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Fiction (84)

Fiction Posted April 21, 2021

The Essence of Nathan Biddle, J. William Lewis, Greenleaf Book Group Press

Fragile Saints, Claire Ibarra, Adelaide Books

The Groundhog Forever, Henry Hoke, WTAW Press

Late Summer, Luiz Ruffato, Other Press

More Enduring for Having Been Broken, Gwendolyn Paradice, Black Lawrence Press

Nancy, Bruno Lloret, Two Lines Press

Origin Stories, Brigitte Lewis, Iron Horse Literary Review

A Sunday in Ville-d’Avray, Dominique Barbéris, Other Press

Ten Seconds In-Between, Doug Hoekstra, Better Than Starbucks Publications

Voices in the Evening, Natalia Ginzburg, New Directions Publishing

The World of Dew and Other Stories, Julian Mortimer Smith, Indiana University Press

Fiction Posted March 24, 2021

The Absolutist, John Boyne, Other Press

As Breaks the Wave Upon the Sea, Robert Wallace, Mint Hill Books

Before Stonewall, Edward M. Cohen, Awst Press

Black Bear Creek, Joshua Cross, SEMO Press

The Disappearance of Jim Sullivan, Tanguy Viel, Dalkey Archive Press

Fleeing Father, Carmen-Francesca Banciu, PalmArtPress

Gambled Dreams, Jim Sanderson, Moonshine Cove Publishing

Honey Mine: Collected Stories, Camille Roy, NightBoat Books

How Other People Make Love, Thisbe Nissen, Wayne State University Press

Narcisse on a Tightrope, Olivier Targowla, Dalkey Archive Press

Public Reading Followed by Discussion, Danielle Mémoire, Dalkey Archive Press

Recruited, Lauren Anderson, Stormbird Press

Scattered Lights: Stories, Steve Wiegenstein, Cornerpost Press

Tales the Devil Told Me, Jen Fawkes, Press 53

To Zenzi, Robert L. Shuster, New Issues Poetry & Prose

Velvet Shipwrecks: Collected Stories, Tim Wenzell, Texas A&M University Press

The Ways We Get By, Joe Dornich, Black Lawrence Press

Fiction Posted February 25, 2021

The Alleged Woman: A True Tale of Ballot Intrigue, Joe Taylor, Livingston Press

Come On Up, Jordi Nopca, Bellevue Literary Press

How Not to Drown, Jaimee Wriston, Alcove Press

How Other People Make Love, Thisbe Nissen, Wayne State University Press

The Man Who Loved His Wife, Jennifer Anne Moses, Mayapple Press

Minor Characters, Jaime Clarke, Roundabout

Nesting Habits of Flightless Birds, Chris Haven, Tailwinds Press

Remember My Face: A Willie Cuesta Mystery, John Lantigua, Arte Publico Press

The Remnants of Summer, Dawn Newton, Apprentice House Press

The Root of Everything & Lightning, Scott Alexander Hess, Rebel Satori Press

Strange Children, Sadie Hoagland, Red Hen Press

To Live and Die in El Valle, Oscar Mancinas, Arte Publico Press

The Ways We Get By, Joe Dornich, Black Lawrence Press

Fiction Posted January 20, 2021

Calabash Stories, Jeffrey J. Higa, Pleiades Press

Fragment, Craig Russell, Thistledown Press

Last Star Standing, Spaulding Taylor, Unbound

Preparatory Notes for Future Masterpieces, Maceo Montoya, University of Nevada Press

A Sense of the Whole, Siamak Vossoughi, Orison Books

Sergeant Salinger, Jerome Charyn, Bellevue Literary Press

Sex, A Love Story, Jerome Gold, Black Heron Press

Stonehaven: A Fictional Memoir in Prose Couplets, Mark Belair, Turning Point

Fiction Posted December 22, 2020

Answering Liberty's Call, Tracy Lawson, Fidelis Publishing

Here Lies a Father, Mckenzie Cassidy, Kaylie Jones Books

Loving Modigliani: The Afterlife of Jeanne Hebuterne, Linda Lappin, Serving House Books

Preparatory Notes for Future Masterpieces, Maceo Montoya, University of Nevada Press

