionLearn more...



Summer 2020


Magazines Received July 20, 2020

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biostories 2019 bioStories

Volume 9 Issue 1, 2019 online
The latest issue of bioStories introduces readers to the survivors of wars and the survivors of accidents, transports them to homeless shelters and hospitals, onto urban campuses and within rural farmhouses, and invites them to live briefly alongside occupants of cramped Brooklyn apartments and Southwest desert trailer parks. Work by Steven Beckwith, J. Malcolm Garcia, Jay Bush, Gary Fincke, Tracy Youngblom, Kirk Boys, Devorah Uriel, Mario Loprete, Flo Gelo, Susan D. Bernstein, Sara Birch, Rosanne Trost, and more. Learn more...


macguffin spring summer 2020 The MacGuffin

Volume 36 Number 2, Spring/Summer 2020
Evan D. Williams’ Escape Risk on the cover of The MacGuffin’s Volume 36.2 charts a vivid route out via literature of whatever quarantine situation you may find yourself trapped in. Journey to a new home and a new job in Mark Halpern’s “Would You Like Fries with That?,” or head out on a cinematic cross-country trek with grandma in Jordan J.A. Hill’s “Marching Towards Golgotha.” Matthew Olzmann—guest judge of this year’s Poet Hunt contest—is highlighted in a short feature that begins on p. 101, while Erin Schalk’s gouache, ink, and wax form a vibrant mid-volume oasis. Learn more...


salamander summer 2020 Salamander

Number 50, Summer 2020
Featuring poetry by Rajiv Mohabir, Emily O’Neill, Rose McLarney, Sebastián Hasani Páramo, and many more; translations by Martha Collins, Nguyen Ba Chung, and Sergey Gerasimov; fiction by Anne Kilfoyle, Matthew Wamser, Olivia Wolfgang-Smith, and Joanna Pearson; creative nonfiction by Kathryn Nuernberger; artwork by Emily Forbes; and reviews by Joseph Holt, Mike Good, Katie Sticca, and Brandel France de Bravo. Learn more...


sky island journal summer 2020 Sky Island Journal

Issue 13, Summer 2020 online
Sky Island Journal’s stunning 13th issue features poetry, flash fiction, and creative nonfiction from contributors around the globe. Accomplished, well-established authors are published—side by side—with fresh, emerging voices. Readers are provided with a powerful, focused literary experience that transports them: one that challenges them intellectually and moves them emotionally. Always free to access, and always free from advertising, discover what over 70,000 readers in 145 countries already know; the finest new writing is here, at your fingertips. Learn more...



Asterism: an undergraduate literary journal

Volume 4, 2020



Magazines Received July 13, 2020

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cleaver magazine issue 30 Cleaver Magazine

Issue 30, Midsummer 2020 online
This issue features art by Madeline Rile Smith, a visual narrative by Emily Steinberg, and an essay on the art of Jan Powell by Melanie Carden. Also in this issue: short stories by Reilly Joret, Elaine Crauder, Melissa Brook, and Marion Peters Denard; flash by Susan Tacent, Brenna Womer, Michelle Ephraim, Leonard Kress, Charles Holdefer, Jamie Alliotts, and Jan Stinchcomb; and poetry by Roy Bentley, Stella Hayes, Mirande Bissell, and Jaewon Chang. Learn more...


concho river review spring summer 2020 Concho River Review

Volume 34 Number 1, Spring/Summer 2020
This issue is dedicated to Dr. Terry Dalrymple, the founding editor of CRR. It includes fiction by Peter Barlow, Michael Fitzgerald, Kenneth Hinegardner, and K.K. Roeder; nonfiction by Michael Cohen, Lucie Barron Eggleston, Chuck Taylor, and Christopher Thorton; and poetry by Barbara Astor, Roy Bentley, Jonathan Bracker, Matthew Brennan, Holly Day, Alexis Ivy, Ken Meisel, Alita Pirkopf, Maureen Sherbondy, Travis Stephens, Marc Swan, Loretta Diane Walker, Francine Witte, and more. Learn more...


plume july 2020 Plume

Issue 107, July 2020 online
This month’s Featured Selection: “Caliche Sand and Clay: Five Albuquerque Poets” with work by and interviews with Jenn Givhan, Felecia Caton Garcia, Michelle Otero, Rebecca Aronson, and Hilda Raz. In Essays & Comment: “It’s Called the Renaissance, You Know, or The Soul Sibling Report” by David Kirby. Fred Marchant reviews Ledger by Jane Hirschfield. This month’s poetry selections include Scott Harney, Sandra McPherson, Sydney Lea, Linda Pastan, Grace Schulman, Bruce Cohen, Alice Friman, and others. Learn more...


ruminate summer 2020 Ruminate

Issue 55, Summer 2020
Issue 55 examines how we are individually or collectively Under Pressure—in our relationships, in our communities, in our world. Art by Taraneh Hemami and Kathryn Clark; nonfiction by Jackie Connelly and Melanie S. Smith; fiction by Arthur Diamond and Danilo John Thomas; and poetry by Amy Gong Liu, Stephanie Chang, Casey Patrick, Jeff Whitney, Kelly Weber, Todd Dillard, Zack Rybak, Hailey Higdon, and Chris Haven. Learn more...


seneca review spring 2020 Seneca Review

Volume 50 Number 1, Spring 2020
Our 50th Anniversary Issue, ON ANXIETY, is guest edited by Joe Wenderoth. Featuring poems and essays by Mary Ruefle, Graham Foust, Jamil Jan Kochai, Kitty Liang, Immanuel Mifsud, Amie Zimmerman, Lake Angela, Judy Bertelsen, Laura Brun, Eric Burger, Mike Carlson, Curtis D'Costa, Gregory W. Duby, Chris Erickson, Dylan Godwin, William Greene, Patricia Killelea, Don Krieger, Marek Kulig, Renee Lepreau, David Lewitzky, Marit MacArthur, Jason Morphew, Jesse Nissim, Masin Persina, Chen Rong, Leona Sevick, Linda Umans, Matthew Vollmer, Ruth Ward, Richard Weaver, Joe Wenderoth, marc t. wise, Lily Wong, Jessica Yuan, and more. Cover art and design by Abigail Frederick. Learn more...


Mud Season Review

Number 50, June 2020 online



Magazines Received July 06, 2020

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brilliant flash fiction Brilliant Flash Fiction

Issue 26, June 2020 online
Now on the Brilliant Flash Fiction website: new flash by Darcy Casey, Laura Bailey, Anthony Keers, Rimma Kranet, Kate Lunn-Pigula, Yongsoo Park, David Bassano, Dona McCormack, Christian McCulloch, and Cyan James.  Learn more...


cape rock volume 48 The Cape Rock

Volume 48, 2020
The latest issue of The Cape Rock features new poetry by Caroline Mann, Mark Christhilt, Rachel Tramonte, Carol Levin, Diana Becket, Olivia Vittitow, Nathan Graziano, Elian JRF Wiseblatt, Mukund Gnanadesikan, Daisy Bassen, Christine Donat, Barry Peters, Michael Estabrook, Holly Day, Dick Bentley, Liz Bruno, Sandra Sylvia Nelson, Phillip Sterling, Tobi Alfier, Martina Reisz Newberry, Donna Emerson, James K. Zimmerman, Chase Dimock, David M. Taylor, Seward Ward, Judith Cody, Sharon Kennedy-Nolle, Arlene Naganawa, and Simon Perchik. Learn more...


dogwood volume 19Dogwood

Volume 19, 2020
The nonfiction in this issue asks difficult questions regarding the nature of power, self-concept, and family story; the stories explore the construction of self against one’s own misperceptions; and the poems callus toward our own inferiorities refracted by multi-layered experiences of loss and death. Nonfiction by Rhonda Zimlich, Madeline Kramer, and Tatiana Schlote-Bonne; poetry by Fay Dillof, Diana Woodcock, Kevin McLellan, Tori Sharpe, Jackleen Hlton, Steve Lautermilch, Veronica Kornberg, McKenzie Hurder, Bret Shepard, Jennifer Barber, Tara Mesalik MacMahon, Xiao Yue Shan, Kosrof Chantikian, George Looney, and Jessie Sobey; and fiction by Rebecca Timson, Jennifer Lee, and Hillary Moses Mohaupt. Learn more...


driftwood press july 2020Driftwood Press

Volume 7 Number 2, July 2020 online
Featured in our latest issue is the 2020 In-House Contest winning story "Trash Man" by Jessica Holbert alongside another story, "The Taxidermist," by Seth Tucker. The poetry in this issue explores the emotional and physical connections to different geographies and technologies, from abandoned lighthouses and frost-covered pastures to half-truth news coverage and Harry Potter. Wrapping up the issue are visual arts and comics by Coz Frimpong, Geoffrey Detrani, Yi-hui Huang, Aimee Cozza, and Jason Hart. Learn more...


florida review volume 44 number 1 The Florida Review

Volume 44 Number 1, 2020
The spring issue includes our 2019 Editors' Awards winners Kirk Wilson, Aurielle Marie, and Eleanor Bluestein. With additional work by Billy Collins, Angelo R. Lacuesta and Roy Allen Martinez, Jennifer Popa, Yasmeen Alkishawi, Gabriel Thibodeau, and others. Learn more...


kenyon review july august 2020 Kenyon Review

Volume 42 Number 4, July/August 2020
The July/Aug issue of the Kenyon Review offers fiction chosen by guest editor Angie Cruz. Featured authors include Samia Ahmed, Yalitza Ferreras, Katherinna Mar, Cleyvis Natera, and Namrata Poddar. In her introduction, Cruz writes "When I reread the stories featured in this issue, I find solace in them. They serve as evidence or reminders that as a collective, as members of the global community, everything we are feeling and experiencing now is both temporary and ongoing." The new issue also includes work by Dan Beachy-Quick, Stephanie Burt, Floyd Collins, Nicola Dixon, Rodney Jones, Stanley Plumly, Grace Schulman, and Arthur Sze. Learn more...


lake july 2020 The Lake

July 2020 online
The July issue is now online featuring Ken Autry, William Bonfiglio, David Callin, Kitty Coles, Eileen Walsh Duncan, Maren O. Mitchell, Ronald Moran, Sherry Rind, Robert Ronnow, Jill Sharp, Sarah White. Reviews of Claire Walker’s Collision and Oisín Breen’s Flowers All Sorts in Blossom, Figs, Berries and Fruits Forgotten. Also features a tribute to Eavan Boland.  Learn more...


massachusetts review summer 2020 The Massachusetts Review

Volume 61 Number 2, Summer 2020
In this issue, find featured fiction by Alexandra Kulik & Julian Senn-Raemont and Nia Imara; essays by Allison Grimaldi Donahue and Miljenko Jergović; and poetry by Diamond Forde, Chelsea B. Desautels, Ryan Mihaly, and Thomas Tranströmer. Also in this issue: Juan Vitulli, Mukhtar Magauin, Doug Ramspeck, Emmalie Dropkin, Nicole Gonzalez, GennaRose Nethercott, David Moolten, Kathleen Winter, Steven Cramer, and many more. Learn more...


new england review v41 n2 New England Review

Volume 41 Number 2, 2020
The summer issue extends deep into the past, with translations from ancient Greek, historical fiction featuring Alfred Nobel, and an essay/collage about Virginia Woolf and Elizabeth Bowen. It imagines the future with speculative fiction, and crosses the Atlantic to bring together 15 contemporary poets from the UK. Fiction by Hugh Coyle, Rachel Hall, Laura Schmitt, and more; poetry by Emma Bolden, Jehanne Dubrow, David Keplinger, Esther Lin, Joannie Stangeland, and others; and nonfiction by Indran Amirthanayagam, Zoë Dutka, and more. In translations, find work by Gemma Gorga, Alberto Prunetti, and others. Cover art by Deric Ch'ng. Learn more...



The Midwest Quarterly

Volume 61 Number 3, Spring 2020
This special issue, guest edited by Judy B. Smetana, features work by faculty of the Kansas Technology Center at Pittsburg State University. Work by Andrew Klenke, Erin O’Brien Jordan, Tatiana Goris, Terrance Pierce, Randy Winzer, and more.

Southwest Review

Volume 105 Number 1, Spring 2020


Magazines Received June 29, 2020

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georgia review summer 2020 The Georgia Review

Volume 74 Number 2, Summer 2020
Featuring new writing from Garrett Hongo, Aimee Nezhukumatathil, Laura van den Berg, A. E. Stallings, and many other exciting voices! Original translations of poetic works by Hisham Bustani and Shuzo Takiguchi. Illustrated features on the theme “Shelter in Place,” by Lindsey Bailey, Kaytea Petro, and Bishakh Som. Cover art and portfolio by Doron Langberg. This issue is not to be missed—read selected online features today! Learn more...


iowa review summer 2020 The Iowa Review

Volume 50 Number 1, Spring 2020
In this issue: birthday cake, auctioneering school, the 2018 Hawaii false missile alert, a male masseuse in Kanagawa Prefecture, a love performance, the winner of the 2019 David Hamilton Prize for Iowa Review Alumni, and tributes to Connie Brothers. Learn more...


missouri review spring 2020 Missouri Review

Volume 43 Number 1, Spring 2020
“Elemental Force.” Inside: The 2019 Jeffrey E. Smith Editors’ Prize winners, and Stephanie Carpenter on Little Women and Louisa May Alcott. Featuring John Balaban, Nathan Greenberg, Daniel Hornsby, Melissa Studdard, Diana Xin, Javier Zamora, and many more. Learn more...


sleet magazine summer 2020 Sleet Magazine

Summer 2020
Sleet Magazine's slim Summer Edition has arrived! We promise you will not be disappointed; the pieces have heart and guts. Proud to showcase work by poets B. Baumgart, L. Castle, M. Dillon, J. Palen, O. Umukoro; Fiction by E. Ferrell, P. Sterling, SF Wright, K. Skiles Law; and CNF by A. Schur and W. Thornton.  Learn more...


