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Published December 12, 2008
experiment-o is published annually as a PDF magazine "with the aim of bringing attention to works that do what art is supposed to do and that is to risk." Amanda Earl of AngelHousePress is behind this new project, and the first issue contains what appear to be several AHP regulars, though the publication is open for submissions.

experiment-o will consider interviews, reviews, visual art, visual poetry, concrete poetry, poetry, prose, manifestos, maps, rants, blog entries, translations and other digital miscellany. Only contributions that are possible in PDF form will be considered.

Issue 1 features: Gary Barwin, Camille Martin, rob mclennan, Pearl Pirie, Roland Prevost, Jenny Sampirisi, Emily A. Falvey, Steve Venright, and Spencer Gordon.
Published December 10, 2008
The Honey Land Review is a contemporary web journal dedicated to the poetry and photography of both emerging and established artists.

The Honey Land Review has designed a spotlight feature to highlight the work of current graduate students. Their intention is to maintain a forum where graduate students can showcase their work as well as provide some insight into the many wonderful creative writing programs available to writers today.

HLR is open for submission Dec - Sept.

[photo by Christina Ebel, featured in HLR]
Published December 09, 2008
The Holly Rose Review is a unique online journal featuring poetry and tattoos - Honest! - on the theme of "Peace." Not only will readers find text and images, but recordings of some of the authors reading their own works.

Issue 1 features: Lori Schreiner, Karen Neuberg, Jane Wohl, Cyril Wong, Maxime Lanouette, Arlene Ang, Lane Falcon, Beatrix Gates, Rhonda Palmer, Scott Corbin, Debbi Brody, Danny Bellinger, Santi Ruiz, Mani Rao, Jon Gerhard, Robin King, John Bloomberg-Rissman, Maria Williams-Russell, Tony Gibert, Donnell McGee, Peter Joseph Gloviczki, Simon Petkovich.

Submission are being accepting for Issue Two on the theme of "Passion" according to the following dates: December 1, 2008, to April 30, 2009, for tattoos, and February 1 to April 30, 2009 for poetry.
Published December 08, 2008
Sidebrow is an online & print journal dedicated to innovation & collaboration. Sidebrow provides a forum for exploring the collective and the singular in literary arts. Submissions that re-imagine or explore interstices between posted pieces or respond to ongoing projects are encouraged.

The first issue of Sidebrow includes an impressive lineup: Jenny Allan, A.K. Arkadin, Jeff Bacon, Andrea Baker, Julia Bloch,Lawrence Ytzhak Braithwaite, Nick Bredie, Amina Cain, Kate Hill Gantrill, Nona Gaspers, Jimmy Chen, Kim Ghinquee. John Cleary, Steve Dalachinsky, Catherine Daly, Brett Evans, Brian Evenson, Raymond Farr, Sandy Florian, Paul Gacioch, Anne Germanacos, Scott Glassman, Noah Eli Gordon, Paul Hardacre, HL Hazuka, Anne Heide, Malia Jackson, Carrie-Sinclair Katz, Susanna Kittredge, Richard Kostelanetz, Kristine Leja Norman Lock, Doug MacPherson, Scott Malby, Bob Marcacci, Bill Marsh, rob mclennan, LJ Moore, Greg Mulcahy, Cathi Murphy, Eireene Nealand, Daniel Pendergrass, Kristin Prevallet, kathryn 1. pringle, Stephen Ratcliffe, Francis Raven, AE Reiff, Daniel C. Remein, Elizabeth Robinson, Zach Savich, Len Shneyder, Nina Shope, Kyle Simonsen, Ed Skoog, Jason Snyder, Anna Joy Springer, Chris Stroffolino, Cole Swensen, Joanne Tracy, Chris Tysh, Nico Vassilakis, James Wagner, Derek White, Joshua Marie Wilkinson, and Angela Woodward.
Published November 19, 2008
From Editors Carolyn & Colin: "It is the mission of The Literary Bohemian to provide writers with that breath of fresh air. Featuring travel-inspired poetry, postcard prose and travelogue, we make timely connections to worldwide writer-friendly accommodations and links, books on the craft and jaunty jotting supplies. We are not interested in travel writing; we are interested in pieces that move us. We are the final destination for first-class, travel-inspired writing that transports the reader, non-stop, to Elsewhere."

