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Published July 14, 2011
WomenArts Quarterly Journal Summer 2011 features the paintings of Iceland artist Kristin Halldorsdottir Eyfells (1917-2002). Eyfells painted large color portraits of popular figures in arts, entertainment, and politics. "No one ever sat for a portrait in her studio; instead, Eyfells formulated her interpretation of each subject from knowledge of their lives. She read everything she could find on her subjects and studied endless photographs of them before she began to paint" (Sherryl Brown, "Artist Profile," WAQR). In addition to the cover, WAQR features a full-color section of portraits by Eyfells, including Mike Tyson, Nancy Reagan, Clint Eastwood, Dwight Eisenhower, Bertrand Russell, Winston Churchill, and Jimmy Durante.

Cover image: "Self Portrait" by Kristin Halldorsdottir Eyfells
Published July 14, 2011
The newest issue of Pleiades (31.2) includes A Folio of Arabic Poetry in Translation, featuring poems by Adonis, Ashur Etwebi, Ghassan Zaqtan, Amjad Nasser, Asmaa Azaizeh, and Dalia Taha (translations by Fady Joudah, Khaled Mattawa, and Rasheeda Plenty). Amjad Nasser's work is available on the Pleiades website, along with selections of other content from this issue.

[Cover Image: Rawlings and the Eggs , oil on canvas, 24 " x 24", by Ellen Siebers, 2008]
Published July 15, 2011
Editor-in-Chief Martin Rock, along with Editors-at-Large Traci Brimhall and Phillip D. Ischy, bring readers and writers Loaded Bicycle, an online journal of poetry, art, and translation by emerging and established writers, translators, and artists, with a special interest in collaborative projects that include comic artists.

The first and second issue include works & translations by Esao Andrews, Alejandro de Acosta, Jorge Carrera Andrade, Johsua Beckman, Ana Božičević, Melissa Broder, Anne Carson, Mrb Chelko, Alan Daniels, Claire Devoogd, Karen Emmerich, Quintus Horatius Flaccus, Matthea Harvey, Madra Hill, Melinda Kosztaczky, F.T. Marinetti, Kate MccGwire, Idra Novey, Elsbeth Pancrazi, Susanne Petermann, Rainer Maria Rilke, Matthew Rohrer, Craig Rubadoux, Glenn Shaheen, Michael Shapcott, Egor Shopavolov, Bianca Stone, Tricia Taaca, Micah Towery, Paul Tunis, Eleni Vakalo, M.A. Vizsolyi, and Jean Zapata.

Though Loaded Bicycle does not accept fiction or non-fiction, the editors are open to short cross-genre work. Loaded Bicycle will publish three issues per year with an on-site archive.
Published July 13, 2011
Winners of the River Styx Fifth Annual (2011) Schlafly Beer Micro-Brew Micro-Fiction Contest appear in issue 85

1st Place
Katie Cortese, "Thrill Ride"

2nd Place
Laura Kate Resnik, "Ms. Muffet"

3rd Place
Allison Alsup, "Pioneers"

Honorable Mentions
Jeanne Emmons, "Vinyl"
Kim Henderson, "Girls"
Thomas Israel Hopkins, "When the Immigrant Is Hot"
Hugh Martin, "Three Months Before We Ship to Iraq"
Francine Witte, "Husband Weight"
Published July 13, 2011
Ruminate Magazine celebrates five years of publishing with its summer 2011 issue themed: Feasting. The issue also includes winners from Ruminates first annual nonfiction prize, judged by Al Haley. Josh MacIvor-Andersen essay, "Flexing, Texting, Flying," took first place, with "Van Gogh's Parable" by A.J. Kandathil taking second.
Published July 13, 2011
Celebrating 85 years of continuous publication, World Literature Today proves once again why it is an invaluable publication with "Voices of Italian Literature" in the July/August 2011 issue. This special sections features an interview with Dacia Maraini*, essays by Antony Shugaar and Jamie Richards, poetry by Andrea Zanzotto, Fernanda Romagnoli, Luciano Erba, Tiziano Scarpa, Maria Luisa Spaziani*, Pier Luigi Bacchini*, Patrizia Cavalli*, Gianni Celati, Antonella Anedda, Valerio Magrelli, and Alessio Zanelli, and fiction by Amara Lakhous and Ermanno Cavazzoni. (Asterisk indicates content also available online.)

WLT also offers exclusive web content: poetry by Ascanio Celestini, Leonardo Sinisgalli and Julian Stannard, and fiction by Ermanno Cavazzoni.
Published July 14, 2011
Scotland's Tramway writer-in-residence Beatrice Colin is editor of the new online quarterly journal Algebra.

From the publishers website: "Based on the model that A+B = X, Algebra features a range of local and international writers responding, questioning and expanding on specific themes explored in Tramway’s programme. Their contributions range from fiction and memoir to poetry and photography.

"The first issue, inspired by Keith Farquhar show, More Nudes in Colour, Glasgow looked at the nude and nudity and featured writers including novelist, Ellis Avery, playwright, Oliver Emmanuel and short-story writer, Linda Cracknell. The second takes the theme, In the Days of the Comet, from the British Art show as its starting point and will include contributions from Ronald Frame, Nicola White and Helen Sedgewick."
Published July 14, 2011
The 2011-2012 issue of Paterson Literary Review (#39) includes the winners, honorable mention and editors choice selections for the 2009 Allen Ginsberg Awards.

Eileen Moeller, Philadelphia, PA “Milk Time”
José Antonio Rodríguez, Binghamton, NY “Veins Like Maps”

Josh Humphrey, Kearney, NJ “Catherine Rose at One Week Old”
Sarah Jefferis, Ithaca, NY “Learning to Spell”

Kevin Carey, Beverly, MA “Loved Hockey

A full list of poets and their winning works can be found on the PLR website, along with information about this and other annual contests.
Published July 12, 2011
Winner of the Willow Springs Fiction Prize, Sarah Hulse's "Sine Die" appears in the newest issue of the publication (Fall 2011 #68).
Published July 13, 2011
Poets Samuel T. Franklin and K. Lemon are the editorial effort behind The Ides of March Journal, an online monthly blog journal that "specializes in historical/mythological/legend​ ary/folklore-ish poetry." Their goal is to publish 15 poems of no more than 15 lines each monthly on the 15th of each month.

The publication's mission is truly unique among literary publications: "At The Ides of March, we think history is anything but boring. It's fun. It's interesting. And, depending on the subject, it can be dramatic, barbarous, beautiful, gross, bloody, smutty - pretty much anything . . our shared experiences as a people, as a species, as living creatures . . is something that should be celebrated, studied, and never forgotten. Not that we have such noble purposes here. We just think historical poetry is pretty sweet."

The table of contents for the first issue is enough to prove they have succeeded in their efforts:

Zann Carter - "The Night John Lennon Died"
Clarence Dearborn - "Vlad Tepes of Wallachia" and “William Howard Taft"
Jenna Kelly – “Apocalypse Now, or Maybe Later: Rapture 2011"
Julie Laws – “Caligula 'Invades' England: 40CE" and “Salad for Hilter"
Mike Miller – “Isambard Kingdom Brunel. 1806-1859"
Amit Parmessur – “Lord Shiva"
Annie Perconti – “Uroboros" and “Xochiquetzal"
Megan Peterson – “Henry VIII,” “Socrates, Dear Friend" and “Catherine the Great of Russia (Who am I?)"
Mark Young – “Enola Gay” and "The Wright Brothers, December 17, 1903"

The Ides of March is open for submissions.

We welcome any/all Feedback.