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Tupelo Press has announced the publication of Dorset Prize winner Davis McCombs's Dismal Rock. In addition to the paperback publication, signed, numbered, limited hardcover edition of 100 are available for $100. The purchase of the special hardcover edition supports the Tupelo Press National Poetry in the Schools initiative, bringing the literary arts alive to students in elementary schools across the country.

New Issue Online :: 2River

Published October 03, 2007 Posted By
New release: The 2River View, 12.1 (Fall 2007) issue with new poems by Ingrid Chung, Michelle Bitting, Michael Flanagan, EllenKombiyil, Robert Nazarene, Amy Pence, Lynne Potts, Terry Savoie, Sarah Sorenson, Anne Whitehouse, and Erica Wright, with art by Robert Biscayart.

With the publication of the Fall 2007 issue of 2RV, 2River is now reading for Winter 2008. Before submitting, please read the guidelines. 2River is also interested in reading chapbooks for possible inclusion in the 2River Chapbook Series. Before submitting, please read several entries to get a sense of the series.

Find this and many more quality online lit mags on the NewPages Guide to Online Literary Magazines.
From The Inkwell Bookstore Blog, Tuesday, October 2, 2007:

We Sell 'Banned Books'
(but only after the ban is over)
(and only if it's politically correct to do so)

"Banned Book Week is the book industry's annual celebration of their own self-satisfaction and self-importance. Bookstores everywhere (including us) hang signs in their windows and around their stores boasting that THEY. SELL. BANNED. BOOKS. They get a write up in the local paper, place little white cards around their store and (inevitably) blog about it, and for what? To make themselves feel progressive and important. But of all the books that they are so 'bravely' selling, how many have been considered 'dangerous' in the past ten years? How many have been banned in a marginally enlightened society in the past twenty years? None. sell Uncle Tom's Cabin and Huck Finn. How cutting edge! That really sticks it to The Man. Are you serious? I bet you Bill O'Reilly wouldn't even say anything bad about freakin' Huck Finn. But how many copies of the Anarchist's Cookbook does your store have on hand? Or Mein Kampf? Or..."[Read the rest.]

New Issue Online :: Prick of the Spindle

Published October 03, 2007 Posted By
Prick of the Spindle has just launched its second issue!

Interview with Gail Adams by Ann Claycomb, Prick of the Spindle Fiction

Editorials: Reviews for How We Were Lost and Fairytales for Writers

Poetry by Eric Mohrman, Sarah J. Den Boer, Evan Daily, and more

Fiction by Shannon Joyce Prince, K. Rose Miller, and Jacqueline May

Drama by Michael Wright and Sandra Gail Teichmann

Nonfiction by Derek Holst

Congratulations to Prick of the Spindle's nominees for the Best of the Web 2007 Anthology:
Maggie Glover for "Free Stitchery on Readily Countable [Love]"
Sandra Maddux-Creech for "Bibliomasochism"
Alice Rhee for "Darkroom"

Congratulations also to Prick of the Spindle's 2007 Nominees for the Best of the Net Anthology:
Juliet Cook for "Some Explanations for Fainting Goats"
Maggie Glover for "Free Stitchery on Readily Countable [Love]"
Leigh Holland for "For I Will Consider Becoming a Nun"
Sandra Maddux-Creech for "Bibliomasochism"
Yousi Mazpule for "Becoming Americana with a Stolen Line" and "Myopia"
Joseph Murphy for "The Vanity"
Qiana Towns for "Sestina for Mamas"

Lit Mag Mailbag :: October 2

Published October 03, 2007 Posted By
For information about these and many other quality literary magazines, click the links or visit The NewPages Guide to Literary Journals. Also visit the NewPages Literary Magazine Reviews for new reviews as well as an archive of past reviews.