Currently accepting submissions of poetry, postcard prose, and travelogue.
Published October 08, 2008
Sweet: A Literary Confection is an online literary magazine that publishes poetry, creative nonfiction, and anything that blurs the lines of those two genres. The inagural issue includes poetry by Brian Baumgart, Carol Berg, KJ Grimmick, Luisa A. Igloria, Stephen Kuusisto and "Creative Nonfiction and Stuff" by Jon Chopan, Lee Martin, Aimee Nezhukumatathil, and Donna Steiner. The next issue will appear in January 2009 and is open for submissions. And, be sure to heed the editor's note: "Please remember to eat chocolate every day."
Published August 20, 2008
Amanda Johnston, Cave Canem Fellow, Affrilachian Poet, and now founding editor, brings readers and writers the new online publication Torch: poetry, prose, and short stories by African American Women.

"Torch was established to promote the work of African American women. We provide a place to celebrate contemporary poetry, prose, and short stories by experienced and emerging writers alike. We prefer our contributors to take risks and offer a diverse body of work that examines and challenges preconceived notions regarding race, ethnicity, gender roles, and identity."

Torch accepts submissions of poetry, creative nonfiction, fiction, photography and artwork, from April 15 through August 31.

The inaugural Spring/Summer 2008 issue includes FLAME - an interview, biography, and work sample of Tayari Jones, and SPARK - featuring work by Kamilah Aisha Moon, poetry and prose by Lauren K. Alleyne, Tara Betts, Renee Breeden, Kelly Norman Ellis, francine harris , Lilian Oben, darlene anita scott, Nancy Shakir, Bianca Spriggs, a short story by Keli Stewart, and artwork by Nicole Goodwin (work featured above: "Flowers for the Fallen").
Published August 19, 2008
"The Normal School is a bi-annual journal featuring nonfiction, fiction, poetry, criticism and culinary adventure journalism. We are nestled happily into the California State University at Fresno like a comfy spore in a benign and mighty lung. We dig quirky, boundary-challenging, energetic prose and poetry with innovations in content, form, and focus, which isn’t actually as high-falutin’ as it sounds. We’re just sort of the lit mag equivalent of the kid who always has bottle caps, cat’s eye marbles, dead animal skulls, little blue men and other treasures in his pockets."

The Normal School accepts submissions of nonfiction, fiction, poetry, criticism, culinary adventure journalism, and video and audio essays. No previously published works, sim/subs okay.

Subscriptions are $20 for for two years (4 issues) and can be ordered online using PayPal. Single issues are $7 each.
Published August 18, 2008
Hawk & Handsaw
The Journal of Creative Sustainability
Unity College, Maine

"Like Shakespeare's Hamlet, the contributors to Hawk & Handsaw know which way the wind blows. They know that a sustainable lifestyle can be messy and meaningful that it requires reflection, deep philosophical commitment and, more often than not, a good sense of humor. To this end, Hawk & Handsaw celebrates the thinking and reflection that ground sustainable practices and practitioners.

Hawk & Handsaw is published annually and accepts poetry, nonfiction, stories, and visual art from Aug 15 - Nov 15.

Contributors to the first issue include written works by James Engelhardt, Jennifer A. Barton, John Lane, Luisa A. Igloria, Bibi Wein, Andrew Tertes, Bruce Pratt, Michael Bennett, Mimi White, Christie Stark,, Paul Sergi, David Trame, Holli Cederholm, Tyler Flynn Dorholt, Michael P. Branch; and visual works by: Suzanne Caporael, Christopher Becker, Karen Gelardi, Lisa B. Martin, Emily Brown, Mark Newport, Emily Brown, Christopher Becker, Emily Brown, Karen Gelardi, Emily Brown, Suzanne Caporael
Published November 16, 2007
From Stefani Nellen: "As you might know, I'm the co-editor with Julia LaSalle of the Steel City Review, an online quarterly with an annual print edition. Our first print edition is now available for purchase at and on our website. It contains the material from the website: 27stories by authors such as GK Wuori, Nathan Leslie, Barbara Jacksha, Maggie Shearon, Claudia Smith, and William Reese Hamilton. On the one hand, the magazine is centered around regionally-inspired themes - we want to have stories about Western Pennsylvania itself. But is also more abstractly about the places where technology, academia and innovation intersect with human nature and matters of the heart."

We welcome any/all Feedback.