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Harrington Lesbian Fiction Quarterly - 2004

Editor Judith P. Stelboum ponders the purpose of a journal "devoted solely to lesbian writing" and concludes that "though some of us are still individually invisible, we must never be culturally invisible." Here are six stories, a half-dozen poems, and some artwork to keep the images and stories of lesbians not only visible, but vivid. The strongest work this issue is a seductive piece of short fiction by Jane Eklund, "The Story So Far." Eklund knows how to exploit the story-inside-a-story convention to its fullest, seducing us even as we might resist (oh, no, not another older woman/younger woman/-experienced writer/novice-met in an academic setting-is this love or idol worship plot). I tried to resist, frankly, but Eklund won me over with her clever prose: "Then, under her intense scrutiny, I couldn't remember if I was ascending or descending the ladder." Laure Close's "Extreme Art"—paintings, web site graphics, sketches, and metal sculpture—are especially interesting for their variety in tone and approach, from uplifting and ethereal to tense and fiery. Jennifer Wagley's "Open Dyke" pokes clever fun at some of the idiosyncratic aspects of "lesbian culture" (culture as in social norms and environment), and Kathie Bergquist's story, "Still, Life," is, like its title, an example of how complex simple prose can be. [Harrington Lesbian Fiction Quarterly, 10 Alice Street, Binghamton, NY 13904-1580.] – SR
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Review Posted on December 31, 2004

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