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American Literary Review - Spring 2004

  • Issue Number: Volume 15 Number 1
  • Published Date: Spring 2004

Jim Meirose and Andi Diehn both are writers of at least one (presumably more, hopefully more) great story. G.C. Waldrep: thank you, again and for more—he is, dear reader, one of the poets whose work we may all, gladly, turn to, hopeful that people are still making language do strange tricks we can’t imagine. Also: Nancy Eimers—bravo, and I look forward to hunting down your two books. American Literary Review is another of those great reminders that literary journals can act as: there’s literally no limit to the number of these things, and the phrase “All boats rise together” has no stronger ledge on which to stand and preside over than the ledge above we scribblers the world over without contracts or even degrees. As ever, having heard of only one poet within, I come away, post-read, with a handful of new practitioners to mentally asterisk. It’s a fine, well-balanced little journal, with a wonderful duo of insightful, meditative reviews, a rough 2:1 poetry: fiction ratio, with a casual touch of both traditional and experimental forms. [American Literary Review, PO Box 311307, University of North Texas, Denton, TX 76203-1307. E-mail: . Single issue $5.] – WC

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Review Posted on August 31, 2004

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