Semiotic Love [Stories], Brian Phillip Whalen, Awst Press

This Here Is Devil's Work, Curtis Bradley Vickers, University of Nevada Press

Fiction Posted November 25, 2020

The Book of Lost Light, Ron Nyren, Black Lawrences Press

Bruno Folner's Last Tango, Mempo Giardinelli, White Pine Press

Inside Our Days, Michele Merens, Muriel Press

The Reincarnations: Stories, Nathan Elias, Montag Press

This Here Is the Devil's Work, Curtis Bradley Vickers, University of Nevada Press

To Zenzi, Robert L. Schuster, New Issues Poetry & Prose

The Unmasking, Lynn C. Miller, University of New Mexico Press

Fiction Posted October 21, 2020

A Cerebral Offer, Ken Janjigian, Livingston Press

The Conquered Sits at the Bus Stop, Waiting, Veronica Montes, Black Lawrences Press

Estranged, Charles Lamar Phillips, Regal House Publishing

Little Galaxies, Joshua Young, Los Galesburg

The Memoir of the Minotaur, Tom Shachtman, Madville Publishing

The Outlook for Earthlings, Joan Frank, Regal House Publishing

The Sadness of Spirits, Aimee Pogson, Indiana University Press

The Word Next to the One I Want, Lori Toppel, Los Galesburg

Fiction Posted September 23, 2020

The Asthmatic Kid & Other Stories, Mark Tulin, Madville Publishing

Notes on Mother Tongues: Colonialism, class, and giving what you don't have, Mirene Arsanios, Ugly Duckling Presse

Sister of the Infamous, Jane Rosenberg LaForge, New Meridian Arts

Three in the Morning and You Don't Smoke Anymore, Peter J. Stavros, Etchings Press

You're in the Wrong Place, Joseph Harris, Wayne State University Press

Fiction Posted August 19, 2020

Accidentals, Susan Gaines, Torrey House Press

The Exquisite Triumph of Wormboy, James Kochalka, Sydney Lea, Word Galaxy Press

Golden Gate Jumper Survivors Society, Ross Wilcox, 7.13 Books

Junk City, Jon Boilard, Livingston Press

Mannequin and Wife, Jen Fawkes, LSU Press

Monarchs of the Northeast Kingdom, Chera Hammons, Torrey House Press

One Small Saga, Bobbie Louise Hawkins, Ugly Duckling Presse

The Readers' Room, Antoine Laurain, Gallic Books

Responsible Adults, Patricia Ann McNair, Cornerstone Press

Fiction Posted July 22, 2020

Even as We Breathe, Annette Saunooke Clapsaddle, University Press of Kentucky

Fairview Chronicles: A Wayward Proposition, Jonathan Paul, Madville Publishing

Long Gone & Lost: True Fictions & Other Lies, Bobby Horecka, Madville Publishing

Mistakes by the Lake, Brian Petkash, Madville Publishing

New Jersey Noir: Cape May, William Baer, Able Muse Press

Still a Man and Other Stories, James Cherry, Willow Books

Winter Honeymoon, Jacob M. Appel, Black Lawrence Press

The World Out There, John Talbird, Madville Publishing

Fiction Posted June 24, 2020

Ancestry, Eileen O'Leary, University of Iowa Press

Collective Gravities, Chloe N. Clark, word west press

The Dark Heart of Every Wild Thing, Joseph Fasano, Platypus Press

Directory, Christopher Linforth, Otis Books / Seismicity Editions

Father Guards the Sheep, Sari Rosenblatt, University of Iowa Press

A Good Life Book Two: The Lily Trilogy, William Cobb, Livingston Press

The Home Stretch, Wayne M. Johnston, Black Heron Press

How to Walk on Water and Other Stories, Rachel Swearingen, New American Press

I'll Be Here for You: Diary of a Town, Robert McKean, Livingston Press

The Invention of Love, Sara Schaff, Split/Lip Press

Lost Girls, Ellen Birkett Morris, Touchpoint Press

One Small Saga, Bobbie Louise Hawkins, Ugly Duckling Presse

The Rumphulus, Joseh G. Peterson, University of Iowa Press

The Unmasking, Lynn C. Miller, University of New Mexico Press

The World Doesn't Work that Way, But it Could, Yxta Maya Murray, University of Nevada Press

Fiction Posted May 20, 2020

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made, Donald Jordan, Negative Capability Press

