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Published February 19, 2009
The Fertile Source is an online publication of Catalyst Book Press, a publisher of literary nonfiction with a special focus on fertility-related literature. They accept photos, artwork, literary essays, poems, and fiction on fertility-related themes, as well as book and magazine reviews on fertility-related publications, and will consider interviews with fertility, infertility, and adoption specialists.

And yes, “fertility-related themes” include infertility, abortion, miscarriage, and adoption as well as childbirth, pregnancy, birth control, sex, postpartum depression, breastfeeding, and becoming a parent. They do accept "parenting topics" directly related to fertility.

The first issue includes a variety of works by Wendy Marcus, Lenard D. Moore, Julia Bauknecht, Joy Mosenfelder, Genna Gardini, Christopher Woods, Nancy Adams-Cogan, Ann Angel, China Martens, and Tania Pryputniewicz.

All submissions for the ezine will be considered for one of the many anthologies planned for publication in the upcoming months or years. Catalyst has already published the anthology Labor Pains and Birth Stories.
Published February 11, 2009
Editor Roger Pemberton introduces G Twenty Two Literary Journal online as a publication "to give up-and-coming writers the opportunity to get their writing published not only along with their peers but alongside other writers who have experience in their respective literary fields. We strive to publish thoughtful, clever, inspired work that we think you will appreciate very much."

The introductory issue includes poetyr, fiction, and flash fiction by Kevin Brown, Hannah Langley, Howie Good, Micah Zevin (also a NewPages Reviewer), Nancy Devine, Ernest Williamson III, John Greiner, Tyler Gobble, J.R. Solonche, Abrielle Willis, Joseph Goosey, Michael Canterino, Brian Alan Ellis, Gale Acuff, and John Bennett.

Based on submissions, G Twenty Two hopes to publish quarterly, if not monthly.
Published February 09, 2009
The online poetry magazine The Redheaded Stepchild only accepts poems that have been rejected by other magazines. Editors Malaika King Albrecht and Deborah Blakely, who have each seen their share of accpetance and rejection, say: "We are open to a wide variety of poetry and hold no allegiance to any particular style or school." But don't even think that this is a publication without standards: "regrettably even we reject 85% of our submissions."

The inaugural issue of rejects who have found a home include: Mark DeCarteret, Elizabeth Kerlikowske, Wendy Taylor Carlisle, Richard Garcia, Maggie Glover, Thomas P. Levy, Lucia Galloway, Jessy Randall, Daniel M. Shapiro, Kit Loney, Dorine Jennette, Howie Good, Kathryn Stripling Byer, Susan Yount, Sergio Ortiz, and Susan Rich.

And TRS is kind enough to thank the rejecting publications on "The List."

Submissions are now being accepted through February for the Spring 2009 issue. C'mon, who among you doesn't have something to send in?
Published January 06, 2009
Quicksilver is a literary magazine produced by students of the University of Texas at El Paso's online MFA program, publishing poetry, fiction, and non-fiction, visual art and photography.

The inaugural issue includes new work from Gary Fincke, Erin McMillan, Krystal Languell, Michael Chacko Daniels, J.R. Solonche, Donal Mahoney, Laura Le Hew, Brian Doyle, Jay Varner, and Blake Butler.

Submissions are being accepted for the next issue planned for May 09.
Published December 12, 2008
experiment-o is published annually as a PDF magazine "with the aim of bringing attention to works that do what art is supposed to do and that is to risk." Amanda Earl of AngelHousePress is behind this new project, and the first issue contains what appear to be several AHP regulars, though the publication is open for submissions.

experiment-o will consider interviews, reviews, visual art, visual poetry, concrete poetry, poetry, prose, manifestos, maps, rants, blog entries, translations and other digital miscellany. Only contributions that are possible in PDF form will be considered.

Issue 1 features: Gary Barwin, Camille Martin, rob mclennan, Pearl Pirie, Roland Prevost, Jenny Sampirisi, Emily A. Falvey, Steve Venright, and Spencer Gordon.
Published December 10, 2008
The Honey Land Review is a contemporary web journal dedicated to the poetry and photography of both emerging and established artists.

