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Magazines Received January 27, 2020

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chinese literature today 2019Chinese Literature Today

Volume 8 Number 2, 2019
In this issue of Chinese Literature Today, find a special feature on Twenty-First Century Chinese Theater with work by Liu Hongtao, Zhang Xian, Li Jing (including an interview with Li Jing by Liu Hongtao), Zhai Yueqin, Ding Luonan, Chen Jide, and Song Baozhen. Also in this issue: a tribute to Jin Yong with work by Liu Hongtao, Paul B. Foster, and Weijie Song; work by Xiao Fuxing; and featured scholar Charles A. Laughlin. Learn more...


gettysburg review autumn 2019 The Gettysburg Review

Volume 32 Number 3, Autumn 2019
The Autumn issue features paintings by Anne Siems, fiction by Cody Harrison, Gary Amdahl, and Kathryn Harlan; essays by Valerie Sayers, Geoff Wyss, and Floyd Collins; poetry by Gregory Fraser, Robert Gibb, Adam Tavel, G. C. Waldrep, Connor Yeck, Kathryn Nuernberger, Alison Pelegrin, Todd Davis, Alice Friman, Nancy Carol Moody, Edward Mayes, Averill Curdy, Joyce Sutphen, Sarah Kain Gutowski, and Stanley Plumly. Learn more...


gris-gris winter 2020Gris-Gris

Issue 10, Winter 2020 online
Issue 10 of Gris-Gris features fiction by Peter Grandbois, James Hartman, Marlene Olin, and Betty Martin; poetry by Stephanie Brooks, Jonathan Riccio, Sarah Sousa, Hannah Warren, Maria Zoccola, and Daphne Simeon; nonfiction by Robert Vivian; and artwork by Desire’ Johnson. Learn more...


iowa review winter 2019 2020 The Iowa Review

Volume 49 Number 3, Winter 2019/2020
In this issue: toes, 362.28 in the card catalog, a portfolio of fantastical and surreal writing and artwork, a tenure review gone awry, and the winners of the 2019 Iowa Review Awards. Contributors include Julie Gray, Derby Maxwell, Elizabeth Dodd, Andes Hruby, and Laura Crossett in nonfiction; Joyelle McSweeney, Brian Sneeden, Philip Metres, Maggie Millner, and Stephanie Ellis Schlaifer in poetry; and Chloe Wilson, Sherry Kramer, Terrence Holt, Analia Villagra, and Bruce Holbert in fiction. Learn more...


southern humanities review winter 2019Southern Humanities Review

Volume 52 Number 4, Winter 2019
In this issue: nonfiction by Lia Greenwell and Leslie Stainton; fiction by Erin Blue Burke, Dounia Choukri, Sayantani Dasgupta, and Alex Pickett; and poetry by J. Scott Brownlee, Sarah Edwards, Jared Harél, Kathryn Kirkpatrick, Matthew Landrum, Donna J. Gelagotis Lee, Rodney Terich Leonard, A.T. McWilliams, Michelle Peñaloza, and Supritha Rajan. Plus cover art by Martha Park. Learn more...


The Gay & Lesbian Review

January/February 2020

In These Times

Volume 44 Number 2, February 2020

Our Times

Winter 2019/20

Philadelphia Stories

Winter 2020
This issue features work by Sarah Westbrook, Bill Hemmig, and Sharon Christner. Additional poetry by Kathleen Shaw, Ken Fifer, Leonard Kress, Ann E. Michael, Risa Pappas, and Yvonne. Plus art by Dmitry Borshch, Stacie Speer Scott, Rinal Parikh, John A. Benigno, Cathleen Cohen, Sarah Barr, and Constance Culpepper.


Volume 40 Number 1, Winter 2020

Social Policy

Volume 49 Number 4, Winter 2019

Whispering Wind

Volume 47 Number 5, 2019


Magazines Received January 20, 2020

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brevity i63 january 2020Brevity

Issue 63, January 2020 online
The latest issue features crisp, provocative essays from Maggie Smith, Lara Lillibridge, Joanna Brichetto, Natalie Rose, B.J. Hollars, Kelly Shire, Marcia Aldrich, Robert Julius, Natalia Rachel Singer, Amie Whittemore, Margo Steines, Matt Donovan, Mary Zelinka, Doug Lawson, and Jill Kolongowski and her Spring 2019 creative writing class. Photos by Mike McKniff. Learn more...


