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elimae - July/August 2012

  • Published Date: July/August 2012
  • Publication Cycle: Bimonthly online

elimae's individual stories and poems may be small, but they all have a zing. Leia Penina Wilson asks about loneliness as the character bottles up her own loneliness and muses, "what do you do with a city that's all a secret she wonders do we even / exist?" Brandi Wells takes us into the surreal in "A use for her stomach" as the narrator takes the stomach out of a woman, cleans it off, and buries it. Shane Jones, in "Tape Recorder 1988," expresses the pain a parent can have for a child with a disorder: "I hear the night-clicks of the recorder from Tommy's bedroom, and imagine this poor boy, my son, trying to capture his always changing name, depending on mood, on a black tape recorder. You should see the way he sits, lost-looking and headache-spiraled with the recorder on his lap, speaking as quickly as he possible can into the machine before the words inside blow apart to new letters, unknown names." More great work comes from Sean Lovelace ("University of W"), J.M. Gamble ("a game show network"), Philippe Shils ("a little poem"), Mark Walters ("Meat Piano"), and many more authors.

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Review Posted on July 16, 2012

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