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Brick - Winter 2006

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  • Issue Number: Number 78
  • Published Date: Winter 2006
  • Publication Cycle: Biannual

The Canadian journal Brick is a slap in the face (with a brick) to mediocrity. Brick 78 is chock full of nuts: Robin Blaser, Robert Hass, Sylvia Plath, Ko Un, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Barry Gifford, and certainly more. This journal is not long-winded, and still Brick answers to some of the most interesting essays, memoirs, tributes and speeches, and of course, good poetry. The essays of Brick are always the most fulfilling. The piece “Milosz: The Conscience of Solidarity” by Peter Dale Scott is fascinating. A quote at the beginning of the essay by Adam Michnik should be of interest to poets and revolutionaries alike: “I remember that when I once was arrested the police found a box of treatises by Milosz in my apartment. And during the interrogation the officer was saying, ‘Mr. Michnik, do you believe that with the help of this little poetry you are going to win against Communism?’ And we won.” The essay explores the life of Milosz and Michnik during the Solidarity movement and emphasizes the importance and triumph of art over tyranny. I also really enjoyed Robert Hass’ tribute to Robin Blaser delivered at the Griffin Poetry Prize ceremony in 2006. The poem at the end of the tribute inspired me to search out Blaser’s collected poems. Brick will not let you down. It will hold you up for the night. And like an armed cucumber, force you out of the pickle of not having a good book to read.

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Review Posted on January 31, 2007

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