Lilly and the Stabber, Naomi Feigelson Chase, Hamilton Stone Editions

Loveoid, JL Morin, Harvard Square Editions

St. Michael Poker & Drinking Club, Ned Randle, Regal House Publishing

You've Got Something Coming, Jonathan Starke, Black Heron Press

Fiction Posted April 22, 2020

Weird Pig, Robert Long Foreman, Southeast Missouri Press

Fiction Posted March 18, 2020

25 Trumbull Road, Christopher Locke, Black Lawrence Press

Baltic Mission: A Nathaniel Drinkwater Novel, Richard Woodman, McBooks Press

Barbarians on an Ancient Sea: A Nicholas Fallon Sea Novel, William Westbrook, McBooks Press

Dyke (geology), Sabrina Imbler, Black Lawrence Press

House of the Ancients & Other Stories, Clifford Garstang, Press 53

I Have the Answer, Kelly Fordon, Wayne State University Press

One Summer on Cutthroat Lake, Owen Duffy, Livingston Press

Peripheral Visions and Other Stories, Nancy Christie, Unsolicited Press

We Were Called Specimens: An Oral Archive of Deity Marjorie, Jason Teal, KERNPUNKT Press

Fiction Posted February 19, 2020

Barbarians on an Ancient Sea: A Nicholas Fallon Sea Novel, William Westbrook, Rowman & Littlefield

Hillbilly Hustle, Wesley Browne, West Virginia University Press

I Am Faithful, Jenny Irish, Black Lawrence Press

Jesus and John, Adam McOmber, Lethe Press

Life's Tumultous Party Reduced to its Essential Partycycles, Marvin Cohen, Sagging Mensicus Press

Moon Trees and Other Orphans, Leigh Camacho Rourks, Black Lawrence Press

Neotenica, Joon Oluchi Lee, Nightboat Books

The OK End of Funny Town, Mark Polanzak, BOA Editions LTD

Skyland, Andrew Durbin, Nightboat Books

A Small Thing to Want, Shuly Xóchitl Cawood, Press 53

Wolf, Douglas A. Martin, Nightboat Books

The World Doesn't Work that Way but It Could, Yxta Maya Murray, University of Nevada Press

Fiction Posted January 22, 2020

Acceleration Hours, Jesse Goolsby, University of Nevada Press, Fiction

The Brightest Place in the World, David Philip Mullins, University of Nevada Press, Fiction

Claire, Wading into the Danube By Night, Jeffrey Condran, Southeast Missouri University Press, Fiction

