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NewPages Magazine Reviews Guidelines

Length: 600 to 800 words.

Identification: Title, volume/issue numbers, date of publication, publication cycle, “Review by [your name]." Please see current review page for examples of formatting.

Text: Block style. Publication titles in italics. No extra spacing between paragraphs, no indents.

Quotes: Put titles of works in quotes. Short poem quotes in the body of the text need a slash to separate lines, a double slash for stanza breaks. Use ellipses in brackets if they are your own. Do not italicize quoted material unless it is italicized in the original. If possible, reference both author and title. Please include page numbers. Block quotes may be used for longer excerpts.

Referencing Authors/Works: Author name is more critical than title of work, though both help. Specify genre (poem, short story, essay, etc.) or art medium if known.

Things to avoid: References to the cost of the magazine, how many pages there are, that there are so many good pieces that it's hard to pick only a few to discuss. References like these are very overused and tend to fall flat.

Send: Send all reviews in one document attachment: .doc, .docx or .rtf, or copy and paste the text into an email: katyhaas[at]newpageswork[dot]com

Deadlines: Three week turnaround from the time you receive mags. Reviews must be received by the 5th to be posted that month.

Receiving More Mags: When you are ready to receive more magazines for review, please email me at katyhaas[at]newpageswork[dot]com and I will email you the complete list of magazines available for review. Please email a list of your choices to me as soon as possible after receiving the available list. It’s best to select more than you want - i.e. “Send me three.” and list four or five. Due to overhead, please select at least two lit mags.

*Please* never solicit review copies on behalf of NewPages. If there is a title you want, ask me. You are welcome to review magazines you obtain yourself, just let me know in advance of sending the review.

Author Bio: Include 50-word bio. You may include contact info, but if you do not, I will NEVER give out your e-mail address. Should writers/publishers cold-contact you for reviews, please tell them that all requests/materials must come through NewPages (this is on our FAQ page). You may update your bio as needed.

Payment: There is no cash payment for your work at this time. Your time and efforts are greatly appreciated, and you can have as many free lit mags as you can review.

Taking a Break from NewPages: Please drop me a line and let me know when you can no longer write reviews. You are welcome to take breaks as needed and return when you are able.

Questions? Contact katyhaas[at]newpageswork[dot]com

We welcome any/all Feedback.