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Language Links from Verbatim

Published July 30, 2007 Posted By
Verbatim Magazine
"The Language Quarterly Language and linguistics for the layperson since 1974"
Their "large list of language links" is a great resource including: Print Dictionary Links; Wordplay Sites; Online Fun Dictionaries; Language-Related Sites and Blogs; Word-A-Day Sites and Other Mailing Lists; Grammar, Spelling, and Usage Sites; Language and Dictionary Societies; Names Sites; and more. It's a word-person's resource heaven on the internet!

Residency :: Olivet College, MI

Published July 27, 2007 Posted By
2008 Sandburg-Auden-Stein Residency
Intensive Learning Term poet-in-residence program, April 29-May 16, 2008
Poets who have published at least one book of poetry are eligible. Application deadline: Postmark by September 10, 2007

Contest :: CBC Literary Award

Published July 27, 2007 Posted By
The CBC Literary Awards competition is the only literary competition that celebrates original, unpublished works, in Canada’s two official languages. There are three categories—short story, poetry, and creative nonfiction—and $60,000 of prize money courtesy of the Canada Council for the Arts. In addition, winning entries are published in Air Canada’s enRoute magazine and visibility is offered to the winners and their winning entries by CBC. Deadline: November 1, 2007

Film :: China

Published July 25, 2007 Posted By
Manufacturing Art
By Noy Thrupkaew

"Manufactured Landscapes is a new film about an artist who documents Chinese factories explores the toxic interdependence between developed and developing nations. Rendered in exquisite calligraphic brushwork and soaring white space, many later-era Chinese landscape paintings depict both the artist's interior terrain and the visible world. Artist Edward Burtynsky's photographs of industrial wastelands work the same way, even though their disturbing beauty inverts the pristine ideal by drawing on mountains of rubble and polluted rivers..." Read the rest: The American Prospect

Front Page...Ads?

Published July 25, 2007 Posted By
A Fading Taboo
By Donna Shaw

"Paper by paper, advertising is making its way onto the nation’s front pages and section fronts...Whatever the shape, size or hue, the long-unfashionable page-one advertisement is gaining grudging acceptance from many editors, page designers and even reporters." Read the rest: American Journalism Review

Feature Mag :: American Forests Magazine

Published July 24, 2007 Posted By
"For more than a century American Forests has been the magazine of trees and forests for people who know and appreciate the many benefits of trees. Stories are written to entice a general audience to care about tree planing and include profiles, indepth looks at current controversies, practical stories on current research, and how-to's.

"The mission of our publication is to foster appreciation for trees and forests and to offer a responsible, science-based discussion of the trends, issues, policies, and management of America's forest resources. We seek to educate, entertain, and enlighten our audiences with compelling writing, eye-catching photography, beautiful illustrations, and exciting design."

Issue available online as PDF download.

Film :: Vancouver Queer Film Fest

Published July 24, 2007 Posted By
The 19th annual Vancouver Queer Film Festival
August 16-26, 2007
More info: Out on Screen

Short Story :: Adbusters

Published July 24, 2007 Posted By
Winter was wild this year...
by Zdravka Evtimova

"Winter was wild this year. The sky was full of snow and wind; the trees in front of the cafe looked like stubbly old men in the white air; it was cold in the narrow room overlooking the Struma River that flowed tiredly, grumbling to its rocks. Gogo slept by her side, bent double, his skin whiter than the January sky. She lived in the caf

Award Winners :: Tupelo Press

Published July 24, 2007 Posted By
Tupelo Press is delighted to announce the results of the 8th Annual First Book Award, in conjunction with the journal Crazyhorse. This year the First Book Award goes to Jennifer Militello, of Goffstown, New Hampshire, for History of the Always Pain.

Megan Gannon, Omaha, NE, White Nightgown
Cyan James, Ann Arbor, MI, The Good Boy's Payne
Marc McKee, Columbia, MO, Fuse
Kathy Nilsson, Cambridge, MA, Hawk Weather
Jamie Ross, Carson, NM, Postcards from Mexico
Susan Settlemyre Williams, Richmond, VA, Ashes in Midair
Theresa Sotto, Santa Monica, CA, punctum

Call for Proposals: AALCS/ALA

Published July 23, 2007 Posted By
October 25-27, 2007
African American Literature and Culture Society Symposium
Theme: "Traditions and Revisions: New Directions in African American Literature and Scholarship"
St. Louis University, St. Louis, MO
E-mail queries or 400-500 word proposals by July 30, 2007, to:
Loretta G. Woodard, Conference Director
English and Modern Languages Department
Marygrove College
8425 West McNichols Road
Detroit, MI 48221-2599
(313) 927-1452

i-outlaw: Poetry from the Wild Wild E-West

Published July 23, 2007 Posted By
i-outlaw is a poetry show hosted by Bob Marcacci and produced by Josh Hinck. Their mission: To bring you the best poetic audio and video entertainment from the internet. Each show highlights ten poets from the blogsphere as well as one featured poet. Submission of audio or video accepted year-round.