The American Scholar
"Brooklyn Books of Wonder"
Volume 76 Number 4
Autumn 2007

American Short Fiction
Volume 10 Issue 38
Summer 2007

Bellevue Literary Review
Volume 7 Number 2
Fall 2007

Volume 36 Number 2

Fourth Genre
Volume 9 Number 2
Fall 2007

Harpur Palate
Volume 7 Issue 1
Summer 2006

Light: A Quarterly of Light Verse
Numbers 56-57
Spring-Summer 2007
Featured Poet: Melissa Balmain

Michigan Quarterly Review
Volume 46 Number 4
Fall 2007

Volume 51 Number 1
Fall/Winter 2007
29th Annual Awards Issue

Volume 191 Number 1
October 2007

Volume 10 Number 2

Prairie Schooner
Volume 81 Number
Fall 2007

Santa Monica Review
Volume 19 Number 2
Fall 2007

South Dakota Review
Volume 45 Number 2
Summer 2007

Virginia Quarterly Review
Volume 83 Number 4
Fall 2007
South America in the 21st Century

Yellow Medicine Review
A Journal of Indigenous Literature, Art and Thought
Volume 2

Submissions :: Alternative Medicine Literature

Published October 01, 2007 Posted By
A Call for Poems & Stories on Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM)

A retreat for medical residents sponsored by The AtlanticCare Regional Medical Center, Department of Graduate Education to be held in Atlantic City in December, 2007.

We are looking for poems (Up to 30 lines) and short prose pieces (Fiction & Creative Non Fiction up to 500 words) on Complementary & Alternative Medicine* to use as discussion pieces for a medical retreat for residents in internal medicine and psychiatry, as well as nurses, social workers, administrators, physician educators, clergy, ethicists, poets, writers and patients, all with stories and knowledge to share.

This is NOT a request for publication, and there will there no payment of any kind including copies. Your work, should it be accepted, will become part of a small anthology of imaginative texts to be read and discussed during the day for the benefit of the medical residents and other attendees.

*CAM includes but is not limited to:
Chiropractic, Acupuncture, manipulation & massage
Homeopathy, Naturopathy
Aromatherapy, Magnetic Therapy, Pet Therapy
Traditional Chinese & Native American Medicines
Meditation, Yoga, Reiki
and the healing qualities associated with poetry, literature, art, music,
religion & belief systems.

All submissions should be original, unpublished or published (Please include details), in English and original languages with English translation.

Submit your work attached as a word doc to Peter Murphy at litmed(at) (replace (at) with @) by November 15, 2007. Include your name, address, emaill & phone number on each page.

Submissions :: Paradigm

Published October 01, 2007 Posted By
Paradigm, Issue Five. To be released in January 2008, Rain Farm Press's quarterly journal is looking for a wide range of poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, plays, and visual art. We're continuing our mission to find new and innovative writers, poets, and artists in the hope of developing a community of artists whose work we can publish and promote. For more information on submissions, visit Rain Farm Press

Art Exhibits :: Loaded Landscapes

Published September 28, 2007 Posted By
Loaded Landscapes
August 16 – October 13, 2007
Museum of Contemporary Photography
Chicago, IL

"Loaded Landscapes offers a peculiar type of landscape photography, one concerned with place, but place laden with human experience. The twelve contemporary artists in this exhibition seek politically charged sites with significant histories, yet their images offer little or no discernible evidence of either past events or current tension. Often invoking the conventions of romantic landscape painting and photography, these artists directly raise the question of photography’s real ability to document a place and expose its history. A picture of a field can be simply a picture of a field; its significance can only be materialized by human experience..." [read the rest]

Music :: Give US Your Poor

Published September 27, 2007 Posted By
From Appleseed Recordings: a multi-artist fund-raising project for the homeless, Give US Your Poor, is now available, containing 17 new recordings by Springsteen and Seeger (a second collaboration), Jon Bon Jovi, Natalie Merchant, Sonya Kitchell, Madeleine Peyroux, Keb’ Mo’ and Bonnie Raitt, among others – many of them paired with currently or previously homeless musicians. The majority of the profits raised by Give US Your Poor will be spent, on the national level, in pushing for legislation and awareness/action programs designed to stem the growing crisis of homelessness, and, on the local level, to fund homeless shelters. All of the professional musicians involved donated their time and are waiving artists’ royalties for contributions. For more information, visit Give Us Your Poor or Appleseed Recordings.

