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Indiana Review - Winter 2006

  • Issue Number: Volume 28 Number 2
  • Published Date: Winter 2006
  • Publication Cycle: Biannual

This attractive issue includes the 2005 Indiana Review Poetry Prize Winner, "Galloglass," by Susan Tichy ("Likes to meet with potentates," said John Dean on the radio. "Doesn't like to kiss babies.") and the 2006 Indiana Review Fiction Prize Winner, Marjorie Celonam's imaginative "Y" ("That perfect letter. The wishbone, fork in the road, empty wineglass.") In addition to these well-awarded selections is Richard Holeton's remarkable "Thanks for Covering Your Lane," about a Gulf War veteran recuperating in a Veteran's Hospital. This issue of IR also includes a generous collection of poems. From Bob Hicok's wonderful "A Theory of Art as Respiration": "Or; the painting begins to imagine the painter. / The painting pushes open a space in her mind with its frame. / It asks her to consider that the shapes of Greek letters / resemble the bending of pipe cleaners by cats." Also included is an informative interview with Richard Ford conducted by St. Louis University teachers Fred Arroyo and Harold K. Bush, Jr. (why two asking the questions? it scarcely seems fair). It contains this succinct summative remark by Richard Ford: "[. . .] I'm always suspicious of people who say they are perfectionists. What I think they are is deep neurotics. Or bores. Or bores who're neurotic." []

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Review Posted on May 31, 2007

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