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April 11, 2018

Fiction Posted April 11, 2018

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Atlas of the Body, Nicole Cuffy, Black Lawrence Press

Beautiful Music, Michael Zadoorian, Akashic Books

The Best Way to Get Even, Michael W. Cox, Mammoth Books

The Bottom of the Sky, Rodrigo Fresan, Open Letter

Comeadre, Roque Larraquy, Coffee House Press

Coming Clean, Betty Moffett, Ice Cube Press

Cove, Cynan Jones, Catapult

Fears for the Near Futures: Towards A Diagnostic Manual Of The Peripheral Phobias, CS Mierscheid, Neon Books

Five Hundred Poor, Noah Milligan, Central Avenue Publishing

The Fourth Corner of the World, Scott Nadelson, Engine Books

Hairway to Heaven, Patty Somlo, Cherry Castle Publishing / The Soul Press

Made by Mary, Laura Catherine Brown, C & R Press

Mass: A Sniper, A Father, and a Priest, Jo Scott-Coe, Pelekinesis

North to Lakeville, Jason Kapcala, Urban Farmhouse Press

The Owl That Carries Us Away, Doug Ramspeck, BkMk Press

Speed of Clouds, Miriam Seidel, New Door Books

Their Houses, Meredith Sue Willis, West Virginia University Press

Undoing, Kim Magowan, Moon City Press

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