The Flock of Ba-Hui and Other Stories, Oobmab, Camphor Press, Fiction

Great Escapes from Detroit, Joseph O'Malley, Cornerstone Books, Fiction

Miracles Come on Mondays, Penelope Cray, Pleaides Press, Fiction

Fiction Posted December 18, 2019

Gone Alaska, Dave Barrett, Adelaide Books

Impostures, al-Hariri, New York University Press

Postcards from the Gerund State, Lorrain M. Lopez, BkMk Press

The Psychotic Dr. Schreber, D. Harlan Wilson, Stalking Horse Press

Some Places Worth Leaving, Dani Burlison, Tolsun Books

Fiction Posted November 25, 2019

Deprivation, Roy Freirich, Meerkat Press

The Devil's Country, Perla Suez, White Pine Press

The Dreamed Part, Rodrigo Fresan, Open Letter

I Have the Answer, Kelly Fordon, Wayne State University Press

The OK End of Funny Town, Mark Polanzak, BOA Editions LTD

Orders of Protection, Jenn Hollmeyer, University of North Texas Press

A Peculiar Kind of Immigrant's Son, Sergio Troncoso, Cinco Puntos Press

Stone Skimmers, Jennifer Wisner Kelly, BkMk Press

The Tender Birds, Carole Giangrande, Inanna

The Thirteenth Month, Colin Hamilton, Black Lawrence Press

To the Volcano and Other Stories, Elleke Boehmer, Myriad Editions

Fiction Posted October 23, 2019

100 Cassettes, Dennis Callaci, Pelekinesis

City of Boom, Bonnie Bee, Anti-Oedipus Press

Dark Video, Peter Church, Catalyst Press

Happy Like This, Ashley Wurzbacher, University of Iowa Press

History of an Executioner, Clancy McGilligan, Miami University Press

Not a Thing to Comfort You, Emily Wortman-Wunder, University of Iowa Press

Not Yet, Erik Segal, Harvard Square Editions

St. Christopher on Pluto, Nancy McKinnley, West Virginia University Press

Scratching the Head of Chairman Mao, Jonathan Tel, Turtle Point Press

Shining Man, Todd Dills, Livingston Press

Small Mercies, Bridget Krone, Catalyst Press

Songbirds & Stray Dogs, Meagan Lucas, Main Street Rag Press

Why, Why, Why?, Quim Monzo, Open Letter

Fiction Posted September 19, 2019

The Big Impossible, Edward J. Delaney, Turtle Point Press

Evidence of V: A Novel in Fragments, Facts, and Fictions, Sheila O'Connor, Rose Metal Press

Further Up the Path: Flash Fables, Daniel Oz, BOA Editions, LTD

Kafka in a Skirt: Stories from the Wall, Daniel Chacon , Univeristy of Arizona Press

Moon Trees and Other Orphans, Leigh Camacho Rourks, Black Lawrence Press

Oceanography, Jeremy Griffin, Orison Books

The Teacher, Michal Ben-Naftali, Open Letter

We Will Tell You Otherwise, Beth Mayer, Black Lawrence Press

Fiction Posted August 21, 2019

The Armageddon Two-Step, Michael Loyd Gray, Redbat Books

The Bird Boys: A Delpha Wade & Tom Phelan Mystery, Lisa Sandlin Cinco Puntos Press

The Dog Seated Next to Me, Meg Pokrass, Pelekinesis

Extinction Events, Liz Breazeale, University of Nebraska Press

The Half-Freaks, Nicole Cushing, Grimscribe Press

Joy Time Kill Box, Brian Wood, BOA Editions LTD

The Lines, Anthony Varallo, University of Iowa Press

My Red Heaven, Lance Olsen, Dzanc Books

Posing Nude for the Saints, Elizabeth Genovise, Texas Review Press

Sun River, Ben Nickol, Black Lawrence Press

Take Daily as Needed, Kathryn Trueblood, University of New Mexico Press

The Theoretics of Love, Joe Taylor, NewSouth Books

Trial by Family, Roselee Blooston, Apprentice House Press

Unmaking Grace, Barbara Boswell, Catalyst Press

Vidui, David R. Slavitt, Livingston Press

When the Coin Is in the Air, John Young, Golden Antelope

The Year of the Return, Nathaniel Popkin, Open Books

Fiction Posted July 31, 2019

The Lightness of Water & Other Stories, Rhonda Browning White, Press 53

Cesare, Jerome Charyn, Bellevue Literary Review Press

From the Midway: Unfolding Stories of Redemption and Belonging, Leaf Seligman, Bauhan Publishing

Jenny in Corona, Stuart Ross, Tortoise Books

The Paper Lawyer, Carlos Cisneros, Arte Publico

Manhattan Tropics: Tropico En Manhattan, Guillermo Cotto-Thorner, Arte Publico

Fiction Posted June 18, 2019

The Bear, Andrew Krivak, Bellevue Literary Press

Blink If You Love Me, David Moscovich, Adelaide Books

The Color of Rock, Sandra Cavallo Miller, University of Nevada Press

A Death in Harlem, Karla FC Holloway, Northwestern University Press

Dreaming the Marsh: An Environmental Fable, Elizabeth McCulloch, Twisted Road Publications

Driving in Cars with Homeless Men, Kate Wisel, University of Pittsburgh Press

The Glass Eye, Yolanda Gallardo, Arte Publico Press

History. A Mess., Sigrun Palsdottir, Open Letter

Hurry Up and Relax, Nathan Leslie, Washington Writers Publishing House

If One of Us Should Die, I'll Move to Paris, Brandon French, Tolsun Books

This. This. This. Is. Love. Love. Love., Jennifer Wortman, Split Lip Press

The Translator's Bride, Joao Reis, Open Letter

You Can See More From Up Here, Mark Guerin, Golden Antelope

Fiction Posted May 16, 2019

A Job You Mostly Won't Know How to Do, Pete Fromm, Counterpoint Press

Avery Colt Is a Snake, a Thief, a Liar, Ron A. Austin, Southeast Missouri State Unviersity Press

