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Pindeldyboz - Spring 2007

An all-poetry issue. No short fiction, excerpts, or memoirs to help shake off the feeling of confusion or understanding that follows a two-page long poem. That is why this magazine should be taken in doses, not inhaled nonstop from beginning to end. The formats are adventurous, and the language is crisp and new. The topics range from playful to thought provoking, yet it all seems to melt together perfectly.

A poem by Denver Butson titled “from the invention of your sleeping body (a book of hypotheticals)” toys with made up places in which the narrator wishes to move and live a carefree imaginary life. A piece by Eric Torgersen titled “He Looks Back Over His Life and Thinks of What Might Have Been” takes a comical approach, taking the stand point of a man’s thought process of who he’d like to be his killer, if he were to have one. The narrator mentions how he feels that Lennon and Kennedy deserved better. He ends with the conclusion, “So that’s it, for me – it’s Joni in the bedroom with the knife. That’s my real life story.” (Joni, referring to Joni Mitchell.)

Some other recommendations would be “Diese Luete” by Tim Lantz about a murder, and the first poem of the book titled “Poem” by Micheal Leong, which gives lists of instructions on what to do before reading the poem while reading the poem, if that makes any sense!

This magazine is not something you can decide to just sit and read from cover to cover. I suggest picking an author and reading their pieces, then taking a day or two to let the poems burrow a bit. The reason is in the name: Pin’deldyboz – “A feeling of confusion and/or anxiety, when ingeniously anesthetized by obese amounts of levity.”
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Review Posted on February 27, 2008

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