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Katy Haas

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The coziest, giant used bookstore you’ll come across! Come search for your treasure.

Imagine a Town

April 22, 2020
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The poems in Imagine A Town reveal how a confederacy of places—a hometown, adopted city, a neighborhood—conspires to shape identity, especially when one’s sense of self butts up against the values and expectations embraced by that place. The concept of home, a longing to belong, and the risks and rewards of carving an outsider existence lie at the beating heart of this collection.


April 22, 2020
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"Adelante is unerringly fresh and restless, a treasure of deftly-honed narratives that manage to be both unleashed and enviably controlled. The poet galvanizes the often staid stories that surround and numb us--in these pages, an alternately tender and ferocious lyricism is just barely contained. That lyricism bolsters the meticulous crafting that can't help but culminate in a sparkling and utterly original collection." —Patricia Smith

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Nothing can change the terrible facts of the Sand Creek Massacre. The human toll of this horrific event and the ensuing loss of a way of life have never been fully recounted until now. In Sand Creek and the Tragic End of a Lifeway, Louis Kraft tells this story, drawing on the words and actions of those who participated in the events at this critical time. As instructive as it is harrowing, the history recounted here lives on in the telling, along with a way of life destroyed in all but cultural memory. To that memory this book gives eloquent, resonating voice.

The Story I Am

April 22, 2020
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Roger Rosenblatt has always been "mad about the writing life." In this new collection, he shares the stories and insights about writing that have inspired him in his career. The new and beloved pieces in The Story I Am: Mad About the Writing Life, drawn from his vast body of work, celebrate the art, the craft, and the soul of writing. Here are essays and excerpts on the rewards and punishments of the life of a writer, along with thoughts on how to write, what to write, and why writing lies at the heart of human hope and experience.

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Danielle Vogel’s newest collection creates a latticework for repair—the repairing of past trauma, the calling-into-presence of a dissociated self—but does so while keeping the material of this net of thinking in a fragmented, diaphanous state glowing in the space between the poem and essay. Across three sections of “displacements,” “miniatures,” and “volume,” Vogel initiates readers into the séance of the book. In The Way a Line Hallucinates its Own Linearity, accord is always a verb, always kinetic, alchemical, and alive. To consent to walk through these spaces is to give up that part of you that wishes to remain anonymous and un-entrained.

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Colored Men and Hombres Aqui: Hernandez v. Texas and the Emergence of Mexican-American Lawyering, Michael A. Olivas, Ed., Arte Publico Press

The Night the Referee Hit Back: Memorable Moments from the World of Boxing, Mike Silver, Rowman & Littlefield

Sand Creek and the Tragic End of a Lifeway, Louis Kraft, University of Oklahoma Press

The Story I Am: Mad About the Writing Life, Roger Rosenblatt, Turtle Point Press

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Adelante, Jessica Guzman, Switchback Books

Any Song Will Do, Donald Levering, Red Mountain Press

Brain Works, Arthur Ginsberg, David Robert Books

Daddy, Michael Montlack, NYQ Books

Dakota Fruit, Catherine Cobb Morocco, Turning Point

The Distant Sound, Eliot Schain, Sixteen Rivers Press

Flashlight, New and Selected Poems, Gayl Teller, Cherry Grove Collections

For Love, and for Cruelty, Elizabeth Estochen, WordTech Editions

The Future Has a Reputation, Susanna Kittredge, CW Books

The Girl from Yesterday, June Sylvester Saraceno, Cherry Grove Collections

Going Fast, Robert Senechal de la Roche, David Robert Books

Hallow, Christine Higgins, Cherry Grove Collections

Imagine a Town, Barabara Sabol, Sheila-Na-Gig Editions

In My Feelings, Cedric Tillman, Word Poetry

Just Last Days, Mark Robinson, WordTech Editions

The Last Green Valley, Barbara Thomas, Cherry Grove Collections

The Laundromat, Alex Mezza, CW Books

Little Black Train, Jordan Smith, Three Mile Harbor Press

The Local World, Joanne Rocky Delaphine, WordTech Editions

The Machinery of Sleep, Patrick Cahill, Sixteen Rivers Press

Mouth Full of Seeds, Marcela Sulak, Black Lawrence Press

The Near and Far, Jody Bolz, Turning Point

Night Chaser, Joshua Coben, David Robert Books

The Opposite of Lightning, Barbara Buckman Strasko, Word Poetry

Orpheum, Reed Wilson, Word Poetry

Postcard Days, Jennifer Soule, Cherry Grove Collections

Ready for the World, Becca Klaver, Black Lawrence Press

Slope Move, Hanna Andrews, Switchback Books

Sweetfires, Evelyn Maria Anderson, Palooka Press

Tether, Lisa Fay Coutley, Black Lawrence Press

Toy Park, Beau Boudreaux, Cherry Grove Collections

Up Late Reading Birds of America, Robert DeMott, Sheila-Na-Gig Editions

The Way a Line Hallucinates Its Own Linearity, Danielle Vogel, Red Hen Press

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Weird Pig, Robert Long Foreman, Southeast Missouri Press

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Writing/Righting History: Twenty-Five Years of Recovering the US Hispanic Literary Heritage, Ed. Antonia Casteneda & Clara Lomas, Arte Publico Press

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