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Pleiades - 2004

Perhaps I’m just slow, but apparently Missouri, a state I know nearly nothing about, is where good writing, if not comes from, then at least is published. We all know the Missouri Review is the [insert whatever glowing adjective you’d like here] literary magazine in the world, but Pleiades, published in Warrensburg, Missouri, is a close close second. First, in this particular issue with the sort of creepy looking guy on the cover (“I’d Like to Discuss the Henderson Report,” Oil on Wood by Andrew Pope, 2001), hpizats must be lifted to Rob Johnson’s “Fucking Great Lit 101,” perhaps the only essay I’ve read that doesn’t pander to the powderier side of lit crit and cuts to the sweaty obscenities good work inevitably yanks from the reader. Though this is something of a sinisterly simple way out, I’d be damn hard pressed to name my second favorite piece in the magazine. Katherine Vaz’s “Our Lady of the Artichokes,” Keri Webster’s “Under Wanting,” the brilliant G. C. Waldrep; put me in any sort of uncomfortable position (back of a Volkswagen, anyone?) before making me pick what shines brightest. [Pleides, Department of English, Central Missouri State University, Warrensburg, MO 64093. E-mail: . Single issue$10.] - WC

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Review Posted on January 31, 2004

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