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Published November 22, 2019

The Hunger Open for Submissions until December 15th

  • Deadline info Deadline: December 15, 2019
  • Genre Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Art, Photography, Cross-genre, Drama, Screenplay, Comics, Video
  • Type Magazine

The Hunger publishes visceral writing. The theme of “hunger” is not confined only to food, but hungers and thirsts of all kinds: the craving for connection, the human need to be filled or emptied, the devastating desires that define our most alive moments. Hungers can be sexual, romantic, familial, individualistic, spiritual, creative, sorrowful, conflicted, humanistic, and/or existential. We are excited by the lyrical, the experimental, the strange, the uncomfortable, the vulnerable, and just plain honesty. Send us work that bleeds. We want to be devoured.

Published November 21, 2019

“Echoes” by Edward Hower

Written by Guest Blogger

blackbird echoes howerStepping back in time to 1960s-Manhattan, author and former supernumerary actor with the New York City Opera Company (NYCO), Edward Hower reminisces of sharing the stage with the magnificent, world-renowned coloratura soprano, Beverly Sills in “Echoes.”

Readers, performers, and devout season ticket holders alike are presented with backstage passes to one of the most opulent, velvet-covered theaters in the world. Hower’s recollections are so detailed that we can smell the sweat seeping through the make-up, pantaloons, and Roman breastplates.

Through a tender, adoring lens, Hower observes how Sills’s pianissimos float through the air forever, with descents so dazzling that guests are left liquified. Questions of purpose and place are contemplated in between the echoes of scales and vibratos: whom to love and how to love them, refusing to give up by giving in, and to what ends one must sacrifice for the sake of maintaining their integrity. As audience members we too may feel, as Hower expresses, “the tremor of applause rising through us” as we seek triumphant courage amid the tyranny of doubt on the stages of our own lives.


Review by Camille Sleight-Price

Read more... Published November 21, 2019
Published November 19, 2019

Pine Manor College

Written by Nicole Foor

Solstice MFA in Creative Writing (low-res)
fiction, nonfiction, poetry, writing for children, writing for young adults, graphic literature/comics

Read more... Published November 19, 2019
Published November 19, 2019

Oklahoma City University

Written by Nicole Foor

The Red Earth MFA in Creative Writing (low-res)
fiction, nonfiction, poetry, screenwriting

Read more... Published November 19, 2019
Published November 19, 2019

Columbia College Chicago

Written by Nicole Foor

Creative Writing BA, BFA, MFA
fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Read more... Published November 19, 2019
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