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Denise Hill

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quiddity 8 1Quiddity, the international journal and public radio program enters into its eighth year with a couple notable changes. Managing Editor Jim Warner will be handing over the role to John McCarthy, and the partnership with Benedictine University at Springfield has come to close. Quiddity will continue with a new relationship with NPR member/PRI affiliate WUIS, Illinois Public Radio's hub-station. As Warner writes, "Sharing our contributors' work with the public-radio audience is a crucial element to our mission at Quiddity and we look forward to sharing more work with you."


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mr 43Mississippi Review Summer 2015 is their "Prize Issue," so includes the "The Parents" by Charles Ramsay McCrory, winner of the fiction prize, and "Just Talking to Myself" by Sarah New, winner of the poetry prize. The remainder of the issue includes finalists for each of the prizes. A full list of authors can be found here.
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The 2015-2016 annual issue of Paterson Literary Review generously features all the winners and honorable mentions of their 2014 Allen Ginsberg Poetry Award:

paterson 43FIRST PRIZE (shared)
Linda A. Cronin, Cedar Grove, NJ, "Because It's Mine"
Linda Hillringhouse, Englewood, NJ, "The Bristol Plaza Hotel, Wildwood"

Dante Di Stefano, Endwell, NY, "A Morning Prayer While Pumping Gas at the Gulf Gas Station"
Abby E. Murray, Endicott, NY, "A Poem for Ugly People"

THIRD PRIZE (shared)
Jason Allen, Binghamton, NY, "Pop"
Kenneth Ronkowitz, Cedar Grove, NJ, "That Summer Between"

A complete list with honorable mentions can be found here.
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IR 37n1Indiana Review v37 n1 features 2014 Fiction Prize winner ("The Passeur" by E.E. Lyons) and finalist ("Come Go With Me" by Nora Bonner), 2014 1/2K Prize Winner ("The Girl Next Door to the Girl Next Door" by Amy Woolard), and, while not a contest winner, a cool "Special Folio: Graphic Memoir" featuring work by Bianca Stone, Douglas Karney, Diane Sorensen, Arewen Donahue, and Rowan Hisayo Buchanan.
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YMR Spring 2015Yellow Medicine Review Spring 2015 features "Entering Language from Two Directions" a roundtable conversation with poets who work directly with/in threatened languages. Participants include LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs, Jacqueline Osherow, James Thomas Stevens, and Karenne Wood. Megan Snyder-Camp moderates the conversation and begins: "This is a conversation between poets who enter language form two directions: in addition to engaging language on the page in a variety of innovative ways, these poets also work as linguists, translators, and/or language activists...Grounded in our craft, our conversation covered both what these poets bring to the page and also what happens on the page, while also exploring historical and contemporary context."
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vallum-surrenderThe Vallum Award for Poetry 2014 Contest Winners are featured in the newest issue.

1st place
"The Long Study" by Alexei Perry Cox

2nd place
"Last evening I stumbled" by Carla Barkman

Honorable mentions
"Apple to Apple" by Susan Hughson
"pass this note" by Domenico Capilongo
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pilgrimage-sleepPilgrimage magazine (v38 n3) features black and white photography from the organization Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep (NILMDTS). From the organization's website: "NILMDTS trains, educates, and mobilizes professional quality photographers to provide beautiful heirloom portraits to families facing the untimely death of an infant. We believe these images serve as an important step in the family's healing process by honoring the child's legacy."

Pilgramage editors write, "The organization has a valuable mission and takes powerful photos that are haunting and tender. The photography intersects with the issue's words by encouraging us to look closer and take no detail for granted. It risks sentimentality and makes us look closer at an intimate moment for families. At the core of it, NILMDTS offers a uniquely valuable service to parents in need and navigates the tough terrain of grieving and celebrating life simultaneously. We encourage you to learn more and support NILMDTS at"
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The newest Mid-American Review (v35 n2) features winners and runners-up of the magazine's 2014-2015 Poetry and Fiction Awards:

James Wright Poetry Award
Oliver de la Paz, Judge
Winner: "Mapping the Tongue" by Geetha Iyer
Runner-Up: "Iki Dugno," by Keith Kopka

Sherwood Anderson Fiction Award
Alissa Nutting, Judge
Winner: "Postcard from a Funeral, Cumberland, Maryland, October 16, 1975" by Miles Harvey
Runner-Up: "The Turnip Girl," by Laura I. Miller

See the full list of finalists as well as judges' comments on the winning works here.
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Fig Tree Books, "Publishing the Best Novels & Memoirs of the American Jewish Experience (AJE)," has announced that it is now accepting AJE memoirs and young-adult and graphic-novel manuscripts in addition to literary novels.

fig-tree-booksFredric Price, founder and publisher of Fig Tree said, "We typically describe 'American' as dealing with the people or institutions of the United States; this does not mean that the protagonist must be a citizen or that the action must take place exclusively within our country. But the book needs to be grounded in American values, culture or history and American readers need to be able to identify with the characters and the story. For us, the 'Jewish experience' means engaging with what it means to be a Jewish American, or how one goes about his or her life practicing (or denying) his/her Judaism, or how one copes with Jewish identity, or deals with social/political/cultural issues associated with being Jewish or interactions between/among Jews and other groups."

Fig Tree accepts agented and unrepresented manuscripts and pay competitive advances and standard royalties. All of their books will be available in print and e-format, and promoted using a combination of traditional and social media approaches.

Writing Maps

June 18, 2015
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writing-mapFrom the mastermind of Shaun Levin come a couple of fantastic creations. The first is Writing Maps. Simply designed and beautifully executed, these illustrated maps are printed on sturdy 11x16 paper and folded into eight, making the closed map about postcard size. Each map contains writing prompts related to the subject of the map. For example: Write Around the House: Writing Prompts to Explore the Rooms We Inhabit; Writing Art: Writing in Galleries and Museums; The Café Writing Map: Writing Prompts for Cafes, Bars, Bistros, and Pubs; Writing Things: Writing About Objects and the Things We Carry; How to Write a Story Writing Map; Write Around the Bookshop.

Shaun explains: "Writing Maps are created to suit writers of all genres and levels. Writing Maps are devised to inspire stories, spice up your writing routine, expand your work, develop work-in progress, and make sure you have writerly fun in ways that'll surprise you." There are currently 16 maps available with more planned, such as Writing School Map and Write Around the Garden.

In addition to the Writing Maps, Shaun is editor of The A3 Review, a publication folded in the same style as the maps, featuring poetry and prose with a 150 word limit. With room for a cover and back cover, 14 writer's works can be featured in each publication. The contributors come from a monthly writing contest in response to changing prompts. Current and upcoming prompts: Green Things; Journeys; Hands. Contest winners receive a cash prize, with two works selected each month for publication in The A3 Review.

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