The Feral Boy Who Lives in Griffith Park, Tim Kirk, Pelekinesis

Further Up the Path: Flash Fables, Daniel Oz, BOA Editions LTD

Jakarta, Rodrigo Marquez Tizano, Coffee House Press

Joytime Killbox, Brian Wood, BOA Editions LTD

Surrendering Appomattox, Jacob M. Appel, C&R Press

The Thousand Steps: Book 1 of The Fiery Spiral, Helen Brain, Catalyst Press

The Wall, Max Annas, Catalyst Press

What Could Be Saved, Gregory Spatz, Tupelo Press

When all else fails, Rayyan Al-Shawaf, Interlink Publishing

The Wild Impossibility, Cheryl A. Ossola, Regal House Publishing

Fiction Posted April 18, 2019

Claiming T-Mo, Eugen Bacon, Meerkat Press

Fearless, Raima Larter, New Meridian

Flowers of Mold, Ha Seong-Nan, Open Letter

Moxie, Alex Poppe, Tortoise Books

Plastered in Pretty, N.C. Marks, Nehesi Publications

Reinhardt's Garden, Mark Haber, Coffee House Press

The Rink Girl, Mark Brazaitis, Hollywood Books International

Shades: Detroit Love Stories, Esperanza Cintron, Wayne State University Press

Spiritual Choreographies, Carlos Labbe, Open Letter

Tornado Season, Courtney Craggett, Black Lawrence Press

Unblinking, Lisa Lenzo, Wayne State University Press

We Might as Well Light Something on Fire, Ron MacLean, Braddock Avenue Books

Fiction Posted March 21, 2019

Aviaries, Zuzana Brabcova, Twisted Spoon Press

Children of God, David H. Lynn, Braddock Avenue Books

Clover Blue, Eldonna Edwards, Kensington Publishing Corp.

The Color Inside a Melon, John Domoni, Dzanc Books

Country Place, Ann Petry, Northwestern University Press

Empty Words, Mario Levrero, Coffee House Press

Fishing the Jumps, Lamar Herrin, University Press of Kentucky

From the Shadows, Juan Jose Millas, Bellevue Literary Press

Half-Burnt, Peter Grandbois, Spuyten Duyvil Publishing

Horsebuggy, Joshua Kornreich, Sagging Meniscus

The Maze of Transparencies, Karen An-hwei Lee, Ellipsis Press

No Common War, Luke Salisbury, Black Heron Press

One Another, Monique Schwitter, Persea Books

The Rapture Index: A Suburban Bestiary, Molly Reid, BOA Editions Ltd.

