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30 Questions People Don’t Ask: The Selected Poems of Inga Gaile, Inga Gaile, Pleiades Press

All Blue So Late, Laura Swearingen-Steadwell, Northwestern University Press

The Ashokan Way, Gail Straub, Homebound Publications

The Darkness Call, Gary Fincke, Pleiades Press

Darling Nova, Melissa Cundieff, Autumn House Press

The Day You Miss Your Exit, Jacqueline Berger, Broadstone Books

Deadlifts, Patricia Clark, New Michigan Press

Earthquake Daily, Jacqueline Lyons, New Michigan Press

Fitzpatrick, Richard Carr, Broadstone Books

The Future, Neil Hilborn, Button Poetry

The Hounds of Spring, Lucy Andrews Cummin, Tupelo Press

I will not kick my friends, Kathleen Winter, Elixir Press

Indecency, Justin Phillip Reed, Coffee House Press

Kissing the Bee, Lara Gularte, Bitter Oleander Press

The Lake Michigan Mermaid, Linda Nemec Foster & Anne-Marie Oomen, Wayne State University Press

The Lives of the Poems and Three Talks, Joshua Beckman, Wave Books

The magic my body becomes, Jess Rizkallah, University of Arkansas Press

Night Vision, Claire Wahmanholm, New Michigan Press

Not Here, Hieu Minh Nguyen, Coffee House Press

The Real Horse, Farid Matuk, University of Arizona Press

Rise and Fall of the Lesser Sun Gods, Bruce Bond, Elixir Press

Ruin Porn, Terry Wolverton, Finishing Line Press

Salvage, Cynthia Dewi Oka, Northwestern University Press

Situ, Steven Seidenberg, Black Sun Lit

Talk About God, Chris Abbate, Main Street Rag Pub Co

To Be the Daylight, Charlotte Mandel, Kelsay Books

Weather, Kelly Cherry, Rain Mountain Press

Woman Prime, Gail C. Dimaggio, University of Alaska Press