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Katy Haas

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Bad Indian, J.C. Mehta, Brick Mantel Books

Blood Memory, Gail Newman, Marsh Hawk Press

Brand New Spacesuit, John Gallaher, BOA Editions LTD

Disparate Beasts, Basil King's Beastiary, Part Two, Basil King, Marsh Hawk Press

Enjoy Yourself: Poems, J.R. Solonche, Serving House Books

Girls Like Us, Elizabeth Hazen, Alan Squire Publishing

GOOD TIMING & GERTRUDE STEIN: Inside Snoopy’s snout maggots feast upon my blood, Julia Cohen, Diode Editions

Hedge Fund Certainty, Tomas Fink, Meritage Press

Hold Me Tight, Jason Schneiderman, Red Hen Press

Horologion, Mark Lamoureux, Poet Republik LTD

Improvisation Without Accompaniment, Matt Morton, BOA Editions LTD

Iola O, G.M. Monks, Bedazzled Ink

Karma, Yin Lichuan, Tolsun Books

The Last Human Heart, Allison Joseph, Diode Editions

Let's Become a Ghost Story, Rick Bursky, BOA Editions LTD

Love Songs from the End of the World, Katherine Reigel, Main Street Rag Publishing Co

Many Restless Concerns: (a testimony), Gayle Brandeis, Black Lawrence Press

Mezzaluna: Selected Poems, Michele Leggott, Wesleyan University Press

The Minister of Disturbances, Zeeshan Pathan, Diode Editions

Motherland, Sally Thomas, Able Muse Press

A Net to Hold the Wind, Memye Curtis Tucker, Main Street Rag Publishing Co

Our Bearings, Molly McGlennen, University of Arizona Press

Pep Talks for Broke(n) People, Caits Meissner

Prime Meridian, Connie Post, Glass Lyre Press

Refusal, Jenny Molberg, LSU Press

Rue, Kathryn Nuernberger, BOA Editions LTD

The Shadowgraph, James Cihlar, University of New Mexico Press

Shy, Theresa Hickey, Finishing Line Press

Spooky Action at a Distance: double-title poems, David Alpaugh, Word Galaxy Press

Still-Life with God, Cynthia Atkins, Saint Julian Press

to cleave: poems, Barbara Rockman, University of New Mexico Press

Ugly/Sad, Cassandra de Alba, Glass Poetry Press

Underworld Lit, Srikanth Reddy, Wave Books

Wider than the Sky, Nancy Chen Long, Diode Editions

Worship the Pig, Gaylord Brewer, Red Hen Press

Year of the Dog, Deborah Paredez, BOA Editions LTD

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Barbarians on an Ancient Sea: A Nicholas Fallon Sea Novel, William Westbrook, Rowman & Littlefield

Hillbilly Hustle, Wesley Browne, West Virginia University Press

I Am Faithful, Jenny Irish, Black Lawrence Press

Jesus and John, Adam McOmber, Lethe Press

Life's Tumultous Party Reduced to its Essential Partycycles, Marvin Cohen, Sagging Mensicus Press

Moon Trees and Other Orphans, Leigh Camacho Rourks, Black Lawrence Press

Neotenica, Joon Oluchi Lee, Nightboat Books

The OK End of Funny Town, Mark Polanzak, BOA Editions LTD

Skyland, Andrew Durbin, Nightboat Books

A Small Thing to Want, Shuly Xóchitl Cawood, Press 53

Wolf, Douglas A. Martin, Nightboat Books

The World Doesn't Work that Way but It Could, Yxta Maya Murray, University of Nevada Press

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River Teeth: 20 Years of Creative Nonfiction, Ed. Joe Mackall & Daniel W. Lehman, University of New Mexico Press

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The Everything I Have Lost, Sylvia Zeleny, Cinco Puntos Press

Jimena Perez Can Fly/Jimena Perez puede volar, Jorge Argueta, Cinco Puntos Press

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QC Fiction fiction, translations online online

Acworth - Crazy Book Lady

February 18, 2020
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The Crazy Book Lady is a used bookstore that buys, sells, and trades new and used books. I enjoy placing books with people who truly want or need them. I try to have a large selection of books - old, new, odd, unique, etc.

Mableton - Book House

February 18, 2020
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The Book House is Cobb County's oldest full service bookstore.

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We are a privately owned and operated business that has been selling, buying, and trading used and new books for over 20 years. We specialize in history, military history, arts, biographies, and the social sciences. We also offer a wide selection of literary works that range from Shakespearian tragedies through classic Victorian novels to modern day teen fiction. Most of our selection of over 50,000 books consists of quality academic and scholarly works, and many are rare, collectible, or specialty items.

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Beehive Books fiction, graphic novels online

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Canthius. Priscila Uppal Memorial Award for Poetry. Poetry. Entry Fee. [mag] 12/1

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