The Remainder, Alia Trabucco Zeran, Coffee House Press

The Scottish Book of the Dead, Gavin Broom, Island City Publishing

The Shaman of Turtle Valley, Clifford Garstang, Braddock Avenue Books

Someday Everything Will All Make Sense, Carol LaHines, Adelaide Books

Something Like the End, Ashley Morrow Hermsmeier, Black Lawrence Press

Stella Maris: and other Key West Stories, Michael Carroll, Turtle Point Press

This Side of Water, Maureen Pilkington, Regal House Publishing

Vintage 1954, Antoine Laurain, Gallic Books

You Could Stop It Here, Stacy Austin Egan, [PANK] Books

Fiction Posted January 31, 2019

Amazing Things Are Happening Here, Jacob M. Appel, Black Lawrence Press

Feast Day of the Cannibals, Norman Lock, Bellevue Literary Press

GlassHouse, Louis Armand, Equus Press

The Good Echo, Shena McAuliffe, Black Lawrence Press

Gristle, Weird Tales, Jordan A. Rothacker, Stalking Horse Press

Home Everywhere, Megan McNamer, Black Lawrence Press

Horse Latitudes, Morris Collins, Dzanc Books

Invictus, L.L. Holt, Harvard Square Editions

Murmur, Will Eaves, Bellevue Literary Press

Natural Complexions, D. Harlan Wilson, Equus Press

Of Fathers and Fire, Steven Wingate, University of Nebraska Press

Unblinking, Lisa Lenzo, Wayne State University Press

The Unfolding, Jeehan Quijano, New Meridian Arts

The Welsh Fasting Girl, Varley O'Connor, Bellevue Literary Press

Fiction Posted December 19, 2018

Aya Dane, Mhani Alaoui, Interlink Publishing Group

The Great Czech Navy, Richard Katrovas, Carnegie Mellon University Press

Hit Your Brights, Constance Squires, University of Oklahoma Press

The Last Pier, Roma Tearne, Gallic Books / Aardvark Bureau

Lowdown, Anthony Schneider, Permanent Press

An Orphanage of Dreams, Sam Savage, Coffee House Press

Savage Conversations, Leanne Howe, Coffee House Press

Song for the Unraveling of the World, Brian Evenson, Coffee House Press

Stella Maris: And Other Key West Stories, Michael Carroll, Turtle Point Press

When We Were Someone Else, Rachel Groves, BkMk Press

Your Love Alone Is Not Enough, Richard Froude, Subito Press

Fiction Posted November 27, 2018

77, Guillermo Saccomanno, Open Letter

Beginnings: The Homeward Journey of Donovan Manypenny, Thomas D. Peacock, Holy Cow! Press

Black Magic Death Sphere: (Science) Fictions, James Brubaker, Urban Farmhouse Press

Bom Boy, Yewande Omotoso, Catalyst Book Press

Crackerjack, Peter Church, Catalyst Book Press

Death to the Bullshit Artists of South Texas, Fernando A. Flores, Host Publications

Decals, Oliverio Girondo, Open Letter

Difficult People, Catriona Wright, Nightwood Editions

Earthly Delights and Other Apocalypses, Jen Julian, Press 53

Edju, RW Spryszak, Spuyten Duyvil

Flouride: Stories, Chad Meadows, Tolsun Books

Ghostographs: An Album, Maria Romasco Moore, Rose Metal Press

The Golden Havana Night: A Sherlock Homie Mystery, Manuel Ramos, Arte Publico Press

Great American Desert, Terese Svoboda, Ohio State University Press

Justice Gone, N. Lombardi Jr, John Hunt Publishing

Night School: A Reader for Grownups, Zsofia Ban, Open Letter

Once into the Night, Aurelie Sheehan, FC2 (Fiction Collective 2)

Please Let Me Help: "Helpful" Letters to the World's Most Wonderful Brands, Zack Sternwalker, Microcosm Publishing

The Song My Enemies Sing, James Reich, Anti-Oedipus Press

Temper CA, Paul Skenazy, Miami University Press

Time Is the Longest Distance, Janet Clare, Vine Leaves Press

Fiction Posted October 18, 2018

The Fire's Journey Part III: The Cathedral's Work, Eunice Odio, Tavern Books

Just Like That, Barbara Henning, Spuyten Duyvil

Life is a Country Western Song, H. Lee Barnes, Baobab Press

Primitivity, Amy Sayre Baptista, Black Lawrence Press

The Prince of Orange County, Kareem Tayyar, Pelekinesis

So Let Me Get This Straight, Jesse Waters, Paycock Press

Under Water, J.L. Powers, Cinco Puntos Press

What It Might Feel Like to Hope, Dorene O'Brien, Baobab Press

White Dancing Elephants, Chaya Bhuvaneswar, Dzanc Books

Woman, Running Late, In a Dress, Dallas Woodburn, Yellow Flag Press

Fiction Posted September 20, 2018

At the Far End of Nowhere, Christine Davis Merriman, Green Writers Press

Circa, Adam Greenfield, Pelekinesis

Farewell, My Orange, Iwaki Kei, Europa Editions

I Got to Keep Moving, Bill Harris, Wayne State University Press

The Lucky Ones Get To Be People, Rachel Haley Himmelheber, Noemi Press

Oily, Angus Woodward, Spaceboy Books

Stories for People Who Watch TV, Timmy Waldron, New Meridian Arts

Then Again, Ben Berman, Vine Leaves Press

The Wounded Muse, Robert F. Delaney, Mosaic Press

Fiction Posted August 22, 2018

A Bright and Pleading Dagger, Nicole Rivas, Rose Metal Press

The Easiness and the Loneliness, Asta Olivia Nordenhof, Open Letter

The Half-Life of Everything, Deborah Carol Gang, Bancroft Press

The Hawkman: A Fairy Tale of the Great War, Jane Rosenberg LaForge, Amberjack Publishing

Katz or Cats, or How Jesus Became My Rival in Love, Curt Leviant, Dzanc Books

Nameless Serenade: A Commissario Ricciardi Mystery, Maurizio de Giovanni, Europa Editions

The One That Got Away, Joe Clifford, Down & Out Books

The Patron Saint of Lost Girls, Maureen Aitken, Southeast Missouri State University Press