Some recently featured poets include: Annie Finch, Charles Bernstein, Ren Powell, Luis H. Valadez, Amy Bernier, K. Silem Mohammad, Amber Nelson, Steven Schroeder, Emmy P

Submissions :: Interactive Drama

Published July 23, 2007 Posted By
The Journal of Interactive Drama is an online peer-reviewed journal on scenario-based interactive drama freeform live action roleplaying games which provides a forum for serious discussion of live roleplaying game theory, design, and practice. Two to three issues per volume are published annually. The journal provides a forum for the discussion of any of the various scenario-based theatre-style live action roleplaying games, freeforms, and interactive dramas and invites contributions in all areas of literature, theory, design, and practice for educational, entertainment, and recreational roleplay. Formal and informal essays, articles, papers, and critical reviews are also welcome.

Film :: Disability and Sibs

Published July 22, 2007 Posted By
"Keri Bowers, co-director of the hit film, Normal People Scare Me [see YouTube short below], a film about autism, has teamed up with her son Jace to share the story of brothers and sisters functioning in their daily lives with a sibling having a variety of disabilities, including cerebral palsy, mental retardation, Downs syndrome, autism, and others. The Sandwich Kid is the vehicle to bring this underreported issue to light. 'With no laws such as (ADA) American with Disabilities Act, or IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act), or other uniform or legislative supports in existence to support this vulnerable population, we are overlooking an important segment of our society. Brothers and sisters most often give away their services (often life-long) for free to siblings affected by disability...'" Read the rest on Ability Magazine.

Normal People Scare Me

Published July 22, 2007 Posted By

Contest :: New York Times

Published July 20, 2007 Posted By
"College as America used to understand it is coming to an end."
In the turbulent late '60s and early '70s, college campuses played a major role in the culture and politics of the era. Today, according to author and historian Rick Perlstein, colleges have lost their central place in the broader society and in the lives of undergraduates. The NYT invites all college students to read "What's the Matter with College," Perlstein's full article on the subject, and submit an essay of no more than 1,200 words in response. Is the college experience less critical to the nation than it was a generation ago? Join the debate. For more info: NYT College Essay Contest

New ALA President and Indian Literacy

Published July 20, 2007 Posted By
"The American Library Association is the oldest and largest library organization in the world. Recently, Loriene Roy of the White Earth Ojibwe Reservation in Minnesota was elected as President of the ALA. This marks the first time that an American Indian will hold this prestigious position. But what kind of impact can this unprecedented move have on tribal library systems? Can a Native president of the 'voice of America ’s libraries' help to raise the literacy rates among Native people?" Listen to the program on Native America Calling: The National Electronic Talking Circle.

Cool e-Postcards

Published July 20, 2007 Posted By
Beautiful b&w and full color postcards from illustrators published by Shambhala Publications.

Most Detested Bar Songs

Published July 20, 2007 Posted By
Here's one to get your weekend started...from See Sharp Press: "We're surveying musicians who've played in bars, and here's the list of the songs we/they loathe the most. If you're a musician and would like to add to the list, please e-mail us. Comments on the songs you detest are, of course, welcome. (For our purposes here, we're only listing blues, rock, and funk songs. Rap, country, and standard jazz tunes exist in nightmare separate realities all their own.)" Visit the See Sharp Press List of Most Detested Bar Songs.

Bill Moyers :: Poet Martin Espada

Published July 20, 2007 Posted By
***This is *supposedly* now scheduled for this weekend. Check your local listings. Swear to god, I'm not blogging it again if they change it.***

This week (Fri/Sat/Sun - check local listings), PBS' Bill Moyers Journal welcomes renowned poet Martin Espada. In this revealing interview, Espada talks with Moyers about the inspriations. PBS will host poems from his latest book "The Republic of Poetry," post the entire interview after broadcast, as well as open up discussion on the interview with and works of Martin Espada on The Moyers Blog. Previous shows are also available via podcast, including an interview with Maxine Hong Kingston.

