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West Texas Literary Review is a print and online literary magazine that seeks poetry, flash fiction (up to 1,000 words), essays (up to 2,000 words), and photographs. We love work that is thoughtful, deliberate, and authentic. To read the guidelines and submit, please visit While you're on the website, check out our amazing latest issue!

Trampset, an online literary journal of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction, is seeking and accepting new submissions on a rolling basis. We want your best brain, your beating heart, your fears and reconciliations. Send that good human stuff our way. We nominate for Best of the Net. Nonfiction submissions are free. We charge a $3 submission fee for fiction and poetry. Visit our submissions page:

Now reading for Volume Five. Please visit us to read Volume Four with poems by poets from the world over, from beginners to the most renowned. A unique voice is prized. Be bold and uncensored. Our hallmark is "STRONG Rx MEDICINE." Long poems welcome. Published biannually online. Submissions accepted through our online submission manager, Submittable; a submission fee is charged.

Urban Farmhouse Press currently seeks book-length manuscripts of poetry, fiction, novellas, and science fiction. We are an independent small press located in the Windsor, Ontario-Detroit, Michigan area. We are looking for writing that crosses borders and talks about the people and places it comes from. Submissions welcome from US, Canada, UK, and Australia. More details at

Desert Willow Press is an independent press that publishes poetry chapbooks. We seek 14-28 pages of original poetry that represents an authentic expression of something of value. We cherish poetry immensely and promise to take good care of your work. Emerging writers are especially welcome. To read the guidelines and submit, please visit

Transference invites submissions of poetry translated into English from Arabic, Chinese, French, Old French, German, Classical Greek, Latin, or Japanese.  Along with your translation, please submit a commentary on the translation process, addressing particular challenges posed by the text or specific translation choices.  New voices are especially welcome. Transference is published both online and in print. Read previous issues and submit up to four poems at  Contact: . Published by faculty of the Department of World Languages and Literatures at Western Michigan University. Submissions are read using a double-blind review process.

Dirty Paws Poetry is excited to be open for submissions! We're reading for our second issue. Check out our submission guidelines, our first issue, and send us your poetry!

Leaping Clear, an online magazine, features accomplished art, writing, music, and video by artists who have a dedicated meditative or contemplative practice. We present both emerging and established writers and artists from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives. We value art that asks, "What is this?" and invites readers/viewers/listeners to deeply explore the wonders, difficulties, joys, perplexities, and mysteries of being alive now. Our Fall 2018 issue submission period is open until May 31, and we're particularly looking for essays, fiction, hybrid writing, music and video. Please visit for more information and to enjoy our latest issue.

Glassworks Magazine seeks flash fiction, prose poetry, and micro essays for publication in Flash Glass, our online feature. In glassworking, "flashed glass" is a specific technique by which color is not simply added, but is created by layering, opening almost unlimited possibilities of variation. The glass allows light to shine through but prevents inquisitive eyes from invading people's privacy. Send us your written work that does the same! All work published online in Flash Glass is included in a print anthology at the end of the year. Submit up to three shorts under 500 word. Guidelines and submit at

borrowed solace is a literary journal on our third edition. Submissions are back open! Our theme for the fall 2018 journal is "Home." Where is home? What makes a home? How does a home contain so many emotions and can keep them as secrets or unleash them? What is home to you? We would like to know these answers, and we can't wait to see what you will answer with! We accept: creative nonfiction, fiction, poetry, art, and photography. Submissions will close June 30th, 2018. Check out our submission guidelines here and submit:, the web's longest-publishing online literary magazine, is accepting submissions of poetry, nonfiction, fiction, videos, and hybrid forms through May 31. Submit online at

John Updike once said, "Creativity is merely a plus name for regular activity. Any activity becomes creative when the doer cares about doing it right, or better." At Driftwood Press, we are actively searching for artists who care about doing it right, or better. We are excited to receive your submissions and will diligently work to bring you the best in craft essays, short fiction, poetry, graphic narrative, photography, art, and interviews. We also offer our submitters a premium option to receive an acceptance or rejection letter within one week of submission; many authors are offered editorships and interviews.

MAKE magazine is now accepting submissions for its eighteenth issue, “Mad Science.” For this issue, we seek fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or ephemera that reflects on all the sciences: physical, biological, social, or even science fiction. Embedded in the natural world or a mechanical fantasy, this work can take on subjects of systemic scrutiny or scrutinize the systemic. Logic, reasoning, processes, syntax, sequences, circuits, hypotheses, predictions—or not. As long as there is a method to the madness, we’ll consider it.