New Letters

Volume 85 Number 3, 2020

Southwest Review

Volume 104 Number 4, 2019

Thriller Magazine

Volume 3 Issue 1, June 2020 online
This issue features short stories that will leave readers on the edge of their seat and some amazing artwork. Chris Fortunato, Michael Bracken, John Grey, J.B. Stevens, Mary Kowalchyk, Peter DiChellis, Kolby Diaz, G. Wayne Ashbee, J.B. Stevens, Arthur Davis, and A.R. Bender.



Magazines Received June 22, 2020

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briar cliff review 2020 The Briar Cliff Review

Volume 32, 2020
The 2020 issue of The Briar Cliff Review explores themes of violence, disconnectedness, and the legacy of slavery. Find poetry by Jed Myers, Claude Wilkinson, AE Hines, Lindy Obach, Doug Rampseck, Laura Stott, Melanie Krieps Mergen, Mary Fitzpatrick, Dar Hurni, and more; fiction by Deac Etherington, Carrie Callaghan, Nahal Suzanne Jamir, Christine Bagley, and Danielle Holmes; and nonfiction by Karen Holmberg, Ryan McCarl, Phillip Hurst, Bill Marsh, and Sarah Curtis. Plus, two book reviews and pages of art. Learn more...


presence 2020 Presence

In the 2020 issue, we feature poets Sean Thomas Dougherty and Angela Alaimo O’Donnell. Also in this issue: translated work by María Eugenia Vaz Ferreira, Laura Chalar, Julio Herrera y Reissig, Federico García Lorca, Lucía Estrada, Fina García Marruz, and more; poetry by Ann Applegarth, Collin Becker, Aaron Brown, Ann Cefola, Paola Corso, Susan Cowger, Janet McCann, Stephen Paling, Skip Renker, and others; and interviews with Christian Wiman and Paul Mariani. There is a lot more to discover in this issue, including an “in memoriam” section, book reviews, and a “life’s work” section. Learn more...


rathalla review spring 2020 Rathalla Review

Spring 2020
The Spring 2020 issue features work by Timothy Dodd, Liam Strong, Thad DeVassie, Nathan Spoon, Isaac W Sauer, Henry Stimpson, Jeffery H. MacLachlan, Phillip Sterling, Adam Luebke, and Bina Ruchi Perino. Learn more...


shore poetry summer 2020 The Shore Poetry

Issue 6, Summer 2020
The summer issue of The Shore features dazzling poetry by: Catherine Pierce, Kim Harvey, Beth Gylys, Joshua Garcia, Sara Moore Wagner, Kristi Maxwell, Dillon Thomas Jones, Matthew Bruce, Lorrie Ness, C.C.Russell, Travis Truax, Stanley Princewill McDaniels, Njoku Nonso, Erin Rodoni, Phillip Sterling, William Doreski, Emma Alexandrov, Jay Kophy, Ajay Kumar, David Greenspan, Carolyn Supinka, Carlo Rey Lascamana, Maya Lowy, John Sibley Williams, Amanda Pendley, Dorsía Smith Silva, Adedayo Adeyemi Agarau, Brooke Sahni, Caroline Shea, Luke Johnson, Liza Katz Duncan, Connie Wasem Scott, Brenda Edgar, Michael Lauchlan & Natalie Shapero! It also features striking art by Katie Delaney & Cleo Jones. Learn more...


thema summer 2020 THEMA

Volume 32 Number 2, Summer 2020
For the Summer 2020 issue, writers and artists explore the theme “The Clumsy Gardener.” See how Sarah Gramelspacher, Charlotte Stacey, John Delaney, Madonna Dries Christensen, Virginia McGee Butler, Donna Aycock Meares, Richard D. Key, Eric Paul Shaffer, Lynda Fox, Lisa Timpf, Ilene Dube, J. Ivanel Johnson, Erica Verrillo, Trina Gaynon, Jessica Needham, DS Maolalai, Jill M. Clark, Ed Ruzicka, and Linda Griffin interpret the theme. Learn more...


American Book Review

Volume 41 Number 3, March/April 2020

Cream City Review

Volume 44 Number 1, Spring/Summer 2020

Full Bleed

Issue 4, 2020

Lake Effect

Volume 24, Spring 2020

Shift: A Journal of Literary Oddities

Issue 2, 2020


Magazines Received June 08, 2020

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fiction southeast may 2020 Fiction Southeast

May 2020 online
New last month on the Fiction Southeast website, work by Marianne Rogoff, Robin Littell, L. Vocem, Charles Grosel, James William Gardner, Daren Dean, Serena Ferrari, and Robert Solomon. Learn more...


plume june 2020 Plume

Number 106, June 2020 online
This month’s featured selection: Reginald Dwayne Betts: On Art, Poetry, the Particular Fucked Up Parts of Incarceration, and the Multitudes of I. Work by the poet is introduced with an interview by Amanda Newell. In the Essays & Comment section, find “Rescuing Ourselves” by Celia Bland. Chelsea Wagenaar reviews Sara Wainscott’s Insecurity System. Also in this issue, find poetry by Danielle Blau, Christopher Buckley. Steven Cramer, Jane Springer, Kim Dower, Maxine Scates, Ralph Culver, Bruce Beasley, and more. Learn more...


poetry may 2020 Poetry

Volume 216 Number 2, May 2020
In the May 2020 issue of Poetry, find work by A.E. Stallings, Perry Janes, Raymond Antrobus, Mary Ruefle, D. M. Spratley, Desirée Alvarez, Kelle Groom, Kayleb Rae Candrilli, Safia Elhillo, Janice N. Harrington, Zakia El-Marmouke, Eileen Myles, Lupe Mendez, TC Tolbert, Karen Skofield, Daniel Poppick, Jennifer Barber, Inua Ellams, Stuart Barnes, Travis Nichols & Jason Novak, Kyle Carrero Lopez, Ricki Cummings, Dean Browne, Jennifer L. Knox, Jayme Ringleb, Gerard Malanga, Helen Mort, and Srikanth Reddy. Plus, Vidyan Ravinthrian in the Comment section. Learn more...


Kissing Dynamite: A Journal of Poetry

Issue 18, June 2020 online

The Light Ekphrastic

Issue 42, May 2020 online


Spring 2020

Puerto Del Sol

Volume 55 Number 1, Spring 2020

Magazines Received June 01, 2020

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the lake june 2020 The Lake

Issue 33, May 2020 online
The June issue is now online featuring Sheila Bender, Phillip Henry Christopher, Robert Eccleston, Edilson Ferreira, Mercedes Lawry, Bruce Morton, David Olson, Carolyn Oulton, J. R. Solonche, Hana Yun-Stevens, Nwuguru Chidiebere Sullivan, Tanner. Reviews of Matthew Caley’s Trawlerman’s Turquoise and The Valley Press Anthology of Prose Poetry.  Learn more...


pembroke magazine 2020 Pembroke Magazine

Number 52, 2020
This issue contains poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction by emerging and established authors from the US and abroad. A young mother struggling to nurse trades notes with a gorilla; a Midwesterner finds a bathing suit in a sock drawer that whisks his mind back to a Grecian beach; a woman desperately seeks to return to her home at the edge of the world; a man takes a manic road trip with his schizophrenic uncle; a couple in a gated community is saddled with the job of maintaining an exalted lawn; a woman flees a California wildfire for a holy site near Albuquerque; and much more. Cover art by Margie Labadie. Learn more... may 2020

May 2020 online
New last month on poetry by Charlotte Pence, Michael Daley, Maryann Corbett, Lois P. Jones, Elizabeth Jacobson, Traci Brimhall, Sharon Dolin, Beth Paulson, Alison Hawthorne Deming, and Dennis Held; nonfiction by Andrew Furman and Gretchen VanWormer; and fiction by Amy Barker. Learn more...


wraparound south spring 2020 Wraparound South

May 2020 online
In this issue: fiction by Auguste Budhram, Ace Boggess, Martha Keller, H.W. Walker, Catherine Day, and Michael Wade; nonfiction by Paul Bryant, Catherine Vance, James Garrison, and Avis Kennedy; and poetry by James Whyshynski, Sallie Hess, and Donna Isaac. Art by Alice Stone-Collins. Learn more...



Against the Current

Number 206, May/June 2020


Volume 49 Number 1, Spring/Summer 2020


Issue 24, June 2020 online
In this issue, we are extremely proud to feature the extraordinary poetry and prose of Laura Mullen, D. A. Powell, Lewis Warsh, Joel Chace, Benjamin Paloff, Shevaun Brannigan, Alexandra Egan, Amy Strauss Friedman, Karen Holman, Rich Ives, and Laura Walker, alongside  text + image by Rick Pieto, and visual art by Susana Amundaraín, Alex Stark, and Frank Whipple.


Magazines Received May 26, 2020

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adroit journal may 2020 The Adroit Journal

Issue 33, May 2020 online
The May 2020 issue is here with poetry by Jenny George, Arthur Sze, Jessica Abughattas, Melissa Crowe, Jamaica Baldwin, C.X. Hua, Kara van de Graaf, Hala Alyan, Mark Wunderlich, Raymond Antrobus, Stephanie Chang, Max McDonough, James McKenna, David Roderick, Todd Dillard, Brian Tierney, James Longenbach, and more; prose by Scott Broker, Alyssa Proujansky, Maura Pellettieri, and Mina Hamedi, with a prose feature by Dima Alzayat. Conversations with Lelia Chatti, C Pam Zhang, Rick Barot, and Philip Metres. Plus the Bucknell Seminar for Undergraduate Pets 2020 Cohort Feature including Helli Fang, Eileen Huang, Grace Pursel, Heath Wooten, Lily Lauver, Miyah Powe, and more. Learn more...


baltimore review spring 2020 The Baltimore Review

Spring 2020 online
The Spring issue features poems, fiction, and creative nonfiction by: John Blair, Shevaun Brannigan, Naomi Cohn, Jeannine Hall Gailey, Katherine Gekker, Matthew Henry, R. Dean Johnson, Yume Kitasei, Andrew Kozma, Avra Margariti, Rita Mookerjee, Glen Pourciau, Ellen Skirvin, David Urbina, and M. Drew Williams. Learn more...


carve magazine spring 2020 Carve Magazine

Spring 2020
This issue includes short stories by and interviews with Ashley Hand, Chris Vanjonack, Reece McCormack, and David J. Wingrave; poetry by Kimberly Thornton, Andrew Szilvasy, Bruce Lowry, Ryan Meyer, and Jose Hernandez Diaz; and nofiction by Gregg Williard and Greg Oldfield. Find Prose & Poetry Contest Winners Nancy Ludmerer, Sarah Sousa, and Jason M. Glover. Plus, Daynee Alejandra Rosales in “Decline/Accept,” Gina Williams as our “One to Watch” interviewed by John Sibley Williams, and illustrations by Justin Burks. Learn more...


cave wall spring 2020 Cave Wall

Number 16, Winter 2019/Spring 2020
The latest issue includes poetry by Lisa Zimmerman, Sally Rosen Kindred, Jennifer Bullis, Carolyn Oliver, Andrea Potos, Michael McFee, Patricia Clark, Cathy Smith Bowers, Kevin Phan, Natasha Saje, Maggie Smith, Lesley Wheeler, Marjorie Stelmach, Brooke Sahni, Corinna McClanahan Schroeder, Lisa Ampleman, Ruth Williams, Amanda Moore, Julie Suk, Arra L. Ross, Maria Isabelle Carlos, Jason Tandon, Stephen Fregh, Michael Waters, Quinn Lewis, Joel Peckham, and Kasey Jueds. Art by Andis Applewhite.  Learn more...


gettysbrug review winter 2019 The Gettysburg Review

Volume 32 Number 4, Winter 2019
The Autumn issue features paintings by Jared Small, fiction by Jennifer Anne Moses, Jared Hanson, Darrell Kinsey, and Sean Bernard; essays by Andrew Cohen, K. Robert Schaeffer, and Christopher Wall; poetry by Jill McDonough, Max Seifert, K. A. Hays, Albert Goldbarth, Mary B. Moore, R. T. Smith, Jill Bialosky, Katharine Whitcomb, Corey Marks, Kimberly Johnson, Margaret Ray, Danusha Laméris, Linda Pastan, Christopher Bakken, Christopher Howell, and Margaret Gibson. Learn more...


malahat review spring 2020The Malahat Review

Volume 210, Spring 2020
Our spring issue showcases the 2020 Open Season Award winners: Joshua Whitehead (cnf), Patrick Grace (poetry), and Ajith Thangavelautham (fiction). Also featured: Manahil Bandukwala, Ayaz Pirani, Christine Wu, Rob Taylor, Edward Carson, Matthew Gwathmey, Tania De Rozario, Hollie Adams, Emi Kodama, Bradley Peters, Kevin Shaw, Emma Wunsch, Glen Downie, Stephanie Harrington, Rachel Jansen, Judy LeBlanc, Joseph Dandurand, and Melissa Spohr Weiss. Yi Zhe translates the work of poets Zhu Jian and Zuo You. Cover art by Jennilee Marigomen. Learn more...



 In These Times

Volume 44 Number 6, June 2020

Korean Quarterly

Volume 23 Number 3, Spring 2020


Volume 48, Spring 2020


Number 22, May 2020 online
Featuring some wonderful poetry and fiction by: Jai Hamid Bashir, Natalie Linh Bolderston, Maia Elsner, Noah Falck, Ambalila Hemsell, Di Jayawickrema, Snigdha Koirala, Anthony Thomas Lombardi, S. Qiouyi Lu, Emily Lee Luan, Aarti Monteiro, Joy Priest, Megan Denton Ray, Aimee Seu, Jessica Q. Stark, Janelle Tan, Emily Yin, Kristen Millares Young.



