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Wag’s Revue - Summer 2012

  • Issue Number: Issue 12
  • Published Date: Summer 2012
  • Publication Cycle: Quarterly online

The Wag’s Revue certainly offers something different, writing and art that you won’t find in most journals. In the editors’ note, they say, “What we’re saying is what art has always said: insert yourself (fingers, tongue, then pulsing heart) through us to discover what warm depths lie beyond. We just want to get your brain wet. Call us crazy for trying.”

In the poetry section, Brice Peterson contributes poems that are written “in conversation with—and exclusively during the duration of—a single episode of Golden Girls.” And Russell Jafe contributes poetry reminiscent of Mad Libs, such as “Apocalypse Fistpump”:

Go _______________ yourself. For you are a—wait for it—construction.
You have the bodily countenance of a pile of construction equipment in the
moonlight. What a _______________________ thing to say.            

The fiction is introduced by a comical image by Ben Riddlebarger, titled “The Recharging Robot.” In the first piece in the section, “In the Family” by Michael Don, a boy—or rather, now a man—gets a glimpse into the life of the neighbor he and his childhood friend always mused about.

In “The American Book of the Dead (Excerpt), Part II: Kevin” by Nate Brown, a character Alan Yu—“squinty” and “skinny” from Oyster Bay—gives advice about college to an incoming freshman about how important it is to get laid and tell everyone about it. In fact, he says that even taking notes in class is a waste when you can use the “Take Note” service:

This place isn’t about getting carpal tunnel from typing shit up like some asshole. It’s about being smart enough to get through it without killing yourself. It’s about getting laid, King, and hanging with your boys. It’s about getting a fucking job and rolling in it. 

There are also essays, interviews, and more interesting and comical art pieces. If you’re looking for something fresh and unique, this is definitely a magazine worth looking into.

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Review Posted on August 14, 2012

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