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Versal - 2004

  • Issue Number: Number 2
  • Publication Cycle: 2004

This square journal is too much for me to really review – it's a composite, compilation, collage of so many things, and the distances between each is too small for what I might be able to say make sense. The quickest way to explain or describe it is to say that were you to simultaneously be riding a fast train, eating a really good piece of cake, drinking a really good beverage, talking with someone unutterably interesting and seeing magnificent things flash by really quickly outside your window, and if all of that was happening as you least expected it: that's what Versal feels like. Opening at random: page 60, Sahand Sahebdivani's Parental Love, as direct and paced as Bukowski (without the booze or fury, with the sadness). Page 61's got a drawing by Katja Mater of people at a table, a lamp, a bottle. Page 34: the fist of six pages of Roger Satant's Fictions by James Thomas, a decent description of which would put me on the far side of the requisite kilobytes required for reviews. Find this journal and buy it or read it or send it to friends or put it under your pillow and pull it out when you wake up from some strange dream: this is where you'll be able to cross-reference it. [Versal published by Wordsinhere: an international collective of writers based in The Netherlands. USA ordering address: Megan M. Garr, Versal, 259 Graylynn Drive, Nashville, Tennessee 37214. E-mail: . Single issue $10.] –WC

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Review Posted on June 30, 2004

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