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Submissions: New Magazine Feature

Published June 06, 2007 Posted By
War and the Environment: Cause and Effect

The literary anthology, North Atlantic Review, is open to submissions on war and its effect on the environment or the environment and its effects on war. We invite you to write an essay, short story, poem, song, or journal based on personal experience or philosophy. Please keep submissions under 5,000 words. This is a new section of the journal and will be included in future issues.

For more information: North Atlantic Review Submissions

Recess! Funny Times Cartoon Playground

Published June 06, 2007 Posted By

Set aside at least twenty minutes in your day to play on the Funny Times Cartoon Playground where you can create a one- or two-panel comic from preset characters (including a few from the White House), settings, props, and text ballons you fill in yourself. You can then save your masterpiece and allow it to be publicly viewed in the gallery, or keep it private and e-mail it to select recipients.

Just be sure to mind the bell and get back to class on time!

Photography: New Orleans After the Flood

Published June 06, 2007 Posted By
Photography After the Flood
By Nicolaus Mills
Dissent Magazine, Spring 2007

A review and commentary on the photography of Robert Polidori:

"Robert Polidori's photographs of New Orleans challenge our sense of how the world is supposed to look. Cars stand upside down. Uprooted trees rest on houses. In contrast to the familiar photos of bombed-out Hiroshima, where everything but the walls of a few buildings lies flattened on the ground, Polidori's post-flood New Orleans is a collage of random disorder. Nothing is where it should be."

Read the review/commentary and view the photos at Dissent Magazine.

Submissions: Appalachia

Published June 06, 2007 Posted By
"Founded in 1876, Appalachia is the Appalachian Mountain Club's mountaineering and conservation journal, published twice a year in June and December.

Appalachia welcomes nonfiction submissions on the following topics: hiking; trekking; rock climbing; canoeing and kayaking; nature; mountain history and lore; and conservation. We recommend reading a sample issue before submitting materials.

Writers should submit unsolicited material by December 1 for the June issue, and by June 1 for the December issue.

Original poems about the above topics are also welcome. Shorter poems are preferred. Only eight poems are published per issue, which makes this the most competitive section of the journal; on average, one in 50 submissions is accepted."

For more information, visit Appalachia online.
HRIC Supports Campaign to Free Golden Pen of Freedom Recipient Shi Tao
June 05, 2007

"Human Rights in China (HRIC) congratulates imprisoned Chinese journalist Shi Tao and his family on his receiving the 2007 Golden Pen of Freedom on June 4 at the opening ceremony of the World Newspaper Congress (WNC) and World Editors Forum (WEF).

The Golden Pen of Freedom, established in 1961 and awarded by the Paris-based World Association of Newspapers, is an annual award recognizing individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the defense and promotion of press freedom.

Shi Tao's mother, Gao Qinsheng, accepted the award on her son's behalf, thanking everyone for not forgetting Shi Tao, and stating that her son had 'only done what a courageous journalist should do.'"

Read the full article at HRIC.

By Ursula McTaggart from the May/June 2007 issue of Against the Current

"AS A JEWISH child growing up in Nazi-occupied Poland, Irena Klepfisz had parents who taught her only Polish so that she could pass for Aryan and escape the concentration camps. It wasn’t until after the war that she began to learn Yiddish, the language she would try to maintain and revive in her adult work as a poet.

For Klepfisz, then, language has always been intensely political. As a child, language meant life and death, and today, in her work as a professor at Barnard College in New York, Yiddish is a remnant of pre-Holocaust Jewish culture and a sign of hope for the future. But attuned to the political nature of even the language used for communication, Klepfisz also uses her poetic language to call our attention to urgent political issues in our own lives."

Read the rest of the article here:
THE NEW VERSE NEWS covers the news and public affairs with poems on issues, large and small, international and local. It relies on the submission of poems (especially those of a politically progressive bent) by writers from all over the world.

The editors update the website every day or two with the best work received.

See the website at for guidelines and for examples of the kinds of poems THE NEW VERSE NEWS publishes.

New Lit on the Block

Published June 05, 2007 Posted By
Greatcoat - A biannual publishing poetry, creative non-fiction, interviews, and photography, the editors of Greatcoat, "being of relatively sound mind and possessed of radically different literary tastes, do hereby relinquish any claim to rational thought, free time, and dreams of profit; in short, we have no illusions about what makes a literary journal successful."

Nano Fiction: A Journal of Short Fiction from the University of Houston, "NANO Fiction is a non-profit literary journal run entirely by undergraduate students at the University of Houston. We plan to publish twice a year, with issues appearing each spring and fall. Our purpose is to share undergraduate work with others in a form that can be easily digested in a short amount of time."

