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Poet Lore - Fall/Winter 2006

  • Issue Number: Volume 101 Number 3/4
  • Published Date: Fall/Winter 2006
  • Publication Cycle: Biannual

Editor of Poet Lore Rick Cannon describes the sound of a poem’s beauty as “a steady hum.” I don’t think he could have described it any better. A consistent vibration sounds through the pages of this sleek, perfect-bound journal. In “Sometimes It Rains,” one of three poems by Alberto Ri`os, for example, sounds rise up from the page like whispers, or like a light, sudden rain on a warm summer day. Stanzas are composed of couplets, and each line is composed of hard or soft sounds which seem to complement each other, as in the fallen leaves that were once “white and waxy.” The tongue slips over the words. The nose breathes in the scent of “the hot honeysuckle.” And I found, after reaching the last word, I wanted to re-experience this poem. Each of the over 100 poems (avant-garde, free verse, traditional) give enjoyment and deserve the reader’s complete attention. Poet Lore is like opening a beautifully wrapped gift during the holidays. It is exciting when so much care to craft and language and image is all wrapped up together. The magazine features the Poet Introducing Poets pages and an interesting essay by Jean Nordhaus, “Lament for the Makers or Why Metaphor Can’t Save Your Life,” as well as several reviews of poetry books by careful and involved readers.

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Review Posted on June 07, 2016

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