kaleidoscope n80 winter spring 2020Kaleidoscope

Issue 80, Winter/Spring 2020 online
The “Winterscapes” issue features essay “Taco Tuesday” by Deanna Altomara, “Choosing Irresponsibility” by Sarah Bat, “Remembering Ronnie” by Anita G. Gorman, and art by Odessos. A variety of poems offer lyrical themes of self-expression and reflection. “Holding On,” by Shirley Adelman, speaks of “winter afternoons” when just existing is enough. Jólét’s “Snow” reminds us of the “magic stillness” of “joyful snow” and being “reborn.” “A New Normal” by Kira Compton ponders the idea that life comes with surprises and adjustments, some less welcome than others, but all with challenges and opportunities. Learn more...


massachusetts review v60 n4 winter 2019The Massachusetts Review

Volume 60 Number 4, Winter 2019
This issue wraps up our last issue of our 60th year. Nonfiction by Peter Chametzky, Katherine Silver, Xu Xi, James E. Young, Laura Levitt, and more; poetry by Maria Hamilton Abegunde, Caleb Gill, Anika Potluri, Jenny George, Matt W. Miller, Constance Merritt, David Torneo, Clare Welsh, Sarah Stickney, and others; and fiction by Kristina Kay Robinson, Annie Zaidi, Anita Felicelli, and Danley Romero. Learn more...


sky island journal i11 winter 2020Sky Island Journal

Issue 11, Winter 2020 online
Sky Island Journal’s stunning 11th issue features poetry, flash fiction, and creative nonfiction from contributors all around the globe. Accomplished, well-established authors are published—side by side—with fresh, emerging voices. Readers are provided with a powerful, focused literary experience that transports them: one that challenges them intellectually and moves them emotionally. Always free to access, and always free from advertising, discover what over 55,000 readers in 145 countries already know; the finest new writing is here, at your fingertips. Learn more...


spoon river review v44 n2 winter 2019Spoon River Poetry Review

Volume 44 Number 2, Winter 2019
This issue features the SRPR Editors’ Prize Winner: “The Mammoth Steppe” by Mirande Bissell, as well as runners-up Abigail McFee and Alex Chertok, and honorable mentions Mitchell Untch, Andrea Deken, Robin Rosen Chang, and Harry Bauld. Also in this issue: Kári Tulinius, Peter Twal, Margaret Everton, Ira Sukrungruang, Allison Joseph, Michael VanCalbergh, Julia Cohen, Chaun Ballard, Diego Báez, Crystal Willer, Joel Long, and more. Learn more...


witness v32 n2 winter 2019Witness

Volume 32 Number 2, Winter 2019
The latest (and free) issue of Witness is a must-have: The haunting cover photo by artist Shravya Kag. The image of “a boy playing a shiny trumpet, made ofair” in Bruce Bond’s poem “Southern Music.” The unsteady narrator in Amitai Ben-Abba’s “The Golem Self-Defense Collective,” who discovers her messy efforts to protect her Jewish kin have reaped fantastic results. The shattering moment in Martha Petersen’s essay “Remnants,” as the author and her funerary co-workers prepare a body for cremation. Every piece in this issue takes us to the brink of disaster to show us courage and resilience in the face of evil. Learn more...


Against the Current

Volume 34 Number 6, January/February 2020


Issue 38, 2019
The “True Crime” issue features work by Lisa Marie Lopez, Sally Reno, Tommy Dean, Howie Good, Robert Masterson, Don Narkevic, ToJo, Leah Rogin Roper, Craig Fishbane, Bryan Jansing, JL Nash, Hilary Leftwich, JR Walsh, Katie Yates, Sean Pravica, and Richard A. Perez. Cover art by Clifford Thompson and Brian Michael Barbeito.


Number 185, Winter 2019

Mud Season Review

Issue 47, January 2020 online


Number 23, January 2020 online
This issue provides prose and poetry by Stephanie Anderson, Paula Cisewski, Ryan Clark, Gail DiMaggio, Katharine Fallon, Jeffrey Hecker, Cassandra Moss, Maureen Owen, V.S. Ramstack, Fortunato Salazar, and collaborative poetry by Maureen Seaton and Denise Duhamel. Text + image by Ryan Mihaly, and art by Alexis Duque, Teresa James, Cheryl Molnar, Matthew Schommer, and Viviane Rombaldi Seppey.

