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Dianne Freeman, Joseph Souza, Tracy Clark, Cynthia Swanson, Lis Wiehl, Lori Rader-Day, John Lansing, Sara Shepard, Jeff Strand, Jim Butcher, Anthony Horowitz, and Joyce Carol Oates.

  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 21 Number 3, August 2018

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Rewilding: Recovery, Remembrances, and Reconnection with the Ancestral Wild. Work by Jason Bleijerveld, Andrea Blancas Beltran, JM Miller, Diego Luis, Debbi Gray, Davina Rhine, Madronna Holden & David Wolfersberger, Zev Alexander, Pancho McFarland, Phillip Bannowsky, Melanie Viets, Jim Carter, Crystal Casey, Anne Haven McDonnell, Mary Marie Dixon, Roger Camp, Shihan Zhang, Anjela Villarreal Ratliff, John Jacobson, Marisol Cortez, and many more.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 3 Issue 4, July 2018 online

Our 1st Annual Best of the Best Issue is now available, compiling our finalists and contributors whose work was published in Edify Fiction between April 2017 and March 2018. Revisit these favorites by Troy Varvel, Katinka Smit, RL Black, Anna Deligianni, Nayana Sivanandan, Marina Montenegro, Ayaz Daryl Nielson, Norman Klein, Shannon Bushby, Michelle Dotter, Lada Makarski, and more. When you’re done reading, be sure to vote for your favorites.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 3 Issue 2, June 2018

The front and back cover of our latest issue features our Cover Competition winners Leslie Soule and Michael Starr. Inside the issue, find writing by Kyle J. Mola, Catherine Anderson, Ed Doerr, Joseph S. Pete, Terrie G. Crawford, Alexandria Rose Rizik, Yermiyahu Ahron Taub, W. C. Mallery, Lydia Sizemore, L. B. Davis, and Justin Florey. Art by Allison K. Sissom, Vicky Talwar, and Peter Mix, with the winners of our 2018 Instagram Competition.

Savor the summer sun while reading Novella Prize winner Samantha Macpherson’s “Tattoo” set in rainy Vancouver. Sit down for lunch with Johnnie Manson’s “Lentil Soup” or Carin Makuz’s “What We Write About When We Write About Avocados.” Quench your thirst with “A Glass of Water” by Susan Haldane. Bask in “Sunlight” by John Nyman, and lounge on “Big Island” by Ben Ladouceur. Sit at the piano in Gordon Lonethunder’s “Branches Fleuries d’Amandier”; swim up to the boundary in Jade Riordan’s “The Buoy Line”; travel to London and France in Diana Fitzgerald Bryden’s “The Hedonists.” Cool down with reviews of books by Irena Karafilly, Tom Wayman, and Brian Bartlett.

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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 13 Number 2, Summer 2018

This issue features fiction by Shuly Cawood, Chuck Augello, Seth D. Slater, and Zebbie Watson, nonfiction by Michael Knight, and poetry by Sheila Sanderson, D. G. Geis, Colette Tennant, Patrick Hicks, Robert Gibb, Mercedes Lawry, Alicia Marie Brandewie, Jeff Hoffmann, L. S. McKee, Dennis Maloney, Doug Rampseck, and Jeff Hardin. Plus, book reviews.

The 2018 Summer Issue of SRPR has been released. In the issue 43.1, you will find: cover art by Olga Reyna Coronado; new poems by Ira Sukrungruang, the SRPR Illinois Poet, plus an interview with Joanne Diaz, SRPR Feature Poet & Interview Editor; poems by Austin Smith, Kristin Prevallet, Gabriel Gudding, Jules Gibbs, JD Scott, Andrea Cote Botero, and Chloe Garcia Roberts; The SRPR Review Essay by Johannes Göransson, who reviews the works of Cynthia Cruz (Dregs), Brooke Ellsworth (Serenade), Moss Angel the Undying (Sea-Witch, Volume two), and Sara Tuss Efrik (Automanias and The Night’s Belly); and more.


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