Magazines Received May 18, 2020

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agni spring 2020 AGNI

Volume 91, Spring 2020
Extending the range. With #91 we welcome a roster of new editors. Collectively chosen work explores impending crises as well as acts of mitigating goodness; elegies marking losses sit side by side with expressions flashing pure surprise. Cover and portfolio artist Christopher Cozier captures the sly globalized vectors of use and misuse, tracing a long history forward to now. Poems by Sandra McPherson, Steven Sanchez, Emily Mohn-Slate, Colin Channer, and others offer the sensory grab of the immediate, as do stories by Shauna Mackay, David Crouse, and Aurko Maitra and essays by Debra Nystrom, Jiaming Tang, and Ann Hood. Learn more...


bitter oleander spring 2020 The Bitter Oleander

Volume 26 Number 1, Spring 2020
The Spring 2020 issue features the contemporary Arizona poet David Chorlton, interviewed by our editor and including a generous selection of poems from his forthcoming book, Speech Scrolls. The issue also presents translations from the fiction of Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen (Portugal); and poetry in translation by Paula Abramo (Mexico), Alberto Blanco (Mexico), Maritza Cino (Ecuador), Andre du Bouchet (France), and Elaine Vilar Madruga (Cuba). New short fiction by Adam Falik, Sharanya Manivannan (India), Linda Wilgus, and Ye Chun. Plus new poetry by Carol Dine, Duane Locke, Ramon Garcia, Imran Boe Khan, Andrea Moorhead, Paul Sohar, Alice Pettway, and John Taylor. Learn more...


bitter oleander spring 2020 The Chattahoochee Review

Volume 40 Number 1, Spring 2020
In this issue, poetry by Ruth Bardon, Mirande Bissell, Darren Demaree, Eli Eliahu, Stuart Gunter, Marlon Hacla, Ted Kooser, Len Krisak, Komal Mathew, T. J. Sandella, Britton Shurley, and more; stories by Margherita Arco, Erin Flanagan, L. A. Harris, John Salter, and Mika Seifert; essays by George Choundas, Catharina Coenen, Sari Fordham, Laurie Woodford; and art by Deedee Cheriel. This issue also features the 2020 Lamar York Prize Winners: Lisa Nikolidakis in Fiction & Rachel Toliver in Nonfiction. Plus, reviews by Michelle Donahue, Charles Gleek, Sadia Hassan, and Natalie Sypolt. Learn more...


zone 3 spring 2020 Zone 3

Volume 35 Number 1, Spring 2020
The Spring 2020 issue includes poetry by Darius Atefat-Peckham, Colin Bailes, Brian Bender, Daniel Biegelson, Christopher Citro, Lynn Domina, Alexandria Hall, Lauren Hilger, Angie Macri, Martha McCollough, A. Molotkov, Kell Nelson, Amy Seifried, Pui Ying Wong, and more; fiction by James Braun, Janice Deal, Tammy Delatorre, Maura Stanton, and Terry Thomas; nonfiction by Rebecca McClanahan, Katherine Schaefer, and William Thompson, and art by Khari Turner. Learn more...



American Poetry Review

Volume 49 Nuber 3, May/June 2020

Arc Poetry Magazine

Spring 2020

The Gay & Lesbian Review

Volume 27 Number 3, May-June 2020

Louisiana Literature

Volume 37 Number 1, 2020

Santa Monica Review

Volume 32 Number 1, Spring 2020



Magazines Received May 11, 2020

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boulevard spring 2020 Boulevard

Numbers 104 & 105, Spring 2020
In this issue: the winning essay from the 2019 Nonfiction Contest by Emi Nietfeld. An interview featuring Téa Obreht. A new fiction piece by Joyce Carol Oates, and a story by Mary Troy. The winning poems from the 2019 Poetry Contest by A.D. Lauren-Abunassar. A collection translated by Yifei Wu of the initial days of the Wuhan quarantine. Fiction by Devin Thomas O’Shea, Jiesung Diana Park, and John Biguenet; poetry from Mark Aiello, Leila Chatti, Diana M. Chien, Jose Hernandez Diaz, Owen McLeod, John Sibley Williams, and more; essays by Jan Bridgeford-Smith, James McGovern, and others; and a symposium on the economics of writing in a free content era. Learn more...


kenyon review may june 2020 The Kenyon Review

Volume 42 Number 3, May/June 2020
The May/June 2020 issue features the sixth edition of “Nature’s Nature” including twenty-nine new works by eighteen poets, selected by Poetry Editor David Baker. Featured contributors include: Madhur Anand, Elizabeth Bradfield, Stephanie Burt, Stuart Dischell, Rebecca Morgan Frank, Paul Guest, Christian Gullette, Leslie Harrison, Didi Jackson, Devin Johnston, Joanna Klink, Phillis Levin, Leslie Adrienne Miller, Carol Muske-Dukes, Atsuro Riley, Nicole Stockburger, Hannah VanderHart, and Shelley Wong. This issue also includes new works of fiction by Justine Champine, Brianna Johnson, Etkin K.C., Sanam Mahloudji, and Judy Troy. Learn more...


seneca review fall 2019Seneca Review

Volume 49 Number 2,Fall 2019
Poems and essays by Carl Dennis, Donald Revell, Katrina Vandenberg, Adam Clay, Lyllian-Yvonne Bertram, Karen Brennan, James Longenbach, Joshua Marie Wilkinson, Tyler Mills, Katharine Coles, Maya Pindyck, Emma Bolden, Geneviève Paiement, Timothy O'Keefe, Leah Poole Osowski, Matthew Vollmer, Rachel Marston, David P. Miller, Merridawn Duckler, Elton Glaser, Naomi Washer, Collin Callahan, Rebecca Weiner Tompkins, Matthew J.C. Clark, Daniel Schonning, and Kelly Weber. Cover art by David Ruhlman. Learn more...


sky island journal april 2020 Sky Island Journal

Issue 12, Spring 2020 online
Sky Island Journal’s stunning 12th issue features poetry, flash fiction, and creative nonfiction from contributors around the globe. Accomplished, well-established authors are published—side by side—with fresh, emerging voices. Readers are provided with a powerful, focused literary experience that transports them: one that challenges them intellectually and moves them emotionally. Always free to access, and always free from advertising, discover what over 60,000 readers in 145 countries already know; the finest new writing is here, at your fingertips. Learn more...



Aji Magazine

Spring 2020 online
Discover sculpture born of childhood fantasy, tales of loss and betrayal, stories of glory days, poems celebrating new love, old grief, the beauty of a summer afternoon, or the aftermath of a hurricane. Welcome to an incredible issue packed with wisdom, humor, regret, all the varied fruits of backward reflection.

Mud Season Review

Issue 49, May 2020 online

Sierra Magazine

Volume 105 Number 3, May/June 2020



Magazines Received May 04, 2020

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about place may 2020About Place Journal

Volume 6 ISsue 1, May 2020 online
“Practices of Hope” showcases creative processes as ways of making change. The pieces in this issue of About Place ask: How can creative practice allow us to feel and act differently? How can we invent new collaborations and new embodiment practices for humans and other fellow creatures? What can speculative, non-realist, and hybrid forms mean for eco-arts? How can we imagine a different future with more of us in it? What hope can we afford? What hope do we need? Together, we reach for art that activates new relationships to embodiment, climate crisis, species extinction, and environmentally located social pressures. Learn more...


brevity may 2020Brevity

Issue 64, May 2020 online
This issue’s featured authors include Brian Turner, Sue William Silverman, Kristine Langley Mahler, Carly Anderson, Laurie Rachkus Uttich, Sara Ryan, Tyler Mills, Julie Marie Wade, Melissa Grunow, Katy Mullins, Will Howard, Lisa Lanser Rose, Michelle Myers, Kailyn McCord, and B. Bilby Garton. Plus, beautiful photography by Christina Brobby. Learn more...


hole in the head review may 2020Hole in the Head Review

Volume 1 Number 2, May 2020 online
The second issue of Hole in the Head Review includes poetry by Richard Blanco, David Weiss, Marilyn A. Johnson, Kenneth Rosen, Mimi White, Marie Harris, Kimberly Cloutier Green, and visual art from Eva Goetz, Jere DeWaters, Jacob Bond Hessler, Garrett Speirs, and Charter Weeks. Plus tattoo art by Bhagavan Das Shyam Lescault and much, much more. Learn more...


lake may 2020The Lake

May 2020 online
The May issue is now online featuring Jerrice J. Baptiste, Zoe Brooks, Holly Day, George Franklin, Nels Hanson, Jennifer A. McGowan, Warren Mortimer, Leah Mueller, Samuel Prince, Elaine Reardon, David Mark Williams, Rodney Wood, Abigail Ardelle Zammit. Reviews of Emma Lee’s The Significance of a Dress and Rachael Burns's, a girl in a blue dressLearn more...


plume may 2020Plume

Issue 105, May 2020 online
This month’s Featured Selection includes work by and an interview with Fleda Brown. In nonfiction, David Kirby writes “Getting Stabbed Kidna Takes the Fight Out of Ya.” Chelsea Wagenaar interviews The Museum of Small Bones by Miho Nonaka. This month’s poetry selections include Steven Cramer, Wendy Barker, Terese Svoboda, Maurice Manning, Mark Irwin, Jane Springer, Hélène Cardona, Jim Daniels, Floyd Skloot, Denise Duhamel, Angie Estes, and more. Learn more...


southern humanities review spring 2020Southern Humanities Review

Volume 53 Number 1, Spring 2020
In this issue, find nonfiction by Diane Mehta and Heather Corrigan Phillips; fiction by Raima Evan, Dewaine Farria, Trudy Lewis, and Dara Passano; and poetry by Catherine Carter, Julie Choffel, Catherine Esther Cowie, Jane Craven, Caleb Curtiss, Janice N. Harrington, Andrew Hemmert, Clay Matthews, Elizabeth Lindsey Rogers, Molly Tenenbaum, Lena Khalaf Tuffaha, and Jaime Zuckerman. Learn more...


superstition review spring 2020Superstition Review

Issue 25, Spring 2020
The latest issue of Superstition Review offers art by Richard McVetis, fiction by Janelle Bassett, nonfiction by Marina Hatsopoulos, poetry by Grant Clauser, and interview with Roy G. Guzmán. Learn more...


tiger moth review may 2020The Tiger Moth Review

Issue 4, May 2020 online
Visit The Tiger Moth Review for Issue 4, featuring work by Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé, Tara Menon, Nsah Mala, Noriko Nakada, Sabrina Ito, Jikang Liu, Prasanthi Ram, Ang Xia Yi, Rachel Kuanneng Lee, Michael Garrigan, Lois Marie Harrod, Jennifer MacBain-Stephens, Remi Recchia, Kanika Lawton, Jade Riordan, Nathalie Kuroiwa-Lewis, Bernice Chauly, Sivaraj Pragasm, Rizwan Akhtar, Joe Balaz, Mario Loprete, Edrie Corbit, Nisha Bolsey, Thomas Bacon, Fiona Jones, Geralyn Pinto, and Kendrick Loo. Learn more...


valley voices spring 2020Valley Voices

Volume 20 Number 1, Spring 2020
Visit this special issue on Mississippi. Poetry by George Drew, Jerry W. Ward Jr., Diane Williams, Charle R. Braxton, Kalamu ya Salaam, Angela Ball, Annette C. Boehm, Allison Campbell, Kendall Dunkelberg, and more; articles by John J. Han, Junying Jia, William Ferris, and Cassie Osborne Jr.; nonfiction by Hermine Pinson, Joseph Holt, and Kevin Baggett; and interviews with George Drew and Bennie Mae Fortune Harper. Plus six book reviews. Learn more...


American Book Review

Volume 41 Number 3, March/April 2020

North Dakota Quarterly

Volume 87 Numbers 1/2, Spring/Summer 2020
In this issue: fiction by Andrea Gregory, T. Ben Bryant, Shane Castle, and more; nonfiction by Susan Eve Haar, Michael Cohen, Gary Fincke, Emilee Moeller, and Evan Higgins; and poetry by Brett Stout, Meg Eden, Whitney Waters, AJ Dexter, Kirby Olson, John Cullen, Peter Huff, Steve Lovett, John Blair, John Sibley Williams, Dante Di Stefano, and many others.


April 2020 online
Through April (National Poetry Month), we released an eco folio issue of wildness, featuring work from Inua Ellams, torrin a. greathouse, Joanna C. Valente, and many others.




Magazines Received April 27, 2020

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able muse winter 2019Able Muse

Number 27, Winter 2019
In this issue, find essays by Edward Lee and Tony Whedon; a photographic exhibit from artists around the world on the theme “Hunt”; poetry by Daniel Galef, James Matthew Wilson, Suzanne Noguere, Len Krisak, Katie Hartstock, Alfred Nicol, Barry Abrams, John Philip Drury, and Hailey Leithauser. Featured in this issue are the 2019 Write Prize for Poetry winners and finalists—David MacRae Landon, Amy Bagan, Beth Paulson, and Miriam O’Neal—and the 2019 Write Prize for Fiction Winner Erin Russell. Learn more...


the common spring 2020The Common

Issue 19, Spring 2020
The Common’s Spring 2020 issue features an Arabic Portfolio from Sudan with work by Andel-Ghani Karamalla, Ishraga Mustafa Hamid, Bwader Basheer, Emad Blake, Ahmad Al Malik, Osman al-Houri, Bushra Elfadil, Jamal Aldin Ali Alhaj, Mustafa Mubarak, Lemya Shammat, and Mohamed Badawi Higazi. Also in this issue is fiction by Thoraya El-Rayyes, Catherine Buni, Bina Shah, and more; essays by A. Kendra Greene, Suraj Alva, and Tanya Coke; and poetry by January Gill O’Neil, Emily Leithauser, Megan Pinto, Mira Rosenthal, Tara Skurtu, John Freeman, marcus scott williams, and more. Learn more...


greensboro review spring 2020The Greensboro Review

Number 107, Spring 2020
In this issue: the Robert Watson Literary Prize-winning story, Brendan Egan’s “War Rugs,” and Prize-winning poem, Emily Nason’s “Sertraline,” as well as an Editor’s Note from Terry L. Kennedy and new work from Helen Marie Casey, Janine Certo, Lee Anne Gallaway-Mitchell, Will Hearn, Daniel Liebert, Robert Garner McBrearty, Elisabeth Murawski, Maxine Patroni, David Roderick, Cathy Rose, Neil Serven, and Alice Turski. Learn more...



