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r.kv.r.y. poetry, fiction, nonfiction online

Rabbit Catastrophe Review fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art online

Rabid Oak fiction, nonfiction, poetry online

Radar Poetry poetry online

Radius fiction, nonfiction, poetry online

the raffish fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art online

Ragazine.CC fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art, cross-genre, drama, comics, translations, audio, video online

Rainy Day undergraduate fiction, poetry online

Random Sample Review fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art online

Rappahannock Review poetry, fiction, nonfiction online

Raritan poetry, fiction, nonfiction online

Rattapalax poetry, nonfiction, video, interviews online

The Reader (UK) poetry, fiction, nonfiction, reviews, interviews online

Really System poetry online

Reckoning fiction, nonfiction, poetry online online

Red Cedar Review (undergraduate) poetry, fiction, nonfiction, photography, art, comics online

Red Earth Review fiction, nonfiction, poetry online online

Red Fez poetry, fiction, comics, art online

Red Rock Review fiction, nonfiction, poetry online

Red Savina Review fiction, poetry, nonfiction online

Red Wheelbarrow fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art, photography, comics online

Redactions: Poetry & Poetics poetry, nonfiction online

Redivider fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art, comics online

Reed fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art online

Relief fiction, nonfiction, poetry online online

The Remembered Arts Journal fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art online

Reservoir fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art online

Reunion: The Dallas Review poetry, fiction, nonfiction, translation, drama, interviews, art online

Review Americana fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama, screenplay online

Review of Contemporary Fiction nonfiction, reviews online

Rhythm & Bones fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art, photography online

The Rialto (UK) poetry online

Ricepaper Magazine (Canada) fiction, nonfiction, poetry, translations, drama, art online

Ricochet Review poetry, translations online

Riddle Fence (Canada) fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art online

Riddled with Arrows fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art online

Riggwelter fiction, poetry, art online

Right Hand Pointing poetry, fiction, art online

Rigorous fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art, audio, video, comics, interviews online

RipRap Literary Journal fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art online

River and South Review fiction, nonfiction, poetry online

River Poets Journal fiction, nonfiction, poetry online online

River River Journal fiction, nonfiction, poetry, photography, translations online

River Teeth nonfiction online online

riverbabble poetry, fiction, nonfiction online

Rivet: The Journal of Writing That Risks poetry, fiction, nonfiction online

Roadrunner Review fiction, nonfiction, poetry online

Roanoke Review fiction, nonfiction, poetry, interviews online

Rock & Sling fiction, poetry, nonfiction, graphic art, comics, art, photography, reviews online

Rockvale Review

Rockvale Review celebrates poetry that is both bold and vulnerable. We love solid, tough language combined with fluid, supple images – the strong and the gentle, the rock and the vale. Our featured artists and composers pair accepted poems with art and music. We believe in the power of creativity! online

Rogue Agent poetry, art online

Room poetry, fiction, nonfiction, art online

Rougarou poetry, fiction, nonfiction, reviews online

Rubbertop Review poetry, fiction, nonfiction online

Rune Bear fiction, poetry online

The Rupture fiction, nonfiction, poetry, reviews online

The Rush fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art online

Rust+Moth poetry, photography, art online

Rusted Radishes fiction, nonfiction, poetry, screenplay online


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