Poetry in Movies

Published June 04, 2007 Posted By
Thought you recognized those lines tucked into Million Dollar Baby? Now you can know for sure!

Poetry in Movies: A Partial List
Created/Edited by Stacey Harwood

Michigan Quarterly Review is featuring this list "of the appearance of recognizable, often canonical, poems, or excerpts from poems, in mainly American and British sound films. The catalog is necessarily incomplete; readers are invited to submit new entries to the journal at or to Stacey Harwood at . The filmography will be revised and updated regularly."

Workshop: Lost Horse Press

Published June 04, 2007 Posted By

Lost Horse Press proudly presents the Dog Days Poetry & Prose Writing Workshops featuring Melissa Kwasny (poetry) and EWU Professor Emeritus, John Keeble (fiction & non) on 10 - 12 August 2007 at Lost Horse Press, 105 Lost Horse Lane, Sandpoint, Idaho. Workshop fee is $150. Classes are limited to 12 studentsd; register early. For additional information or to register, please contact Lost Horse Press at 208.255.4410, email: .

Brazil Anyone?

Published June 04, 2007 Posted By

Creative Writing in Brazil
Participate in a week-long poetry workshop with Edward Hirsch and a translation class on Brazilian poets Carlos Drummond de Andrade and Joao Cabral de Melo Neto. Discussions on Elizabeth Bishop in Brazil and tours of important cultural sites and literary landmarks. Also, casual get togethers with leading contemporary Brazilian poets, editors, writers, translators, and publishers. Workshop is from July 9 to July 16, 2007.

New Issue Online:

Published June 04, 2007 Posted By

David Marell: Five Poems For You!

New Fiction from JESSICA PISHKO: "Izzi Accepts a Bagel from Her Mother"

And more fiction, poetry, "facts" and photography.

Peabody Props

Published June 04, 2007 Posted By
Check out Edward Champion's Return of the Reluctant blog - Richard Peabody: Mondo Literature - where Ed gives a well-deserved tip of the keyboard to Richard and his life-long dedication "to printing work by unknown poets and fiction writers, as well as seeking out the overlooked or neglected..." publishing "'name' writers — sometimes before they were 'names'." And recognizing that: "As if being an unparalleled literary impresario and entrepreneur isn’t enough, Rick is also a superb poet and fiction writer." If you don't know Gargoyle or Richard or Ed - you can get it all - and then some - in this one read.

New Online Lit Mag Issues Posted

Published June 04, 2007 Posted By
Barefoot Muse, Issue #5 Summer 2007

Brevity, Summer 2007

Cricket Online Review, May 2007

Ducts, Issue #19 Summer 2007

Stuart Dybek Podcast at Indiana Review

Published June 04, 2007 Posted By
Stuart Dybek reads from and discusses his short-short story, "Voyeur of Rain," featured in Indiana Review's 29.1 summer issue. Listen at Under the Blue Light: The Indiana Review Weblog.

Literary Podcasts at Chattahoochee Review

Published June 04, 2007 Posted By
The Chattahoochee Review hosts podcasts from Georgia Perimeter College. A great variety of readings, interviews and lectures. Here's just naming a few:

Mark Bixler Lecture - author of The Lost Boys of Sudan

Donald Bogle Lecture - two parts lecture by the award winning African-American film historian and media scholar discussing the history of African-Americans in the movies.

William Julius Wilson Lecture - the preeminent sociologist and former advisor to President Clinton discussing his book There Goes The Neighborhood, an examination of race and class issues in Chicago. November 2, 2006.

Leonard Susskind - The Cosmic Landscape: String Theory and the Illusion of Intelligent Design
Luis Alberto Urrea Interview
Elizabeth Cox Reading
Alistair MacLeod Reading
Several GPC faculty open mic readings

Call for Submissions: Narratives of Africa

Published June 02, 2007 Posted By
a.magazine: nonfiction narratives of Africa — due to launch in 2007 — is the first exclusively nonfiction literary magazine dedicated to publishing Africa’s stories by writers from across the globe, and, most importantly, emerging and established writers who call the continent of Africa their home. a.magazine is published quarterly, available in U.S. bookstores and to subscribers worldwide.