Kore Press :: Grrrls Gone Literary

Published September 27, 2007 Posted By
Highschoolers take their writing public: The Grrrls Literary Activism Project takes a leap forward with a grant from the Every Voice in Action Foundation, which has awarded Kore Press $15,000 to launch an Advanced Class on literary activism. The program is currently accepting applications for advanced and beginning workshops. Young women ages 14 to 18 living in Tucson are eligible to participate. For more information or to apply, contact Lisa Bowden at . Photo: grrrls wear their own poetry. Visit Kore Press to what other cool things they do.

Submissions :: Abacot Journal

Published September 26, 2007 Posted By
The Abacot Journal, an online short story magazine, is looking for quality magic realism, urban fantasy, and fabulist fiction for its first issue. Please see our website for full guidelines. Electronic submissions only. The Abacot Journal is a quarterly publication, with new issues appearing in January, April, July, and October. It will debut in January 2008.

Books to Movies

Published September 26, 2007 Posted By
From Bitter Lemon Press:
Location work has begun on the filming of Tonino Benacquista’s bestselling novel Holy Smoke, which BLP published in 2004. The film, retitled Holy Money, features Aaron Stanford (X-Men, Live Free or Die) in the lead role and features Anouk Aimée and Ben Gazzara. It is directed by Maxime Alexandre.

BLP has acquired the rights to the Italian bestseller Blackout by Gianluca Morozzi. Set in Bologna in mid-August, it’s a thriller about three people trapped in a lift for twelve hours. A waitress still in her Lara Croft uniform, a punk and a serial killer. The novel will be out in English in June 2008. Blackout is soon to be a Hollywood film starring Amber Tamblyn (Grudge, Stephanie Daley) and Aidan Gillen (Mojo and The Wire) and directed by Mexico’s Rigoberto Castaneda.

New Issue Online :: NO

Published September 25, 2007 Posted By

Jobs :: Various

Published September 25, 2007 Posted By
Northern Arizona University. Visiting Writer/Instructor of English in Creative Writing for Spring 2008. Dr. Jane Armstrong Woodman, Chair of Instructor/Visiting Writer Search Committee. October 24, 2008.

Central Michigan University. Creative Writing: Poetry. Two tenure-track positions as Assistant Professor of English, beginning fall 2008. Dr. Marcy Taylor, Chair, Department of English Language & Literature. October 26, 2007.

Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, NY. Full-time Associate or Full Professor (Fiction Writing). Michael T. Hewitt, Assistant Vice President for Human Resource Services. Application Due: Open Until Filled.

The English Department at Washburn University is seeking a Creative Nonfiction writer to join a vital writing program, with well-published colleagues in fiction and poetry. Professor Thomas Fox Averill, Department of English. October 29, 2007.

University of Kansas. Assistant Professor of Fiction Writing. Tenure-track; expected start date: August 18, 2008. Dorice Elliott, Chair, Department of English. November 15, 2007.

The University of Iowa Department of English invites applications for a Director of Undergraduate Creative Writing within the English major to be appointed as tenured or tenure-track Associate Professor of English. Professor Judith Pascoe, Undergraduate Creative Writing Search. November 2, 2007.

Conferences and CFPs :: African American Studies

Published September 25, 2007 Posted By
The National Association of African American Studies Conference
Baton Rouge Marriott, Baton Rouge, LA
February 11-16, 2008

The ALA African American Literature and Culture Society Symposium
“Traditions and Revisions: New Directions in African American Literature and Scholarship”
Saint Louis University St. Louis, MO
October 25-27, 2007

Country Girl - Rissi Palmer

Published September 25, 2007 Posted By
The first black woman in 20 years to make the country charts. More crossover than country, you can't help but be charmed by her smile and style. Her first CD comes out today, and I have to admit, I'm going to be listening...

New Issue Online :: Carve

Published September 24, 2007 Posted By
Carve, Volume 8 Issue 3, Fall 2007 is online now!