Inverted Syntax

Issue 2, February 2020
In this issue, we bring our readers conversations that are enlivened when read as a whole, that speak to our deepest subconscious desires about our mortality. Contributors include Kiki Petrosino, Megan Kaminski, Salma Ahmad Caller, Andrea Rexilius, Jessica Fischoff, J Michael Martinez, Shaun Holloway, and more.

Space and Culture

Volume 23 Number 2, May 2020



Magazines Received April 20, 2020

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anomaly april 2020 Anomaly

Number 30, April 2020 online
In the latest issue: comics by Mita Mahato, Kimball Anderson, Jason Hart, Dev Murphy, Coz Frimpong, and Carmen Ribaudo; fiction by Monica Macansantos, John Abbasi, Feliz Moreno, Dara Passano; poetry by Turandot Shayegan, Rodney A. Brown, Oli Isaac, María Lysandra Hernández, Juliette Givhan, Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach, Jacq Greyja, Hussain Ahmed, Hari Alluri, Gabrielle Spear, Fargo Tbakhi, Derek Berry, Ashely Adams, and Angelique Zobitz, Abbigail Baldys; and translated work by Zsuka Nagy, Yan An, João Luís Barreto Guimarães, Verónica G. Arredondo, and Anna Adamowicz. Learn more...


coal hill review winter 2020 Coal Hill Review

Issue 24, Winter 2020 online
The first Coal Hill Review issue of the year shares new voices, such as Brian Clifton and Ann de Forest, as well as their first translated piece written by Henriette Rostrup. Pittsburgh favorites including Joan E. Bauer and Ben Gwin are also in this issue. Learn more...


cumberland river review april 2020 Cumberland River Review

Issue 9 Number 2, April 2020 online
In the new issue of Cumberland River Review, find fiction by Rebecca Reynolds; art by Brooke Shaden; and poetry by Corinna McClanahan Shroeder, E. B. Schnepp, Elisabeth Murawski, David Landon, Alice Friman, Julie L. Moore, Jane O. Wayne, Joannie Stangeland, Pamela Davis, and Beverly Burch. Learn more...


orson’s review april 2020 Orson’s Review

Issue 4, April 2020 online
The latest issue of Orson’s Review includes four new pieces of fiction: “Mia” an excerpt by Kayla Eason, “Run Over Dog” by Brian Moore, “The Kushcopia” by Jordan Dilley, “The Little General,” by Joyce Polance, and “Four Years Later” by Michael Bourne. Learn more...


wordrunner echapbooks 2020 Wordrunner eChapbooks

April 2020 online
The title and cover art for Wordrunner eChapbook's 2020 anthology reflect a future more uncertain than usual, as well as hopefulness -- for we intend to publish more excellent writing in the next decade. It includes fiction by Cathy Cruise, Sam Gridley, Ashley Jeffalone, John P. Loonam, Loren Sundlee and Lazar Trubman; nonfiction by Lisbeth Davidoff, Kandi Maxwell, Eileen Obser and Guinotte Wise; poetry by Michelle Lerner and a prose poem by Robert Clinton. Learn more...



Our Times

Spring 2020

Social Policy

Volume 50 Number 1, Spring 2020


Issue 7, Spring 2020



Magazines Received April 13, 2020

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american poetry journal volume 18 number 1American Poetry Journal

Volume 18 Number 1, 2020 online
The latest issue of American Poetry Journal features work by Terrance Hayes, Philip Metres, Adriana E. Ramírez, Jenn Givhan, Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach, Angela Narciso Torres, Trace DePass, John Sibley Williams, Natalie Tombasco, Jessica Dubey, Cassidy McFadzean, Anthony Thomas Lombardi, and Darby Lyons. Learn more...


apple valley review spring 2020Apple Valley Review

Volume 15 Number 1, Spring 2020 online
Featuring new fiction from Timothy Kenny and poetry from Francesca Gargallo (translated from the Spanish by Dana Delibovi), Carol V. Davis, Robert L. Penick, Eric Stiefel, Trina Gaynon, Stan Sanvel Rubin, Débora Benacot (translated from the Spanish by Margaret Young), and Gail Peck. Cover photograph from Brooklyn by Solomon Laker. Learn more...


mom egg review 2020Mom Egg Review

Volume 18, Spring 2020 online
The 18th annual edition of Mom Egg Review is here, with the theme of “Home.” Back in 2019, we conceived of an issue on the subject. Now, as we shelter in place, we experience new relationships with our dwellings. Is a home a place, a feeling, a center, a community? Mom Egg Review writers explore “Home” through the lens of motherhood. Work by Rachel Barton, Erica Bodwell, Robert Carr, Hayes Davis, Valerie Duff, Marcene Gandolfo, Linda Parsons, Noriko Nakada, Weam Namou, Kimberly Ann Priest, Jo Pitkin, Margot Kahn, and many more. Learn more...


terrain march april

March – April 2020 online
New on fiction by Kelly K. Ferguson; nonfiction by Kristen Munson, Désirée Zamorano, Julian Hoffman, John T. Price, and Naomi Cohn; and poetry by William Woolfitt, Jon Davis, Cynthia Neely, John Saad, Jen Karetnick, Cate Lycurgus, Jennifer Bullis, and Cameron McGill. In the Currents section: David Gessner, Mitchell Thomashow, David Rothenberg, Paulina Jenney, and Richard Prins. Plus, a conversation between Julie Swarstad Johnson and Patricia Colleen Murphy. Learn more...



Resources for Gender and Women's Studies: A Feminist Review

Volume 40 Number 4, Fall 2019



Magazines Received April 06, 2020

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brilliant flash fiction march 2020 Brilliant Flash Fiction

Issue 25, March 2020 online
The March 2020 issue is here with new flash by Cody Pease, Noel Alcoba, Sue Mell, Phebe Jewell, Amy L. Clark, Kara Bernard, Richard Risemberg, Nick LeGrand, Mandira Pattnaik, Wes Tern, and Quin Yen. Learn more...


cleaver spring 2020 Cleaver Magazine

Issue 29, Spring 2020 online
The newest issue of Cleaver features a visual narrative by Emily Steinberg; short stories by Catherine Parnell, Andrea Ellis-Perez, Beth Alvarado, and others; flash by Uma Dwivedi, Kim Magowan, Vanessa Saunders, Matthew Tyler Boyer, and more; and poetry by Marc Harshman, J Pascutazz, Jackie Craven, and more. Art by Serge Lecomte. Learn more...


colorado review spring 2020 Colorado Review

Volume 47 Number 1, Spring 2020
Featured in this issue, find poetry by Jack Ridl, Amanda Gunn, and Yerra Sugarman; fiction by Alyssa Northrop; and nonfiction by David Schuman. Plus C. E. Poverman, Raksha Vasudevan, Emily Van Kley, Oscar Oswald, Skyler Osborne, Louise Mathias, Leah Tieger, Gay Baines, Michael Homolka, Kazim Ali, Franco Paz, Laura Kolbe, Angie Macri, Benjamin Seanor, and many more. Learn more...


georgia review spring 2020 The Georgia Review

Volume 74 Number 1, Spring 2020
The Georgia Review‘s Spring 2020 issue—coinciding with Census Day—presents authors’ and artists’ explorations of what it means to attempt representation of the diverse communities that comprise the United States. Special features include “Un-Redacted: A Census of Native Land,” a collection of writings by Native authors on the legacy of settler colonialism in the U.S.; a section on the internment of people of Japanese descent in North America during WWII; and dispatches from an innovative research project on prison labor in the post–Civil War “New South.” Art by Eddie Arroyo.  Learn more...


hamilton arts and letters issue 12 number 1Hamilton Arts & Letters

Issue 12 Number 1, 2019-2020
We're thrilled to finally release HA&L's Indigenous led issue with Guest Editor Johannah Bird! Contributors: Kaitlin Debicki, Wenda Debicki, Sara General, Kent Monkman, Jenny Ferguson, Alyssa General, John Hill, Daniel David Moses, Daniel Lockhart, Jeff Thomas, Terri Monture, Janet Rogers, Philip Cote, Deyo Morrow, and Taif Zuhair. Learn more...


lake april 2020The Lake

April 2020 online
The April issue is now online featuring Yuan Changming, Orla Fay, Hilary Hares, M. J. Iuppa, Tom Montag, Ronald Moran, David Punter, Hilary Sideris, Fiona Sinclair, Selina Whiteley. Reviews of Selima Hill’s I May Be Stupid But I’m Not That Stupid, J. R. Solonche’s True Enough, and Charlotte Ansell’s Deluge. Learn more...


massachusetts review spring 2020 The Massachusetts Review

Volume 61 Number 1, Spring 2020
The Spring 2020 issue includes poetry by Desirée Alvarez, Danusha Laméris, SeSe Geddes, Paola Bruni, Dion O’Reilly, Julie Murphy, Nancy Miller Gomez, Charlie Peck, Peter Krumbach, Cynthia White, Keith Leonard, Augusta Funk, and Jennifer Richter; fiction by Sylvia Hanitra Andriamampianina, Karin Cecile Davidson, Laura Glen Louis, Caitlin O’Neil, Tad Bartlett, Gabriella Kuruvilla, Brian Chikwava, Ariel Dorfman, Hebe Uhart, and Jung Young Moon; and nonfiction by Gianni Celati, Lesley Wheeler, Amy Yee, and Melanie McCabe. Learn more...


massachusetts review spring 2020 Plume

Number 104, April 2020 online
The April issue of Plume is here, with this month’s featured selection: Christopher Salerno interviewed by Nancy Mitchell, with work by the poet included. Chad DeNiord in the essay & comment section. Mark Wagenaar reviews three new books on armed conflict and armed service. Plus our monthly poetry selections, including work by Frances Richey, Ella Flores, Daniel Tobin, Shuqi Gao, Suzanne Lummis, Tiana Nobile, Timothy Liu, Patricia Clark, Bruce Bond, Annie Kim, Annette Barnes, and more. Learn more...


poetry april 2020 Poetry

Number 104, April 2020 online
The latest issue of Poetry is here, featuring work by Michael Hofmann, Martha Sprackland, Harmony Holiday, Pascale Petit, Jeannine Hall Gailey, Gertrude Stein & Bianca Stone, Tishani Doshi, Madeline Gins, Joy Ladin, Emily Jungmin Yoon, Joshua Weiner, Sumita Chakraborty, Patrick Samuel, Katie Pyontek, Sun Yung Shin, Omotara James, Torrin A. Greathouse, Sally Wen Mao, Lucy Ives, John Shoptaw, Joshua Bennett, Shane Neilson, Nelly Sachs, and Ocean Vuong. Plus, an essay by Joy Ladin.  Learn more...


prime number april 2020 Prime Number Magazine

Issue 173, April-June 2020 online
The latest issue of Prime Number Magazine includes the winners of the Flash Fiction Contest: Alan Sincic, Danielle Gillespie, and Christopher Notarnicola; winners of the monthly 53-word Story Contest: Scott B. Shepherd, Elizabeth Barton, and Eric Waddon; poetry by alyssa hanna, Forrest Rapier, Jeff Schiff, and Terin Weinberg; and fiction by Alyssa Asquith, Lisa Cupolo, and Richard Farrell. Learn more...


poetry april 2020 World Literature Today

Spring 2020
A special section devoted to Graphic Nonfiction, showcasing seven writers and artists from around the globe, headlines the Spring 2020 issue of World Literature Today. The issue also presents interviews with translators Antonia Lloyd-Jones and Isabel Fargo Cole; new fiction from Italy, France, and the Philippines; essays on Nigerian fiction and the “humanity on display” in museum exhibitions; poetry by Elyas Alavi (Afghanistan), Khaled Mattawa (Libya/US), and Mohamad Nassereddine (Lebanon); and Poupeh Missaghi’s recommended booklist about cities. More than forty book reviews also round out the issue, giving readers a wealth of titles to inspire their spring reading adventures. Learn more...



Free Inquiry

Volume 40 Number 3, April/May 2020

Gemini Magazine

March 2020 online
This issue includes Poetry Open Prize results. Carolanne Conerly Griffin in first place, Sean Webb in second, with honorable mentions Kim Farrar, Kenneth Fries, Richard Downing, and Adina Kopinsky. Plus three pieces of flash prose.