Crazyhorse Winners Announced

Published June 02, 2007 Posted By
Crazyhorse prize judges (Fiction judge: Antonya Nelson, Poetry judge: Marvin Bell) are pleased to announce:

Crazyhorse Fiction Prize Winner: Karen Brown for the story "Galatea"

Fiction finalists: Jacob M. Appel, Kathy Conner, Rick Craig, Diane Greco, and Ann Joslin Williams

Lynda Hull Memorial Poetry Prize Winner: Jude Nutter for the poem "Frank O'Hara in Paradise"

Poetry finalists: Kurt Brown, Colin Cheney, Melody S. Gee, Luisa A. Igloria, John Isles, Joshua Kryah, Gabriella Klein Lindsey, M.B. McLatchey, Xu Smith, and Jared White

The 2007 Crazyhorse Prize Winners receive $2000 each and publication in Crazyhorse Number 72, due out Nov. 1, 2007.

2River View: New Issue Online

Published June 02, 2007 Posted By
2River has just released the 11.4 (Summer 2007) issue of The 2River View,with new poems by Philp Brady, Therese Broderick, Ryan Collins, LydiaCooper, Michael Flanagan, Nancy Henry, Laura McCullough, Karen Pape, PetreStoica, and Sally Van Doren; and art from the Underground Series by MeganKarlen.

Take a few moments to stop by 2River and read or print the issue, available as PDF.

Online Lit Mags: New Issues Up

Published June 01, 2007 Posted By
Failbetter 23, Spring 2007 is now available, featuring interviews, fiction, poetry and multimedia.

Boxcar Poetry with poetry, artwork, reviews & responses.

The Stickman Review, Volume 6 Number 1 - poetry and fiction.

42 Opus - new writing every few days - currently featuring poetry, fiction, non-fiction.

Born Magazine, May 2007, specializing in literary arts and interactive media.
Votes are now being counted (yes, there are places in this great nation of ours where votes really still do count) for storySouth Million Writer Award for Fiction 2007. The top ten online stories have been selected and readers will choose the winner. To read the top ten stories and cast you vote, as well as read more about the award and the Notable Stories 2006 from which they were selected, visit storySouth.

Voting will run through June 30, 2007.

New Lit on the Block

Published May 30, 2007 Posted By
Memoir (and)
Autobiography, Peotry, Essay, Graphics, Lies and More...
"Memoir (and) is a nonprofit literary journal born with these ideas in mind. Our mission is to publish traditional as well as non-traditional forms of nonfiction allied with memoir. This includes, but is not limited to, autobiography, diary, personal and critical essay, memoir, reportage, autobiographical fiction, alternative histories, journalistic accounts, 'flash memoir,' narrative poetry or 'poemoir' (it’s okay to groan, we did) and graphic memoir. No submission is too unusual—postmodern, modern or hypermodern—for us to consider. We look forward to the ways you will surprise, delight and perhaps shock us."

A Journal of the Arts from Six Bad Apples Press
"Symmetry with error. A pattern you would think is incomplete but is not."
Publishing literature and art three times a year online and in print.
CALL FOR SUBMISSION - open May 1 - June 30.
Once a year, No Record publishes an anthology of short literary fiction by previously-unpublished writers. Last year's anthology included 14 stories, which ranged between 500 and 11,000 words, and included work from a former Yale divinity professor, a 15 year-old high school student, an actor from Milwaukee, a congressional staff member, and a professional guitarist.

No Record Press is currently taking submissions for next year's anthology, which they hope to publish in early 2008.

More info here: No Records Press Short Story Anthology Guidelines.
When we were in Atlanta at the AWP conference, we asked writers, teachers and students what we might add to NewPages that would be helpful. Many times we heard: "Add a list of writing programs."

So we did.

The NewPages Guide to Writing Programs has just been posted, and we have a lot of work yet to do on it. Right now it is basically links to MFA/Creative Writing programs and English departments organized by state.

We will be adding descriptive content to the various programs in the upcoming weeks. Hope to have it in pretty good shape by fall. You can help:

What information would be most useful to you in this new guide? What might save you a bit (or a lot) of time in your research?

We certainly can't include everything you'd find by going directly to the writing program's website (and that is not our goal), but we want to provide the critical info that would help you best identify whether you want to go to a program's website.

So, please: send us an email to

Bill Moyers: Call to Action

Published May 21, 2007 Posted By
Stamp Out the Rate Hike: Stop the Post OfficeThe May 18, 2007 blog entry from Bill Moyers is a call to action to help small press publications. Large publishing firms (Time Warner at the forefront) have lobbied for substantial media mail postal rate increases with built-in discounts for those who send large amounts of mail. Small press publications would not receive these discounts.

In our work with NewPages, we are already hearing from literary magazines who fear they will need to cease publication if the rates go into effect because they simply cannot afford a 25-30% postal increase on their already tight budgets.

There is the link on Bill Moyers's blog to the Free Press, where you can read more about this issue and how to take action - a sample letter to send to those making this decision is included.

We welcome any/all Feedback.