Perpetua's Kin, M. Allen Cunningham, Atelier26 Books

Sacred Smokes, Theodore C. Van Alst Jr., University of New Mexico Press

Swift: God's Knight-Errant, Betty Jean Tucker, Livingston Press

Thank Your Lucky Stars, Sherrie Flick, Autumn House Press

Unofficial History of Pi Wei, Brendan Connell, Snuggly Books

Voices after Evelyn, Rick Harsch, Ice Cube Press

Fiction Posted July 13, 2018

Adult Teeth, Jeremy T. Wilson, Tortoise Books

The Alehouse at the End of the World, Stevan Allred, Forest Avenue Press

Black Iron, Franklin Veaux & Eve Rickert, Thorntree Press

Edge of the Known Bus Line, James R. Gapinski, Etchings Press

Hider/Seeker, Jen Currin, Anvil Press

Neil and Other Stories, J. Bradley, Whiskey Tit

Pablo!, John Rechy, Arte Publico Press

Scoundrels Among Us, Darrin Doyle, Tortoise Books

The Sound of Holding Your Breath: Stories, Natalie Sypolt, West Virginia University Press

Stiff, Steve Hughes, Wayne State University Press

Tacoma Stories, Richard Wiley, Bellevue Literary Press

The Curse of the Gypsy: Ten Stories and a Novella, Alicia Gaspar de Alba, Arte Publico Press

Three Sides Water, Peter Donahue, Ooligan Press

Unnatural Habitats: & other stories, Angela Mitchell, WTAW Press

Wrong Light: A Rick Cahill Novel, Matt Coyle, Oceanview Publishing

Fiction Posted June 13, 2018

Admissions, Eric Sasson, Braddock Avenue Books

After the Winter, Guadalupe Nettel, Coffee House Press

The Author is Dead, Ches Smith, Literary Wanderlust

Buddhism for Western Children, Kirstin Allio, University of Iowa Press

Chupacabra Meets Billy the Kid, Rudolfo Anaya, University of Oklahoma Press

Every Mask I Tried On, Alina Stefanescu, Brighthorse Books

The Hope Fault, Tracy Farr, Gallic Books / Aardvark Bureau

Letting Go, Abe Aamidor, Permanent Press

The Lightning Jar, Christian Felt, University of Iowa Press

Ma Bo'le's Second Life, Xiao Hong, Open Letter

The Moving of the Water, David Lloyd, Excelsior Editions

My Real Name is Hanna, Tara Lynn Masih, Mandel Vilar Press

Narrator, Bragi Olafsson, Open Letter

Samuel Johnson's Eternal Return, Martin Riker, Coffee House Press

The Silver Baron's Wife, Donna Baier Stein, Serving House Books

The Water Diviner and Other Stories, Ruvanee Pietersz Vilhauer, University of Iowa Press

You or a Loved One, Gabriel Houck, Orison Books

Fiction Posted May 08, 2018

Basements and Other Museums, Vedran Husic, Black Lawrence Press

Cloud Diary, Steve Mitchell, C & R Press

Death Rides the Ferry, Patricia Skalka, University of Wisconsin Press

A River Could Be a Tree: A Memoir, Angela Himsel, Fig Tree Books

Smoking Kills, Antoine Laurain, Gallic Books / Aardvark Bureau

Swim, Stories of the Sixties, Sandra Scofield,

Things to Make and Break, May-Lan Tan, Coffee House Press

Trash Mountain, Bradley Bazzle, Red Hen Press

When We Disappear, Lise Haines, Unbridled Books

Fiction Posted April 11, 2018

Atlas of the Body, Nicole Cuffy, Black Lawrence Press

Beautiful Music, Michael Zadoorian, Akashic Books

The Best Way to Get Even, Michael W. Cox, Mammoth Books

The Bottom of the Sky, Rodrigo Fresan, Open Letter

Comeadre, Roque Larraquy, Coffee House Press

Coming Clean, Betty Moffett, Ice Cube Press

Cove, Cynan Jones, Catapult

Fears for the Near Futures: Towards A Diagnostic Manual Of The Peripheral Phobias, CS Mierscheid, Neon Books