Contest :: 3-Day Novel Contest

Published July 19, 2007 Posted By
The International 3-Day Novel Contest - the "marathon" of writing, the rite of passage for "I'll-write-a-novel-someday" yakkers, and the scourge of "that's-not-real-writing" critics world wide - is back. To highlight the basic rules: Outlines are permitted prior to the contest; however, the actual writing must begin no earlier than 12:01 a.m., Saturday, September 1st and stop by midnight on Monday, September 3rd. Novels must be postmarked on or before Sept. 7, 2007 to qualify and include a statement, signed by a witness, confirming the novel’s completion over the 2007 Labor Day Weekend. Deadline for preregistration: August 31, 2007

Featured Mag :: fRoots

Published July 19, 2007 Posted By
fRoots Magazine
"The essential worldwide roots music guide"
I still don't know if it's pronounced "froots" or "f-roots" - regardless, this is one HOT issue to pick up. If you're not already familiar with this publication, not only are they on top of the heap for world music news, but they also produce sampler CDs included in the magazine from time to time. And this issue's CD is the absolutely most bombastic compilation I have heard from these guys in the past four years I've known them. This is not a nambly-pamply coffeehouse mix for the masses of world music - though a shot of espresso may very well enhance the experience by about track 9 for Lo Cor de la Plana, followed by Mercedes Peon. Eliza Carthy's song "Two Tears" reins in the tempo, but not the depth of emotion which the shifts in key and rhythmic emphasis swing like a pendulum. But, line up that second shot of espresso by track 12 for Feryal Oney, then Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba, and Gnawa Collectif, and just try to sit or stand still while you take in these tunes. This CD has got the range from dirge to mellow to hoppin' to rockin' to absolutely slammin' before bringing it back down to steady chill. And it all starts with Devon Sproule, one of the best lead song I've heard yet on these compilations. Don't wait - run quick like a bunny to your mag stand and grab this issue. Better yet, subscribe and don't risk missing future issues/CDs!

See the full playlist with notes from the fRoots website.

Alt Mag Mailbag :: July 19

Published July 19, 2007 Posted By
To read more about these publications and others, visit the NewPages Guide to Alternative Magazines.

American Book Review
Volume 28 Number 5, July/August 2007

Free Inquiry
Volume 27 Number 5, August/September 2007

Numbers 290/291, Aug/Sept 2007

Volume 16 Number 65, Summer 2007

Korean Quarterly
Volume 10 Number 4, Summer 2007

Labour / Le Travail
Number 59, Spring 2007

Issue 48 Volume 12, Summer 2007

Our Times
Volume 26 umber 2, April/May 2007

Volume 2 Issue 2, 2007

Shambhala Sun
Volume 15 Number 7, August 2007

Science & Society
Volume 71 Number 3, July 2007

Turning the Tide
Volume 20 Number 4, July-Aug 2007

Whispering Winds
Volume 36 Number 6 Issue 256, 2007

Lit Mag Mailbag :: July 18

Published July 18, 2007 Posted By
Number 6, 2006
Number 7, 2007

The American Poetry Review
Volume 36 Number 4, July/August 2007

Borderlands Texas Poetry Review
Number 28, Spring/Summer 2007

College Literature
Volume 34 Issue 3, Summer 2007
Special Focus: Popular Textualities

The Distillery
A Literary/Creative Arts Journal published by Motlow State CC
Volume 14 Number 1, July 2007

Volume 36 Number 1, 2007

The Journal of the Haiku Society of America
Volume 30 Number 2, Spring/Summer 2007

Number 2, Spring/Summer 2007
Focus: Sarajevo

Main Street Rag
Volume 12 Number 2, Summer 2007

The Malahat Review
Number 159, Summer 2007

New England Review
Volume 28 Number 2, 2007

Paterson Literary Review
Issue 35, 2006

Salt Hill
19, Winter 2007

South Dakota Review
Volume 45 Number 1, Spring 2007

Number 3, 2007

Yale Review, The
Volume 95 Number 3, July 2007

Educational Kids Comics

Published July 18, 2007 Posted By
Not quite the way I remember comic books from my childhood, but then, I didn't grow up with these issues. Maybe reading them as adults couldn't hurt...
Teddi Toys, Inc.
"Team GK is a group of homeless children who are brought together by a rogue government agency for an evil experiment. They escaped and are now living at the Great Kids Children's Home in Chicago, IL. They develop their new powers and abilities through special mental preparation. Their training is funded by CONSCIENCE, a secret organization. The children make it their personal mission to protect their city, our nation and our world from villanous plots of the evil CONSORTIUM society. Available online in full-color page links: Team GK and the Monster Plan features the story of GK heroes battling a monster created from an HIV infected cell, and Team GK and the Merchants of Death finds them battling the tobacco industry."

Ghetto Kids
"This site provides educational comic strips for kids by grade levels from 1st to 4th grade. Choose the character your child wants to read about and choose a grade level. These stories have open endings to facilitate discussion of how the stories will end and the repercussions of the character's actions."

Haiku Calendar 2008

Published July 18, 2007 Posted By

The Haiku Calendar 2008
The ninth annual edition of this attractive desk calendar features 52 haiku by 35 authors from around the world. Published by Snapshot Press.

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