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Katy Haas

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The poems in I Always Carry My Bones tackle the complex ideation of home for marginalized and migrant peoples. Felicia Zamora explores how familial history echoes inside a person and the ghosts of lineage dwell in a body. Pierced by an estranged relationship to Mexican culture, the ache of an unknown father, the weight of racism and poverty in this country, the indentations of abuse, and a mind/physicality affected by doubt, these poems root in the search for belonging. This powerful collection is a message of longing for a sanctuary of self, the dwelling of initial energy needed for the collective fight for human rights.

Self, Divided

May 19, 2021
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In 1995 John Medeiros and his identical twin brother participated in a gene therapy study in which the HIV-positive twin was infused with billions of genes from the HIV-negative twin. This memoir details, from a firsthand perspective, a time in our recent history when the world had to reckon with the emergence of a seemingly undefeatable virus. Self, Divided explores the dysfunctional yet enduring relationships that surround this pivotal moment in Medeiros's life and family, brilliantly capturing how we all are connected, in one way or another, to those around us. Buy this book from our affiliate

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2 a.m. with Keats, Eileen Cleary, Nixes Mate

Beyond Repair, J.C. Todd, Able Muse

Book of Levitations, Anne Champion & Jenny Sadre-Orafai, Trembling Pillow Press

Creation Groans On: Nature Images, Ken Bazyn, Resource Publications

Dog-Walking in the Shadow of Pyongyang, Devon Balwit, Nixes Mate

A Feeling Called Heaven, Joey Yearous-Algozin, Nightboat Books

I Always Carry My Bones, Felicia Zamora, University of Iowa Press

I Am This State of Emergency, Rob Myrick, Surveyor Books

Last Night I Aged a Hundred Years, Peter Grandbois, The Ashland Poetry Press

Nike Adjusting Her Sandal, Anastasia Vassos, Nixes Mate

Post-Mortem, Heather Altfeld, Orison Books

Proof Something Happened, Tony Trigilio, Marsh Hawk Press

Tortillera, Caridad Moro-Gronlier, Texas A&M University Press

Trap Street, Will Cordeiro, Able Muse

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An Everyday Cult, Gerette Buglion, Rootstock Publishing

Forever Free: A True Story of Hope in the Fight for Child Literacy, Tracy Swinton Bailey, Other Press

Gone the Hard Road, Lee Martin, Indiana University Press

Guard the Mysteries, Cedar Sigo, Wave Books

Razor Wire Wilderness, Stephanie Dickinson, Kallisto Gaia Press

Self, Divided, John Medeiros, Howling Bird Press

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Above the Rain, Víctor del Árbol , Other Press

The Black Harvest: A novel of the American Civil War, Daren Dean, Livingston Press

Born of No Woman: A Novel, Franck Bouysse, Other Press

Dearth, Lynda Schor, New Meridian Arts Press

Fire in the Field and Other Stories, John Young, Golden Antelope Press

The Forest Perilous, Terence Gallagher, Livingston Press

The Ghost Finders, Adam McOmber, Journalstone

In the Shadow of the Yali, Suat Derviş, Other Press

Love Like Water, Love Like Fire, Mikhail Iossel, Bellevue Literary Press

The Playwright's House, Dariel Suarez, Red Hen Press

Stories of the New West, Evan Morgan Williams, Main Street Rag

Street Cop, Robert Coover, Isolarii

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An Ecotone Almanac, Ed. Ecotone Staff, Ecotone

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  • Paws Healing the Earth, Ed. Kalpna Singh-Chitnis, River Paw Press


  • . . . And What Do You Do?, Norman Baker, Biteback Publishing

  • Unbroken Spirit: My Life Before and After Quadriplegia, Gilbert John, Amador Publishers

  • Voices of Teenage Transplant Survivors: Miracle-Like, Susan J. Sample, Emerald Publishing Ltd.


  • Attention, Distraction, Possible: Three Plays, Elle Crane,

  • Ethan Fox and the Eyes of the Desert Sand, E. L. Seer, Ethan Fox Books

  • Mama’s Boy, Camai Franklin, Independently Published 


  • At Work on the Garments of Refuge: Poems, Ralph Dranow & Daniel Marlin, Rose Press

  • The Bold News of Birdcalls, Edward Morin, Kelsay Books

  • Matters in My Mind: A Collection of Semi-Autobiographical Poetry, Jude Tobias, Independently Published

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