The Honey Land Review has designed a spotlight feature to highlight the work of current graduate students. Their intention is to maintain a forum where graduate students can showcase their work as well as provide some insight into the many wonderful creative writing programs available to writers today.

HLR is open for submission Dec - Sept.

[photo by Christina Ebel, featured in HLR]
Published December 09, 2008
The Holly Rose Review is a unique online journal featuring poetry and tattoos - Honest! - on the theme of "Peace." Not only will readers find text and images, but recordings of some of the authors reading their own works.

Issue 1 features: Lori Schreiner, Karen Neuberg, Jane Wohl, Cyril Wong, Maxime Lanouette, Arlene Ang, Lane Falcon, Beatrix Gates, Rhonda Palmer, Scott Corbin, Debbi Brody, Danny Bellinger, Santi Ruiz, Mani Rao, Jon Gerhard, Robin King, John Bloomberg-Rissman, Maria Williams-Russell, Tony Gibert, Donnell McGee, Peter Joseph Gloviczki, Simon Petkovich.

Submission are being accepting for Issue Two on the theme of "Passion" according to the following dates: December 1, 2008, to April 30, 2009, for tattoos, and February 1 to April 30, 2009 for poetry.
Published December 08, 2008
Sidebrow is an online & print journal dedicated to innovation & collaboration. Sidebrow provides a forum for exploring the collective and the singular in literary arts. Submissions that re-imagine or explore interstices between posted pieces or respond to ongoing projects are encouraged.

The first issue of Sidebrow includes an impressive lineup: Jenny Allan, A.K. Arkadin, Jeff Bacon, Andrea Baker, Julia Bloch,Lawrence Ytzhak Braithwaite, Nick Bredie, Amina Cain, Kate Hill Gantrill, Nona Gaspers, Jimmy Chen, Kim Ghinquee. John Cleary, Steve Dalachinsky, Catherine Daly, Brett Evans, Brian Evenson, Raymond Farr, Sandy Florian, Paul Gacioch, Anne Germanacos, Scott Glassman, Noah Eli Gordon, Paul Hardacre, HL Hazuka, Anne Heide, Malia Jackson, Carrie-Sinclair Katz, Susanna Kittredge, Richard Kostelanetz, Kristine Leja Norman Lock, Doug MacPherson, Scott Malby, Bob Marcacci, Bill Marsh, rob mclennan, LJ Moore, Greg Mulcahy, Cathi Murphy, Eireene Nealand, Daniel Pendergrass, Kristin Prevallet, kathryn 1. pringle, Stephen Ratcliffe, Francis Raven, AE Reiff, Daniel C. Remein, Elizabeth Robinson, Zach Savich, Len Shneyder, Nina Shope, Kyle Simonsen, Ed Skoog, Jason Snyder, Anna Joy Springer, Chris Stroffolino, Cole Swensen, Joanne Tracy, Chris Tysh, Nico Vassilakis, James Wagner, Derek White, Joshua Marie Wilkinson, and Angela Woodward.
Published November 19, 2008
From Editors Carolyn & Colin: "It is the mission of The Literary Bohemian to provide writers with that breath of fresh air. Featuring travel-inspired poetry, postcard prose and travelogue, we make timely connections to worldwide writer-friendly accommodations and links, books on the craft and jaunty jotting supplies. We are not interested in travel writing; we are interested in pieces that move us. We are the final destination for first-class, travel-inspired writing that transports the reader, non-stop, to Elsewhere."

Currently accepting submissions of poetry, postcard prose, and travelogue.
Published October 08, 2008
Sweet: A Literary Confection is an online literary magazine that publishes poetry, creative nonfiction, and anything that blurs the lines of those two genres. The inagural issue includes poetry by Brian Baumgart, Carol Berg, KJ Grimmick, Luisa A. Igloria, Stephen Kuusisto and "Creative Nonfiction and Stuff" by Jon Chopan, Lee Martin, Aimee Nezhukumatathil, and Donna Steiner. The next issue will appear in January 2009 and is open for submissions. And, be sure to heed the editor's note: "Please remember to eat chocolate every day."

We welcome any/all Feedback.