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Published June 05, 2014
Under the Gum Tree has been making some changes to their staff. Six months ago, assistant editors Kathryn DeJarnette and Becca Litman joined the team. Robin Martin became senior editor. Now, Aimee Steffen Taber is taking Natana Prudhomme's place as designer. Prudhomme helped launch the magazine in 2011 and designed the logo and page layout. "I can’t tell you how lucky I was to find Natana (and would you believe it was all thanks to a Craigslist ad?)," Editor Janna Marlies Maron writes, "seriously, Under the Gum Tree would not be the gorgeous magazine that it is without Natana. When we started working together, all I had was the title and an idea and Natana executed that idea more beautifully than I could have imagined. As sad as I was to see Natana go, I was so honored to have worked with her for two years and am excited to see her pursuing her goals as an artist."

There has also been a transition in the editorial interns. Janna thanks Elizabeth Kroll for her contributions with the newsletter and social media and welcomes aboard the new intern, Katie Walker. You can read more here.

Published June 06, 2014

The cover of the latest issue of Hayden's Ferry Review features Seba Kurtis's Mirrors. It's even more magnificent inside the issue where it is also printed, with more true color and clear image.


In the editor's note of this issue of december, Gianna Jacobson writes that "inspiration is a miraculous notion." And so the cover art, by B
Published June 09, 2014
As a special feature in the latest issue from Green Mountains Review, Vermont Double Laureate Team-Up" is an illustrated collaboration between Poet Laureate of Vermont Sydney Lea and Cartoonist Laureate of Vermont James Kochalka. It's a "strip" they title "Laureate Power." Here's a sampling from the first included page:

Published June 10, 2014
Robert Coover was the final judge for the 2013 Barthelme Prizes, hosted by Gulf Coast. "All three of these stories echo Donald Barthelme's brevity, concision, and wry intelligence, his gift for memorable one-liners," he writes in the latest issue which features the winners. "Notoriously withering as his critiques could be, he would have loved all the first and last sentences here, and would have said so. . . Though all these stories are deserving of prizes and publication, 'Bats' in particular, with its commonsensical women of Northwest Ohio dreaming the winged dreams of the bats hiding upside down in their purses, perhaps best exemplifies Barthelme's poignant whimsy, his playful collaging of artful irrealism with the commonplaces of the quotidian."

Lawrence Coates: "Bats"

Honorable Mentions
Colin Winnette: "Cement Man"
Ana Reyes: "At the Edge of the Kitchen's Light"

Published June 11, 2014
Mid-American Review publishes the winners of the 2013-2014 James Wright Poetry Award and the Sherwood Anderson Fiction Award in the latest issue:

James Wright Poetry Award
Jude Nutter: "The Shipping Forecast

Cate Lycurgus: "[It wasn't a fast break]"

Carol V. Davis: "The Autopsy, a Love Poem"
Nate Liederbach: "Siege"
Janet Smith: "To Do List"

Sherwood Anderson Fiction Award
Gabriel Houck: "Hero's Theater"

Dana Fitz Gale: "Cousin"

Editor's Choice
Courtney Craggett: "Kansas Before Oz"
Published June 12, 2014
The Rising Phoenix Contest occurs with each spring issue of The Sheepshead Review. This year, they stepped up the game a little bit and had the students send in a six-piece portfolio for review for the art portion, giving them the opportunity for six pieces to be published, "a larger amount of pieces than is typically presented by one student." The judge this year was Jon Crispin, along with new judges Saul Lemerond (fiction), Sarah Gilbert (poetry), and David McGlynn (nonfiction). Here are the winners:

Laura Wire: Piet's Orange Peel

Sarah Chayer: "The Breaking Breath"

Cole Heyn: "Rail-Splitters"

Andrea Reisenauer: "The Solo Journey"
Published June 13, 2014

This cover of New England Review is titled Blue Vault by Ra
Published June 17, 2014
Yesterday we supplied you with the latest in literary magazine reviews. As of last month, Screen Reading (mini reviews of online and digital magazines) is now on the same page, so you'll get a sampling of both print and online/digital magazines in the mix.

Discover both brand new and well-established mags as our expanse of reviewers gives you honest recommendations of what to read. We don't assign reviews or charge magazines to be reviewed, so you know you'll always be getting an unbiased review. Here are the first lines from several reviews:

"Though I’ve read several issues of Phoebe before, I’m always impressed by how diverse the journal is in terms of genre, aesthetic, and style," Justin Brouckaert writes.

"Fairy Tale Review maintains its fanciful theme well, but its significance as a literary document exceeds whimsy: the authors transform modern literature, spackling any clichés or invention with language, philosophy, and critical energy," writes Mary Florio.

"Bop Dead City is a humble, independent, quarterly literary magazine," writes Melanie Tague. "At first glance it may seem to lack the finesse of larger magazines, but upon closer inspection, the reader will be pleasantly surprised to see interesting cover art as well as poetry and fiction that can and will inspire us all to read more or to pick up a pen and begin to write."

The rest of the print magazines reviewed include both well established journals and a mix of newer ones: 2 Bridges Review, The Austin Review, Black Magnolias, The Cape Rock, Hiram Poetry Review, Iodine Poetry Journal, Juked, Kestrel, MAKE Literary Magazine, Minetta Review, No Tokens, The Pinch, Sierra Nevada Review, and Subtropics.

Online magazines reviewed by Kirsten McIlvenna (as Screen Reading) include Clare, Communion, New Purlieu Review, rawboned, and Red Booth Review. They are combined in with the rest of the reviews, but if you would like links to these particular reviews as well as more recent online magazine reviews, you can click here.

Or you can read all the reviews in one place! Click here to get going.
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