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Katy Haas

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Cerebral provides quality products including Afrocentric books, t-shirts and apparel.

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The Katonah Reading Room is a bookstore and coffee shop with take out sandwiches, salads, and baked goods rotating daily. Full barista coffee service, ice cream, candy, and drink specials. We sell books and gifts for all ages.


March 24, 2021
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Lily-livered is a beautifully braided catalog of ways to live and not die. Wren Hanks writes on friendship, hunger, touch, transformation, and the inheritance of a trait for which the chapbook is named. ‘Imagine it happened in a barn, a meat cellar.’ These poems unfurl as an array of forms, forms of life, with sensuous patterns and particulars. With ‘stubble the possible field,’ Hanks breathes lines that combine ribaldry, romance, and refrain into stunning, surprising images and interconnections. This is a smart, moving collection that you will love reading alone or with friends. ‘The ground is safe.’” —Oliver Baez Bendorf. Buy this book from our affiliate

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In her debut full-length collection of poems, The Supposed Huntsman, Fowley creates spaces that blur the lines of gender, species, and self: “Every animal is deadly / even the shape-shifter.” Fowley uses incantatory anaphora to enact endless transformations, becoming by turns a motley, plume-lit teacher-creature and a bear longing, like a bro, for a maiden in a tree. Drawing inspiration from Brothers Grimm fairy tales and troubadour tradition, Fowley’s poems elate and interrogate, ever aware that “childhood is so intensely serious.” Buy this book from our affiliate

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“War, mental illness, narcotics, sickness, incest and a deep passion for poetry were all a part of the Austrian poet Georg Trakl's short and tragic life (1887-1914). Biographical accounts have been few, vague and speculative. [ . . . ] In Blue Swan, Black Swan: The Trakl Diaries, Stephanie Dickinson opens a new door, but not one into Trakl's psyche, rather from out of his psyche as if it were him relaying the incidents as they occurred in each particular moment and which these poems more than aptly provide. All is as if it originates from his mouth, from his dictation onto the pages of what is meant to be read as his unwritten diary. . . ." —Paul B. Roth. Buy this book from our affiliate

The Ways We Get By

March 24, 2021
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“This bizarre, charming, darkly comic irreality of paid cuddlers and mean-spirited parents, where intimacy is commodified and heroes nonexistent might at first resemble something far off and fanciful. But take another look. This is the desperate, inscrutable world we’ve come to inhabit. And those outsiders and losers our own bewildered selves. Dornich is a master of the present moment.” –Adam Prince. Buy this book from our affiliate

Black Bear Creek

March 24, 2021
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The town of Black Bear Creek is well past its glory days and ravaged by the mining industry on which its people depend. The characters in Joshua Cross’s debut story collection struggle to survive against rampant poverty while their drinking water is poisoned and the mountains around them are stripped away. Spanning decades, these are stories of life shattering injuries inflicted by working in the mines. Of men and women forced to be so hard they are frequently surprised by their own vulnerability. Despite the bleak backdrop, these are stories about how they find ways to love and hope and fight. Buy this book from our affiliate

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In the nine stories of How Other People Make Love, Thisbe Nissen chronicles the lives and choices of people questioning the heteronormative institution of marriage. Concerning husbands and wives, lovers and leavers, Nissen’s stories explore our search for connection and all the ways we undercut it when we do find it. How Other People Make Love asserts that there aren’t right and wrong ways to love; there are only our very complicated and contradictory human hearts, minds, bodies, and desires—all searching for something, whether we know what that is or not. These are stories for anyone who has ever loved or been loved. Buy this book from our affiliate

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Fast Funny Women: 75 Essays of Flash Nonfiction, Ed. Gina Berreca, Woodhall Press

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The Absolutist, John Boyne, Other Press

As Breaks the Wave Upon the Sea, Robert Wallace, Mint Hill Books

Before Stonewall, Edward M. Cohen, Awst Press

Black Bear Creek, Joshua Cross, SEMO Press

The Disappearance of Jim Sullivan, Tanguy Viel, Dalkey Archive Press

Fleeing Father, Carmen-Francesca Banciu, PalmArtPress

Gambled Dreams, Jim Sanderson, Moonshine Cove Publishing

Honey Mine: Collected Stories, Camille Roy, NightBoat Books

How Other People Make Love, Thisbe Nissen, Wayne State University Press

Narcisse on a Tightrope, Olivier Targowla, Dalkey Archive Press

Public Reading Followed by Discussion, Danielle Mémoire, Dalkey Archive Press

Recruited, Lauren Anderson, Stormbird Press

Scattered Lights: Stories, Steve Wiegenstein, Cornerpost Press

Tales the Devil Told Me, Jen Fawkes, Press 53

To Zenzi, Robert L. Shuster, New Issues Poetry & Prose

Velvet Shipwrecks: Collected Stories, Tim Wenzell, Texas A&M University Press

The Ways We Get By, Joe Dornich, Black Lawrence Press


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