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Earth Island Journal consistently delivers environmental stories that mainstream media often fail to cover.

Publisher’s description: Earth Island Journal was founded by David Brower and continues his work to focus on the planet’s problems while providing concrete solutions to improve environmental conditions. Each issue of Earth Island Journal delves into stories that either are ignored in mainstream press or receive only a shallow treatment.

Both in theory and in practice, Earth Island Journal stands for reducing our footprint. The magazine was recently awarded the silver medal in the Aveda Environmental Award for sustainable practices in magazine publishing. For its in-depth coverage, the Earth Island Journal has won eleven Project Censored Awards and five UTNE Alternative Press Awards, including General Excellence, Best International Reporting, and Best Science and Environment Reporting. “Earth Island Journal is unparalleled in its ability to illuminate ecological dimensions of contemporary science, politics and culture.” –Utne

The magazine is published by Earth Island Institute, home to some of the planet’s most innovative activists.