Authors and stories include:

"This One Thing" by Jaren Watson
"We cruised back the way we had come with Susan holding the puppy in her lap. Just before we got to the house, Susan turned to me in the car and said, "What the hell kind of animals are llamas, anyway?"

"When My Body Smashed into the Sidewalk" by Yuvi Zalkow
"I might not believe in God, but I do believe in the power of words on a page. I even believe that a story can bring the dead to life. I have to believe that.

"Weekend with the Boy" by Ezra K. E.
"You were born out of great love," I explain to the boy in trembling sincerity, but he doesn't seem particularly impressed, head tilting in what could be a shrug. "You were conceived in Rome," I continue lightly. "That makes you a Roman!"

New Issue Online :: Contrary [links fixed]

Published September 24, 2007 Posted By
The Autumn issue of Contrary is now published:

poetry: Grace Wells, Katie Kidder, Lindsay Bell, Amy Groshek, and Allison Shoemaker

fiction: Edward Mc Whinney, Thomas King, and Damian Dressick

reviews: At the Axis of Imponderables by Neil Carpathios; Museum: Behind the Scenes at the Metropolitan Museum of Art by Danny Danziger; The Boy in the Ring by Dave Lordan; Later, At the Bar: A Novel in Stories by Rebecca Barry; Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert; The Story of French by Jean-Beno

Looking at Book Reviews in a Blog-Filled World

Published September 24, 2007 Posted By
From Bookselling this Week, by the American Booksellers Association
September 19, 2007
As part of its Save the Book Review Campaign and overall mission to promote book discussion, the National Book Critics Circle [NBCC] held a symposium, "The Age of Infinite Margins: Book Critics Face the 21st Century," last week in New York City. At the Friday, September 14, afternoon roundtable, "Grub Street 2.0: The Future of Book Coverage," NBCC President John Freeman moderated a discussion focusing on the state of book review coverage, its expansion to include blogs, podcasts, and other Web formats, and more. Panelists were Emily Lazar, producer of The Colbert Report; Melissa Eagan, producer of The Leonard Lopate Show; Erica Wagner, literary editor of the Times (UK); Jennifer Szalai, NBCC member and senior editor of Harper's magazine; Steve Wasserman, incoming literary editor of; and Dwight Garner, senior editor of the New York Times Book Review.

Read a synopsis of the panel here.

Submissions :: Slice

Published September 24, 2007 Posted By
Slice magazine is proud to announce that their groundbreaking debut issue will be available in print on September 28, 2007. Slice is a New York-based literary magazine created to provide a forum for dynamic conversation between emerging and established authors. By combining these two groups, Slice aims to pave a space for writers who may not have a platform but show the kind of talent that could be the substance of great works in the future. Submissions: Slice magazine welcomes short fiction, nonfiction, and novellas for serialization. See website for details.

Poetry :: ELevated Verse in Chicago

Published September 22, 2007 Posted By

CHICAGO-- The Poetry Center of Chicago’s ELevated Verse will be arriving at platforms across Chicago on Monday, September 10, 2007. The project, now in its second year, places the poetry of Chicago public schoolchildren on Chicago Transit Authority posters located in CTA stations all over the city. The project is entirely sponsored by The JP Morgan Chase Foundation.

ELevated Verse uses poetry created by students enrolled in Hands on Stanzas, The Poetry Center’s literacy-through-poetry program. The project is part of the Poetry Center’s Public Art Initiative, which attempts to stimulate the public’s interest in and knowledge of poetry by placing it in highly visible, much-trafficked areas. The posters will officially be on display From September 10 to October 7.

“I believe there is a need for a more public poetry, “said Poetry Center Executive Director, Francesco Levato. “One that engages an audience who might not otherwise read it and one that gives voice to those who might not otherwise be heard. By placing the poetry of Chicago schoolchildren in the familiar settings of everyday life ELevated Verse does that and so much more.”

The project’s posters, created by designer Emily Calvo, feature a representation of a CTA track behind a featured poem. Said Calvo about her design, “I really like the idea of train track as metaphor for ladder, especially in this context.” PDF files of the posters are available on request.