A Public Space

Number 28, 2019

Sierra Magazine

Volume 105 Number 1, January/February 2020

South: A Scholarly Journal

Volume 51 Number 1, Fall 2018



Magazines Received January 13, 2020

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bennington review i7 fall winter 2019Bennington Review

Issue 7, Fall/Winter 2019
“The Devotions” issue features fiction by Sabirah Orah Mark, JoAnna Novak, Pablo Piñero Stillmann, Su-Yee Lin, Roger Topp, and more; nonfiction by Jenny Boully, Spencer Reece, Joan Connor, Tyler Mills, D. Gilson, and others; film by Will Stockton; art by Jochern Hendricks; Sabrina Orah Mark in conversation with Vi Khi Nao; and poetry by Peter Cooley, Endi Bogue Hartigan, Matthew Henriksen, Dujie That, Steffi Drewes, G.C. Waldrep, Antonia Pozzi, Owen McLeod, Bronwen Tate, Cary Stough, Sarah Destin, Alisha Dietzman, Christian Wessels, and more. Learn more...


chattahoochee review fall 2019 winter 2020The Chattahoochee Review

Volume 39 Number 2, Fall 2019/Winter 2020
This issue features poems by Janelle Adsit, Mario Chard, Kate Glavin, Juliana Gray, Adrian Matejka, John Moessner, Tom Paine, Rebecca Pyle, Phoebe Reeves, Carrie Shipers, Hanna Tomylets, Memye Curtis Tucker, Shaun Turner, and G. C. Waldrep; stories by Whitney Collins, Thomas Cook, Stephanie Dickinson, D. R. Glass, Lois Ruskai Melina, Anie Onaiza, Melissa Ostrom, Zak Salih, and Aaron Schneider; art by Carla Jay Harris; and essays by ssays: Emma Faesi Hudelson, Dionne Irving, Jake Maynard, Lindsey Novak, and Julie Marie Wade. Plus, an interview with Karen Abbott by Anna Schachner, and reviews by Anjali Enjeti, Jamie Iredell, Samuel Pickering, Hannah VanderHart, and Melinda Zepeda. Learn more...


court green i16 fall 2019Court Green

Issue 16, Fall 2019
The Fall 2019 issue of Court Green features poetry by Ron Padgett, Elaine Equi, Shane McCrae, Josh Tvrdy, Misha Collins, Brenda Cardenas, Joe Fletcher, Tara Boswell-Ramirez, Michael Robins, John Franklin Dandridge, Daniel Nester, Alia Hussain Vancrown, Maureen Thorson, Emily Hunt, Laura Mullen, and Ron Koertge. This issue also features a dossier from Michael Robins and contributor’s answers to the question to name five indispensable movies. Learn more...


crazyhorse n96 fall 2019Crazyhorse

Number 96, Fall 2019
Featuring the winners of the Crazyhorse Prizes in Fiction, Nonfiction, and Poetry accompanied by a stunning collection of prose and poetry, including fiction by Barbara Klein Moss, Joanna Pearson, and Sam Stover; poetry by Benjamin Garcia, Corinna McClanahan Schroeder, Kevin Simmonds, Sarah Burke, Nasser Rabah, and Alicia Wright; and nonfiction by Mary Birnbaum; and lots more. Learn more...


creative nonfiction i72 fall 2019Creative Nonfiction

Issue 72, Fall 2019
Games: The Power of Play. Play is serious business! In Creative Nonfiction #72: "Games," writers connect with friends, family, and strangers to play Hanabi and hide-and-seek, mah-jongg and make-believe. Online or in-person, they explore other worlds, try on new ways of being, and find unexpected meaning. Plus: what writers can learn from video game audience research; the importance of rhythm in prose; Procrastination Bingo; and much more. Learn more...


georgia review v73 n4 winter 2019The Georgia Review

Volume 73 Number 4, Winter 2019
Featuring 250 pages of original poetry, fiction, essays, and book reviews, the issue includes a tribute to the late Toni Morrison, a poetry project presenting the words of Hong Kong protesters, a new story by Tiphanie Yanique, an essay by Susan Cerulean, and a folio of work by Atlanta-based artist Michi Meko. The Winter issue also includes work by poet Stanley Plumly, who passed away this year of multiple myeloma. The issue also features a folio titled “‘Our Plainsong’: Voices from the Asian American Literature Festival,” which collects work by poets Kazim Ali, Rajiv Mohabir, and Cynthia Arrieu-King, as well as novelist Monique Truong. Learn more...