Magazines Received March 30, 2020

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adroit journal march 2020 The Adroit Journal

Issue 32, March 2020 online
In the newest issue of The Adroit Journal, readers can check out poetry by Bryan Byrdlong, Gabriella R. Tallmadge, Steven Duong, Garous Abdolmalekian, Emily Lee Luan, John Freeman, Jacob Lindberg, Erin Adair-Hodges, Chelsea B. DesAutels, Lisa Beech Hartz, James Richardson, Peter Streckfus, Ae Hee Lee, Matthew Gellman, Sara Elkamel, Seth Simons, Imani Davis, Kim Addonizio, William Fargason, Sahar Romani, Amanda Gunn, Zach Linge, Matthew Rohrer, and Joanna Klink; prose by Elaine Hsieh Chou, Cathy Ulrich, Mason A. Hamberlin, K-Ming Chang, Connor Oswald, and Kate Bernheimer; plus conversations with Natalie Diaz, Matthew Rohrer, Brian Teare, Deb Olin Unferth, and Matthew Zapruder.  Learn more...


black warrior review spring 2020 Black Warrior Review

Volume 46 Number 2, Spring 2020
In this issue: Aliza Ali Khan, Stine An, Sébastien Bernard, Agata Izabela Brewer, Julie Cadman-Kim, Naomi Day, Meg E. Griffitts, Kamden Hilliard, Katherine Indermaur, moira j., Sara Kachelman, Jasmine Khaliq, Jessica Lanay, Amy Lee Scott, M.L. Martin, Cherise Morris, Mónica Ramón Ríos (translated by Robin Myers), Monica Rico, Angie Sijun Lou, Molli Spalter, Jessica Walker, and Qianqian Ye. Chapbook by Seo-Young Chu. Cover art by Dominic Chambers. Learn more...


gargoyle magazine number 71Gargoyle Magazine

Number 71, 2020
Recent contributors: Laura Arciniega, Ned Balbo, Paula Bonnell, Sarah Browning, Michael Casey, Grace Cavalieri, Patrick Chapman, Bonnie Chau, Chelsey Clammer, Chris Cleary, Katie Cortese, celeste doaks, Gabriel Don, Cornelius Eady, Blair Ewing, Abby Frucht, Patricia Henley, George Kalamaras, Rodger Kamenetz, Louise Wareham Leonard, Trish MacEnulty, Franetta McMillian, Deb Marquart, Michael Martone, Tony Medina, Nancy Mercado, Pamela Moore, Daniel Mueller, Susan Neville, A.L. Nielsen, Josip Novakovich, James J. Patterson, bart plantenga, Bern Porter, Doug Rice, Jane Satterfield, Davis Schneiderman, Claire Scott, Gregg Shapiro, R.U. Sirius, Rose Solari, Maya Sonenberg, Marilyn Stablein, David A. Taylor, Susan Tepper, Barbara Ungar, Michael Waters, and many more. Learn more...


macguffin winter 2020 The MacGuffin

Volume 36 Number 1, Winter 2020
The MacGuffin’s Volume 36, No. 1 spotlights the winners of our 2019 Poet Hunt Contest as selected by guest judge Richard Tillinghast. Jane Craven’s “The Sketchbooks of Hiroshige,” which took the first place prize, begins on p. 74, followed by our two honorable mention poets, Jill Reid and John Blair. This issue’s prose selections include Lucy Mihajlich’s brave, patriotic—or maybe just eccentric—“When I Infiltrated IKEA, They Greeted Me at the Door” and Teresa Milbrodt’s poignant “Playing Krampus.” Featured artist Alison Devine graces the book’s inside and outside with a stroll through the Hamilton, Ontario countryside. Learn more...


new england review volume 41 number 1 New England Review

Volume 41 Number 1, 2020
In this issue, find fiction by Maud Casey, David Allan Cates, Nandini Dhar, Elin Hawkinson, Christine Sneed, and Lindsay Starck; poetry by Oliver Baez Bendorf, Su Cho, Jay Deshpande, John Freeman, Rodney Gomez, Zach Linge, Vandana Khanna, Joanna Klink, Alessandra Lynch, Campbell McGrath, Philip Metres, Patrick Phillips, Maura Stanton, Corey Van Landingham, and Emily Jungmin Yoon; nonfiction by Kazim Ali, Michael Bogan, Jennifer Chang, Ching-In Chen, Julia Cohen, Robert Lopez, Walt Whitman; and Max Frisch in translations, translated by Linda Frazee Baker. Plus cover art by Brian Nash. Learn more...


ruminate spring 2020 Ruminate

Issue 54, Spring 2020
Issue 54: The Everyday celebrates Ruminate's focus on finding the sacred within everyday moments and routines. This issue features work from our 2019 Broadside winner Meredith Stricker. This issue also features the winning pieces from our 2020 VanderMey Nonfiction Prize written by Jasmine V. Bailey, Kelly J. Beard, and Atash Yaghmaian chosen by judge Brianna Van Dyke. Also in this issue, find work by Erin Malone, Chelsea Dingman, Sneha Subramanian Kanta, Nick Yingling, Alyse Bensel, Daniel Seth Kraus, Andrew Huot, Stacy Trautwein Burns, and more. Learn more...




Issue 186, Spring 2020

Planet Drum Pulse

Winter 2020

Whispering Wind Magazine

Volume 47 Number 6, 2020



Magazines Received March 23, 2020

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jewish fiction net march 2020 Jewish Fiction .net

Issue 24, March 2020 online
A beautiful new issue of Jewish Fiction .net is out! In these challenging times, we’re sharing our journal with you earlier than usual in the hope that the power of great literature will provide you with comfort and pleasure now. Here you’ll find 16 excellent stories, originally written in English, Hungarian, and Hebrew. And in honour of the upcoming holiday, two stories are about Passover: The Trade” by Mendele Mokher Seforim and “The Guest” by Remy Maisel (where Elijah the Prophet shows up at a seder). Enjoy this fabulous new issue and we wish you and yours continued good health. Learn more...


leaping clear spring 2020 Leaping Clear

Spring 2020 online
The Spring 2020 issue encourages readers to find balance in troubling times. Essays by Amy Sugeno, Dorian Rolston, Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew, and Terri Maue; fiction by Anita Feng; mixed media by Barbara Parmet and Deborah Kennedy; music by Jon Tho; poetry by Ben Gallagher, Beth Paulson, Cameron Morse, Faith Williams, Kathleen Hellen, Mary Jean Port, Mobi Warren, Stephen Fulder, Yasmin Kloth, and more; video by Zangmo Alexander; and visual arts by Denise Susanne Townsend, Michele Giulvezan-Tanner, and Stephanie Peek.  Learn more...


sheila na gig online spring 2020 Sheila-Na-Gig online

Volume 4 Number 3, Spring 2020 online
This issue features our Spring Poetry Contest Winner—Kari Gunter-Seymour—and honorable mentions—Jeff Burt, Joana Johnson, Connie Kopko Kramer, Joanne Monte, and Bonnie Proudfoot. Also in this issue: Matthew James Babcock, Christopher Bailey, T-M Baird, Rose Mary Boehm, Doug Bolling, Simona Carini, R.T. Castleberry, Alan Catlin, Rhiannon Conley, Sean L Corbin, Susan Darlington, Kelly Dolejsi, Tyler Dunston, William Easton, John Grey, Alison Hicks, Rob Hunter, Glenn Ingersoll, Stephanie Kendrick, Mercedes Lawry, Betsy Mars, Tom Montag, John Palen, Robert Strickland, Laura Grace Weldon, Julie Weiss, Joanna White, and more. Learn more...


the shore spring 2020 The Shore

Issue 5, Spring 2020 online
Our spring issue features poetry by: Julia Bouwsma, Charlie M. Brown, Nicholas Samaras, Sarah Marquez, Nicholas Holt, Rachel Small, Noah Stetzer, Kathryn de Lancellotti, Molly Tenenbaum, Jide Badmus, Satya Dash, Wheeler Light, JK Anowe, Jennifer Saunders, David Dodd Lee, Maxine Patroni, Stephanie Seabrooke, Tara Ballard, Ned Balbo, Joanna White, Pat Hananoe-Dosch, Barbara Westwood Diehl, KG Newman, Bryan D. Price, Kathryn Merwin, Jenny Irish, Nicholas Molbert, Alicia Hoffman, TW Selvey, Theresa Senato Edwards, Clay Matthews, Anna Sandy-Elrod, Clifford Brooks & Stephen Furlong. It also features stunning photography by Melissa Marsh. Learn more...


American Book Review

Volume 41 Number 2, January/February 2020

In These Times

Volume 44 Number 4, April 2020

Willawaw Journal

Issue 9, Spring 2020 online
Our Spring 2020 issue features cover art by Claire Burbridge. Find writing by Hugh Anderson, Susan Ayres, Joe Cottonwood, Sarah Bigham, Barbara Daniels, Shannon Finck, Irene Fick, Tricia Knoll, Bruce McRae, Francis Opila, Emily L. Pate, Bill Ratner, Kim Stafford, Doug Stone, Nicole Zdeb, and more.



Magazines Received March 16, 2020

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still point arts spring 2020Still Point Arts Quarterly

Issue 37, Spring 2020
The Spring 2020 issue of Still Point Arts Quarterly celebrates “Grandparents and Other Wise Ancestors.” Featured artists include Karla Van Vliet, Julia Michie Bruckner, Paul Polydorou, and Sheri Vanermolen. Featured writers include Claire Ibarra, Angela Wright, Marianne Mersereau, Janet Sunderland, Gail Tyson, Ilene Dube, Wayne Lee, Douglas Cole, Marc Morgenstern, Denise Tolan, Kaia Gallagher, Anna Leigh Morrow, and Joe Cottonwood. Learn more...


thema spring 2020THEMA

Volume 32 Number 1, Spring 2020
The latest issue of THEMA explores the theme “Six Before Eighty.” Find stories, short-shorts, poems, and photographs by Matthew J. Spireng, J. J. Steinfeld, Cherie Bowers, H.B. Salzer, James “Jack” Penha, Margo Peterson, Alison Arntz, Lisa Timpf, Lynda Fox, Yuan Changming, Georgia A. Hubley, Annie Percik, Robert Wooten, Larry Lefkowitz, and Virginia Howard. Learn more...


true story issue 35 True Story

Issue 35, 2020
"Not Your Ordinary Experience of Desire" by Susannah Borysthen-Tkacz and Justin Chen. In True Story #35, a poignant post-mortem of a four-year relationship, told in alternating voices, becomes a catalog of unmet needs and wants . . . and a path to a hopeful future. Learn more...


willow springs number 85 Willow Springs

Number 85, Spring 2020
This issue of Willow Springs features Roy Bentley, Michael Hettich, Andrea Jurjević, Michael McGriff, D. Nurkse who is interviewed this issue, Ira Sukrungruang, Jackson Burgess, Dante Di Stefano, Allison Hraban, Michael Hurley, Amy Seifried, Ojo Taiye, Fritz Ward, Ryan Cannon, William Walker, and more.  Learn more...


witness spring 2020 Witness

Volume 33 Number 1, Spring 2020
The “Magic” issue features featuring new work by: Eric Tran, Mary Lane Potter, Pamela Yenser, Alex Berge, Nina Sudhakar, Andrea Eberly, L.A. Johnson, Mary Kuryla, Lara Palmqvist, Sarah Helen, Andrew Bertaina, Day Heisinger-Nixon, Miranda Dennis, and David Lerner Schwartz. Plus the second annual Witness Literary Awards: Andrew Collard (poetry winner), Emmy Newman (poetry runner-up), Emily Greenberg (fiction winner), Kristina Ten (fiction runner-up), Michele Sharpe (nonfiction winner), and Anne Liu Kellor (nonfiction runner-up). Learn more...


Against the Current

Number 205, March/April 2020 

Blink Ink

Issue 39, 2020
Take a ride in the "Ghost Bus," Blink-Ink's latest issue. Micro-fiction by Sofia K. Dupi, Francine Witte, Karen Schauber, J. J. Steinfeld, Sreemanti Sengupta, Genevieve E. Abravanel, Tricia Knoll, Carolyn Johnson, Alisa Golden, Daryl Scroggins, Sally Reno, Rob Geisen, Richard LeBlond, Matt McGee, Miriam Kotzin, Mir Yashar Seyedbagheri, Graham Robert Scott, Aurora M. Lewis, Sara Walker, and Jo Goren.




Magazines Received March 09, 2020

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2river view spring 2020 The 2River View

Volume 24 Number 3, Spring 2020 online
New poems by Bruce Alford, Josette Akresh-Gonzales, Matthew Freeman, Abriana Jetté, Brady Thomas Kamphenkel, Tanner Lee, Tatiana Retivov, Samn Stockwell, Teresa Sutton, and John Whalen. Art from this issue is by Megan Duncanson. Learn more...


alaska quarterly winter spring 2020 Alaska Quarterly Review

Volume 36 Numbers 3 & 4, Winter & Spring 2020
AQR’s Winter & Spring 2020 edition is now available with stories by Joy Lanzendorfer, Elise Juska, Matthew Lansburgh, and Patricia Page. Also featured are stories by Katya Apekina, Molly Gutman, Daniel Pearce, and Kirsten Madsen. The edition also includes three engaging personal essays, an exceptional collection of poems by twenty-four poets, and a special anthology “Carrying the Fire: Celebrating Indigenous Voices of Canada." These voices include Mika Lafond, Billy-Ray Belcourt, Smokii Sumac, Tenille K. Campbell, Francine Merasty, J.D. Kurtness, Brandi Bird, and more. Learn more...


cimarron fall 2019Cimarron Review

Issue 209, Fall 2019
The Fall 2019 issue offers poetry by Jacqueline Winter Thomas, Shavahn Dorris-Jefferson, Luke Patterson, Ainsley Kelly, Anne Delana Reeves, Khaleel Gheba, Zach Mueller, Dayna Patterson, Laura Green, Adam Clay, Sophia Stid, Margaret Cipriano, G.C. Waldrep, and Athena Kildegaard; fiction by Robin Becker, Catherine Wong, JP Gritton, and Clancy McGilligan; and nonfiction by Danielle Thien. Our cover art is “Esotrope” by Monica McFawn. Learn more...


diode march 2020Diode Poetry Journal

Volume 13 Number 1, March 2020 online
The March 2020 issue is here with brand new poetry by TR Brady, Brandon Jordan Brown, Sarah A. Chavez, Brian Glaser, Sarah Gridley, Mandy Gutmann-Gonzalez, KA Hays, Kathleen Heil, Janiru Liyanage, Brett Elizabeth Jenkins, Luisa Caycedo-Kimura & Dean Rader, Virginia Konchan, Amit Majmudar, Christopher McCurry, Cindy Hunter Morgan, JoAnna Novak, Meghan Privitello, Iliana Rocha, Daniel Ruiz, Aaron Samuels, Nate Slawson, Kelly Grace Thomas, Svetlana Turetskaya, Jorrell Watkins, Rewa Zeinati, and Jane Zwart.  Learn more...


ecotone winter 2019 Ecotone

Fall/Winter 2019
In "The Love Issue" Jennifer Tseng & Amanda Tseng envision their father, Sarah Seldomridge & Eduardo Espada draw the beginnings of a family, Silas House sings of a boy's first love, and Jennifer Elise Foerster reads Jane Johnston Schoolcraft. Plus sonnets, rondels prime, sonzals, and brefs double, from Chad Abushanab, Ashley M. Jones, Amit Majmudar, and A. E. Stallings. Learn more...