This year the Hands on Stanzas program reached approximately 5,000 students in 35 public schools across Chicago. Participants are public school students from underserved Chicago neighborhoods, ranging from kindergarten to 12th grade. Roughly 45% are African American, 45% are Latino, and 10% come from other ethnic backgrounds. An average of 85% are from low-income families.

"The poetry-in-the-schools program reinforces the literacy skills we teach in the classroom while providing our students with an amazing opportunity to express themselves and learn more about poetry," said Arne Duncan, Chicago Public Schools CEO. "We are very proud of our young poets and the example they have set for other CPS students."

Founded in 1974, the award-winning Poetry Center of Chicago is an independent not-for-profit arts organization that is committed to building Chicago’s access to poetry through readings, workshops, residencies and arts education. The Poetry Center is currently in residence at the School of the Art
Institute of Chicago. Visit for more. For more information about the Poetry Center or the ELevated Verse project, please contact Francesco Levato at 312 899-7483 or at .

Jesca Hoop - Big Fish

Published September 22, 2007 Posted By

Jobs :: Various

Published September 21, 2007 Posted By
The English Department at Illinois Wesleyan University invites applications for an Assistant Professor (Creative Writing) to begin 2008-2009. Alison Sainsbury, Chair, Department of English. November 15, 2007.

Creative Writing Job: SUNY Purchase. The Creative Writing Board of Study offers an undergraduate major in Creative Writing.

Poetry and Fiction Fellowships (2 positions). Writers who have received their terminal degree within the last five years in Creative Writing are invited to apply for an Axton Fellowship in Creative Writing. Paul Griner, Director of Creative Writing, Department of English. November 2, 2007.

Gettysburg College: one-year appointment as a sabbatical replacement, beginning August 2008, for a fiction/nonfiction writer with demonstrated expertise in both genres to teach three courses per semester ("Introduction to Creative Writing" and advanced writing courses in memoir, personal essay, and fiction writing) and assist with departmental writing activities. Prof. Jack Ryan, Chair, Department of English. November 16, 2007.

University of Albany. The Department of English invites applications for a tenure-track position in creative writing & literature at the rank of Assistant professor to begin August 2008. Pierre Joris, Chair, Search Committee, English Department. November 9, 2007.

University of Wyoming. The English Department invites applications for a tenure-track Assistant Professor in Nonfiction to join the MFA faculty, appointment to begin in the fall 2008 semester. H. L. Hix, Director, Creative Writing. November 1, 2007.

Stetson University. Assistant Professor of English. Stetson University seeks a Fiction Writer for a full-time, tenure-track position in English. Terri Witek, Chair of the Search Committee. November 15, 2007.

Lit Mag Mailbag :: Sep 21

Published September 21, 2007 Posted By
The Antigonish Review
Number 150
Summer 2007

Burnside Review
Volume 3 Number 2

Volume 4 Issue 1
Winter 2007

Grain Magazine
Volume 35 Number 1
Summer 2007

Number 71
Autumn 2007

Iodine Poetry Journal
Volume 8 Number 2
Fall/Winter 2007/2008

Issue 5
Summer/Fall 2007

The Massachusetts Review
Volume 48 Number 3
Fall 2007

New Madrid
Volume 2 Number 2
Summer 2007

Notre Dame Review
Number 24
Summer/Fall 2007

One Story
Issue Number 94

Volume 10 Number 2

Quay: A Journal of the Arts
Volume 1 Issue 2
September-December 2007

Sentence: A Journal of Prose Poetics
Number 5

Volume 57 Number 2
Fall 2007

Alt Mag Mailbag :: Sep 21

Published September 21, 2007 Posted By
Feminist Studies
Volume 33 Number 1
Spring 2007

Free Inquiry
Volume 27 number 6
October/November 2007

Issue 25
Fall 2007

Rad Feys DC
Volume 34 Number 1 Number 131
Fall 2007

Sing Out!
Volume 51 Number 3
Autumn 2007

Volume 31 Number 1, Spring 2006
Volume 31 Number 2, Summer 2006

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