kenyon review january february 2020The Kenyon Review

Volume 42 Number 1, January/February 2020
The new issue offers a special poetry section, “Of Today,” gathered by guest editor Solmaz Sharif and featuring nine poets: Ari Banias, Daniel Borzutzky, Carolina Ebeid, Marwa Helal, Christopher Kondrich, Philip Metres, Roger Reeves, Evie Shockley, and Eleni Sikelianos. In addition, the issue includes the winner and runners-up of the 2019 Short Fiction Contest: Daphne Palasi Andreades, Emily Everett, and Susan Falco. Also featuring work by Shoshana Akabas, Aaron Berry Davis, Michaela Jenkins, Claire Luchette, Martin Philip, Alison Townsend, and Moikom Zeqo (translated by Loredana Mihani and Wayne Miller). Learn more...


missouri review v42 n3 fall 2019Missouri Review

Volume 42 Number 3, Fall 2019
Luminous Road. Inside: First fiction by Frederick Hampton and Kathryn Nuernberger on “radical research” in recent books of poetry. Featuring Jacob M. Appel, Jason Brown, Carol D. Guerrero-Murphy, Kathryn Hunt, Frank Montesonti, Luisa Muradyan, Cat Powell, MH Rowe, Diane Simmons, and Emily Sinclair. Learn more...


poetry v215 n4 january 2020Poetry

Volume 215 Number 4, January 2020
In this issue, find poetry by Christian Wiman, Komal Mathew, Destiny Hemphill, Lillian-Yvonne Bertram, Jose Hernandez Diaz, Lee Upton, Noor Naga, Christopher Soto, G. C. Waldrep, Wo Chan, Matthias Göritz, Jorie Graham, Jenny Zhang, Emily Berry, Hala Alyan, Su Cho, CAConrad, John Kinsella, Jehanne Dubrow, and more. Also included are Watercolors by A. R. Ammons introduced by Elizabeth M. Mills, as well as an essay by Declan Ryan: “Letters Are Not Life.” Learn more...


tiger moth review i3 2020The Tiger Moth Review

Issue 3, January 2020
Despite coming from different cultures and places, our contributors share pressing concerns. Singapore visual artist Ernest Goh and American poet Jennifer Currier are both troubled by microplastics invading our beaches, food and bodies. Poets Hibah Shabkhez (Pakistan), Amanda McLeod (Australia) and Travis Stephens (USA) change us as they take us into landscapes and histories of violence and trauma. We recycle poetry with Craig Santos Perez (Pacific Island of Guam), sing songs of blessings with Kunle Okesipe (Nigeria), soar through the falcon’s eye with Jonel Abellanosa (The Philippines), and listen for the birth of an aurora shining with Sheikha A. (Pakistan-United Arab Emirates). Learn more... 



Magazines Received January 6, 2020

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cleaver i28 winter 2020Cleaver Magazine

Number 28, Winter 2020 online
In this issue, find flash fiction and short stories by Alex Behr, Kim Magowan, Tommy Dean, Matthew Greene, Marianne Villanueva, Francine Witte, Stefanie Nellen, Marilee Dahlman, Theo Greenblatt, and more; poetry by Alice Hall, Nathan Lipps, and Jeremy Radin; nonfiction by Keygan Sands and Kharys Ateh Laue; and art by Nance Van Winckel. Plus a visual narrative by Trevor Alixopulos. Learn more...


driftwood press i7 n1 january 2020Driftwood Press

Issue 7 Number 1, January 2020 online
This issue includes work by Alan Sincic, Megan Swenson, Nicole Zdeb, Matthew Rickart, Coz Frimpong, Janelle Cordero, Annie Cigic, Jiwon Choi, Kathleen Radigan, Sam Stokley, Taylor Imel, Daniel Aristi, Harriet Heydemann, Jacob Griffin Hall, Rob Kenagy, Laurin Becker Macios, Reiser Perkins, Helli Fang, Yasuaki Okamoto, Janessa Mulepati, and Nick Francis Potter. Learn more...


lake january 2020The Lake

January 2020 online
The January issue is now online featuring Stephen Beckwith, Ric Cheyney, Kitty Coles, Leslie Dianne, George Freek, Caroline Hardaker, Deirdre Hines, Karla Huston, Aaron Lembo, Fiona Sinclair. Reviews of Karen Neuberg’s the elephants are askingSunil Sharma’s Intersections- Visual, Verbal; Nancy Charley’s The Gospel of Trickster. Learn more...