kenyon march April 2020The Kenyon Review

March/April 2020
The Mar/Apr Kenyon Review features a special prose section, “The Unexpected,” guest-edited by Jaquira Díaz. Díaz selected work by Lars Horn, Gabriel Louis, Rebecca Nison, Joseph Earl Thomas, Laurie Thomas, and LaToya Watkins. In addition, the issue includes the winning essay and two runners-up from our 2019 Short Nonfiction Contest: "Hello, Fridge" by Anna Hartford, "Saving Luna" by KT Sparks, and "The Great Glass Closet" by Benjamin Garcia. The issue also includes poetry by Erin Belieu, Destiny O. Birdsong, Cortney Lamar Charleston, Heid E. Erdrich, Linda Gregerson, Ted Kooser, Sally Wen Mao, Michael McGriff, and Bruce Snider. Learn more...


parhelion winter 2020Parhelion Literary Magazine

Winter 2020 online
The Winter issue invites readers to change up scenery and put on someone else’s shoes with fiction by Linda Boroff, Lyndsey Ellis, Sierra Lindsay, Mark Jacobs, and Garrett Zecker; flash by Julie Benish and Anthony Tao; nonfiction by Margaret Erhart; and poetry by David Dodd Lee, Sierra Lindsay, Richard Long, Adriana Medina, Jim Moore, and Austin Segrest. Also in this issue are three book reviews; five interviews; and more essay, stories, poetry, and photography in our “Features” section including work by Darren Morris, Leeta Harding, Charles Duffie, Rebecca Moon Ruark, Valley Haggard, Julie Whitehead, and more. Learn more...


plume march 2020Plume

Number 103, March 2020 online
In this month’s featured selection, find the second installment of the “5 under 35 Plus” feature with twelve poems by six exceptional poets: JK Anowe, Charlotte Covey, Benjamin Garcia, Sneha Subramanian Kanta, Lindsay Lusby, and Sarah Uheida. Alfred Corn provides five flash for the nonfiction section, and Chelsea Wagenaar reviews Paisley Rekdal’s Nightingale. This month’s poetry selections include Rick Hilles, Judy Katz, Leah Umansky, Major Jackson, G.C. Waldrep, DeWitt Henry, and more. Learn more...


qu winter 2020Qu Literary Magazine

Volume 11, Winter 2020 online
The Winter 2020 issue is here with fiction by Renay Costa and Kevin M. Kearny; nonfiction by Jackie Kenny and Stephanie Dickinson; and poetry by Betty Rosen, nicole v basta, Sara Moore Wagner, Tom C. Hunley, Kelly Weber, and Elsa Ball. Patricia Powell provides “On Listening” in our “The Writing Life” section, and in stage/screen writing: Kate McMorran and Libby M. Gardner. Learn more...


runestone feb 2020Runestone Journal

Volume 6, February 2020 online
We proudly announce volume six, featuring: creative nonfiction from Hannah Baumgardt and True Dabill, fiction from Maryetta Henry, Gabraella Wescott, and Holley Ziemba; poetry from Lex Chilson, Marina Fec, arizona hurn, Maya Salemeh, Adam D. Weeks, and more; author interviews with Roy G. Guzmán and John Ostrander; and book reviews by the Student Editorial Board. Learn more...



The Gay & Lesbian Review

March-April 2020

Kestrel: A Journal of Literature and Art

Issue 42, Winter 2019

Mud Season Review

Number 48, March 2020 online

River Heron Review

Volume 3 Number 1, February 2020 online

SIerra Magazine

Volume 105 Number 2, March/April 2020




Magazines Received March 02, 2020

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allegro march 2020 Allegro Poetry Magazine

Issue 24, March 2020 online
Welcome to the Issue 24, the first of two issues for 2020. This issue’s contributors include Judith Russell, Michael G. Casey, John Grey, Leslie Tate, Ruth Taaffe, Dan Overgaard, Ken Cumberlidge, William Snyder, Beth McDonough, Holly Day, Goran Gatalica, Kate Noakes, Aaliyah Cassim, Awósùsì Olúwábùkúmí A, Phil Wood, Gordon Gibson, Sean Howard, Michael Burton, Julia White, Julie Mullen, and Michele Waering. Learn more...


cherry tree 2020 Cherry Tree

Issue 6, 2020
Our sixth issue features work by Diannely Antigua, Destiny O. Birdsong, Mirande Bissell, Jennifer Bullis, Lauren Camp, Hannah Cohen, Bailey Cohen-Vera, Raymond Deej, Dante Di Stefano, Jen Stewart Fueston, Jeannine Hall Gailey, David Groff, Christian Gullette, Steve Henn, Korey Hurni, Ashley M. Jones, Kasey Jueds, Toshiya Kamei, Genevieve Kaplan, Olivia Kingery, Mingpei Li, Alice Liang, Sarah Lyons-Lin, Angie Macri, Ann Stewart McBee, Afopefoluwa Ojo, JJ Peña, Robert L. Penick, Emilia Phillips, Caroline Plasket, Alec Prevett, Sara Ryan, F. Daniel Rzicznek, Martha Silano, DeAnna Stephens, Anne Dyer Stuart, Yerra Sugarman, Ojo Taiye, Adam Tavel, Yasumi Tsuhara, Elsa Valmidiano, Hannah VanderHart, April Wang, and Art Zilleruelo! Learn more...


the lake march 2020 The Lake

March 2020 online
The March issue is now online featuring Ben Banyard, Melanie Branton, Sandy Deutscher Green, William Ogden Haynes, D. R. James, Beth McDonough, Joe Hills, Kenneth Pobo, J. R. Solonche, Amy Soricelli, Gerald Wagoner, Sarah White. Reviews of Abby Frucht’s Maids and Marianne Boruch’s The Anti-GriefLearn more...


nimrod spring summer 2020 Nimrod

Volume 63 Number 2, Spring/Summer 2020
The “Words at Play” issue is now out, featuring fiction by Gauraa Shekhar, Sean Bernard, Jackson Ingram, and Alison Ho; nonfiction by JJ Peña; and poetry by James Toupin, Joanna Gordon, Michelle Penn, Wendy Drexler, Holly Painter, Gabriel Spera, Amy Miller, Matthew J. Spireng, George Looney, Ellen Kombiyil, Margot Kahn, Myra Shapiro, Cindy Veach, Katy Day, Marjorie Maddox, Brooke Sahni, Ella Flores, Madeline Grigg, Jean-Mark Sens, Nicholas Yingling, and more. Learn more...


poetry march 2020 Poetry

Volume 215 Number 6, March 2020
The March 2020 issue includes a “Latinext” feature with work by Willie Perdomo, Féi Hernandez, Naomi Ayala, J. Estanislao Lopez, Stephanie Roberts, Roberto Carlos Garcia, Ashley August, Nicole Sealey, Noel Quiñones, Virgil Suárez, P.E. Garcia, Benjamín Naka-Hasebe Kingsley, Sergio Lima, Anthony Morales, Anaïs Deal-Márquez, Lupe Mendez, and Melinda Hernandez. Plus more poetry by John McAuliffe, Douglas Kearney, Robin Gow, Jennifer Chang, Suzi F. Garcia, Luther Hughes, Yusef Komunyakaa, John Kinsella & Thurston Moore, Caroline Bird, and more. Nonfiction by Matthew Bevis. Learn more...


raleigh review spring 2020 Raleigh Review

Volume 10 Number 1, Spring 2020
This issue features the winner of the flash fiction contest, Alexander Weinstein, and runners-up, Alexander Steele and Sarah Hardy. Plus new fiction from Michael Horton, Laura Marshall, Casey McConahay, Jeff McLaughlin, AJ Nolan, and Mark Wagenaar, and new poetry by Threa Almontaser, Kyce Bello, Despy Boutris, Lupita Eyde-Tucker, Charlotte Hughes, Kamal E. Kimball, Sandy Longhorn, Aimee Seu, Lena Khalaf Tuffaha, and more. This issue also features the art of Stacey Cushner, and an interview with Patricia Henley.  Learn more...


Storm Cellar

Volume 8 Number 2, 2020
The latest and greatest: fiction by Katherine Ann Davis, Michelle Geoga, and Jessie Lovett Allen; nonfiction by Arlandis Jones; flash by Raymond Deej and Parker Young; and poetry by Sarah Lyons-Lin, Erin Wilson, Katherine Fallon, and others. Plus 2019 Force Majeure Flash Contest results with Chila Woychik in first place, and Anthony DiPietro and Z Kennedy-Lopez in second.


Number 21, February 2020 online
The issue features new work from: Akosua Zimba Afiriyie-Hwedie, Kimberly Alidio, Jeremy Michael Clark, Christine Larusso, Cameron A. Lawrence, Mary Ruefle, Tanaya Winder, amongst others.



Magazines Received February 24, 2020

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crossways january 2020 Crossways Literary Magazine

Number 9, January 2020
The latest issue of Crossways includes poetry by Sinead McClure, Mary Kathryn Jablonski, Timothy Gordan, Beth McDonough, Milton Ehrlich, Breda Joyce, Susie Gharib, Alun Robert, and more; fiction by Patrick Doherty, J. Scott Hardin, Chuck Teixeira, Max Dunbar, and Fiona Billie Lawlor; and a review by Nicola Spendlove. Learn more...


fiction southeast february 2020 Fiction Southeast

January/February 2020 online
New so far this year on Fiction Southeast’s website is work by Robin Littell, Ziaul Moid Khan, Jason Graff, Marianne Rogoff, Dakota Canon, Vandana Khanna, Andrea Jarrell, Jessica Love, Richard Sogliuzzo, Annie Mountcastle, Kay Sloan, Staci Mercado, and Mike Wilson. Learn more...


new orleans review winter spring 2020 New Orleans Review

Issue 44, Winter/Spring 2020 online
Contributors: Danley Romero, Kaylie Saidin, Britton Hanson, Maria Kuznetsova, Apryl Lee, Diana Valenzuela, Anna Claire Hodge, Ryan Burgess, Rage Hezekiah, Julia Cohen and Lisa Nikolidakis. Cover by Ashley Longshore. Learn more...


rattle spring 2020 Rattle

Volume 67, Spring 2020
The Spring 2020 issue features a special tribute section of poems written by students of Kim Addonizio’s poetry workshops (as well as one poem by Kim herself). In the open section, the poems themselves are as good as their titles: “The Cow I Didn’t Eat.” “Social Experiments in Which I Am the [Bear].” “Ode to the Mattress on the Side of the Interstate.” Diverse as always, the new issue features a poem written in “the imagined voice of Frida Kahlo” (Barbara Lydecker Crane), “Young Dyke” by Alison Hazle, a duo of triolets by Carolyne Wright, and much more. Learn more...



February 2020 online
This month, find new poetry on the Califragile website by Kushal Poddar, Trish Saunders, and Linda Wimberly.

In These Times

Volume 44 Number 3, March 2020




Magazines Received February 17, 2020

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antioch review fall 2019The Antioch Review

Volume 77 Number 4, Fall 2019
“Atention!” This issue includes Heinrich Böll’s “Cause of Death: Hooked Nose” (translated by Robert C. Conard) which captures Nobel laureate Boll’s vivid imagery about the corollary of unfettered hatred, unchallenged propaganda, and fearful inertia for countries, communities, and consciences. Rachel Rose’s “Buccal Swab” airs the concerns and realities families face when a member harmlessly hands over DNA to or some other DNAanalyses company. Stuart Neville’s thriller “Coming in on Time” unfolds in the eyes of a child naïve to passions that stir so strongly and sting so seriously. Find a full list of contributors at our website. Learn more...


missouri review winter 2020Missouri Review

Winter 2020
Inside our “Liberation” issue: First fiction from Thea Chacamaty and Bradley Babendir on Jewish comic novelists. Featuring Heather Christle, Samantha DeFlitch, Patricia Foster, Catherine Gammon, Terrance Manning Jr., Askold Melnyczuk, John R. Nelson, Anya Silver, and Paul Smith. Learn more...


mudfish January 2020 Mudfish

Volume 21, January 2020
Our newest issue features the winner of the 14th Mudfish Poetry Prize, judged by John Yau: Mark Wagenaar with “Fluencies.” Honorable mentions G. Hanlon and Stokes Howell are also included. Other contributors this issue: Dell Lemmon, Michael Lyle, Aillie McKeever, Beth Suter, Claire Scott, Vincent Bell, Marjorie Power, Angela Dribben, Yuyutsu Sharma, Holly Day, Jason Koo, James Trask, Jake Bauer, Francis Klein, Neal Zirn, Bob Coles, A. Kaiser, Kristin Entler, Tim Nolan, Kirk Wilson, Toni Hanner, and many more. Learn more...


terrain february 2020

February 2020 online
New this month on, find nonfiction by Sharon Dolin, Cara Stoddard, and Rachel Findlay; fiction by Michael McGuire and John Colman Wood; and poetry by Lex Runciman. Currently featured on the website: the winner of the 10th Annual Contest in Poetry are three poems by Stacey Balkun. Learn more...


American Book Review

Volume 41 Number 1, November/December 2019


Issue 98 Volume 26, Winter 2020

The Midwest Quarterly

Volume 61 Number 2, Winter 2020
This issue features articles by Judith Harris, Hyeryung Hwang, John Soares, David McCracken, Christine Schott, Chanda Williams, and Dakota Bastings, as well as poetry by James McKee, Sharon Kennedy-Nolle, Helena Lipstadt, Madelon Y. Bolling, Patricia Hooper, Stephen Massimilla, Judith Harris, Roger Camp, Jeff McRae, Robert Rothman, and Jason Tandon.

River Styx

Issue 102, 2019
Poetry by Roy Bentley, Emma Bolden, Michael Hurley, Priscilla Long, Amit Majmudar, Michelle Peñaloza, Donald Platt, Jessica Yuan, Lang Yujing, and more; fiction by Catherine Browder and Leslie Pietrzyk; nonfiction by Lee Martin; and 2019 River Styx Microfiction Contest Winners: William Todd Seabrook, Sherry Morris, and Anthony Varallo. Plus, art and illustrations by four artists.

