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Published March 08, 2011
Edited by Kate Lorenz with Designer Justin Runge, Parcel is a biannual print publication, sent to subscribers with limited edition broadsides and postcards. Publisher Heidi Raak is also owner of The Raven Book Store, in Lawrence, KS.

The first issue of Parcel (Spring 2011) includes works by Kate Bernheimer, Brooklyn Copeland, Daniel Coudriet, Nick Courtright, Jenny Gropp Hess, Daniel A. Hoyt, Friedrich Kerksieck, Jeffry Koterba, Kristy Logan, Peter Longofono, BJ Love, Anthony Luebbert, Michael Martone, Susan McCarty, Jaclyn Mednicov, Matt Moore, Matthew Nienow, Brian Oliu, Pamela Ryder, Christopher Salerno, and J.A. Tyler.

Parcel is available for subscription ($20/yr) and is open for online submissions using Submishmash.
Published March 08, 2011
Issue 84 of River Styx includes poems by the winners of the 2010 River Styx International Poetry Contest:

1st Place Stephen Gibson, "Megapixels"
2nd Place Diana Arterian, "The Albatross, Golden Mollymawk"
3rd Place Will Greenway, "Annunciation"
Honorable Mention Susan Cohen, "Pantoum of The Blue Virgin"

The 2011 contest is currently open until May 31, 2011; Judge B. H. Fairchild.. Entrance fee includes a one-year subscription to the magazine, all entrants are considered for publication, and the winners are published with the first place winner receiving $1500.
Published March 09, 2011
The introductory essays and Table of Contents to Against Expression: An Anthology of Conceptual Writing (2011, Northwestern U Press) are available for download. The first essays by the editors are "Why Conceptual Writing? Why Now?" by Kenneth Goldsmith and "The Fate of Echo" by Craig Dworkin.
Published March 09, 2011
The Dos Passos Review Spring 2011 (7.2) offers a special preview of the works by Briery Creek Press Liam Rector First Book Prize for Poetry 2011 winner Bonnie Bolling. Over a dozen poems from her collection In the Kingdom of the Sons are offered in this journal issue.
Published March 06, 2011
Open City Magazine has announced it will cease publication after a solid twenty-year run. The final issue of the magazine, Open City #30, was published in December 2010 and is still available in some stores as well as online.
Published March 07, 2011
The New Ohio Review Symposium for Spring 2011 presents three poets' discussions on someone's "bad (weak or shallow or disappointing) poem" and someone's "good poem." With six poems "on the table" Wayne Miller, Helena Nelson, and David Rivard conversed via e-mail, and the results appear in this issue.

And the poems? Okay, here they are:

Wayne Miller presented "In America" by Susan Wood, and "The Nurse" by Dana Levin.
Helena Nelson presented "Rapture" by Carol Ann Duffy, and "Offering" by Michael Laskey.
David Rivard presented "The Idea by Mark Strand, and "Kindergarten" by Dennis Schmitz.

For good or bad - you'll need to read it yourself.
Published March 07, 2011
ACM - Another Chicago Magazine celebrates its 50 issue with this year's first volume.

"To be perfectly honest," the Statement of Purpose in 50.1 reads, "we never thought we'd make it to a 50th issue. ACM has never been known for fundraising skills, financial acumen, or an airtight organizational structure. Mostly we've just been known for being independent since 1977 and for publishing young and exciting writers as frequently as we can manage it on a shoestring budget."

And to celebrate these roots and publishing, this issue is indeed "Another Chicago Issue" (split into two issues this year) featuring Chicago writers from "wildly different backgrounds and styles: novelists, experimental poets, writers with agents and book deals, writers who've only just begun to place work, editors, publishers, and general roustabouts and hermits alike."

How can we resist?
Published March 07, 2011
Blue Lotus Review is a literature, art, and multi-media online journal. Editor Amy Willoughby-Burle says she's "been rolling this idea around in my mind for some time. What makes a person with too much on her plate already desire to start a journal? My best answer: to see what’s out there. To be a part of it." Blue Lotus Review is a nice addition to this fray of what's out there, taking advantage of the online medium to provide high quality visual artwork as well as easily accessed, quality recordings from musicians. While there's no film as yet, BLR submission guidelines include this.

The Summer 2010 premier issue features Paintings by Jim Fuess, Chuck Bruursema, Ernest Williamson III, Audrey White; Poetry by James H. Duncan, P.D. Lyons, Heather Burt, Corey Mesler, and Alicia Valbuena; Fiction by Adam Moorad; Music by Tyler Boone and Freddy Bradburn.

The Winter 2010 current issue features Poetry by John Middlebrook, Kenneth P. Gurney, Andrea Janov, John Grey; Fiction by Erik Berg, John Sharp, and James Devitt, Jr.; Paintings by Ira Joel Haber; Photography by Jeffrey Douglas DeCristofaro; Music by Night's Bright Colors (Jason Smith, James Richards, Mariya Potapova, and Bryan Morissey).

Blue Lotus Review is published quarterly and is open year-round for submissions of poetry, short fiction, flash fiction, art, photography, music, and film (via YouTube hosting).
Published March 07, 2011
Three great sale opportunities coming up at Coach House Books: 20% off on all books by women authors in celebration of International Women's Day (Tuesday, March 8); to observe Pi Day (Monday, March 14, or 3-14), every single title or item in the Coach House online catalogue will be discounted $3.14; and for St. Patrick's Day (Thursday, March 17), all books with greenish covers are 20% off.
Published March 07, 2011
Applications are invited for an Assistant Editor, University of Illinois Press, located at the Urbana-Champaign campus.

We welcome any/all Feedback.