plume january2020Plume

Number 101, January 2020 online
This month’s featured selection includes poetry by Alan Shapiro. Amanda Newell also interviews the poet. In nonfiction: Kimberly Johnson on “Reading and Writing Outside Thebes: In Praise of Syntax.” Chelsea Wagenaar reviews View from True North by Sara Henning. This month’s poetry selections include work by Jessica Greenbaum, Marilyn Kallet, Carl Phillips, Julie Hanson, Dean Young, David Bottoms, Christopher Bakken, Afaa Michael Weaver, and more. Learn more...


prime number i167 january march 2020Prime Number Magazine

Issue 167, January-March 2020 online
In this issue: winners of our quarterly Flash Fiction Contest Jessica Manack, Jessica Pitchford, and Tyler Lacoma; winners of our monthly 53-Word Story Contest Rebekah Heaney, Jane Pait , and Brian Rosten; poetry selected by guest editor Stacy R. Nigliazzo, featuring Nicholas Bellacicco, Brendan Bense, and Logen Cure; short fiction selected by guest editor Joseph Mills, featuring Kelly Flynn, Kai Maristed, and Teresa Milbrodt; Publisher's Selection from Prime Number Magazine Award for Short Fiction (2019) finalist Kent Nelson; and introductions to our guest editors for Issue 179—Christopher Forrest (poetry) & Julie Zuckerman (short fiction). Learn more...


salamander i49 fall winter 2019 2020Salamander

Issue 49, Fall/Winter 2019/2020
Salamander #49 is now available in print or online, featuring our 2019 Fiction Contest Winners, a forthcoming novel excerpt from David Moloney, creative nonfiction from Rochelle Hurt and Marcos Gonzalez, reviews of new poetry and fiction, and poetry from Naomi Ayala, Francesca Bell, Rosebud Ben-Oni, Caylin Capra-Thomas, Emily Rose Cole, Brian Clifton, Jackie Craven, Chard deNiord, Alexa Doran, Adam J. Sorkin, Adeeba Shahid Talukder, Madeleine Wattenberg, and many more. Learn more...


sheila na gig onlineSheila-Na-Gig online

Volume 4 Number 2, Winter 2019 online
This issue features the Winter Poetry Contest Winner: Sean Kelbley and the 2019 Sheila-Na-Gig Editions Poetry Manuscript Contest Winner: Barbara Sabol. Also in this issue: KB Ballentine, Gary Beaumier, Sean Bentley, Ace Boggess, Madelon Bolling, Jeff Burt, Jan Carroll, Joan Colby, Joe Cottonwood, Robert DeMott, RC deWinter, Laura Foley, George Franklin, Matthew James Friday, Molly Fuller, Gary Glauber, Benjamin Goluboff, Carol Lynn Stevenson Grellas, Kari Gunter-Seymour, Joseph Hardy, Donna Hilbert, Alicia Hoffman, Mary Ann Honaker, Stephanie Kendrick, Tricia Knoll, Judy Kronenfeld, Sean Lause, Tamara Madison, Betsy Mars, Celia Meade, Charles Rammelkamp, Marc Swan, and more. Learn more...


weber v36 n1 fall 2019Weber

Volume 36 Number 1, Fall 2019
In this issue, find essays by Brett Busang and Joan Coles, fiction by Ben Leib, Franci Washburn, Glenn Stowell, Kiri C. Pederson, and Richard Dokey; poetry by Matthew Daly, George Moore, Bibhu Padhi, Bill Snyder, Matt Schumacher, and Erica Waters; and art by Molly Morin. Plus conversations with Ken Bugul, John Rickford, David H. Grinspoon, Suniti Nanjoshi, Richard Ray Perez, Tyehimba Jess, and Paul Dinh. Learn more...


world literature today winter 2020World Literature Today

Winter 2020
Margarita Engle, winner of the 2019 NSK Neustadt Prize for Children’s Literature, headlines the Winter 2020 issue of World Literature Today with a reflective essay on the “two wings” of her Cuban American literary inspirations. Also inside, Lilliam Rivera pays tribute to Engle’s mastery, Cristina Rivera Garza speaks out against the “femicide machine” in Mexico, Anastasia Edel recounts a dreamlike flânerie in NYC, and Veronica Esposito launches a monthly conversation series with translators. As always, additional essays, poetry, short stories, interviews, dozens of book reviews, and recommended books make the current issue, like every issue, your passport to great reading. Learn more...


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