Five Hundred Poor, Noah Milligan, Central Avenue Publishing

The Fourth Corner of the World, Scott Nadelson, Engine Books

Hairway to Heaven, Patty Somlo, Cherry Castle Publishing / The Soul Press

Made by Mary, Laura Catherine Brown, C & R Press

Mass: A Sniper, A Father, and a Priest, Jo Scott-Coe, Pelekinesis

North to Lakeville, Jason Kapcala, Urban Farmhouse Press

The Owl That Carries Us Away, Doug Ramspeck, BkMk Press

Speed of Clouds, Miriam Seidel, New Door Books

Their Houses, Meredith Sue Willis, West Virginia University Press

Undoing, Kim Magowan, Moon City Press

Fiction Posted March 07, 2018

Beaut, Donald Morrill, Carolina Wren Press

The Endless Summer, Madame Nielsen, Open Letter

Feathered Serpent/ Dark Heart of Sky, David Bowles, Cinco Puntos Press

Found Documents, Thomas Fox Averill, University of New Mexico Press

Goldens Are Here, Andrew Furman, Green Writers Press

The Lion's Binding Oath, Ahmed Ismail Yusuf, Catalyst Book Press

Lords of St. Thomas, Jackson Ellis, Green Writers Press

Love Interrupted, Reneilwe Malatji, Catalyst Book Press

Made by Mary, Laura Catherine Brown, C & R Press

Make Way for Her, Katie Cortese, University Press Kentucky

Mourning, Eduardo Halfon, Bellevue Literary Press

Tina Goes to Heaven, Lois Ann Abraham, Ad Lumen Press

The Traders, Scott Shibuya Brown, Black Lawrence Press

We Kiss Them With Rain, Futhi Ntshingila, Catalyst Book Press

While You Were Gone, Sybil Baker, C & R Press

Fiction Posted February 06, 2018

Carry You, Glori Simmons, Autumn House Press

Eleanor or the Rejection of the Progress of Love, Anna Moschovakis, Coffee House Press

Everything is Borrowed, Nathaniel Popkin, New Door Books

In Georgia, Jerome Gold, Black Heron Press

Monte Carlo Days & Nights, Susan Tepper, Rain Mountain Press

The Same Night Awaits Us All, Hristo Karastoyanov, Open Letter

Stone Baby, Michelle Sacks, Northwestern University Press

Vengeance, Zachary Lazar, Catapult

Welcome to Lagos, Chibundu Onuzo, Catapult

Fiction Posted January 03, 2018

ActivAmerica, Meagan Cass, University of North Texas Press

The Athenian Women, Alessandro Barbero, Europa Editions

Black Sugar, Miguel Bonnefoy, Gallic Books / Aardvark Bureau

Follow the Sun, Edward J. Delaney, Turtle Point Press

Her Mother's Mother's Mother and Her Daughters, Maria Jose Silveira, Open Letter

Like a Champion, Vincent Chu, 7.13 Books

Millard Salter's Last Day, Jacob M. Appel, Simon & Schuster

Miriam's Well, Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, Ice Cube Press

My Old Faithful, Yang Huang, University of Massachusetts Press / Bright Leaf

Neon in Daylight, Hermione Hoby, Catapult

The Place of Stones, Ali Hosseini, Northwestern University Press

Record of Regret, Dong Xi, University of Oklahoma Press

Roberto to the Dark Tower Came, Tom Epperson, Meerkat Press

These Are Our Demands, Matthew Pitt, Engine Books

The Wreckage of Eden, Norman Lock, Bellevue Literary Press

Fiction Posted November 21, 2017

After Paradise, Robley Wilson, Black Lawrence Press

Amah and the Silk-Winged Pigeons, Jocelyn Cullity, Inanna Publications

The Amazing Mr. Morality, Jacob M. Appel, West Virginia University Press

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Fiction Posted October 18, 2017

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Fiction Posted February 18, 2016

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Fiction Posted May 20, 2015

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Fiction Posted April 22, 2015

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Fiction Posted March 26, 2015

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Fiction Posted February 26, 2015

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Fiction Posted January 20, 2015

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Fiction Posted December 22, 2014

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Fiction Posted November 20, 2014

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Fiction Posted October 30, 2014

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Fiction Posted September 30, 2014

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Fiction Posted July 17, 2014

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Fiction Posted January 31, 2014

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Fiction Posted June 12, 2014

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Fiction Posted May 15, 2014

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Fiction Posted April 16, 2014

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Fiction Posted March 14, 2014

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