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Bathtub Gin - Spring/Summer 2003

Bathtub Gin is an irreverent little saddle-stitched journal that will appeal to those who love the literary world but could care less about the more academic aspects. This issue includes an interview with writer Mark Terrill, along with four of his poems, a series of photographs by Caryn Thurman, a couple of short prose pieces and an array of short poems, as well as some small illustrations by Harland Ristau. Some of the poetry in this issue tended towards the humorous, as was the case in Mark Terrill’s work, while other poems reached for the spiritual and scientific truths, like John Grey’s “Elizabeth Prefers Glow-in-the-dark Stars”: “You say real stars are just burning / gas, worse than that, they’re burning / themselves to extinction. Glow-in- / the-dark stars refuse to take such / a violent hand in their own demise.” This journal calls itself a “bootlegger of ideas, untaxed and unregulated,” and that spirit can be detected throughout this issue. [Bathtub Gin, P.O. Box 2392, Bloomington, IN 47402. E-mail: . Single issue $5.00.] - JHG

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Review Posted on September 30, 2003

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