Z Magazine

February 2020



Magazines Received February 10, 2020

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carve magazine winter 2020Carve Magazine

Winter 2020
The Winter 2020 issue features short stories by and interviews with Alissa Hattman, Emily Howorth, Sam Simas, and Kate Arden McMullen; poetry by Lucia Orellana Damacela, Jessica Hincapie, Cindy Juyoung Ok, and E. Kristin Anderson; and nonfiction by Brittany Coppla and Joel Clotharp. Additional features include Decline/Accept with “Fit” by Rayne Ayers-Debsksi, an interview with Brandon Taylor by Anna Zumbahlen, and illustrations by Justin Burks. Learn more...


hampden sydney poetry review winter 2019The Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review

Volume 45, Winter 2019
This year’s issue of HSPR is a collection of small things–the way the small things, the things we almost could overlook, often drive art as much as larger considerations. Our 4x4 section this year continues the theme – Richard Kenney, Tobi Kassim, Jessica Fisher and Stephanie Burt all weigh in on the role of small things in both making poems and appreciating them. Contributors include Jena Le, Sandra Lim, KE Duffin, Mary Cisper, Anna Tomlinson, Adam Tavel, Jonathan Wike, Tobi Kassim, and more. Learn more...


main street rag winter 2020The Main Street Rag

Volume 25 Number 1, Winter 2020
The latest issue of Main Street Rag includes featured interview “Living for the Day” with Laura Thurston by Richard Allen Taylor. Also in this issue, find fiction by Nancy Bourne, Michael Gaspeny, Nick Gardner, Don Stoll, Laurence Levey, and Michael Washburn; poetry by Joan Bauer, Ace Boggess, Les Brown, Brian Fanelli, Mary Alice Dixon, Sean Thomas Doherty, Vicki Mandel-King, Gerard Sarnat, Sibani Sen, Young Smith, and more; plus a selection of five book reviews. Learn more...


plume february 2020Plume

February 2020 online
In the February 2020 issue’s featured selection, find “Engraved Phrases on Open Seas: Poems and Notes on Translations of Khal Torabully” by Nancy Naomi Carlson. Charles Simic pens an “Essay on the Prose Poem,” and Mark Wagenaar reviews Mark Irwin’s Shimmer. Poets in this issue include Sawnie Morris, William Logan, Mary Jo Salter, Mark Irwin, Kim Addonizio, Andrea Cohen, Adam Scheffler, and more. Learn more...


true story issue 34 True Story

Issue 34, 2020
"Plume: An Investigation" by Mary Heather Noble. A former environmental investigator applies her forensic skills to a family mystery. What happens to us when we are exposed to toxicity, both literally and figuratively? Can we change what we pass on to our kids? And at what cost? Learn more...


Free Inquiry

Volume 40 Number 2, February/March 2020



Magazines Received February 03, 2020

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adroit journal january 2020The Adroit Journal

Issue 31, January 2020
The latest issue of The Adroit Journal is here with new poetry by Victoria Chang, Michael Bazzett, Bruce Snider, Mark Halliday, Paul Guest, Lena Khalaf Tuffaha, Faylita Hicks, Caroline Crew, Paige Quiñones, Abby E. Murray, Natalie Eilbert, and more; prose by Kate Folk, Pete Segall, Alexander Weinstein, Alex Perez, Wendy Oleson, and John Elizabeth Stinzi; and art by Heather Betts, Jenny Shi, Anna Frankl, Niya Gao, You Young Kim, and Serge Gay Jr. Plus five new interviews. Learn more...


brilliant flash fiction january 2020Brilliant Flash Fiction

Issue 24, January 2020
The January 2020 issue features flash fiction by David Galef, Martha Keller, Ron Hartley, Luke Rolfes, Kenneth Hinegardner, Michael Clark, Meg Pokrass, Marie Anderson, Roberta Beary, Robert Pope, Warren L Jones III, and David C. Metz. Learn more...


the lake february 2020The Lake

February 2020
The February issue is now online featuring Gaby Bedetti, David Butler, Brent Cantwell, Alexandra Corrin-Tachibana, Michael Dureck, Rebecca Gethin, David Krausman, Patrick Lodge, Bree A. Rolfe, Laura Stringfellow. Reviews of Jason Eng Hun Lee’s Beds in the East and Patrick Lodge’s Remarkable Occurrences. Learn more...


literary review fall 2019The Literary Review

Volume 62 Number 2, Fall 2019
The “Granary” issue features poetry by Rosa Alcalá, Mario Ariza, Christian Barter, Samuel Cheney, James Ciano, Heather Derr-Smith, Dalton Day, Michael Farman, Stuart Friebert, Ute von Funcke, Elisa Gonzalez, Benjamin S. Grossberg, Jennifer Grotz, Maricela Guerrero, Hannah Jansen, and more; fiction by Jody Azzouni, James Braziel, Rosy Fitzgerald, Case Q. Kerns, Laura Shaine, Christine Sneed, Eva Taylor, and Jenny Wu; and prose by Kelly Luce, Karen Luper, Toni Maraini, and Josip Novakovich. Learn more...


malahat review winter 2019The Malahat Review

Number 209, Winter 2019
Our Winter issue features 2019 Constance Rooke Creative Nonfiction Prize winner Jeanette Lynes. Also in this issue: Carolyn Nakagawa, Julia Brush, Angélique Lalonde, Franco Cortese, Kurt Marti, Patricia Young, Sherine Elbanhawy, Suphil Lee Park, Emeka Patrick Nome, Hasan Alizadeh, Conor Kerr, Joel Robert Ferguson, Melanie Boyd, Bernadette White, Dominique Béchard, Jon Gingerich, Tatiana Oroño, Robert Hilles, Kulbir Saran, Sarah Yi-Mei Tsiang, Dawn Lo, and Sehrish Ranjha. Cover art by Sandra de Groot. Learn more...


poetry february 2020Poetry

Volume 214 Number 5, February 2020
This issue features work by Zach Linge, Jesus Govea, and Dasiy Fried. More work by Terese Svoboda, Alison C. Rollins, Mia You, Caoilinn Hughes, Virginia Keane, Francine J. Harris, Angela Jackson, Rodney Jones, David Felix, Dujie That, Talin Tahajian, Partridge Boswell, Lani O’Hanlon, Beth Bachmann, John Lee Clark, Maggie Smith, James McCorkle, Zeina Hashem Beck, Jessica Greenbaum, Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge, Mary B. Moore, Gabrielle Bates, Nome Emeka Patrick, Jack Underwood, and Liz Berry. Plus an essay by Jeffrey Yang. Learn more...


Korean Quarterly

Volume 23 Number 2, Spring 2020

Southwest Review

Volume 104 Number 3, 2019

Space and Culture

Volume 23 Number 1, February 2020


Magazines Received January 27, 2020

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chinese literature today 2019Chinese Literature Today

Volume 8 Number 2, 2019
In this issue of Chinese Literature Today, find a special feature on Twenty-First Century Chinese Theater with work by Liu Hongtao, Zhang Xian, Li Jing (including an interview with Li Jing by Liu Hongtao), Zhai Yueqin, Ding Luonan, Chen Jide, and Song Baozhen. Also in this issue: a tribute to Jin Yong with work by Liu Hongtao, Paul B. Foster, and Weijie Song; work by Xiao Fuxing; and featured scholar Charles A. Laughlin. Learn more...


gettysburg review autumn 2019 The Gettysburg Review

Volume 32 Number 3, Autumn 2019
The Autumn issue features paintings by Anne Siems, fiction by Cody Harrison, Gary Amdahl, and Kathryn Harlan; essays by Valerie Sayers, Geoff Wyss, and Floyd Collins; poetry by Gregory Fraser, Robert Gibb, Adam Tavel, G. C. Waldrep, Connor Yeck, Kathryn Nuernberger, Alison Pelegrin, Todd Davis, Alice Friman, Nancy Carol Moody, Edward Mayes, Averill Curdy, Joyce Sutphen, Sarah Kain Gutowski, and Stanley Plumly. Learn more...


gris-gris winter 2020Gris-Gris

Issue 10, Winter 2020 online
Issue 10 of Gris-Gris features fiction by Peter Grandbois, James Hartman, Marlene Olin, and Betty Martin; poetry by Stephanie Brooks, Jonathan Riccio, Sarah Sousa, Hannah Warren, Maria Zoccola, and Daphne Simeon; nonfiction by Robert Vivian; and artwork by Desire’ Johnson. Learn more...


iowa review winter 2019 2020 The Iowa Review

Volume 49 Number 3, Winter 2019/2020
In this issue: toes, 362.28 in the card catalog, a portfolio of fantastical and surreal writing and artwork, a tenure review gone awry, and the winners of the 2019 Iowa Review Awards. Contributors include Julie Gray, Derby Maxwell, Elizabeth Dodd, Andes Hruby, and Laura Crossett in nonfiction; Joyelle McSweeney, Brian Sneeden, Philip Metres, Maggie Millner, and Stephanie Ellis Schlaifer in poetry; and Chloe Wilson, Sherry Kramer, Terrence Holt, Analia Villagra, and Bruce Holbert in fiction. Learn more...


southern humanities review winter 2019Southern Humanities Review

Volume 52 Number 4, Winter 2019
In this issue: nonfiction by Lia Greenwell and Leslie Stainton; fiction by Erin Blue Burke, Dounia Choukri, Sayantani Dasgupta, and Alex Pickett; and poetry by J. Scott Brownlee, Sarah Edwards, Jared Harél, Kathryn Kirkpatrick, Matthew Landrum, Donna J. Gelagotis Lee, Rodney Terich Leonard, A.T. McWilliams, Michelle Peñaloza, and Supritha Rajan. Plus cover art by Martha Park. Learn more...


The Gay & Lesbian Review

January/February 2020

In These Times

Volume 44 Number 2, February 2020

Our Times

Winter 2019/20

Philadelphia Stories

Winter 2020
This issue features work by Sarah Westbrook, Bill Hemmig, and Sharon Christner. Additional poetry by Kathleen Shaw, Ken Fifer, Leonard Kress, Ann E. Michael, Risa Pappas, and Yvonne. Plus art by Dmitry Borshch, Stacie Speer Scott, Rinal Parikh, John A. Benigno, Cathleen Cohen, Sarah Barr, and Constance Culpepper.


Volume 40 Number 1, Winter 2020

Social Policy

Volume 49 Number 4, Winter 2019

Whispering Wind

Volume 47 Number 5, 2019


Magazines Received January 20, 2020

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brevity i63 january 2020Brevity

Issue 63, January 2020 online
The latest issue features crisp, provocative essays from Maggie Smith, Lara Lillibridge, Joanna Brichetto, Natalie Rose, B.J. Hollars, Kelly Shire, Marcia Aldrich, Robert Julius, Natalia Rachel Singer, Amie Whittemore, Margo Steines, Matt Donovan, Mary Zelinka, Doug Lawson, and Jill Kolongowski and her Spring 2019 creative writing class. Photos by Mike McKniff. Learn more...


kaleidoscope n80 winter spring 2020Kaleidoscope

Issue 80, Winter/Spring 2020 online
The “Winterscapes” issue features essay “Taco Tuesday” by Deanna Altomara, “Choosing Irresponsibility” by Sarah Bat, “Remembering Ronnie” by Anita G. Gorman, and art by Odessos. A variety of poems offer lyrical themes of self-expression and reflection. “Holding On,” by Shirley Adelman, speaks of “winter afternoons” when just existing is enough. Jólét’s “Snow” reminds us of the “magic stillness” of “joyful snow” and being “reborn.” “A New Normal” by Kira Compton ponders the idea that life comes with surprises and adjustments, some less welcome than others, but all with challenges and opportunities. Learn more...


massachusetts review v60 n4 winter 2019The Massachusetts Review

Volume 60 Number 4, Winter 2019
This issue wraps up our last issue of our 60th year. Nonfiction by Peter Chametzky, Katherine Silver, Xu Xi, James E. Young, Laura Levitt, and more; poetry by Maria Hamilton Abegunde, Caleb Gill, Anika Potluri, Jenny George, Matt W. Miller, Constance Merritt, David Torneo, Clare Welsh, Sarah Stickney, and others; and fiction by Kristina Kay Robinson, Annie Zaidi, Anita Felicelli, and Danley Romero. Learn more...


sky island journal i11 winter 2020Sky Island Journal

Issue 11, Winter 2020 online
Sky Island Journal’s stunning 11th issue features poetry, flash fiction, and creative nonfiction from contributors all around the globe. Accomplished, well-established authors are published—side by side—with fresh, emerging voices. Readers are provided with a powerful, focused literary experience that transports them: one that challenges them intellectually and moves them emotionally. Always free to access, and always free from advertising, discover what over 55,000 readers in 145 countries already know; the finest new writing is here, at your fingertips. Learn more...


spoon river review v44 n2 winter 2019Spoon River Poetry Review

Volume 44 Number 2, Winter 2019
This issue features the SRPR Editors’ Prize Winner: “The Mammoth Steppe” by Mirande Bissell, as well as runners-up Abigail McFee and Alex Chertok, and honorable mentions Mitchell Untch, Andrea Deken, Robin Rosen Chang, and Harry Bauld. Also in this issue: Kári Tulinius, Peter Twal, Margaret Everton, Ira Sukrungruang, Allison Joseph, Michael VanCalbergh, Julia Cohen, Chaun Ballard, Diego Báez, Crystal Willer, Joel Long, and more. Learn more...


witness v32 n2 winter 2019Witness

Volume 32 Number 2, Winter 2019
The latest (and free) issue of Witness is a must-have: The haunting cover photo by artist Shravya Kag. The image of “a boy playing a shiny trumpet, made ofair” in Bruce Bond’s poem “Southern Music.” The unsteady narrator in Amitai Ben-Abba’s “The Golem Self-Defense Collective,” who discovers her messy efforts to protect her Jewish kin have reaped fantastic results. The shattering moment in Martha Petersen’s essay “Remnants,” as the author and her funerary co-workers prepare a body for cremation. Every piece in this issue takes us to the brink of disaster to show us courage and resilience in the face of evil. Learn more...