Call for Submissions: Lost & Found. This double issue of The Chattahoochee Review is filling fast! Submissions will close in September or when the issue fills.

Storm Cellar, a literary journal of safety and danger, seeks amazing writing and art for its 16th issue. Surprise us with your most ambitious prose, poetry, hybrids, and images of any kind. Women, POC, LGBTQ+, disabled, border-straddling, cash-strapped, and Midwest-connected authors encouraged:

Mom Egg Review seeks fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry about motherhood for its annual print issue, from May 1 through August 1. “Mother” is a status, a role, a concept, a job, a relationship, an identity. We publish literary works that reflect diverse experiences of motherhood, and are interested in perspectives on any aspect or phase of mothering. You need not be a mother to submit. Please read an issue (PDF copy $5) and explore our website to get an idea of the work we publish: Read guidelines and submit here:

Sky Island Journal is an independent, international, free-access literary journal; we are dedicated to discovering the finest original poetry, flash fiction, and creative nonfiction. We publish accomplished, well-established authors—side by side—with fresh, emerging voices. We provide our readers with a powerful, focused, advertising-free literary experience that transports them: one that challenges them intellectually and moves them emotionally. We publish quarterly, and our average response time is 9 days. Every submission receives a prompt, respectful, and individualized response detailing what we appreciated. Peruse our previous issues, and submit your best writing for Issue 5, before May 31st at

Split Rock Review seeks submissions for its Fall 2018 issue! SRR provides a venue for writers and artists of any background, in any stage of their careers, to showcase their best work. We publish poetry, short CNF, reviews, graphic narratives, comics, and artwork that explore place, environment, and the intersection of nature and culture. Simultaneous submissions accepted. We also host an annual poetry chapbook contest each spring and publish themed anthologies. To those who heed the call of the woods, kick off your boots and submit your work to Split Rock Review! For more information about our submission guidelines:

Xi Draconis Books calls for submissions of socially-engaged literary fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and visual art for its 2019 production year. We look for works that rebel, that rail against social injustice, against hatred, poverty, hunger, privatization, the celebration of ignorance, objectification, racism, exploitation, sexism, and commodification. We seek works that explore how these perversions warp the human mind, that humanize, where our culture and society would dehumanize. We seek works that complicate, where biased groups would simplify. We seek works that empathize, where others would malign. Please check out our website for detailed submission guidelines.

Award-winning print & online magazine Into the Void wants your very best fiction, flash, poetry, CNF, and visual art for Issue 9. No theme or restrictions on style—give us the work that will kill you to keep inside, the pieces that live and breathe on the page. Print copy and much love and loyalty to our contributors. We also accept on a rolling basis reviews, other articles, and feature pieces on all things art and culture.

Gambling the Aisle invites the submission of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, visual art, and indefinable things for our 14th issue. We are attracted to the experimental and the strange, but more importantly we’re attracted to thoughtful, well-crafted work. We accept simultaneous submissions and encourage work from writers/artists of all backgrounds. For submission guidelines and to submit visit To view our latest issue visit

Valley Voices (18.2 Fall 2018) seeks submissions of poetry on rivers/waters. Please send no more than 5 poems. We encourage double-sided manuscripts. Please enclose a SASE to guarantee a return of your manuscript. Send submissions to The Editor, Valley Voices, 14000 Hwy 82 W., #7242, Itta Bena, MS 38941-1400, USA. Submissions saved in Word (in one file) may be e-mailed with an attachment to . Cutoff date for submissions: September 30 for the fall issue. No previously published material or simultaneous submissions will be considered.

Split Rock Review invites poetry submissions for Waters Deep: A Great Lakes Poetry Anthology. Submit 2-6 poems that celebrate and emphasize the beauty, diversity, history, climate, ecology, geological wonders, and importance of the Great Lakes and the communities surrounding them. Each contributor will receive a complimentary copy of the anthology upon publication. Simultaneous submissions accepted. Please no previously published poems—we want new work. No submission fees! This project is supported in part by a grant from the Chequamegon Bay Arts Council and the Wisconsin Arts Board with funds from the State of Wisconsin. For information and to submit:

Strata Mag seeks everything. Preference will be given to multi-part projects, experimental poetry, music, CNF that is not autobiographical, formal reportage, visual art, short stories, and serial fiction. Published online on a quarterly basis. Next issue out in July. Email to submit.