Against the Current

Volume 34 Number 6, January/February 2020


Issue 38, 2019
The “True Crime” issue features work by Lisa Marie Lopez, Sally Reno, Tommy Dean, Howie Good, Robert Masterson, Don Narkevic, ToJo, Leah Rogin Roper, Craig Fishbane, Bryan Jansing, JL Nash, Hilary Leftwich, JR Walsh, Katie Yates, Sean Pravica, and Richard A. Perez. Cover art by Clifford Thompson and Brian Michael Barbeito.


Number 185, Winter 2019

Mud Season Review

Issue 47, January 2020 online


Number 23, January 2020 online
This issue provides prose and poetry by Stephanie Anderson, Paula Cisewski, Ryan Clark, Gail DiMaggio, Katharine Fallon, Jeffrey Hecker, Cassandra Moss, Maureen Owen, V.S. Ramstack, Fortunato Salazar, and collaborative poetry by Maureen Seaton and Denise Duhamel. Text + image by Ryan Mihaly, and art by Alexis Duque, Teresa James, Cheryl Molnar, Matthew Schommer, and Viviane Rombaldi Seppey.

A Public Space

Number 28, 2019

Sierra Magazine

Volume 105 Number 1, January/February 2020

South: A Scholarly Journal

Volume 51 Number 1, Fall 2018



Magazines Received January 13, 2020

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bennington review i7 fall winter 2019Bennington Review

Issue 7, Fall/Winter 2019
“The Devotions” issue features fiction by Sabirah Orah Mark, JoAnna Novak, Pablo Piñero Stillmann, Su-Yee Lin, Roger Topp, and more; nonfiction by Jenny Boully, Spencer Reece, Joan Connor, Tyler Mills, D. Gilson, and others; film by Will Stockton; art by Jochern Hendricks; Sabrina Orah Mark in conversation with Vi Khi Nao; and poetry by Peter Cooley, Endi Bogue Hartigan, Matthew Henriksen, Dujie That, Steffi Drewes, G.C. Waldrep, Antonia Pozzi, Owen McLeod, Bronwen Tate, Cary Stough, Sarah Destin, Alisha Dietzman, Christian Wessels, and more. Learn more...


chattahoochee review fall 2019 winter 2020The Chattahoochee Review

Volume 39 Number 2, Fall 2019/Winter 2020
This issue features poems by Janelle Adsit, Mario Chard, Kate Glavin, Juliana Gray, Adrian Matejka, John Moessner, Tom Paine, Rebecca Pyle, Phoebe Reeves, Carrie Shipers, Hanna Tomylets, Memye Curtis Tucker, Shaun Turner, and G. C. Waldrep; stories by Whitney Collins, Thomas Cook, Stephanie Dickinson, D. R. Glass, Lois Ruskai Melina, Anie Onaiza, Melissa Ostrom, Zak Salih, and Aaron Schneider; art by Carla Jay Harris; and essays by ssays: Emma Faesi Hudelson, Dionne Irving, Jake Maynard, Lindsey Novak, and Julie Marie Wade. Plus, an interview with Karen Abbott by Anna Schachner, and reviews by Anjali Enjeti, Jamie Iredell, Samuel Pickering, Hannah VanderHart, and Melinda Zepeda. Learn more...


court green i16 fall 2019Court Green

Issue 16, Fall 2019
The Fall 2019 issue of Court Green features poetry by Ron Padgett, Elaine Equi, Shane McCrae, Josh Tvrdy, Misha Collins, Brenda Cardenas, Joe Fletcher, Tara Boswell-Ramirez, Michael Robins, John Franklin Dandridge, Daniel Nester, Alia Hussain Vancrown, Maureen Thorson, Emily Hunt, Laura Mullen, and Ron Koertge. This issue also features a dossier from Michael Robins and contributor’s answers to the question to name five indispensable movies. Learn more...


crazyhorse n96 fall 2019Crazyhorse

Number 96, Fall 2019
Featuring the winners of the Crazyhorse Prizes in Fiction, Nonfiction, and Poetry accompanied by a stunning collection of prose and poetry, including fiction by Barbara Klein Moss, Joanna Pearson, and Sam Stover; poetry by Benjamin Garcia, Corinna McClanahan Schroeder, Kevin Simmonds, Sarah Burke, Nasser Rabah, and Alicia Wright; and nonfiction by Mary Birnbaum; and lots more. Learn more...


creative nonfiction i72 fall 2019Creative Nonfiction

Issue 72, Fall 2019
Games: The Power of Play. Play is serious business! In Creative Nonfiction #72: "Games," writers connect with friends, family, and strangers to play Hanabi and hide-and-seek, mah-jongg and make-believe. Online or in-person, they explore other worlds, try on new ways of being, and find unexpected meaning. Plus: what writers can learn from video game audience research; the importance of rhythm in prose; Procrastination Bingo; and much more. Learn more...


georgia review v73 n4 winter 2019The Georgia Review

Volume 73 Number 4, Winter 2019
Featuring 250 pages of original poetry, fiction, essays, and book reviews, the issue includes a tribute to the late Toni Morrison, a poetry project presenting the words of Hong Kong protesters, a new story by Tiphanie Yanique, an essay by Susan Cerulean, and a folio of work by Atlanta-based artist Michi Meko. The Winter issue also includes work by poet Stanley Plumly, who passed away this year of multiple myeloma. The issue also features a folio titled “‘Our Plainsong’: Voices from the Asian American Literature Festival,” which collects work by poets Kazim Ali, Rajiv Mohabir, and Cynthia Arrieu-King, as well as novelist Monique Truong. Learn more...


kenyon review january february 2020The Kenyon Review

Volume 42 Number 1, January/February 2020
The new issue offers a special poetry section, “Of Today,” gathered by guest editor Solmaz Sharif and featuring nine poets: Ari Banias, Daniel Borzutzky, Carolina Ebeid, Marwa Helal, Christopher Kondrich, Philip Metres, Roger Reeves, Evie Shockley, and Eleni Sikelianos. In addition, the issue includes the winner and runners-up of the 2019 Short Fiction Contest: Daphne Palasi Andreades, Emily Everett, and Susan Falco. Also featuring work by Shoshana Akabas, Aaron Berry Davis, Michaela Jenkins, Claire Luchette, Martin Philip, Alison Townsend, and Moikom Zeqo (translated by Loredana Mihani and Wayne Miller). Learn more...


missouri review v42 n3 fall 2019Missouri Review

Volume 42 Number 3, Fall 2019
Luminous Road. Inside: First fiction by Frederick Hampton and Kathryn Nuernberger on “radical research” in recent books of poetry. Featuring Jacob M. Appel, Jason Brown, Carol D. Guerrero-Murphy, Kathryn Hunt, Frank Montesonti, Luisa Muradyan, Cat Powell, MH Rowe, Diane Simmons, and Emily Sinclair. Learn more...


poetry v215 n4 january 2020Poetry

Volume 215 Number 4, January 2020
In this issue, find poetry by Christian Wiman, Komal Mathew, Destiny Hemphill, Lillian-Yvonne Bertram, Jose Hernandez Diaz, Lee Upton, Noor Naga, Christopher Soto, G. C. Waldrep, Wo Chan, Matthias Göritz, Jorie Graham, Jenny Zhang, Emily Berry, Hala Alyan, Su Cho, CAConrad, John Kinsella, Jehanne Dubrow, and more. Also included are Watercolors by A. R. Ammons introduced by Elizabeth M. Mills, as well as an essay by Declan Ryan: “Letters Are Not Life.” Learn more...


tiger moth review i3 2020The Tiger Moth Review

Issue 3, January 2020
Despite coming from different cultures and places, our contributors share pressing concerns. Singapore visual artist Ernest Goh and American poet Jennifer Currier are both troubled by microplastics invading our beaches, food and bodies. Poets Hibah Shabkhez (Pakistan), Amanda McLeod (Australia) and Travis Stephens (USA) change us as they take us into landscapes and histories of violence and trauma. We recycle poetry with Craig Santos Perez (Pacific Island of Guam), sing songs of blessings with Kunle Okesipe (Nigeria), soar through the falcon’s eye with Jonel Abellanosa (The Philippines), and listen for the birth of an aurora shining with Sheikha A. (Pakistan-United Arab Emirates). Learn more... 



Magazines Received January 6, 2020

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cleaver i28 winter 2020Cleaver Magazine

Number 28, Winter 2020 online
In this issue, find flash fiction and short stories by Alex Behr, Kim Magowan, Tommy Dean, Matthew Greene, Marianne Villanueva, Francine Witte, Stefanie Nellen, Marilee Dahlman, Theo Greenblatt, and more; poetry by Alice Hall, Nathan Lipps, and Jeremy Radin; nonfiction by Keygan Sands and Kharys Ateh Laue; and art by Nance Van Winckel. Plus a visual narrative by Trevor Alixopulos. Learn more...


driftwood press i7 n1 january 2020Driftwood Press

Issue 7 Number 1, January 2020 online
This issue includes work by Alan Sincic, Megan Swenson, Nicole Zdeb, Matthew Rickart, Coz Frimpong, Janelle Cordero, Annie Cigic, Jiwon Choi, Kathleen Radigan, Sam Stokley, Taylor Imel, Daniel Aristi, Harriet Heydemann, Jacob Griffin Hall, Rob Kenagy, Laurin Becker Macios, Reiser Perkins, Helli Fang, Yasuaki Okamoto, Janessa Mulepati, and Nick Francis Potter. Learn more...


lake january 2020The Lake

January 2020 online
The January issue is now online featuring Stephen Beckwith, Ric Cheyney, Kitty Coles, Leslie Dianne, George Freek, Caroline Hardaker, Deirdre Hines, Karla Huston, Aaron Lembo, Fiona Sinclair. Reviews of Karen Neuberg’s the elephants are askingSunil Sharma’s Intersections- Visual, Verbal; Nancy Charley’s The Gospel of Trickster. Learn more...


plume january2020Plume

Number 101, January 2020 online
This month’s featured selection includes poetry by Alan Shapiro. Amanda Newell also interviews the poet. In nonfiction: Kimberly Johnson on “Reading and Writing Outside Thebes: In Praise of Syntax.” Chelsea Wagenaar reviews View from True North by Sara Henning. This month’s poetry selections include work by Jessica Greenbaum, Marilyn Kallet, Carl Phillips, Julie Hanson, Dean Young, David Bottoms, Christopher Bakken, Afaa Michael Weaver, and more. Learn more...


prime number i167 january march 2020Prime Number Magazine

Issue 167, January-March 2020 online
In this issue: winners of our quarterly Flash Fiction Contest Jessica Manack, Jessica Pitchford, and Tyler Lacoma; winners of our monthly 53-Word Story Contest Rebekah Heaney, Jane Pait , and Brian Rosten; poetry selected by guest editor Stacy R. Nigliazzo, featuring Nicholas Bellacicco, Brendan Bense, and Logen Cure; short fiction selected by guest editor Joseph Mills, featuring Kelly Flynn, Kai Maristed, and Teresa Milbrodt; Publisher's Selection from Prime Number Magazine Award for Short Fiction (2019) finalist Kent Nelson; and introductions to our guest editors for Issue 179—Christopher Forrest (poetry) & Julie Zuckerman (short fiction). Learn more...


salamander i49 fall winter 2019 2020Salamander

Issue 49, Fall/Winter 2019/2020
Salamander #49 is now available in print or online, featuring our 2019 Fiction Contest Winners, a forthcoming novel excerpt from David Moloney, creative nonfiction from Rochelle Hurt and Marcos Gonzalez, reviews of new poetry and fiction, and poetry from Naomi Ayala, Francesca Bell, Rosebud Ben-Oni, Caylin Capra-Thomas, Emily Rose Cole, Brian Clifton, Jackie Craven, Chard deNiord, Alexa Doran, Adam J. Sorkin, Adeeba Shahid Talukder, Madeleine Wattenberg, and many more. Learn more...


sheila na gig onlineSheila-Na-Gig online

Volume 4 Number 2, Winter 2019 online
This issue features the Winter Poetry Contest Winner: Sean Kelbley and the 2019 Sheila-Na-Gig Editions Poetry Manuscript Contest Winner: Barbara Sabol. Also in this issue: KB Ballentine, Gary Beaumier, Sean Bentley, Ace Boggess, Madelon Bolling, Jeff Burt, Jan Carroll, Joan Colby, Joe Cottonwood, Robert DeMott, RC deWinter, Laura Foley, George Franklin, Matthew James Friday, Molly Fuller, Gary Glauber, Benjamin Goluboff, Carol Lynn Stevenson Grellas, Kari Gunter-Seymour, Joseph Hardy, Donna Hilbert, Alicia Hoffman, Mary Ann Honaker, Stephanie Kendrick, Tricia Knoll, Judy Kronenfeld, Sean Lause, Tamara Madison, Betsy Mars, Celia Meade, Charles Rammelkamp, Marc Swan, and more. Learn more...


weber v36 n1 fall 2019Weber

Volume 36 Number 1, Fall 2019
In this issue, find essays by Brett Busang and Joan Coles, fiction by Ben Leib, Franci Washburn, Glenn Stowell, Kiri C. Pederson, and Richard Dokey; poetry by Matthew Daly, George Moore, Bibhu Padhi, Bill Snyder, Matt Schumacher, and Erica Waters; and art by Molly Morin. Plus conversations with Ken Bugul, John Rickford, David H. Grinspoon, Suniti Nanjoshi, Richard Ray Perez, Tyehimba Jess, and Paul Dinh. Learn more...


world literature today winter 2020World Literature Today

Winter 2020
Margarita Engle, winner of the 2019 NSK Neustadt Prize for Children’s Literature, headlines the Winter 2020 issue of World Literature Today with a reflective essay on the “two wings” of her Cuban American literary inspirations. Also inside, Lilliam Rivera pays tribute to Engle’s mastery, Cristina Rivera Garza speaks out against the “femicide machine” in Mexico, Anastasia Edel recounts a dreamlike flânerie in NYC, and Veronica Esposito launches a monthly conversation series with translators. As always, additional essays, poetry, short stories, interviews, dozens of book reviews, and recommended books make the current issue, like every issue, your passport to great reading. Learn more...






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