Submit work for The Turnip Truck(s) forthcoming print issue “Bodies” by June 11. Submissions concerned with the dialectics of the human and its environment(s) are accepted year-round for online publication. Visit for detailed submission guidelines.

Aji is calling for all things wild for our fall 2018 issue, for the wilderness within and without, the unexplored, unchartered territories inside and between us. Here’s to the uncaged, to the not-quite-so-civilized impulse, to the unflinching laws of nature, to the beauty of everything free and untamed. Send poetry, fiction, literary nonfiction, graphic art, and photography on any subject to Submissions will close when the issue is full, probably early to mid-July 2018.

Foundry seeks a wide range of styles and forms, from short lyric poems to prose poems and longer narratives. We are committed to inclusivity and warmly welcome submissions from marginalized voices. Submissions are free. Payment is $10 per poem. Guidelines can be found here:

Otis Nebula is still reading submissions for our fall issue. We like work that dangles off the edges, probes the underbellies, and isn't afraid of its own beauty. We mostly publish poetry, but are open to all genres and cross-genres.

Feels Blind Literary, a magazine merging creative writing with activism and a punk aesthetic, is accepting submissions of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, plays, and art from emerging and established writers and artists who identify as women for our inaugural issue. The theme for this issue is community. Communities and the people in them thrive when we are better connected and we are interested in work that touches on the importance of community, space/place, and connection. Work that isn't specific to our theme also will be considered. The deadline for submissions is July 1st. Visit to learn more about us.

Parhelion Literary Magazine seeks fiction, flash, creative nonfiction, poetry, art, and photography submissions by new and known authors for our quarterly issues. This new publication strives to be literary at heart while remaining accessible and entertaining to a wide audience at the same time. We are looking for strong, fresh voices, compelling characters, and thought-provoking storytelling.

The Broke Bohemian is now accepting submissions for our Summer Edition 2018! Up to three poems, flash fiction, art (photography, digital media, etc.), or prose. We publish pieces at the forefront of unconventional thought and outlandish perspectives. Get wild. Wear your activism proudly. Bare your teeth. Rise up, and rave in the name of Beauty! We commit ourselves to fostering the voices of all people, especially those who've been disenfranchised and unheard among the ever-booming holler of the bourgeoisie! Be sure to read our submission guidelines before submitting.

Subprimal Poetry Art seeks poetry, flash fiction, essays, and artwork for our upcoming issue. We like pieces that use language in new ways; we have a special fondness for prose poems; voices outside of the status quo keep us awake at night. For most written work, we create a custom musical composition to augment the author’s audio reading; you can listen to many examples on the web site. We pay our contributors. More info at

Cricket (for ages 9-14) seeks science fiction and fantasy, contemporary and historical fiction, and true adventure on the theme of escapes and rescues. Fictional stories should feature protagonists in the age range of our readers who rely on their own pluck and ingenuity to escape a danger or rescue someone from a difficult situation. In contemporary stories, the danger might be more social than physical—such as avoiding an embarrassing situation, an unwelcome obligation, or divulging a secret. True adventures should be well researched and include a list of sources. Stories can also feature heroic animals or pets.

Ladybug (for ages 3-6) and Babybug (for babies and toddlers) are looking for short stories, poetry, action rhymes, riddles, and songs about friendship. How do young children make friends, and what roles can friends play in their lives? Does a friend have to be another child? When reading submissions, we look for playfulness, humor, and a sense of wonder. Works by and about people of color, LGBTQAI+ people, people with disabilities, and other marginalized peoples are especially welcome.

Spider (for ages 6-9) is looking for fiction, poetry, activities, crafts, and recipes for the theme Mysterious Monsters. Bring on the claws, sharp teeth, tails, and larger-than-life creatures. We’re interested in age-appropriate monster stories that introduce kids to old urban legends like river and lake monsters, the Chupacabra, and Big Foot as well as other creatures that go bump in the night—jumbies, trolls, poltergeists, giants, werewolves, vampires, zombies, or beings we’ve never heard of before. Send us your spooky ghosts and growling, howling beasts who might want to eat you or just be your friend.


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